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Washington School Refuses $14,000 Donation From Marijuana Farmer


colorado schools marijuanaLegalizing marijuana has done big things for schools in Washington and Colorado. A portion of marijuana taxes goes towards much needed school funding, which is a great thing. However, despite schools being cash strapped and needing all the help they can get, it hasn’t stopped a school in Prosser, Washington from refusing a sizable donation from a marijuana grower. Per the Seattle Times:

School officials Monday flatly turned down a $14,000 donation from a local marijuana farmer, taking a strong stand against youth marijuana use.

“We’re not taking it; end of story,” said Ray Tolcacher, Prosser School District superintendent.

The donor, Randy Williams, now is looking for another local recipient.

“I never thought it’d be a problem to give money away,” said the owner of Fireweed Farms, a marijuana producer.

Imagine how many books $14,000 could have bought? Or computers? Or school lunches for children that don’t get enough to eat at home? It’s a sad thing that reefer madness is so pervasive in some areas that a school won’t accept a donation, simply because it came from a marijuana grower. It sounds like Fireweed Farms is trying to see if the local Boys and Girls Club will accept the donation. I sure hope so, because $14,000 would pay for a lot of things for underprivileged youth.


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  1. The “tax shelter” is part of the gimmick.

    The point is that society doesn’t need charity as much as the people making the donations do. There is a lot of wealthy people donating to “charities” who are sitting on 1,000’s of acres of idol lands and assets. When I walk around town, all I see are rich people’s names on stuff they “donated.” Interesting, in other situations, people pay to have their names posted in public places.

    If they are truly charitable, no one will ever know you donated anything at all ever. If you ever tell people you are “donating” you gain favor which is analogous to profit.

  2. That’s nice. You have proven to the world that your IQ is high enough to be ironic and facetious.

    Now, how about some reasonable rebuttal of actual value?

  3. Captain Obvious on

    Yeah, it isnt hard to see why obesity,
    diabetes, cardiovascular disease, ADHD, chronic fatigue, apathy, and more are prevalent
    than ever in our youth. Then off to big pharma for lifelong
    ‘medication’ with no incentive for a cure. Like giving candy to a
    very profitable baby. I think Obamacare is trying to regulate this.

  4. The irony. Schools will take Coke/Pepsi machines & junk food machines but not cash w/ no strings attached?! Idiotas,

  5. Charity is not a marketing gimmick. It us a tax shelter. Though in this case I don’t think so because the Feds don’t recognize marijuana as a viable means of income . As a marketing ploy it only works if you get free advertising that will attract customers.

  6. So accepting money from heroin and cocaine manufactures would be acceptable as long as they take money equally from the cannabis and alcohol industries?

  7. Cool. They finally got onto the LFTR bandwagon when they figured out that culling 75% of the human race was not politically viable.

  8. LOL.

    I should start a liberal comedy club and have you as my front liner.

    Because I am a liberal

  9. There is a reason his name is associated with the money. Don’t you wonder why people do not make faceless contributions- marketing.

  10. College costs were lower in the past and the returns were actually lower as a ratio of return/cost than now.

    This is what my PhD boss told me. He made the statement based on his experience and reading he has done on the issue.

    Public school is meant to coerce education. People are not inclined to want to be educated on the whole.

    There is absolutely nothing about today which necessitates me attending any institution at all. My parents furnished the basics when I was 5, and after that, adults had little control over what I was capable of accomplishing on my own and were almost always restricting my progress. Being in a normal class room with my age peers is highly restrictive to me and it has nothing to do with the quality of the education and everything to do with quality of the average individual.

  11. God forbid we admit to the reality of the actual IQ distribution of the population.

    I meet people with PhD’s who are barely intelligent.

  12. I’d blame individual’s genetic proclivities far before any institution.

    Most other people blame institutions first divesting their genetic lineages of any responsibility what so ever.

  13. Ever consider that performance is more about the child than the institution or teacher. I’ve been to dozens of classes where everyone complained the teacher was responsible for their low grades. I was still pulling A’s and B’s, but I actually don’t need instruction. School is more about gaining approval from the authorities than anything else.

  14. Publicly funded institutions should not accept any money from private donors because all private donations are attempts by private parties to sequester control from the state to themselves or to gain more market share through increased positive public perception (usually both). If it weren’t, they would simply drop unmarked donations.

  15. He could charge less thereby allowing the consuming parents to better fund their own children. But of course no one thinks about that in a world with leaders and followers.

    This is merely advertisement designed to increase his base.

  16. Thats right. Lets assume the man will starve to death if he doesn’t take money from any tom dick and harry willing to put it up.

    I don’t want money from Christians, and I would appreciate it if they would avoid my money like the plague because it is morally wrong for me to support any religion at all.

  17. The local confederates probably agree with him…Didn’t you notice all the “local” efforts to ban and tax? I mean there is a lot of it.

    Shit, here in Oregon, there is like a 100 jurisdictions wanting to grandfather Cannabis taxes in despite the fact that Measure 91 has two provisions explicitly banning such a thing. These people are the definition of asshat

  18. Objectively accurate drug information will not produce abstinence. This person accepts abstinence only no matter what any evidence is.

    Accurate drug information is why I have done many, many drugs

  19. He feels it legitimizes drug use and therefore is contributing to the fall of civilization if he accepts it. It does, and it doesn’t….In that order

    Would it be any different if he refused money from a porn studio or an arms dealer?

  20. Some jerk like Randolph Hearst still haunts this country, and it’s economy. The evil bastard.

  21. Way too many contradictions and hypocrisy, we must not know the whole story – or is this guy really that stupid, and if he is that stupid, why does he have the job he has? I am going to guess there is more than meets the eye.

    Firstly, I would suggest to anyone of you living around there to do an audit/analysis of the finances of that school district the past 5 years, Find out who has offered to donate money, what has been accepted and why, and what was rejected and why.

    Secondly, there needs to be a watchdog to make sure he accepts no state money that comes from the sales of cannabis. That school district’s share can be split among the ones that will accept.

    Thirdly, there needs to be a little research into the community and general opinion of his stance. Is this a decision he has taken alone with his cronies, or was the public asked an opinion?

    One thing is sure, the press this guy is getting is not very flattering to him; he should have thought out his response prior to spitting it out like he did. What kind of role model is that? And he works in education? He needs remedial classes in Emotional Intelligence Improvement.

  22. I heard the Coconut in Rays ass crack all the way here in New Jersey ! Ray your a DICK !

  23. Ray Tolcacher is a moron. He should be fired immediately for gross stupidity. Randy Williams wasn’t offering marijuana to give to the kids ! That money could have been used for DRUG EDUCATION…. moron !

  24. Our system is non-admittedly “dictated” from the top down regardless of the issue at hand and $$ will always be at the core.
    Back in the good old days when the country was significantly less arrogant and more forthright about taking care of citizens, public schools/teachers/administrators were considered critical elements of society and kids actually enjoyed, most of the time, going to school. There were no private schools that cost the equivalent of a decent college education.
    We learned the things in public school that would assist us in everyday life such as fundamental reading, writing, math, and science along with some state, national and world history. Granted, technology wasn’t in the mix, and maybe that was a good thing since we didn’t have constant text messaging/tweeting interruptions during class or whenever we were actively involved in driver’s education and learning the laws of the road and how to effectively and responsibly maneuver a vehicle.
    A high school graduate “back in the good old days” was prepared for the typical occurrences of everyday life. Attending college could potentially take them to the next level–at a relatively high cost unless a scholarship was attained.

  25. Maybe Mr. Tolcacher would like to run that idea past the school board or the parents and see how they feel about taking the money instead of playing dictator and abusing his powers by making the decision all on his own base primarily on his antiquated and deep-seated personal opinions. We live in a democratic nation f-ck-stain. Love it or LEAVE it!!!!!!!!

  26. Nope. Worthless. The government can’t have a well-educated populous capable of critical thinking, otherwise we could figure out how badly they are SCREWING us every day.

  27. I taught English for a while, while in Japan. What I noticed is that teachers are respected & empowered in Japan. They are paid good wages. But, the schools in Japan can afford it. One reason is, if you look at Japanese public schools, they look like boring, run-of-the-mill buildings. Money is not spent of making a school “beautiful.” Money is spent on materials & salaries. Kids even have to clean their classrooms at eth end of the day, which instill work ethic.

    I would say the majority of schools are below standards. (Well, world standards, not U.S. standards). The United States is ranked 39th (out of 132 nations studied) in basic education. Cuba is ranked 35th. So, a third world nation has a better education system than the United States.
    I don’t know what we can do. Voting seems to not do anybody any good, because the politicians don’t seem to vote on bills the way people want them to. They basically just do what they want.
    All I know is that our education system sucks, unless you have money to afford private education. However, in other affluent countries. education is not treated like a commodity.
    But, what else can you expect from a capitalist system? Hell, the corporate-owned government would charge us for air, if they could find a way to do so.

  28. More critics and hypocrits at work I wonder if superintendent Ray Tolcacher would have turned it down if it was the only way he was going to get paid?

  29. “worthless” ? That’s pretty harsh. Perhaps the State you chose to move with your son is actually the problem, not the entire United States educational system.

  30. Debi Crohn's Afflicted on

    it is such a shame…they would likely accept money from a wine producer, a porn magazine producer publishing under an umbrella company, from an individual with grave morality issues…they wouldn’t care about those things. they are being self-righteous and their self-righteousness is only hurting the children.

  31. If that was me I’d spend all $14,000 on advertisements talking about how that school wouldn’t take my money and how it could vastly benefit the children that attend that school. But I’m also a dick so…

  32. Teacher/Professor on

    I understand where you are coming from, Mark. There are many things about the way we run things in the United States that are frustrating at best. We are drastically underperforming in the areas of early childhood education and high school graduation. We are not able to recruit the best and the brightest to the field because of the low compensation rates with escalating college tuition. This is increasingly difficult in states like Oregon that require a graduate degree for continued licensure but don’t adequately compensate for specialized training. We scream about accountability and standards and politicians push worthless reform efforts time and time again. Upon analysis most of our “reform” seems to be far more about lining the pockets of the college board, the standardized test industry, and text book publishers. This has had very little impact, yet this is our continued approach. Anyone that studies educational policy in the United States sees a descending spiral of back-to-basics arguments (predating even Sputnik) and continuously unclear curricular ideologies.

    That said, there are many public schools that are doing wonderful work. To make a comment that ALL public schools are failing are children is a gross generalization and unfair to those of us out there that have dedicated our lives (and sacrificed compensation) to be able to help and improve these schools. I taught at several public schools and my students (from several economic backgrounds) have graduated from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Juilliard, and other wonderful schools and have successful careers and healthy families. Those students had a 97% graduating rate. To do this we trained hard, created engaging classrooms, worked everyday for at least 12 hours, bought materials, tutored for free, gave up money and vacation time, raised money at every turn, and involved parents as much as possible.

    I left the public schools because I couldn’t manage 220 students in a day and couldn’t afford to live on the salary. I miss those kids terribly, but I had to move on in order to support my family. Economic security and parental education level/involvement are crucial factors in the success of our students. Local control, parent involvement, teacher training and compensation, and reduced class sizes makes a crucial difference.

    Don’t decry all schools if you have an issue with the system. Get involved and be a part of the change you wish to see. There are far too many people throwing stones and far too few trying to make a difference.

  33. Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty , Follow the money.
    This is the FEDS biggest problem with cannabis
    The money could undermine the political agenda

  34. Cars kill 35,000 Americans every year and children shouldnt drive them. So is this school also refusing donations from automobile dealers and manufacturers?

  35. Ef ’em! American schools are worthless anyways. I spent 12 years in Japan. My son was getting a great education there, but I had to move back to this country for my job. Now, my son will be attending American schools, falling behind all the kids he studied with in Japan.
    American schools are jokes (well, public schools, that is). By the way, if you have ever seen public schools in Japan, you would realize that money is not spent on beautification. Money is spent on learning materials & teacher salaries; no NEEDLESS spending in their education system.

  36. Here’s how I’d like to see it go down:

    Brewer: “Hello, Superintendent Tolcacher. I’m a local businessman, a brewpub owner, and I’d like to donate $14,000 to the school district.”

    Superintendent Tolcacher: “That’s wonderful! Our class sizes are over 30 students, and our textbook on American landmarks has a picture of the Twin Towers on the cover.”

    Brewer: “All right then, first I’ve got one condition: this is a matching grant, to supplement the generous donation from Fireweed Farms.”

    Tolcacher: “Um…I’m sorry, but we had to reject that offer–you know, dirty money and all.”

    Brewer: “Hmm..well, cannabis and hops are both in the cannabaceae family, so I guess our money’s also soiled. Good day.”

    Anyone here good at crank calls?

  37. That is odd at best. Aren’t all schools in need of more funding regardless of how little, or much, the amount is? Seems strange to me that it is coming from a state legal source and the superintendent is still refusing the funding.
    Philanthropists like Mr. Williams are likely to be met with some level of dissent for a number of years until recreational usage is viewed in the same light as drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.
    Such is life.

  38. Does this school accept donations from questionable sources like pharmaceutical companies in the area? Is this school checking where their money from taxes comes from ? That was an amazing thing to do ! What a man he is trying to better his area and a pig headed person or persons are stopping him from helping out in hard times
    hope who ever receives this blessing uses it wisely

  39. Captain Obvious on

    I hope this means they have a legitimate food program. GMO and processed foods are poisoning our youth, and administrators that do nothing are responsible.

  40. If Fireweed Farms is still looking for a place to donate money they can send an email to me @ timbambrough@aol.com. I can help you find somewhere to donate money.
    The school superintendent will look like a total ass. The only connection to the money was where it came from. I am sure it was in the form of cash since marijuana businesses cant use a bank. I am sure there are many teachers in the district wish he would have split the money up between the teachers. It could have replaced the cash that they ended up taking out of their pockets because the budget.

  41. And in the end, the school system looks idiotic, petty and foolish. This farmer WILL be someone’s hero, and I hope he finds that cause to donate to.

  42. Hmmm…I’m curious if the school would have turned down money offered from someone who owned a small craft beer brewery. If the answer is yes, then okay, fine, at least it’s even handed. If the answer is no, then it’s rank hypocrisy

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