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Washington Senate Approves PTSD As Qualifying Medical Marijuana Condition


washington state capitol olympia marijuanaMedical marijuana has been found to be an effective treatment for PTSD. That’s why so many states have added PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions to become a medical marijuana patient. Washington unfortunately is not one of those states. But it does appear that PTSD has a good chance of being added to Washington State’s medical marijuana program. This week the Washington Senate approved a bill that would do just that. Per The Joint Blog:

Washington State’s full Senate, with a 48 to 0 vote, has approved a bill to add PTSD as a qualifying medical cannabis conditions.

Senate Bill 5379 was filed by Senator Steve Hobbs, an active member of the Army National Guard, and has been sent to the state’s House of Representatives. Its passage in the House will send it to Governor Jay Inslee for consideration. Nine other states – Michigan, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Arizona and Oregon – allow those with PTSD to use cannabis for medical purposes.

No one should be denied medical marijuana if it helps treat their condition. To deny a suffering person medicine is a terrible thing, and such an act lacks compassion towards sick and suffering people. I’m happy to see this bill move forward. The bill now moves to the Washington House. I have to assume that if the bill passed unanimously in the Washington Senate, that it has a good chance of passing in the House, albeit maybe not unanimously.


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  1. I see it’s been resubmitted several times since this article. Does anyone have any info on the current status beside what I’ve posted? :)

  2. Please remember that PTSD doesn’t only affect military veterans. There are many, many people afflicted with PTSD as a result of other trauma, including suffering years of victimization as children. We need help and support for this condition, too.

  3. Sen. Ann Rivers wants a medical registry like the Nazi’s had, we don’t need that. Keep patient’s medical information private and out of the hands of the government.

  4. Earlwin id like to know do i risk my job as a federal employee smoking? I have brutal anti social disorder..PTSD and clinical depression!

  5. Glad to read it, because not having it as a qualifying condition is just plain goofy. Weed reduces, or eliminates, most symptoms associated with PTSD.

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