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Washington Marijuana Legalization Initiative Ahead In New Poll


yes on i502By Phillip Smith

An initiative to regulate and legalize marijuana in Washington state was leading by 13 points in a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday. The poll had support for the initiative, I-502, at 50%, with 37% opposed and 13% undecided.

The poll is good, but not great, news for New Approach Washington, the high-powered group behind the initiative campaign. It shows support two points higher than a similar poll in January, but not high enough for the campaign to have much of a comfort zone.

The conventional wisdom among initiative watchers is that initiatives should be polling at 60% or above going in because opposition during the campaign season is bound to shave some points away by election day. That means that while New Approach Washington can take succor in the lead it holds, it still has its work cut out for it to cross the finish line victorious.

Looking at the cross tabs, support for legalization was higher among men (55%) than women (46%) and all age groups except the over-65 had support higher than 50%. Somewhat surprisingly, support was highest among those aged 46 to 65 (55%), followed by those aged 30 to 45 (54%) and those aged 18 to 29 (52%).

A large partisan divide has also emerged, with legalization supported by a whopping 70% of Democrats, but only 22% of Republicans. Independents came in at 54% in support. And although Washington’s minority population is small, non-whites are supporting legalization at a higher rate (60%) than whites (49%).

Publicy Policy Polling surveyed 1,073 Washington voters from through automated telephone interviews from June 14 to June 17. The margin of error for the survey is +/-3.0%. This poll was not paid for or authorized by any campaign or political organization.

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  1. Besides the three trolls on this site, does anyone in the State of washington actually support I-502?

  2. Look again, Baked. The polls are going up – just like the support for re-legalization all over the country.

    The truth is there is NOTHING that will bring re-legalization faster to the whole country than passing I-502. — You know that, that’s why you are against it.

  3. Douche420 wrote: “No REAL SMART marijuana reformer would ever consider voting against I502.”

    I totally agree with you. As for the parts of your comment that follow, that I am an idiot, a moron, possess half a brain, and that you’re smart–on that we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    Now I must go. I’m busy trying to figure out why the ocean is always near the shore.

  4. Hopefully the polls keep going down, as more people realize this bill is 100% not legalization. Who really wants to flush the shit down the toilet, just to throw shit all over the bathroom with your next load.

  5. What nonsense. If there are doctors, lawyers and “cannabis activists” opposed to I-502, they’re making money from the current prohibition – selling product or services. No one who has genuine concern for the average marijuana consumer would vote to continue their persecution.

    Prices under I-502 will not exceed $200 an ounce. If they did, the program wouldn’t work. Reasonable prices are the key to the program. After a settling down period, prices will be lower than that.

    Most importantly, I-502 will end marijuana prohibition, nationwide, very soon. With that comes home-growing which will keep prices around $50 an ounce, plus taxes. – No one will pay more than $100 an ounce (prices plus taxes) for a plant they can grow themselves. That will keep prices down to earth.

    Your denial of these basic truths reveals your deception.

  6. So NOW you don’t really know that it’s the “greedy growers and dispensary owners”. Now you are just assuming that it must be them because you can’t believe that anyone else could not be a “true believer”…like you.

    Sorry….but it’s doctors, lawyers, cannabis activists, and most of all, patients, that are opposed to this bill. Oh….and anyone who has actually taken the time to read the 68 page initiative….which you obviously haven’t.

    But if you find some “greedy growers and dispensary owners” that would like to actually contribute or be proactive in defeating I-502, we’d certainly like to hear from them. They’ve been totally silent on the issue thus far. I suspect they think their business will actually INCREASE when people wake up and find that they can only buy pot from state licensed stores….at $750 and ounce.

    With pot prices dropping rather dramatically over the last couple of years, black marketiers have to LOVE this bill! It should double their profit margins. I suspect they’re just sitting on the sidelines grinning at this point.

  7. They are the only people who would wage a sustained campaign against I-502. They are the only ones who refuse to see (or won’t admit to seeing) how I-502 will not only end marijuana prohibition in Washington, but in the whole country.
    Get out of the way of reform.

  8. Excuse me, Mr. Fool, but you determination that it must be greedy growers and dispensary owners here in Washington opposing the initiative, simply because growers opposed it in California, is just “Butt Dumb” on the logic scale.

  9. No. That post is what is B.S. I-502 ends marijuana prohibition – not just in Washington, but in the whole country!
    Your denial of that is sick.

  10. LOL!! Look fool. I never said there was some organized group. I just stated the fact some greedy growers and dispensaries are against I-502 because they are against ANY re-legalization. I recognize the behavior because I saw it all before with California’s Prop 19.

    It’s slightly understandable, because it will end their gravy train. People will still be able to make a living selling at reasonable prices, but they won’t be able to get rich like they are now.

    However, that understandable self-interest doesn’t come close to excusing their willingness to perpetuate the war on marijuana consumers. Their actions are a blatant attempt to fool marijuana consumers into voting against ending the horrific persecution.

    Again, just go to the comments section at Toke of the Town, and you can watch this sordid behavior constantly. It’s most blatant in any article about I-502.

  11. No REAL SMART marijuana reformer would ever consider voting against I502. If you had half a brain and actually read the bill rather than the headline that says “Legalize marijuana”, then you would know it’s a complete BS bill designed for the government to continue taking money from the people.

    All of us smart people let you and spic and the other idiots talk to each other and try to make each other feel good. You’re still a bunch of morons.

  12. How fast people get addicted to outrageous prices and profits.
    It’s just a plant. After re-legalization, prices will come back to earth and average marijuana will sell for around $50 an ounce, plus taxes.
    It won’t be a “market price collapse.” It will be a collapse of the monstrously destructive fraud and black-market that created absurdly high prices for a plant. — That’s a good thing, of course.

  13. Just as I thought….you HAVE no evidence that this secret group exists. You just want ME to go searching for them somewhere else? Do you have a secret map? Maybe a magic decoder ring to help us find this secret group? Once again, you’ve proven yourself a bumbling idiot that can’t back up his crazy theories. Put your tin-foil hat back on and smoke another bowl.

  14. Yes. I cannot express how much I appreciate your incredible work! The combined victories of Washington and Colorado will put the marijuana prohibition beast out of its misery! — THANKS!

  15. Easy. Just go to Toke of the Town. The place is infested with them.
    No REAL marijuana reformer would ever consider voting against I-502.

  16. Gee….who are these “greedy growers and dispensary owners” that are campaigning against I-502? Are they just the mythical enemy that you and NAW made up because you don’t want to admit it’s medical cannabis patients and other well-known activists who favor legalization….but who oppose I-502 because it’s terrible legislation?

    Is this group of wealthy growers and dispensary owners out there raising and spending money to fight I-502? You keep on insisting that this mythical group is fighting I-502, but what exactly are they doing to fight it?

    All I’m hearing is stories about these invisible enemies that must be stopped….can you provide us specifics? Or is this just more NAW propaganda? This is the stuff comic books are made of….not reality.

    It’s the patients, the doctors, the lawyers and the cannabis activists that make up the opposition to I-502….sorry to burst your bubble.

    Steve Sarich
    NO On I-502 Committee

  17. Once it is legal, noone but a few hobbyists will grow themselves. Just like some hobbyists brew beer or make wine, but 99.9% of the population just buys it in a store. And that can be taxed.

    However, if the taxes are too high, then you create a new black market. One “portion” should not cost more than one “portion” of alcohol or a few cigarettes.

  18. Jon, we are very serious in Washington state and working hard every day campaigning for I-502. Stop by and see what we’re up to in Pierce County, our state’s third largest county, at the Pierce County NORML facebook page.

  19. It’s hard to know what will happen if I-502 passes.

    Recently John Mckay speculated that it is almost certain that the federal government will try to assert its authority through the courts which will delay implementation. But he believes it will start an argument that history suggests will almost certainly — eventually — lead to legalization.

    “There is no doubt that 502 sets up a major showdown,” McKay said. “I bet the federal government already has its case prepared, but, at last, both sides will get to make the argument in the open. For supporters of legalisation, that can only be a good thing.” See the article at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/9324428/Is-the-Prohibition-of-Pot-coming-to-an-end-in-the-US.htmlWhen considering the consequences of I-502 passing, equally important are the consequences of I-502 not passing and the effect it will have on the reform movement. We have committed to this battlefield and, having done so, we must win.

  20. I’ve said it for years….legal or not, the only marijuana the govt will be able to tax is the marijuana they produce and sell themselves. If they expect all these mom & pop, artisinal growers to mail in their fair share of any taxes they collect because now it’s legal, surely they’ve been…..consuming too much of their own product. The govt might be able to coerce employers to collect taxes before showing up on employees paychecks but in this world of weed they’ll hold no sway…..still.

    Anyway, as a resident of Washington state, I look forward to voting on this and showing the Govt in Washington DC the middle finger salute as I pull the voting machine lever approving this. I have a feeling that I’ll have a lot of company doing the same thing. Is this the time it finally passes in Washington state?? If it does, I’d look for an absolute marijuana market price collapse as the price for high quality weed is cheap around here now at sub $200 depending on who you know and how much you buy. What’s next??? $100 ounces of high test?? If the vote passes this November, two things seem certain – the Feds ain’t going to like it and the price will drop….even more. Be careful what you wish for and wish us luck….

  21. Let’s hope marijuana reformers in Washington state can get serious and stifle the greedy growers and dispensaries who are campaigning against I-502.
    This initiative is so crucial to ending marjiuana prohibition. We can’t afford to play with these corrupt groups who fight against marijuana reform just like the government, the prohibition profiteers and the gangs.

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