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Washington Medical Marijuana Bill To End Dispensaries, Reduce Rights, Passes Senate


washington state marijuana regulationsWashington’s Senate voted late last week to pass a bill that would drastically change the state’s medical marijuana law. The bill would instantly call for the halting of operations by all medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, and would make some big changes to the rules that currently apply to patients. This of course has drawn quite a bit of feedback from Washington’s medical marijuana community. Per The Joint Blog:

Senate Bill 5052 would combine the medical and recreational cannabis systems by shutting down all currently operating dispensaries in the state, renaming the Liquor Control Board the Liquor and Cannabis Control Board, and by allowing recreational cannabis retail outlets to apply for a medical cannabis endorsement indicating they’re knowledgeable in the medical use of cannabis.

The proposal, which is opposed adamantly by activists groups such as Sensible Washignton, would also establish a mandatory patient registry, forcing individuals to put their name on a list admitting to committing a federal crime in order to receive state-level legal protections.

Senate Bill 5052, without any legitimate reason, would also drastically reduce the amount of cannabis a patient can possess and cultivate, from 24 ounces to 3, and from 15 plants to 6.

It’s hard to tell what the chances are of a House version of Senate Bill 5052 passing. There will likely be some tweaks in the House version, which will delay the process. There is a different bill currently working its way around the Washington Legislature, which is a much better approach. House Bill 2058 was introduced last week, and is currently assigned to the House Commerce and Gaming Committee. Hopefully members of the Washington House latch onto it and reject the Senate bill that is coming their way.


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  1. dr.tony.antonio on

    did you take a survey of medical patients to come up with your statistic?
    no. you are full of bull.

  2. AnonymousHemanwomanhater on

    The legalization was a historic time and was short lived. Washington is going to destroy it on its first attempt. Very long story short. Washington wants more money from cannabis that they have complete control over. Med patients can’t be taxed to death like the barely staying afloat recreational shops here that are already suffering and fighting tooth and nail. Colorado is BOOMING and Washington doesn’t want to join in apparently. Anyhow- I’m a first year med patient, I only did it for topical’s and CBD access and occasional edibles since ingestion is the polar opposite of inhalation. And now that will all end. As long as people like Chris Christie exist, cannabis will forever criminalized. Where’s all our lottery money here in Washington? Why break, I mean “fix” what isn’t broken!? For all of its liberties, this place SUCKS!

  3. I think its called using your eyes. Every person i know with there card except for mabey one has no medical conditions. The one that does smokes about 10 times less then the rest of them.

  4. Funny thing rec store weed is cheaper than the BS Sarich was seling.

    “But detectives, in their affidavits, paint a picture of Sarich’s business as a lucrative pot-selling enterprise.

    According to the warrants, up to 200 people would pay $200 each to attend a Saturday seminar on Sarich’s property, meet with a doctor and receive a state authorization to use medical marijuana. They then pay $15 a plant and between $9 and $15 for a gram of processed marijuana.

    “Sarich dispenses the marijuana and makes a large cash profit,” one affidavit says.”

  5. From a health standpoint…using cannabis, in any form, to not only help with disease, but PREVENT disease.

  6. Well, aren’t you special now… wearing that 6 pointed star on your shoulder to show that you approve of Adolph and your fatherland.

  7. YES! Absolutely! Or if you go to the cops to get a concealed carry permit or buy a gun….oooops! You’re using a federally illegal drug. Or you’re applying for a job that requires a background check…ooops!

    There are a lot of great reasons we have federal HIPAA laws protecting our medical privacy. Should our legislators have to register if they’re using Prozac? I can make an argument for the public’s right to know about a legislator who may be mentally unstable or severely depressed….determining what our state laws should be.

    All of this data gathering our private data must STOP! If they can get your medical data, you are really screwed. Do you want a potential employer being able to check to see what your medical conditions are and using that as a screening method? If you’re the employer, wouldn’t you limit your hiring to those with perfect health? Wouldn’t your insurance carrier give you preferential treatment for that?

    There is no GOOD reason to give up your right to medical privacy and thousand of good reason not to. No more patient registries!

  8. A point no one seems to take into account with Washington establishing a patient registry is our *hitty DUID law.
    LEO’s will have access to this data base, and just having a medical marijuana authorization is automatic probable cause for a police officer to stop a driver on suspicion of DUID. Then if and when you meet one of their awful “possible indicators of impairment”, you get the draw. Look tired? Get the draw. Red eyes? Get the draw. Any Tshirts, hats, bumper stickers about weed? Get the draw. Dry mouth? Get the draw. Ashes in the ashtray? Get the draw. He sees a lighter or matches anywhere in the vehicle? Get the draw. If you open your wallet for your license and he sees a dispensary card or business card with a pot leaf on it? Get the draw.

    So if you have a prescription and this bill passes, anytime you drive past a police officer, ANYWHERE in the entire field of vision of his automated plate cam, it will grab your plate number and transmit your plate number and location to the LEO automated plate cam clearinghouse of all americans movements. Oh wait it already does that…but if this passes it will also make an audible noise to let them know they have another DUID victim, just like as if you dont have insurance or have a suspended license. DUID is gonna become the states new cash cow, its easy money for a captive audience.


  9. No, the rest of the country might want to try something along the lines of Colorado’s retail structure, but Washington recreational laws have been a complete joke. Now WA’s medical system, you’re damn right.

  10. I think the end of prohibition of people’s constitutional rights that use cannabis can be had more quickly, if we try doing this-

    I was looking for a map of all the prisons in the united
    states where people are held for possessing or selling or growing
    cannabis flowers, and have not found it yet, surly it is out there, but I
    thought it would be interesting to go around and make a documentary of
    the innocent people being enslaved by a corrupt government that steals
    their constitutional rights to exist, and while evil people around the
    globe lop off peoples heads, the evil scum in the usa lops off peoples
    connection to God through cannabis, and lies to the world, saying they
    are for freedom, and i believe they should all pay, of course, but a
    documentary of every prison needs to be made, so that people will see
    that which is apparently hidden, due to the shame that apparently the
    politicians have for truth, “truth embargo”

    or, there are 52
    weeks in a year, and even though the spirits seemed kind the other day
    after posting this, it still seems in everyone’s’ interest to do a sort
    of a myth busters type of thing, if we were in prison, we would want people to free us, it seems only right that we free them, as long as they are not violent, it would be interesting just see if the feds are truly evil
    or not, cause if they are, i believe everyone would agree that all evil
    people should at least be fired, but there are 52 weeks in a year, so
    why couldn’t there be a weekly show each week and each week could show a
    different state with the worst abuses of authority, that way in a years
    time, all states could be covered, the worst stories could be spoken
    of, if the myth is true, take this scenario, a family is happily going
    along with their life, the parents happen to grow, and use cannabis, for
    this scenario, the parents own a family business, and they own several
    cars and trucks, and real estate, only to be, and this is what needs to
    be found out if true, only to be raided, by thugs dressed in body
    armor, and thrown in to some prison camp where they are forced top do
    labor, all their family possessions they worked for have been stolen in
    the name of confiscation, the courts are told they are not allowed to
    mention the word medical marijuana if the family uses it for medical
    “truth embargo”, and the courts in d.c. already have told the usa that
    no one has the right to use cannabis for any spiritual reasons, their
    peers are not allowed on the jury, only the prosecution’s peers, showing
    a kangaroo court, so there you go, how many cases like this are there?
    or is that just a myth?

    I believe it would be in everyone’s
    interests to have a weekly show analyzing each state each week, so that
    we can all just see what is really going on, cause if the feds are
    really guilty, then they need to be thrown in prison, or at least fired

  11. So since no data is there we can go on pretending mmj shops don’t have mostly recreational consumers as customers. – How convenient.

  12. pot helps my health & I will argue with anybody who says different. i’d also argue that rec users passed prop 215 in cali not just med users. if this not true than why after 20 years & 4 states & Dc passed rec & cali cant seem to pass? it seems to me rec users turned all of a sudden into med users & turned there back on rec & rest of country. seems to me they don’t want the competition. still I wouldn’t call them fucksticks or idiots or tell them that they are tunnel-vision greed heads that need to be weeded out! Id use words like shellfish & greedy.{yes I used greedy not greedy heads, sounds like something a 5 year old would say} last time I checked cali was the 8th largest economy IN THE WORLD they should be leaders! what ever happened to as cali go’s soon the rest will follow? have to give them credit though, they’re not afraid to vote! don’t use jury duty as a excuse to not vote because there smart enough to get out of it if need be! we don’t need to get rid of med because of a few button pushers, what we need from them is support so we can get mj rescheduled, that’s the most important thing wright now. if you can grow your own your lucky no matter how many plants your aloud! I’m stuck in ne till spring, meanwhile have to listen to people in legal states argue with each other, jeesh talk about divide & councer! why don’t you button pushers go give your plants some love & stop hating! cant be leave you can get anything to grow with all the bad vibes! why you insist on living up to all the old stereotypes instead of building new is beyond me! I support all legal access. acting like drunks not stoners. support all stoners!!!!!

  13. There is no “data”. The Director of the LCB, Rick Garza, admitted in a televised legislative hearing that he got those figures from law enforcement….he never saw any proof of it, he just took their word for it. And he admitted that.

    There’s your “data”. Of course, if they could get a patient registry passed, then they would have a lot more “data”, wouldn’t they.

  14. I have already stated I have visited many dispensaries and have observed what customers are looking for and why.

    This is not a new revelation, of course. It is understood this “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” system operates all over the country. There is a booming business in providing doctors who will make sure you get a “recommendation.”

    Are you really going to deny it?

  15. I’m curious where you have seen for yourself or have been told by a reliable source that “Most patrons of medical marijuana stores are there for recreational purposes”. I don’t recall any data being published about it.

  16. The winners and losers constantly change in American capitalism.

    Many reformers have also been prosecuted for speaking out or being simple consumers. Indeed, every marijuana consumer is a protestor helping to bring down the fraudulent prohibition.

    The movement is NOT about the growers and sellers. It’s about the consumers, 20 million of which have been made permanent second-class citizens because of an arrest for simple marijuana possession.

  17. Again, consider some states have government alcohol stores, and consumers aren’t allowed to distill their own whiskey. But alcohol consumers don’t consider themselves not free because of that.

    Plus, marijuana reform is a process, not an event. ALL progress is good.

    Consumers in most of the country would give anything to have Washington’s recreational system.

  18. We owe much to the original medical marijuana dispensaries, But it is mostly because they have presented a working model of how to sell marijuana legally.

    Also, most of the support for medical marijuana came from voters who just want to end all of the prohibition. The huge turnouts for the re-legalization initiatives show that.

    Marijuana reform’s primary goal is to end all punishment of adult marijuana consumers. Since the people are understandably nervous from decades of the planet’s largest propaganda campaign, we will have to expect some encumbrances on the road to the ideal policy.

    To make recreational marijuana work under the constraints of our time, we can’t have a situation where most of the customers of “medical” stores are recreational consumers.

    Either we end the unnecessary duplication, or we institute a thorough screening process of patients to determine real need for medical marijuana.

    That’s the way things stand now. These are all transitional structures. With time, marijuana will need little regulation aside from prohibiting sales/gifts to minors. – And will be sold everywhere beer and wine are. .

  19. So many bumper stickers reading along the line of……”A drunk driver killed my mom.” How about a bumper sticker reading…”A pot smoking driver is chillin…not killin”

  20. Kathleen Chippi on

    Here’s a quote from Rolling Stone Jan 2014 interview with DPA head:

    “Ethan Nadelmann acknowledged the uncomfortable transition that’s now occurring. Those who have suffered the most in the War on Drugs and those who have struggled against it, he noted, may not be among those who profit from its conclusion. “The capitalist forces at work in a
    prohibitionist market are violent and brutal,” Nadelmann said, “but the capitalist forces at work in a legal market are even more brutal in some respects. We know that the people who may come to dominate this industry are not necessarily the people who are a part of this movement.”

    JHC! Hey Nadelmann–you and your 1%er friends like Soros and Rockefeller wrote all this “brutal” language that gives BIG BUSINESS (your friends) all the power and control of the entire ‘industry’ and stomps out “we the people”, the 99% of Americans. Hell, in Colorado you have successfully excluded all the A20 (year 2000) Constitutionally protected patients and caregivers (160,000 in 2010) from dispensing for sale and now it’s illegal for an ‘elite’ licensed new pot shops to NOT NARC out patients and caregivers who try to sell medicine like they could/did since 2000 as long as they paid taxes.

    This is 1937 Reefer Madness all over again! Amazing…..in 1937 it was called “prohibition” on behalf of public safety and in 2014 it’s called “legalization” on behalf of public safety, even when science shows cannabis to be the safest therapeutic substance known to man.

    The same forces control, GOVERNMENT, MEDIA AND BIG BUSINESS….still in bed 77 years later, still the only ones to benefit from prohibition and/or ‘legalization’.

  21. Amen. Totally agree. Many have been prosecuted over the years for what is now (legal). Those who have fought the fight have mostly been eliminated from the (new) economy.

  22. We have FULL LEGALIZATION? Who the f… are you kidding? I can buy or grow as many pounds of tomatoes as I like, and I do. Possession of a pound of cannabis (without medical authorization) CONSTITUTES A FELONY. You don’t know what freedom is.

  23. The medical stores were here first. Why have state sanctioned cannabis stores? If that is your logic here. There are huge numbers of people who have brought the issue this far over the last 30 years, many who like myself, have suffered through state persecution to advance the right to produce and consume without encumbrance.

  24. Preventative use? Maybe. But let’s be real. Marijuana consumption is, far and away, a recreational activity, and always will be.

  25. ?preventative use. everyone gets 15 plants and can purchase at dispensaries with a state ID verifying 21+?; 24 oz. possession limit NO ISSUE

  26. Please stop hiding behind the skirts of medical patients. It’s clear the majority of customers of medical dispensaries are there for recreational purposes.

    If that were not the case, there would be no issue.

  27. Actually, the city of North Bonneville has filed for a license to open a store. The City is going to sell pot. They apparently did not consult with any criminal attorneys. Idiots!

  28. So greedy? These “business men” you speak of are just local gardeners trying to keep their own medication. Nobody who’s on cannabis for meds wants to purchase it from big retail. They want it from their own fresh garden or a trusted reliable source. Not some crap off a shelf that’s been shipped across the state.

  29. Right. “Business men” that are so greedy, they fight against ending the criminalization of their precious customers. And then they cry about the big-money-out-of-staters taking over the retail business. – It’s hard to imagine how they could be worse.

  30. James Sunderland on

    Yeesh, Republicans, anti-legalization people, greedy business men, this blog sure attracts the worst part of the marijuana community. All we need now is 16 year olds from California and it will be complete.

  31. I’m sick of people saying weed shouldn’t be legal because of the recreational aspect of it. Long live the potheads!

  32. DecriminalizeweedintheUSA on

    In Colorado there are two sides to their dispensaries one medical, one recreational. There are also ones that are strictly medicinal. Do your research. It is highly regulated so medical weed stays affordable and high (no pun intended) in THC or CBD, whichever is needed. Whereas rec weed is highly taxed and limited to the amount purchased or allowed on your person at one time. I applaud the states where it is both legal because it shows other states, and the world, that it works and can be beneficial to all parties involved. FREE THE PEOPLE!

  33. Is the government selling it? I did not see that was happening. I thought it was going to be sold in private dispensaries.

  34. As previously mentioned, customers who purchase liquor from state run stores do not feel that is illegal.

    Home growing is an important goal, but we should not reject ending prohibition until we get it. Also, establishing a solid recreational system puts us in the best position to obtain home-growing.

  35. I’m not speaking to special situations. I address the general trends. In general, medical marijuana stores sell primarily to recreational consumers.

    If this were not so, the “medical” store scammers would not be so desperate to scuttle recreational stores.

    I have intentionally visited as many different dispensaries as I can. Many are in the Bay area. None, so far, are as you described.

  36. state law says “no grow”, hence NON- legalization. YOU are the one sounding like a greedy prohibitionist here.

  37. So they’re different. Hash is also different from normal marijuana, as are concentrates, as are skin creams. Differences in closely related products don’t necessitate a different store sell them.

  38. Sure, marijuana is good medicine for everyone. We just don’t let children buy all medicines – especially ones that are used by adults as recreational drugs.

    I don’t think any regulatory system is going to be interested in carving out a special exemption to that policy for CBD dominant marijuana. And it would be hard to demonstrate a significant need to let children make these purchases.

  39. Right. Plus, retailers know how to manage products with different turnover rates. If the demand is there, a recreational store will provide it.

    Most patrons of medical marijuana stores are there for recreational purposes. – That’s the loudest testament that the product both stores sells is the same, thus, no need for two systems.

  40. So eager to shift this to personalities instead of the topic. Tsk. — Thanks for the honor, though. Russ Belville is the greatest spokesman for marijuana reform presently. He has an amazing analytical mind and excellent journalistic and broadcasting skills.

  41. No. Your scrolling skills need some work. That statement is still there. I actually said:

    “For most of the nineties, I was the primary U.S. voice of marijuana reform on the Internet. And the Internet is what won the debate and freedom for marijuana consumers.”

    This is true. I don’t count Canadian Marc Emery, though he was certainly a great inspiration. If you have an alternet candidate, trot them out.

    >>>”the obvious troll commentary Jontomas is spouting,”

    Interesting picture painting, clearly in desperation to avoid discussing the topics.

    >>>”I would guess that he is a paid site agrivator.”

    Is that really a job? Where do I apply? No. I’ve stated before I’ve never made a penny from marijuana or anything related to it. I’m just an average marijuana consumer – that has felt the brunt of the sick oppression for 45 years.

    Your desperation is palpable. Don’t worry. You’ll get through re-legalization – really.

  42. High cbd low thc concentraits have been proven to be an effective method of treating numorous childhood ailments. One of the first marijuana strains to have its genetics altered to produce a 20+% cbd, minimal thc strain Charlottes Web was cultivated in part to help the suffering of a very young child.

  43. If you consume alcohol to “feel better” you might have a deeper problem. You consume CBD concentraits to cure life threatening deseases. CBD concentraits and alcohol are as different as apples and screwdrivers.

  44. He earlier said he was the most prominant voice in marijuana in the 90s, but seems he deleted that after people pointed out how silly that statement was. If i were to guess, based off the obvious troll commentary Jontomas is spouting, I would guess that he is a paid site agrivator. Ive seen people like this employed to garner site activity by being clearly, obviously wrong in the most vocal and disrespectful of ways. lol.

  45. Ive never been to a CO or WA dispenserie, but here in the bay area we jave many medical despenseries whos sole purpose of existance is to provide comfort and care to those on deaths door. To say that these places where so many gravely ill people found releaf, that all of these wellness centers are a fraud, you cant generalise so heavily. It seems you have a side agenda, to be trying so hard to make legitimate wellness centers out to be shams… it just shows ether an ignorance on the subject matter or intentional misdirection.

  46. >>>”I won’t even bother to respond to you anymore.”

    Gee. Is it because my posts are somehow “deficient,” or because you are not able to refute my points?

    >>>”Marijuana users are still being prosecuted for worse crimes than possession in our state.”

    I’m still waiting for an example. You’re not talking about the DEA attacks, are you? That’s only because recreational marijuana has not yet become well-established.

    >>>”You said that “nothing is carved in stone”.That’s just what we got…the grey area that the cop can still bust us in.”

    Your twisting of my metaphor has not improved in the repetition. My point was marijuana policy will naturally evolve to the optimum form. – Your “point” that we haven’t yet arrived there is irrelevant.

    The important thing is to establish the system that does not punish recreational consumers.

    I’m sorry you don’t like the perspective of the average consumer. As re-legalization takes hold, millions more will soon be speaking out. Get used to it.

  47. Im sorry but you are just incorrect. Strains like Harlequin are specially bred, with many years and dozens upon dosons of genertions, to switch a gene to cause the plant to swap its production levels of THC with CBD, producing up to 200 times the amount of CBD than even the most potent strain. Most cannibis has between .02% and .2% CBD levels. Special strains that have been cultivated for use as medicine such as Harlequin and Charellots web can have up to 20. %CBD levels. No naturally occuring strain has such potency. Often times to make a concentrate of CBD in that magnitude you have to juice very large amounts of plant matter, harvesting the .02 in bulk, without fear of the THC having been activated. It’s not just an attempt to breed out the euphoric properties, though that is absolutely what they’ve done. At “The Green Door” in San Francisco, the Harlequin has 1.2% THC 22% CBD. Not only are those concentrations of CBD beyond anything naturally occurring, but the THC levels are so low that as to wholly make it a different product than the marijuana you would use for recreation. The people you see purchasing these custom bred CBD strains are people with grave illnesses. You won’t catch a recreational user even bothering. Turn pot into a full for profit, and no grower will invest the vast amounts of time and resources to special breed these strains for those with terrable illnesses. Children. Seniors. Cancer patients. There are many demographics where only the medicinal properties are wanted, not a recreational drug. When that other guy says that there is no reason to have two kinds of shops selling the same product, that is just wrong. No recreational user would pay the price for a 1.3 THC level plant, so there would be no market, which is a shame as the people suffering from terrible illnesses such as cancer, crones, reoccurring staph, to things such as brain injuries… the list of what CBD helps with is huge. What a cancer patient needs and what a dude that wants to recreationaly get high on, those are two different products. If there is no market for CBD rich strains, there will be less cultivation, and it will be harder for people with illnesses to get the medicine they desperately need. If the Medical Despenseries focused solely on products intended for wellness instead of euphoria, then they would absolutely be a separate entities. That way people that actually require it for a real purpose have access to their meds, while people that want to just toke have access to their stuff. My father passed away in 97 from liver cancer in conjunction with Hep C. Had CBD rich strains, or any medicinal marijuana for that matter, existed back then he might have survived. My mother also had liver cancer related to Hep C. 60x 1gram Doses of CBD concentrates over two months, and the tumors on her liver have reduced to almost nothing. Others with MRSA Staph infections, where even the most destructive antibiotics are useless, can have miraculase recoveries from CBD Concentrates.

  48. I have always acknowledged medical marijuana’s effectiveness. It is, indeed, an incredible plant, already outpacing aspirin as a wonder drug.

    But I have to agree. Because of marijuana’s near zero risk, and because it is primarily a recreational product, it will clearly be an over-the-counter product for both uses.

    Since the final recreational price will likely fall to less than $50 an ounce, it won’t matter much.

    But discounts can be arranged for medical consumers, especially low-income ones. If nothing else, they could be funded out of marijuana taxes, since there are no real social costs to cover as with alcohol and tobacco.

  49. Lester B. Bing on

    Why not have two different kinds of despenseries? [sic]
    Because it’s unnecessary and opens the door to specialists and snake oil salesmen who want to keep prices high and get special breaks from the medical establishment. Right now there is a lot of hype about strains that do this and strains that do that. It’s not so black and white and many strains are totally mislabeled, viz., Green Crack is sometimes labeled a Sativa and sometimes labeled an Indica at different places. The cannabis industry is wildly unregulated and there is not much science applied to strain assays. Strains high in CBD are not made in a laboratory and their efficacy is not much more than other strains. We suspect the whole idea is to cut out euphoria from the plant entirely as that is frowned upon in cubicle America. Feeling good is bad but curing pain i.e. comfortably numb is acceptable.

  50. I agree, but to offer higher prices for “recreational” vs. “medical” is merely a statist fiction. Same product but there is a puritanical sin tax on the former. Apparently feeling good is loose but curing pain is acceptable. Either way, recreational vs. medicinal is a false dichotomy created to bilk the consumer. Abolish the med card and lower pricess unilaterally.

  51. That totally doesn’t follow. Grocery and other kinds of stores sell taxable and non-taxable products. It’s a simple matter to code for which category.

    Greed is the ONLY reason to maintain the fiction of “medical” stores.

  52. I put scare quotes around medical because it’s clear the majority of customers at “medical” stores are recreational consumers.

    If that weren’t the case, there would be no problem. Because it IS the case, “medical” stores undermine the fledgling recreational marijuana stores.

    Further, most medical marijuana consumers are not buying the CBD only varietals. They need the THC, too, and so, are buying the exact same marijuana that recreational consumers are.

    Plus, since even CBD only varietals are so closely related to other kinds of marijuana, it would be logical to just have a CBD shelf at the recreational store.

  53. If they were compliant with state laws, no they would not have been busted by the state.

    The desperation to perpetuate the wasteful, reform-blocking medical stores is just insane greed.

  54. Nonsense. No one considers state run/regulated liquor stores as “illegal.”

    Children can buy tomatoes. We aren’t going to let children buy marijuana.

  55. Right. And to get lower taxes, and even price discounts, it’s not necessary to create and maintain completely different stores that sell the same product. – Just give the patients the price breaks.

  56. under i-502 non-legalization, they would have been busted by the STATE, without medical. Jeez you’re a dipshit.

  57. The full value as medicine will not be realized until there is more research and various strains with reliable assays. It is less dangerous than alcohol or aspirin. To realize the full value it should be treated as such.

    Do doctors prescribe aspirin? Not very much. “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.” The only place you get aspirin prescribed is when you are in a hospital. And the cost is astronomical because the delivery system is very expensive.

    The main purpose of medical at this point is the low level of taxation. Once that is sorted, medical will not be required. Although like aspirin the mfg methods may be prescribed. But I would not get rid of medical until the tax issues are sorted. Plus reliable strain variation and assays.

  58. Already covered. That’s not an aspect of Washington’s legalization. It’s an attack by the rogue DEA. Those will continue under medical marijuana, but would be eliminated with legal recreational marijuana.

  59. Two points, then. That, or If marijuana is such potent/important medicine that many think we should have separate medical marijuana stores, than it is certainly strong enough medicine to warrant prescriptions.

  60. Right. And since marijuana is so near harmless, with so little danger level, there is absolutely no need to have separate marijuana stores just for medical purposes.

  61. Patients need a place to purchase their medicine. Growing you own isnt an option for many with serious illnesses. Moreover, the work that goes into breeding a low thc high cbd strain then turing it into a concentrate for use is beyond the skill of all but the very most tallented. Many California despenseries dont carry CBD concentrates as they are so hard to source. Very very few growers dedicate their grow ops to low thc high cbd pot that doesnt sell well. I support recreational use, but an adult using for fun amd a patient hoping to prolong life are two different types of users,and two different types of medication. in all this debate dont forget the most important users are the ill.

  62. Strains high in cbd and low in thc dont sell as fast, as there are far more recreational users than medicinal users. if pot is viewed solely as a non-harmful recreational product for adults its likely that these the expensive to produce low thc high cbd products will become less available. Why not have two different kinds of despenseries? One type for recreation and another for medicinal patients. You dont go to a liquor store to buy booze that doesnt get you drunk but Dose treat crones and arthritus. Please don’t forget about those looking for a cure more than a buzz.

  63. In 1997 my father passed away from liver cancer aggravated by Hep C. At the time there was very little research into the anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties. He passed away before medicinal marijuana was a legal option in California. Two years ago my mother was diagnosed with liver cancer, also presumed to have been caused (or aggravated) by her Hep C. We had her do a 60gram treatment of high CBD oil from a medicinal dispensary . 6 weeks later the three small tumors on her liver had disappeared. Had research to the curative properties of Canabinoids, and a CBD rich product, been available in California in 1997 my father may still be alive. Putting scare quotes around “Medicinal” when describing medical marijuana makes it seem that you don’t believe that Medicinal Marijuana is medicine at all. Not all patients want to get high. Many just want a safe medicine that will help make their life more livable.
    It’s unlikely that $50 ounces of High CBD LOW THC will ever exist. The amount of work that goes into producing such a plant is vast. Moreover, with most of the people pushing for legal marijuana only thinking about recreational use, it’s unlikely that shops that are strictly catering to people who want to get stoned will spend the money to purchase from growers strains like Harliequinne and Charotte’s web, strains bred to be low in thc and high in CBD. People don’t go to a liquor store to buy alcohol that cures arthritis or crones but doesn’t give you a buzz. There is no demand in the recreational usage arena for pot that doesn’t get you stoned. So what is wrong with having your store to dispense recreational marijuana, but also having medicinal dispensaries to provide products directly intended with medicinal applications in mind. I agree that many (California) pot clubs really do cater to people that are looking for a buzz. More than half of California’s medicinal marijuana dispensaries don’t even carry a high cbd low thc strain or concentrates, but there are also clubs that exist for the purpose of helping the ill. If the state were to sell marijuana to adults for recreational intoxication, growers would not put the same efforts into the cultivation of low thc strains, as in business you supply what has the greatest demand, and there are far more people who buy marijuana for it’s non-dangerous enjoyable effects than there are people who buy CBD rich products for medicinal use. Its important that those with serious illnesses arn’t left behind in all of this. I would ask what exactly is wrong with a medicinal dispensary existing side by side with recreational dispensaries. Franklyt they are two different products.

  64. And 6 months in jail is better than 6 years in prison.

    State run/regulated stores is better than jail. But it is not legalization. Legalization is when you can buy pot the way you buy tomatoes. There is an alcohol cartel. There is no tomato cartel.

  65. “What’s wrong with getting permission to use marijuana. . . ”
    LOL. Alas, you are so perfectly conditioned to servitude you feel you need permission from a cop or specialist. Why no permission to use aspirin? It has a higher lethality that cannabis. Seriously I have to laugh. How about permission to have sex? What’s so wrong with that?

  66. Possession from 24 oz to only 3 oz. Growing from 15 plants to only 6. Sounds like they want to make sure you have to buy from gov because 24 oz would last me between the outside growing seasons for a year.

  67. Your potty-mouthed attacks only indicate the weakness of your words. It’s clear you are the one trying to institute an impossibly narrow definition of “legal.”

  68. Where are the typical consumers being punished? The uncontrollable shark attacks of the DEA are not part of Washington’s new system.

    “Medical” marijuana will only continue those attacks.

    Making marijuana reform work by instituting legal, recreational marijuana, state by state, until the feds have to relent, is the only thing that will stop them.

  69. The Kettle Falls Five case is not about Washington’s legalization. It’s about the rogue DEA. Ending, and firming up legal recreational marijuana is the ONLY thing that will stop them from these incursions.

    After California legalizes next year, the crumbling federal prohibition will fall soon after in 2017. – This mess the “medical” community is making in Washington is putting all that in jeopardy.

  70. Please show an example where a compliant Washington marijuana consumer was prosecuted for “worse crimes.”

    You want… You want… Sorry. This movement is not about you. Marijuana consumers just want to move forward. – ALL progress is good.

    To deny the progress recreational marijuana represents is what is crazy.

    You would have Washington consumers lying to get their marijuana from now until the end of time.

    Sorry. Those days are over.

  71. What’s wrong with getting permission to use marijuana medically – especially in a state where it’s legal recreationally?

    What are you afraid of?

  72. What you call changing the rules, just seems like navigating the waters to me. This is uncharted territory, especially with the deviation they have taken from the other legal states. They will eventually adjust to reality and lower prices and taxes.

    Consider what has happened in Ohio. From the Cincinnati Sun Times:

    >>>”On Tuesday, ResponsibleOhio announced that it plans to revise its proposal to allow adults 21 and older to grow marijuana at home. Another change the group made to the proposal is to lower the tax rate at retail locations. Its initial proposal wanted a 15 percent tax, but the group has now lowered it to 5 percent.”

    >>>”After extensive conversations with experts and concerned citizens across the state and nation, ResponsibleOhio has decided to include regulated and limited home growing as a part of our amendment,” ResponsibleOhio Spokesperson Lydia Bolander said in a press release. “Combined with a lower tax rate for consumers, these changes will make our communities safer by smothering the black market.”

    This is the kind of progress that is made when reformers are working for reform. Reformers should be in charge of making policy. NOT bogus “medical” marijuana dispensaries that are trying to hang onto their scam at the expense of everyone else.

  73. Horse’s ass. Sorry. I won’t even bother to respond to you anymore. Marijuana users are still being prosecuted for worse crimes than possession in our state. I’m an expert witness in some of them.

    You said that “nothing is carved in stone”. That’s just what we got…the grey area that the cop can still bust us in. I want it carved in stone that marijuana is LEGAL….not just another grey area that the cops can operate in.

    Post whatever crazy shit you want on this blog, whoever the fuck you really are…”jontomas”….you won’t drag me into your AB-NORML conversations anymore. Go buy your pot from the state at three times the going rate. I don’t think anyone here will care.

  74. Worse than putting words in people’s mouths, is ascribing action on people. Aren’t my words enough to chew on without inflicting your fantasies on us?

    For the record, if I lived in Washington, I’d be PROUD to purchase from a recreational store, perhaps even volunteer some time.

    You don’t seem to understand where this movement is trying to go.

    Again. We’ve had/have state alcohol stores in the U.S., and everyone was mostly happy about it.

    State marijuana stores is certainly a better thing than state persecution of marijuana consumers. And it’s the only thing that will really free medical consumers.

    Your focus is twisted. The movement is about the freedom of marijuana consumers. The exact manner of distribution is unimportant until that freedom is achieved.

    Nothing is carved in stone. We will continue to refine marijuana policy until it reaches its optimum form, just as we did with alcohol after ending its prohibition.

  75. Karen Ferguson on

    Changing the “rules” in midstream is like my changing the grading scale for my college students 3/4ths into the semester. What’s the cost and are the “law makers” being conscious of the foreseeable costs for the dispensary owners?? I find this egregious and over-the-top unnecessary to ‘start over.’ If I were there, I’d join the protests. Who stands to make the money? I have faith Washington politicians are going to wake up to the benefits of medical cannabis: I just wonder why the hell it’s taking so long. Let’s hope Senate Bill 5052 does not pass and the benefits are seen clearly…soon!!

  76. Kathleen Chippi on

    ” If you stop punishing consumers”
    and have not stopped punishing consumers…so you agree it’s not legal?

  77. Internet activism. I’ve been working to bring the conversation to the public since 1997. I’ve debated and defeated the best that prohibitionists have had to throw at us.

    Again, the Internet is what broke the media stranglehold on the truth, and what has caused public support for reform to rise to the heights it has.

  78. Making absurd statements like that isn’t helpful. I work for marijuana consumers. You should try it sometime.

  79. Silly semantics. If you stop punishing consumers, that’s legalization.

    Again, some states have ABC stores selling alcohol, and none of the consumers feel ‘unfree’ or that they are consuming an “illegal” product.

    Get real.

  80. Prof. Brendon Metcalf on

    I called for an end to the Colorado “Red Card” a couple years ago and was shot down by Colorado weed troll Robert Chase who included filthy ad hominem attacks against me. This cannabis Trotskyite tried to convince people that there was “no political will” to rescind an obvious scam to enrich medical practitioners as Nanny State Gatekeepers. He and many others were blinkered against the notion that adults should never need permission to medicate with plants. They use a smokescreen of legal verbiage but the facts are clear enough. No adult need pay obeisance to an expensive medical card to consume cannabis.

  81. Kathleen Chippi on

    “Marijuana reform is a process, not an event.” Oh I heard the same the same shit under a different name in a different thread 3 days ago. it didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. It’s only a process because a handful of people made it that way so they can make money. Ask the Kettle Falls Five how (fake) ‘legalization’ feels….

  82. 2058 is most DEFINITELY DEAD. I just met with Moscoso and hour ago. I have idea what Kari Boiter and ASA are talking about. Making it look like they are actually doing something?

  83. Actually “legalization” is a definition. You cannot “legalize” without remove the laws that made it illegal in the first place…..which they certainly did not do. So while the sponsors of both initiatives CLAIMED it was legalization, we know they were just liars. Putting the government in control of the growing and selling of marijuana is hardly “reform”.

  84. >>>”502 and 64 did not legalize cannabis.”

    Oh, brother. – Here’s a clue. Marijuana reform is a process, not an event. With your demands for the whole ball-of-wax right NOW, you work against reform.

    Don’t do us any favors.

  85. Kathleen Chippi on

    “I’m just here to serve truth and freedom.”

    Whose truth and whose freedom? you say you represent consumers? Then you better start on working on the FACT that every consumer in WA and CO is still unprotected from state and federal prosecution since 502 and 64 did not legalize cannabis…..we can all still lose our jobs, occupational licenses, child custody, gun rights, un-employment, housing, banking, insurance, assets, student aid, government aid, right to organ transplant and FREEDOM.

    oh and clarify what HARM comes from cannabis being lawful for anyone to grow for any reason?

  86. Don’t lord your nothing-to-lose status over me like it’s some kind of merit badge.

    I’ve had friends who have been raided and/or lost their careers for speaking up publicly for reform.

    I’ve worked incredibly hard for reform for 18 years and found effective ways to be an activist, don’t worry.

    For most of the nineties, I was the primary U.S. voice of marijuana reform on the Internet. And the Internet is what won the debate and freedom for marijuana consumers.

    No. Marijuana prohibition is based on persecuting minorities and profiting off the prohibition industry.

    Harms are just a way prohibitionist have of misdirecting the debate. Stop helping them.

  87. Kathleen Chippi on

    “You totally miss the point of marijuana reform when you start talking about harms.”

    Cannabis prohibition is based on FAKE HARMS–78 years of them that you apparently BELIEVE but not enough to post with your real name…..lol

  88. Lawlessness is what you are advocating when you say, ” it’s always gonna be unregulated. You cannot ban people from growing”

    Don’t give me that “tree of life” mumbo jumbo. That might work in the religious forums, but it doesn’t fly here. – It’s just a plant.

    It seems I’m one of the few unpaid people in these forums. I’m just here to serve truth and freedom.

  89. Kathleen Chippi on

    what the fuck is “lawlessness’ with the tree of life? or are you paid to troll?

    “You supporting lawlessness means you support prohibition,…”

    so supporting freedom means I support oppression? Take your own advice “You need to get your head detoxed.”

    “… which means you support the persecution of marijuana consumers.”

    so supporting freedom means I support persecution of cannabis consumers? again take your own advice “You need to get your head detoxed.”

  90. Kathleen Chippi on

    And the only thing “like alcohol” about cannabis REGULATION in CO is the age 21.

    When the only regulation “like alcohol” that should have been adopted from the end of alcohol prohibition through today in CO is that each person or entity only gets to have one liquor license to prevent gangs, the mop, or cartels from having monopolies…–either you manufacture alcohol (like COORS for $1,250 yearly) or you retail it from ONE storefront. Yes, there are dozens of different kinds of alcohol licenses since like $3.50 cents for a “art showing” but in general, you either retail or manufacture and you get one license. And yes, now CO brewerys can manufacture on premise and retail sale, but that is because our brew pub Governor lobbied and got “brew pub” licensing to be the most ‘lenient’ alcohol license option.

    Yet you can own as many pot shops as you can buy, you cannot consume on any premise (‘like alcohol’) and you arelimited in how much pot you buy and not how much alcohol.

    In CO: 14,000 plus liquor licenses are regulated and issued by 12 full time employee’s on a 1.2 million dollar budget. Alcohol kills and costs society in health care, violence and accidents.

    750 pot licenses are regulated and issued by 60 full time employee’s on a 50-80 million dollar budget….. Cannabis heals, causes no violence and now last week the feds confirmed no accidents CAUSED by cannabis.

  91. dr.tony.antonio on

    Sen Ann Rivers is “only looking out for the protection of the medical marijuana patients.” and she doesn’t lie. Neither does the Liquor Board. And I have some bridge property I’d like to sell you.

  92. You miss the point of marijuana reform when you start talking about harms. – Harms don’t really matter in the debate. We only get into that in outside forums because prohibitionists sway the public with shouting about them.

    Alcohol and marijuana are the country’s two most popular recreational drugs. They serve largely the same function – as a relaxant and social lubricant.

    You just display your bigotry when you try to make this a “marijuana is better than alcohol” argument. This makes you no different from the prohibitionists.

    You supporting lawlessness means you support prohibition, which means you support the persecution of marijuana consumers.

    I support bringing marijuana INTO the law by ending the fraudulent prohibition.

    You need to get your head detoxed.

  93. Kathleen Chippi on

    I guess you swallow? the “like alcohol” propaganda, I mean…..lol Alcohol can be deadly in your first use or just one use. Cannabis is safer than water, potatoes, sugar, caffeine, and aspirin.

    The same people who created prohibition (Big Gov/law enforcement, Big Business and Media) are still feeding you propaganda that you still believe. That for ‘safety’ reason’s cannabis needs to be regulated more than plutonium (a self regulated industry).

    It’s safer than any other substance known to man. And alcohol does not have 10,000 years of non regulated, safe use or confirmed benefits…. it has the complete opposite.

    “So you advocate continued lawlessness and prohibition.”

    And then after swallowing you vomit nonsense? WTF is “lawlessness” with the tree of life?

  94. More nonsense. People use alcohol to “feel better,” too. That doesn’t mean we need to set up separate “medical alcohol” stores.

    So you advocate continued lawlessness and prohibition. I think you’re in the wrong place.

  95. Nonsense. Marijuana consumers don’t care who makes the money. We always assumed the big guys would move in at some point and take over. This is America, remember?

    I’m with Rick Steves on this.

    The important thing is the freedom for consumers. Greedy growers and dispensary owners that fight to maintain the fraudulent “medical” dispensaries work against that freedom and could doom reform for everyone.

    You can always tell a pin head by their dissing of George Soros, one of the great philanthropists and social reformers of our time.

    And the ACLU? Wow. Only people against real liberty would dump on these folks.

  96. Kathleen Chippi on

    You should be concerned about a mandatory registry. CO has/had an constitutionally protected confidential optional registry that was on a computer that was never to be online for the first 10 years. Now all 260,000 people who were on have been breached with the state and federal criminal computers.

    I responded to a question in the Westword about the registry breach and I should just share my response with everyone:

    Anyone who has ever been on the Colorado MMJ registry is breached. If you let your card expire you were put into the file folder–Expired Licenses– I know because I called to ‘inquire’ on my long ago expired card and
    then I confirmed with CDPHE Ron Hyman and in the meeting posted below.

    The state audit of the MMJ registry graded them and F for failing to keep the registry confidential–they unconstitutionally ‘farmed out’ the registry to the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Bio-Terrorism Hotline.
    Illegal and they didn’t even have this NSA private contract company sign confidentiality agreements. Press one for explosives, Press 2 for poisons, Press 3 for MMJ….with just the last 4 of my social the person pulled up and was looking at my years old medical records and my SS#, address, phone etc.–the application. “hey–your card expired years ago!–you have to renew!” lol apparently they also do not understand the registry is optional.

    So to ‘rectify’ the constitutional breach discovered by the audit with the registry to the NSA contractors
    (the constitution mandates ONLY CDPHE employee’s with confidentiality agreements access the registry) they passed a bill at the general assembly in 2014 that “turned private contractors (ANY KIND and open
    for the CDPHE to decide–I read the language to be so broad it could be a window cleaning service contractor) into CDPHE employee’s” but ONLY employee’s in the eyes of the MMJ registry. The bill excluded the CDPHE
    from having to compensate health care/retirement and pretty much anything a REAL CDPHE employee would be entitled to. So now under (unconstitutional) Colorado statute–the CDPHE can farm out the registry to anyone and call that private contractor a CDPHE employee.

    Aside from that CDPHE ‘mistake’ breaches (there were others including 129 patients info breached with the auditor herself) there was a very planned breach by the state:

    The CDPHE/DoR each spent millions on a computer interface system (paid for by PATIENTS), MITS in 2010-2011 for MMJ. The DoR put on a public presentation of the interface system, which I recorded. The CBI was in the center of the graphic with 4-5 arms off of it, one to CDPHE, one to ATF, one to DORA and I think one was to law enforcement and/or the Governors Office of Information and Technology or both (I’m not gonna look for the document now, but I have it and believe I have posted it on FB). And then all of the agencies were connected in a circle around the CBI. The interface system with all of their computers connected.

    This was all set up under HB10-1284….agencies just doing what the General Assembly “told them to do”….blah blah blah.

    Then there was the secrete meeting in June 5, 2012 at a Lakewood federal building. You can and should listen to the entire meeting if you are concerned. About 8-10 of us activists ‘crashed’ it. It was supposed to be ONLY the The head of the CBI, the Governors Office of Information Technology (OIT), the CDPHE and the DoR and they were supposed to sign all of the contracts to hook up the computer interface, MITS. We prevented that from happening that day but within like 3 months it was all signed and a done deal.

    The head of the CBI admits he has never read A20 and is very concerned with abiding by the state statute instead that he believes tells him to hook up law enforcement 24/7 to the confidential CDPHE MMJ registry–

    The audio/then video link is below. I recorded what was said before the ‘meeting’ while we waited for the attendee’s.


    Minute 5 is discussion about the theft of the 9 million dollars that was over collected (unconstitutional) from patient registry fee’s that they failed to steal in 2012, 2013 and then were successful at stealing in 2014 for
    ‘research’. Listen to him laugh when I confront the issue.

    We all introduce ourselves starting at minute 11. Others join later in the meeting and introduce as they come in:

    minute 30, gun rights — The CBI admits they have been creating their own MMJ registry from registry ‘pings’.
    minute 57 is when the say no one’s info was purged from the registry, ever.

    1 hour 5 mins 45 seconds short pause as I change recorder from audio and I turn on video.

    1 hour 15 min 20 seconds is where – well you listen and you swallow it. The MMJ info from a patient pulled over, CBI shares the MMJ info with the FEDS and the person then loses his gun rights via a letter from the feds telling him so 2 weeks later.

    chatter after the meeting then the really good stuff comes out in the hall way, leaving

    1 hour 29 minutes is when the CBI head tells Josh about the ‘draft document’ that has already been signed that he does not have a copy of……and then I drill CBI in the hall again and then CDPHE.

    Here we spent the whole meeting hearing how they have no paperwork, nothings final, still considering, future conversations, blah blah blah and then the truth gets told on the way out in the hall–‘draft document’ ‘signed’, money paid, done deal.

    Fuck the patients. Permanently breached with federal criminal database via CBI criminal database via CDPHE MMJ registry via A20 the constitutional amendment that (ironically?) decriminalized MMJ and required a confidential optional/voluntary registry–so what are non criminals (patients) doing in these criminal databases? The people who actually signed up thought they would be more’ legal’ with the optional card and now everyone who trusted that and attempted to be as ‘legal’ as they could is in national criminal databases…..

    sorry to share the shitty reality.

  97. Kathleen Chippi on

    You start off of the premise that 502 can be successful, when it’s not written to be successful. And you clearly don’t understand that everyone who uses is benefiting the therapeutic properties of the plant–everyone uses to feel better. And Americans have Constitutional rights to health. When you ‘pretend’ it’s not therapeutic or part of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, you trash our rights…..just saying.

    “You will never get “unregulated” marijuana.” ??? a, the 77 year old failed war on cannabis proves it’s always gonna be unregulated. You cannot ban people from growing the most widely used, the most therapeutic and the safest plant in the world and expect to be successful.

  98. Kathleen Chippi on

    “Speaking for them, I say let’s do everything we can to make recreational marijuana work.”

    lol well your in for an endless fight because the language written and passed in CO (Steve Fox, DC, MPP) and Allison Holcomb (WA, ACLU?) is written to fail “we the people” and work for a handful of “Pot Barons” from failed/corrupt real-esate, wall-street and Big Pharma….and both MPP and the ACLU get most of their $$ from George Soros, # 1 shareholder of Monsanto….

    It’s ‘set up’ to work for them.

  99. Kathleen Chippi on

    “people are still going to grow, sell, and consume this plant no matter
    what a bunch of fuckhead politicians or weed noobs like you say or do” I agree. the drug war was/is a failure and continuing on expecting something different is the definition of insanity. ie. adding over 600 new pot prohibitions to what we (CO) had during 1937 and 1971 prohibition–3 pages of pot prohibitions. If they couldn’t control/stop cannabis with 3 pages and prohibition, what makes anyone think MORE rules to enforce is gonna work better? And when will science and FACTS calculate into the equation. This is the safest therapeutic substance known to man with no known lethal dose–there do not need to be any new prohibtions because science and 10,000 years of recorded human use say so.

    But please don’t think Colorado has it’s shit together.

    What we have in CO is a nice tight monopoly, not made up of growers or regular cannabis people who fought this 40 plus year war on cannabis users but of people who helped cause the economic collapse of 2008 who came to Colorado from wall-street and real estate to ‘show CO how to sell cannabis “professionally” whatever the F that means. They bought language from the politicians that excluded everyone who wasn’t already rolling in $$$. Prior A64 there were over 60,000 voluntarily registered caregivers and then they banned caregivers (who are the only ones protected by our Constitutional amendment for MMJ) from owning a new HB-1284 business. Now there are less than 3,000 caregivers.

  100. It’s funny….all of the people like jontomas, who were rabid 502 supporters, don’t buy their cannabis from the recreational stores. They’re stupid, but no brain dead. Who in their right might would spend 3 times as much for really crappy outdoor? So they’re all hypocrites. They think EVERYONE ELSE should pay 3 times as much….but not them.

    Marijuana reform was supposed to be about actually legalizing marijuana…not setting up a state run pot monopoly and then trying to force everyone to pay their pirate prices. We didn’t get “reform”…..we just got a new flavor of the same old prohibition. And it tastes like shit….just like the recreational government pot.

  101. “Weed noobs” Tsk. Is that any way to refer to your precious customers? That shows what you are really in this industry for – $$$$, and the hell with the customers and their freedom. You have forgotten, or just don’t care, what marijuana reform is all about.

    Tunnel-vision greed heads like you deserve to be ‘weeded’ out.

    Consumers everywhere, and ESPECIALLY in the now legal states, need to rise up and toss these traitorous blood-suckers off the bus.

    They DON’T speak for you.

  102. >>>”you’re still full of shit.”

    Ah. The reasoned arguments of the greedy growers. So refreshing.

    >>>”I-502 was designed to kill medical”

    The phony “medical” stores NEED to be killed. You don’t build a sound system on lies. At the most, 20 percent of the customers of these stores are legitimate patients buying ONLY for relief of their ailments.

    Sure. 502’s got problems. But they are only too high prices and taxes. That’s an easy fix and they will certainly get to it. As you say, the pressure from the Indian tribes and from Oregon will bring prices down by force.

    But trying to perpetuate this destructive fiction of “medical” stores just gums up the works and puts all of marijuana reform in danger.

    Again, we made a big mistake when we passed medical marijuana. We should have capped the price at $50 an ounce. Then we wouldn’t have these nuvo-millionaires trashing marijuana reform just to keep their blood money rolling in.

    I don’t care what you claim as your “business interest.” When you lobby for the greedy growers, creating a titanic drag on reform, you belong to them.

  103. Just because you are not in tune with the plant does not mean that people who actually understand the value of the plant should be confined by more restrictive laws.

    “There will certainly be many places people with experience can find to make money in the new, exploding recreational industry.”
    Really? What “facts” led you to this assumption? In Colorado, the first wave of producers came directly from the established medical shops. i502 started a full on war with the medical and “grey” market by intentionally leaving them out of the process. For reference on how effective this has been, Colorado pulled in twice the tax revenue for 2014 and charges 1/3 of the tax that WA does. This shows Colorado’s policy is roughly six times more successful based on “recreational” customer purchases. Sadly i502 will continue to fail and the black market will flourish and we essentially will be back to where we were in 1998: people are still going to grow, sell, and consume this plant no matter what a bunch of fuckhead politicians or weed noobs like you say or do. As a former grower in Florida, it is still any man’s game out here where the police do not even pursue cannabis. I will not spend one cent on i502 weed and continue to grow my own since that is the law of nature.

  104. And you’re still full of shit. As I predicted in 2010, I-502 was designed to kill medical in Washington and set up a state controlled pot monopoly. I predicted it would fail….and that’s exactly what it’s doing. 80% of the pot they grew this year has gone unsold….45,000 pounds! Numerous 502 businesses have already gone bankrupt and many more are are very close. No one is making any money on recreational…except the state. The 502 businesses are nothing more than unpaid tax collectors.

    The want to force the patients to buy their over-priced schwag and that’s just never going to happen. But now the 502 businesses have even bigger problems. The Indian Tribes in Washington will be growing and selling both recreational and medical cannabis and the state has no control over them whatsoever. The Indians will be selling $5 grams while the 502 stores are selling $25 grams. Who do you think is going to win that war? There’s no cavalry to send in and nothing they can do about that.

    So even if the dispensaries are shut down, the Tribes will still have the products that medical users need….and that recreational users would never buy.

    The 502 recreational industry is not “exploding”….it’s imploding. That’s not my analysis….just talk to 502 business owners. I’d feel sorry for them if the weren’t spending all their money and energy trying to kill medical.

    And jontomas….I’m not in the medical marijuana business. My business is exclusively industrial hemp.

  105. Thanks for assuming I’m under 50. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me in a long time. Would that it were so.

    I’ve never doubted marijuana has medical benefits. I’ve just visited MANY dispensaries, and I know about 80 percent of customers are there for recreational purposes. You can tell by what they are looking for and why.

    There is absolutely NO need to have two different kinds of stores to sell the exact same product. The needs of medical patients can easily be met at a “recreational” store by giving them discounts and tax breaks.

    But an insistence on maintaining this fiction CAN cause the recreational system to fail, putting marijuana reform in jeopardy.

    Distilled spirits are highly regulated in most places, some only sold by state stores. Yet, I’ve never heard of consumers complaining they don’t feel “free” because of it.

    Medical marijuana patients would have NEVER achieved anything without the support of recreational marijuana consumers. It’s time for the patients to pay back that debt and do everything possible to free EVERYONE!

    You will never get “unregulated” marijuana. Quit letting the dream be the enemy of the possible.

    It doesn’t carve anything in stone anyway. We will continue to refine marijuana policy until it reaches its optimum form, just like we did with alcohol after ending ITS prohibition.

    Supporting recreational stores is the FASTEST way to get there. The sooner we do, the sooner we will get $50 ounces (or less) for everyone!

  106. Thanx for share! You saw this coming
    years ago
    the Red Herring morphed 500lbgorilla!
    1 step forwArd 2 steps back
    same in Cali

  107. First – I don’t live in Wa. If I did I would point out this bill is NOT the will of the people.
    Second – only when you have lived for more than 50 years do you finally realize that cannabis consumption is ALWAYS medicinal. Even when consumed recreationally – it’s medicinal benefits to your mind and body are tremendous. The homeostasis we achieve after a few tokes is amazing and can’t be denied.

    Yes, when I was 18 I smoked to ‘Get F**ked Up’, not realizing it was also having a beneficial effect on my mind and body. I suffer from childhood PTSD and all the shit that goes along with it. Daily migraines ceased, Tourette’s like tics ceased. Then the fear that I was engaging in something deeply immoral (smoking weed) overwhelmed me and I quit for 30 years. Now that alternate forms of consumption have become widely known, and my body is starting to show signs of wearing out I’m very grateful to come back and enjoy what I now realize was the “Best Medicine” for me all along.

    In 40+ years I’ve had to consume over 40,000 Advil to deal with migraines alone. A shame when vaping a half gram of good cannabis a day deals with all my ills.

    Please don’t confuse more “cannabis regulation” with freedom. The 2 have little in common.

    I have the right to grow and consume for my own benefit and the benefit of my family and friends. When you try to “regulate” my rights – you have taken away my freedom.

  108. It seems like all the voices we hear are from medical marijuana businesses. – I’d like for reform to start giving voice to the REAL stakeholders – the average consumers.

    Speaking for them, I say let’s do everything we can to make recreational marijuana work.

    Anyone who has been in MMJ business has to admit they’ve always known they were in a temporary niche, until full re-legalization took place.
    Well, now Washington state HAS full legalization.

    It’s time for the old, temporary businesses to give way and let total legalization flower. There will certainly be many places people with experience can find to make money in the new, exploding recreational industry.

    We can start with admitting that MOST of the customers of MMJ dispensaries are there for recreational purposes.

    Let’s evolve toward freedom, please.

  109. Kimberly Perry on

    Greed is their need to close dispensaries and replace them with retail shops… they don’t tax medical now but if they combine the two then they will tax medical as well. At least that is what I think is going on…

  110. I still don’t understand the need to close dispensaries and replace them with retail shops: just allow them to transition to retail outlets.

    So everyone is going to get to grow 6 plants, but at the expense of patients that need the medicine. How does has the senate justified this position? Has there been no public discussion regarding patients’ need to grow more because they use more?
    Every win seems to come with a wealth of hurdles opponents create to stymie our progress toward ending prohibition.

  111. House Bill 2058 is dead. It hasn’t had a hearing and won’t be getting one. Any bill that has not been passed out of its committee of origin by Wednesday is finished. There will be no “house bill”. SB 5052 is really a heinous piece of work….which should making killing it easier. It’s 115 pages of really terrible legislation that can’t possibly be “fixed”.

  112. From what I understand, 2058 is not getting any hearings. 5052 is what the establishment wants, that is what we will get shoved down our throats.

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