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Washington I-502 Lobby Training And Strategy Session


washington state legalizes marijuana i-502As the LCB and legislature move forward implementing I-502, NORML Thurston wants to act as enablers and liaisons for cannabis activists in Washington. We know our voices and needs are more likely to be met if we can speak together and with purpose. This strategy session will cover:

1. What is happening with I-502 now.
2. The basics of lobbying public officials, and the differences of doing so at the federal, state, and local levels.
3. The basics of talking to the media and getting your message out beyond your friends.
4. How to best grow the influence of our local chapter.

NORML’s primary goal will be to represent the cannabis consumer, but this gives us an interest in seeing the production, processing, and retail structures approved by the voters go forward. However, people with specific interests in licensing or policy are free to show up, share and learn, and decide if they want to work with us going forward.

Please join us, we’re a small and dedicated group, and as such we can accomplish miracles!
When: Sunday Jan 13, 2013; 2 – 4 pm
Cutters Point Coffee, 1350 Marvin Road, NE (in the parking lot by Costco and Home Depot)

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  1. This is the proposal, along with others, being pushed by ex-narc and state Rep. Chris Hurst and should be rejected out of hand. In fact, the use of funds to support substance abuse education, treatment, and prevention aligns with he federal goals. I-502 was carefully crafted and Hurst’s efforts, and he is an opponent of I-502, are more about sabotaging than implementing. I-502 can be amended in 2 years based on collected evidence. That is an integral part of I-502.

  2. My suggestion??

    Any “profits” derived from this legislation I-502 will go to fully fund education in the state of Washington.

    And these people should be repeating this mantra until even the public is sick of hearing it. It’s the ONLY way to head off any more federal interference and would make them look even more foolish than they do now should they continue their heavy handed ways. THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION WILL MAKE THEM CHANGE…..

    Pot taxes = fully funded education in Washington = I-502 success.

    Beat these federal jerks to the punch and get EVERYONE on board and repeat – repeat – repeat – any profits derived from state marijuana sales go DIRECTLY to fully fund education.

    Who besides the federal govt would oppose this???

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