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Washington Has Sold Over $19 Million Worth Of Legal Marijuana


washington state marijuana regulationsLegal recreational marijuana sales took a long time to get off the ground in Washington. Almost two years after Washington voters passed I-502, implementation is still slow. However, more stores are opening, more growers are harvesting, and more edible companies are starting. Sales numbers are out which show how much legal recreational marijuana Washington has sold since sales started in early July. Per The News Tribune:

And in the latest financial data available in Washington, state Liquor Control Board spokesman Brian Smith reported Thursday that from opening day in July through the end of September, the state has collected $4,806,452 in excise taxes from the growing, processing and retail sales of marijuana.

This figure is based on total sales at all three levels of $19,225,808.

September total sales for production, processing and retail were $8.5 million, with $5,781,656 marked by retail sales alone.

While those numbers are good, Washington still has a long ways to go to fully implement marijuana legalization. Imagine what the sales numbers will be when there are over 300 stores open, and all growers and producers are at full capacity. My home State of Oregon will hopefully legalize marijuana next month, and hopefully Washington D.C. and Alaska too. Why isn’t every state doing this?

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  1. I agree. Although I know from experience many state citizens vote against their self-interests. I do however, have hope as do you that the tide is turning. Thanks

  2. The tide of history has changed and it can not be reversed just like the right to same sex marriage no matter how much the republican delusional bible thumpers wail and cry. Your storm clouds that you talk about are mainly going to impact the politicians that get on the wrong side of this issue and don’t follow the will of the people.

  3. One more point. Those states which include recreational growing in their legalization laws will be the first states to experience the coming future politically motivated repeal backlash. We are starting to see this play out already. As mentioned above, Colorado’s incumbent Democrat Governor Hickenlooper, today called Colorado’s Marijuana legalization law:” Ill advised” Don’t believe that there will be Sheldon Adelson / Koch Bro’s anti-legalization repeal efforts in the very near future? Dream on I’m afraid. The storm clouds are already on the horizon. Legalization states tax incentives give those States some amount of political cover. However, take away this income tax incentive, coupled with an eventual dramatic reversal in state marijuana tax collections, mainly due to state recreation grow laws……well I just hope the state you happen to live in when it does legalize didn’t foolishly decide like Colorado to fold it’s medical and recreational stores together into one entity. I’d rather have recreational marijuana separate from medical marijuana. Patients and tourists don’t really mix. Medical patients can grow 16 plants in Washington plus 24 ounces of prepared bud. Recreational grows kill the goose that laid the golden egg. This merely to placate non-medical anti-government tax haters. Good Luck.

  4. The “Tax piggies” are the only reason marijuana legalization has become possible at all. I don’t believe the words altruism and politicians can be used in the same sentence. Look at Colorado’s Governor Hickenlooper for instance. He’s now back-pedaling. today he called Colorado’s marijuana legalization “Ill Advised”. Why? Because he’s currently in a tough re-election fight with a anti- legalization anti marijuana Republican Neanderthal bone-head.

  5. The pot prices where it is legal are higher that the black market prices and I suspect unless the insane prices drop that a lot of people are going to stay with the black market. Legalization will not do away with the black market unless it is legalized with no restrictions on growing for you own use and thus taking the taxes away from the tax piggies and killing the Black Market.

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