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Washington Shoots Down Pro-Marijuana Bills


Washington State’s efforts to decriminalize marijuana were shot down by the Public Safety Committee, as well as the bill to legalize marijuana (see attached story). Proponents of the bills were hoping to generate close to $300 million a year, according to Rep. Sherry Appleton, (D)-Poulsbo. The legalization bill failed by a vote of 6-2, and the decriminalization bill failed on a 5-3 vote. However, just because the current efforts were fruitless, doesn’t mean that the fight is over. Activists filed an initiative to try to get on the November ballot, which would legalize all adult marijuana possession, manufacturing, and sales. But don’t get your hopes up yet. Supporters must gather more than 240,000 signatures by July 2nd just to get ballot access. And of course from there it would have to be voted in.

The questions I have for readers are ‘Do you think that they will be able to get that many signatures in just five months? And if it ends up on the ballot, do you think it will pass?’ I have to assume that the answer is a resounding yes, which leads me to yet another question; ‘Have you placed your signature on the initiative rolls?’ I know if I lived in the State of Washington, not only would I have signed the form, I would be out pounding the streets trying to get others to do the same. It’s ok to get high these next five months folks, but don’t get so high that you lose motivation to participate in the Democratic process! GO WASHINGTON!



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  2. You are an idiot lol.
    WE ……. will be the ones to take it out of the cartel control.

  3. To Cut Ur Hair…
    Get a clue! Don’t you see the positive things that would come out of the decriminalization of Marijuana? Obviously you do not. What the hell do Mexicans have to do with this conversation????
    You really should research the topic here.

  4. Keep marijuana illegal, just like border jumpers should always be illegal. If you decriminalize marijuana, you are just asking for mexican cartels to take over our government and ruin our country….which is already happening….

  5. Although this bill seems cool, the bill is pretty restrictive and gives a whole lot of control to the liqueur control board like pricing on strains and access to growers financial statements. It would fuck up medical Marijuana patients as well by driving the price of weed higher. not to mention including a 15 % tax per gram…


    You can get paid to collect signatures , easy job fun and well worth it
    check on craigslist.org under jobs
    several petitions have been circulating , more will come

    Even though it was loss the conversation has been kicked up
    eventually these “tough on drugs” attitudes will hurt at the polls
    the MMJ movement has a significant voting power

    eventually these politicians will side with MMJ , most politicians are vote whores
    Ive seen this in LA , after they get voted in they change their opinion
    hopefully the city council regulations will be eventually deemed unlawfull with respect to prop 215

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