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Washington Marijuana Store Closes To Protest Price Gouging By Growers


washington state medical marijuana raidsLegal marijuana sales started in Washington on July 7th. Supply shortages resulted in high prices and long lines. A marijuana store in Vancouver, Main Street Marijuana, closed temporarily this week. The closure is not due to supply shortages, which has temporarily closed at least one other marijuana store in Washington. Main Street Marijuana temporarily closed it’s doors due to poor product quality and price gouging by licensed marijuana growers in Washington. Per The Columbian:

When the Main Street Marijuana manager saw what came in a shipment of material from a new grower this week, he decided to close until he can secure more variety, lower prices and better quality stock, he said.

“I’m not going to let these guys hold us hostage anymore,” Hamide said of a handful of growers that he says have been selling bad product for high prices. “It’s hurting the entire system, and it needs to stop. By continuing to play ball with these guys, it’s just making things worse.”

The store will likely remain closed through the weekend and could stay that way well into next week, Hamide said.

This scenario highlights a problem with the marijuana industry that I have been pointing out for months now. Just because someone is qualified to get a marijuana growers license does not mean that they are a capable marijuana grower. In states that require huge sums of money to obtain, or even apply for, a marijuana growers license I’d imagine this problem will come up again. Application processes need to do a better job of selecting someone who is good at what they do, not just someone that is rich enough to afford the process, or lucky enough to win a lottery.


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  1. Uhmmm….. I don’t think he was actually communicating with you…. you just stepped into it.

  2. Fuck you asshole. That’s messed up saying that to a guy just looking for some help you little prick .

  3. pretty relevant to your education there. Can you even remember your name? Here I am with my esspresso and coffee, reading TWB, about to go work, and two-name polanski here can “see” how angry I am. By that logic, I can “see” that he is problably a native-born San Franciscan, and his already sore butt is even more hurt that Ive called out one(just one) of the shittier things that goes on in his(her?,Both?) precious city. Thanx for the chuckle, a-wipe!

  4. really? so everyone being allowed 6 plants is “controlled by a few huge commercial grows”? You and raykowski up there really should hang out.

  5. I see you are very angry, maybe you should smoke better weed or something , besides my lack of grammar or grades are irrelevant to how smart or educated I am.

  6. Of course the banks won’t do business with the dispensaries, they are all working with the government , don’t you see what’s going on here?This war is far from over, like morpheus said in the matrix, “it’s about control”.

  7. sorry incomplete sentence in there. i was tryin to say that everyone who has been kind enough to give when they see my sign which is asking to BUY(not recieve a handout) has had WAY better bud, like WAY better than what these dispensaries usually sell me. THANK YOU SF TOKERS!! I have recently found a good place(cant name names, sorry) but it seems that this place is the exception, not the rule; their quality is in their hashes, not flower. They dont seem like they play”bait and switch” like alot of places. They were closed for awhile during the federal crackdown a couple years ago. Funny how that thing shut down the good places, but didn’t affect the “rip off” places.

  8. you didnt earn very good grades 1st grade when they were tryin to teach you to read, did you? If you had any comprehension skills, you would have read that I HAVE stopped buying from them; the point about being homeless is some of the budtenders discriminate against US(yes there’s thousands of us in this city) You seem so b-fukken stupid that youd probably buy their bammer and never realize theres a problem. Not going to elaborate, but HOW do you think I even know what real quality even is, eh dipshit?(love to see ya makin that “get a home” comment in the Tenderloin)

    Thank you Weed Blog for shining a little light on this issue.

    oh and raski DON’T try to sell anything to the Trek rider. I can see by the intellect of your comment that you haven’t a CLUE what real quality is. Every regular person whos been kind enough to give(yes, give not everyone’s a greedy fuck),not sell even though Im willing to pay for my medicine and have never asked for compassion. The tone of your comment tells me you’re probly either one of these shitty ass budtenders or shitty ass growers. Either way GET A JOB YOU’RE GOOD AT(hear they’re looking for you’re type on Polk street) and STOP RIPPING OFF PATIENTS

  9. If antiquated medical dispensary’s are Colorado’s “Model for the future ” then legal cannabis’ future looks bleak. Colorado has yet to find one bank for it’s cannabis business’. Looks like they might have to borrow one of Washington’s.. Turning old medical dispensary’s into retail stores still looks like they’re trying to put lipstick on a pig, Having seen them in person recently, if Colorado’s tourists like a strip club vibe , then ok. Seattle’s.big Cruise ships and tourists heading up to Alaska, the San Juans or Hawai’i might want a shopping experience nicer than what I found in Denver. And medical dispensary’s are all Colorado has to offer. Washington’s had these since 1998.

  10. If anyone could use some serious natural medicine, it’s me. Could you send some medicine to my brooklyn apartment?

  11. Not m. I’d rather wait. I’ve been to Denver’s medical dispensary’s. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig.. Granted the clientl

  12. I just would like Washington to be as smooth as colorado. I was there for a month and it was a pleasure checking out all the different dispensaries with all the varieties of strains. It’s was a Stoner’s dream.

  13. People compare Washington and Colorado like it’s a race. And I believe it was for Colorado. This given it’s highly erratic political nature (for example, an anti-cannabis Tea-Party Republican looks like he’s going to upset Colorado’s Democrat Senator Mark Udall this Nov. Yikes!) Washington also decided to hold up the larger grows so the “mom & pop growers could get a leg up. That’s fair I believe, but the big money growers didn’t like it and they cut back on their growing area. Fine with me. Colorado’s grows are controlled by just a few huge commercial operations. Washington has taken a different approach. Washington’s plan has been to encourage much smaller craft growers. If this takes more time so be it. The bud will be far better (always has been actually) and in a month at most this will all be a vague memory. Colorado rushed. Washington Didn’t need to. Eventually Washington will have a superior system. The best things take time.

  14. That largely depends upon how reputable the seed supplier happens to be. Why grow it in my Seattle Condo when I can walk just downstairs and buy grams for $5-7 of great cannabis?. If you want this weeks latest and greatest it’s $ 9- $12 a gram.Grows = bugs, heat, odor, waste, water, power, greedy neighbors etc. Plus, you’re always just one thrip attack away from a disaster. No growing isn’t for everyone. There’s a lot to be said for urban convenience

  15. Washington’s (Seattle’s) medical dispensary’s are everywhere and remain un-regulated. The retail stores are for the cruise ship tourists and others from out of state. I can tell from many of these comments, that they are from people who have never visited Washington, or Seattle.

  16. The majority, John Q. Public newbies grow shit weed, if any at all. This after they’ve burned thru the beaucoup $$$ they thought they would be saving.

  17. My Seattle dispensary has excellent cannabis flowers , concentrates, and edibles. All for sale at fair prices. Sounds as if you need to try another dispensary or, another state.

  18. The Washington state stores won the first vote. In 2008 However, Costco threw three million bucks into the second race so it could ship booze nationwide from it’s stores. This with an advert blitz in the Seattle area. Their name will soon to be changed to The Liquor Cannabis Board..

  19. yeah the Washington State government is going to test out weed for the quality and then tell the shitty growers to fuck off…NOT…it’s the liqour control board dude. they sell anything from $7 mcormick vodka 5ths to $50 premium vodka. they won’t revoke licenses do to low THC and bad strains. trust me washington’s government is dumb as fuck.

  20. yeah you can get a quarter ounce of DANK ASS SHIT for $50 in WA from a “buddy”

  21. Considering I was robbed for my 350 last week when I went to try and buy an ounce… Yea, if I had a store that was only a few hours away… I’d have had my damn bag not a fucking gun in my face. Come November my seeds are hitting the dirt here in Florida. Gunna sell to them 64000 gator fans 30 minutes up the road! Got to love how amendment two was worded here in Florida. And NO we don’t have to wait for them to figure out what their ” regulations” will be. It’s on them to catch up, not us to sit and wait! Home grows home sales . Keep it mom and pop round here’s what I’m saying

  22. Phil Williamson on

    Being able to grow you own would put these “growers” in their place overnight. I still have all my gear from 10 years ago before the price dropped to 150 (and less) an ounce.. I’d set it back up in a heart beat if I could grow a dozen plants of my own (say 6 in veg and 6 in bud and a QP (or so) of dry buds).

  23. There’s no sense complaining about it, you have to pay to play. They should feel lucky they are able to be involved in the market at all. Offering inferior product for way to high of a price is no excuse.

  24. It is simply supply and demand with a bucket-load of convenience and huge taxes thrown in. Not nearly enough producers were licensed in March and April to supply a July opening. There are plenty of quality growers, but expecting quantity to roll out to satisfy the markets demand so soon is a bit silly. I know of a couple growers who are taking advantage of the desperation for legal/easy to obtain MJ and are throwing shake and trim into their containers, but one has to expect that. Main Street did right by not show-casing that alone on their shelves, but their are growers out there willing to play ball. They understand that there is a long-term strategy to keeping prices reasonable and they are working with retailers. They aren’t holding anyone hostage, and try to keep in mind that they have been shouldering the vast majority of the costs for the last 7 months. Compare a retailers cost to operate to a growers and you will see that initial costs are grossly pitched to the grower. Now factor in that the various government entities make roughly 60% of the money on this depending on tax structure and you have $20-30 per gram.

  25. This is what should not happen is have price gouging by any one involved in legal marijuana. You will make mony growers and retailers do be Greedy and people will come people will purchase products people will support your bussiness but don’t be Greedy or you will lose out in the end

  26. Washington State’s Marijuana Industry is somewhat inexplicably controlled by same ‘Liquor Board’ that the Voter’s of Washington decided couldn’t be trusted to run Liquor Stores – booze is now sold mostly in Grocery Stores instead of State Liquor Stores like it used to be here.
    They seem to be doing everything in their Power to make Retail Marijuana unsuccessful. They have only approved 10% of the Stores that have been licensed to sell Marijuana; meaning you may have to Drive a Hundred Miles to find a Store. And these stores receive Product which is so difficult to pass Inspections that only a tiny amount has been made ready for sale.
    Then – Each step in the Process is so heavily overtaxed that Pot costs $20 a Gram.
    So almost everyone will still be buying from their friends instead at a third the price.

  27. If a grower isn’t consistently producing quality product for a fair price, they should have their license yanked & it be given to someone who knows what they’re doing.

  28. THATS something that these “medical” dispensaries in San Fran could learn from. Im a patient here, and have NO ACCESS to quality medicine. Being homeless, I think some of these places sell me their WORST possible herb. (leaves a bitter tasting coating in my my mouth, headache, and NO high, not even a buzz like mexi brick) i wish some of the businesses here had a little backbone and would do the same. Can anyone in SF help me w/ access? Im the humbum on a red Trek with green milk crates tied to the handlebars. talk to me. definitely willing to pay for quality, just not willing to let these greedy dispensaries keep ripping me off. I’ve already sat in front of Bernal Heights collective with a sign due to a game of “bait and switch” they played on my birthday. It took about 45 min. before someone handed me some really good Super super haze, WAY better than anything on BHCs shelf.

  29. It should be legal to grow your own supply. More work on the law is needed. Pandering to politicians with promises of big tax revenues just invites corruption. Let the people take care of themselves and the cream will rise to the top. Support corporate industry and you smoke shit.

  30. Lots of kudos to Main Street Marijuana for refusing to sell high-priced, substandard bud to its customers. I salute you! It’s practices like this that bring about customer loyalty.

  31. It seems the whole weed war situation is a battle between greedy people fighting against nature, as they say,DON’T MESS WITH NATURE, SHE ALWAYS WINS!

  32. Yep, if the regulations clash with natural law, the market will always provide a product for the demand.

  33. It seems in Washington, you might as well buy weed the good ol fashion way,with all the bs attached to legalization.

  34. Thanks for responding, I hope the rest of the country will follow in colorado ‘ s footsteps, they’re a great model for the future.

  35. If you live here just stay medical cheaper you can grow your own. The state is way over priced too. Plus if you grow your own you know what is in it .

  36. More legal stiff competition is needed and may take awhile for it to reach equilibrium even without the stumbling blocks. They should give more of the talent a chance to compete and earn an honest living legally. Maybe the application fees can get lowered with the new tax revenue that would generate? More taxes can get collected that way in the end, while market needs are met. Of course we have the fascist variable still of being controlled by the drunk management team retarding the solution. Though, this is just a start and still time for the board to correct this as more information and tax revenue come to the fore.

  37. Juicy miss lucy on

    Poor planning and letting the state liquor board take control of the states cannabis rules for shops and permits. They have turned getting set to have a shop a huge finacial expense, which tends to attract people with money that only care about making money

  38. We’ve been warning about it for years. I’m starting to have a hard time caring to explain why the system is so screwed up there. Now that the results are in, people start complaining without knowing why. All I have to say is next time, please read the actual text of the bills before voting on them, but that is too “boring” for most people.

  39. Totally agree with those points Johnny! Get the popcorn ready for the same things and worse happening in FL :/

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