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Washington Governor Meets With DOJ On Marijuana Legalization


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Washington state Gov. Chris Gregoire (D) met Tuesday with Deputy Attorney General James Cole to discuss her state’s passage last week of an initiative that legalizes and taxes the sale of marijuana for adults 21 and over. Federal law continues to consider marijuana possession, cultivation, and distribution to be criminal offenses.

As of press time, there were no reports on how the meeting went.

Gregoire spokesman Cory Curtis told the Associated Press Monday that Gregoire had added the meeting to a previously scheduled trip to Washington, DC, to seek clarity from the Justice Department.

“We want direction from them,” said Curtis. “Our goal is to respect the will of the voters, but give us some clarity.”

Under I-502, possession of up to an ounce of marijuana is legal beginning December 6, but the state has a year to come up with rules for a state-licensed cultivation, processing, and distribution scheme. Home grows remain illegal, except for medical marijuana patients.

Colorado also passed a legalization measure last week, Amendment 64. The state governor and attorney general spoke by phone with Attorney General Eric Holder last Friday, but got no clear indications of what the Justice Department will do.

Colorado also passed a measure legalizing the drug. Colorado’s governor and attorney general spoke by phone Friday with US Attorney General Eric Holder, with no signal whether the U.S. Justice Department would sue to block the marijuana measure.

Possession of up to an ounce and cultivation of up to six plants will be legal in Colorado by January 5 at the latest. That’s the last day for the governor to add the amendment to the state constitution. Colorado legislators have about a year to write rules for state-regulated commercial cultivation, processing, and sales.

In both states, state officials worry that the federal government will sue to block them from implementing regulations.

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  1. I totally agree that she is shooting for a job in Washington. I thought this was evident in her post veto request to WA to reschedule (not deschedule) in prep for the release of Sativex.

  2. More than likely, she was once again back pandering for a job with the Obama administration. And it’s too bad for the tax paying citizens of this Washington she didn’t succeed back some years ago when she tried the same thing then.

    Don’t forget, this state went for Obama with 60% of the vote. So for the first time in Washington DC history they HAVE to make a ruling regarding one of the western states finally going rogue and being the first to vote to legalize. My bet is that they do to pot what they hope to keep doing with (what will prove to be) the unpopular economic issues that face our nat’l govt and that’s to just (if they can keep getting away with it) keep ignoring the issue and keep (trying) to “kick the can down the road” for someone else to deal with.

    Don’t kid yourself….they KNOW all about the positive economic effects of such a vote and what will eventually happen to both state & local tax coffers once this vote is fully implemented on a state wide level. While we’ve all heard of narco-terrorism like what is happening along our southern border, this will be the first time we’ll get to see what narco-TOURISM and (what should be) the resulting financial windfall has in store for an entire state as opposed to just a large city such as Amsterdam. Of course there will be some places that are more pot friendly than others. But once everyone sees the upcoming opportunities that will be created by such a vote, there’ll be no looking back. Except to the neighboring states, where legalization will be spreading fast like a western prairie fire, drooling at their own….possibilities by doing the same thing.

    Finally, while it might have been Horace Greeley who said, “Go west young man and grow up with the country”, some 200 years ago, today’s motto for the light farming green bud entrepreneurs amongst us may as well be, “Grow west young man, grow west” as that’s where the real opportunities exist. The future DOES look exciting here in the other Washington. Now, just watch us….grow (pun intended)!!

  3. I wonder how that meeting went? Was it “How do I keep the people in my state from legal weed”? or “What can we do to squash the will of the voters”? Just saying, never trust a politician from either side.

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