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Washington Liquor Control Board Announces Public Forums On I-502 Implementation


washington state marijuana i-502 implementationOLYMPIA – The Washington State Liquor Control Board will hold six evening public forums across Washington regarding the implementation of Initiative 502. The forums are an opportunity for interested citizens to meet WSLCB staff involved in implementation, be updated on implementation and to provide input to the Board for it to consider as it develops rules.

“Clearly there is passion about what Washington’s system of legal marijuana will look like when fully implemented,” said Board Chair Sharon Foster. “This is an opportunity for the public to meet the Board and staff involved in implementation, learn about our role in implementation, and to provide testimony. We appreciate the cooperation of the Association of Washington Cities for their help in arranging these forums.”

*Schedule (2013)*
1/22: WSLCB Headquarters, Conference Room 201
* 3000 Pacific Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501

1/24: Seattle City Hall, Bertha Knight Landes Room
* 600 Fourth Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

02/7: Clark College, Vancouver, Foster Auditorium
* 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA 98663

02/12: Spokane City Hall, Council Chambers
* 808 W Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, WA 99201

02/19: Skagit Valley College, Mt. Vernon, Theater
* 2405 East College Way, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

02/21: Yakima City Hall, Council Chambers
* 129 North Second St, Yakima, WA 98901

* 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Open house with Board and staff
* 7:00 – 7:05 p.m. Board welcome
* 7:05 – 7:15 p.m. Overview of Board’s role in implementation and timeline
* 7:15 – 10:00 p.m. Public testimony

Additional information regarding the implementation of I-502 — including a fact sheet, answers to frequently asked questions and a tentative timeline — is available on the WSLCB website at www.liq.wa.gov


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  1. u were and are against it. It is a positive step .Other countries see 2 legal states and will lobby for their share of the pie. They are not analyzing the contents of the bills that much. “we “as in you are hoping Holder will say “we’re shuttin her down boys” LOL Theres no cat and mouse pal, only in your own mind . we won and we rule! soon pot will take over, than you can cry your little eyes out Steve. till then Happy 420

  2. I’m sad that the voters passed a law that they thought was “legalization”. I sad that they voted to approved the Drug Czar’s latest strategy for prohibition….the per se DUID. I’m sad that, with over six million dollars to spend, they didn’t pass a real legalization bill. I’m sad that there are so many stupid voters who didn’t bother to read the bill. But I’ll be even sadder if the state wastes millions and then has their plan squashed by the feds.

    Inslee and Ferguson are meeting with Holder next week. We “may” know more then. So far the DOJ has only spoken in riddles and hasn’t given anyone a clear idea what they plan to do or what legal position they’ll take. They like playing “cat and mouse”….guess which one WE are? We deserve better from our government.

  3. The state LCB is planning on spending $5 million taxpayers dollars on implementing just the first step in their new state jobs creation program. What did they forget? Oh…they forgot there’s a new marshal in town. We have a new Attorney General that they need to ask about silly questions like…..”can the state of Washinton legally launder illegal drug money and run it through the general fund”? I don’t personally know the answer to that question, but I’m pretty sure the LCB is required to ask the new attorney general if it’s legal…..BEFORE they ask the legislature for the millions of dollars in taxpayer money to implement an illegal program that will get shut down by a simple letter from the DOJ.

    Does anyone think the new governor of Washington is going to get a different answer than anyone else has gotten from this current DOJ? Is there any particular reason you think any governor will get a real answer?

    This is all a sad joke. I-502 was a sad joke on the voters of Washington State. The saddest part is yet to come.

    Steve Sarich
    Cannabis Action Coalition

  4. “Any profits to the state of Washington derived from the implementation of I-502 will go into fully funding education in our state.”

    Repeat that time & time again until everyone in this state (and everywhere else) is sick of hearing it – THAT is how we’ll defeat the progressives in the other Washington that continue to run the protection rackets for BIG pharma and have no desire to change anything, the vote & will of the people be damned.

    It was just announced tonight on the local Seattle news that the new Governor of our state, Jay Insley, is going to meet in person with the US Attorney General, “Mr Fast & Furious himself”, Eric Holder on this coming Tuesday and apparently they’ll be discussing cannabis legalization, which as everyone probably knows, has already occurred here. Maybe Mr Holder will be inquiring as to how to implement legalization on a Nat’l level as we certainly have just a little experience in that regard more than the Feds. Ya think?? Other than that I can’t imagine he would have anything…..positive to say about this state’s future experiment as to how we pay for education here. Personally, I’d say he should be reminded that no matter what – the vote (and the voice) of the people in this state ALWAYS trumps idiotic and unenforceable Federal laws & decrees. And that as Governor of the state of Washington, he’ll enforce the laws here FOR THE CITIZENS OF THIS STATE, as the citizens of this state have voted for in the affirmative, INCLUDING (our state gun laws AND) the marijuana laws that Washington DC seems to find so….offensive. And….it can be no other way. And as long as he’s the elected Governor, it won’t be any other way. So Mr. Attorney General, is there anything else on your (sick & controlling) mind that we can help you with today???

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