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Washington State Congressional Candidate Roger Goodman Supports Fed Marijuana Law Reform Bill


Roger GoodmanCongressional Candidate Goodman Supports U.S. House Bill for Fed. Gov’t. to Back Off Marijuana Enforcement

Washington State Congressional Candidate Roger Goodman released a statement in support of legislation introduced today by Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) to limit the federal government’s role in marijuana enforcement and give states the right decide how to regulate marijuana.

“I am really pleased to see that Congress has finally come around with a proposal for the federal government to back off and allow states to regulate marijuana in a rational manner. I understand this is just a first step and a lot of work remains to tip the balance in favor of responsible marijuana policy.

“With the opportunity to serve in Congress myself, I will looking forward to championing marijuana reform as I have done successfully in the WA state legislature. We are now at crucial point both culturally and politically on this important issue. Let’s see how this current proposal fares in Congress. In the meanwhile, I will continue to exert leadership on this issue to promote sensible marijuana policy on the national level.”

GoodmanforCongress.com – 218 Main St. PMB 468 – Kirkland, WA 98033 – (425) 329-6279




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  1. Charles Patrick Queen on

    What FRanke and his cohort are wanting to do is a good thing and very long overdue.I mean to make a totaly harmless thing a class 1 drug while making dangerous things suh as meth,cocaine,heroin and prescrition pain pills class 2 drugs is prerty ignorant,that much you have to admit,but this is not good enough.We have 2 now that want to make marijuana legal nationwide which is a very intelligent and logical thing to do,especially at this point in time.Of course the country needs the moeny and the tax revenuse from the sales of marijuana which were estimated using very conservative figures would totaly wipe out our federl deficit within 2 years easily as well as putting every single stae in the country back into the black seeing as the actual amounts of tax rebvenuses will be much much higher than estimated originaly.It’s harmless,nobody to dare has ever died from using it,it’s safe,ony mentaly addictive and not physically so.Many country’s have made it legal for adul use already with others preparing to do so,the ones that have have seen very significant drops in drug related crimes as well as very significant drops in the numbers of teens using it as well.The question was taised that do we want to spend money to make a seperate government netity to regulate it/I don’t see a need to make a seperate agency to run this,put it in with alcahol and tobaco products and the agency(s) that run those.THC levels are not a problem.Marijuana would be treated much a alcahol is,you hve the cheaper brands which like alcahol have lower THC levels and would be harsher to the user then you would have you’r premium brands which would have a hgiher THC level and stronger than the cheaper variety’s.As long as the feda and the states do not get overly greedy in taxing it,then everythig would work just fine.Of course you’r going to have some aspect os smuggleing just as is in cigarettes,like moving it to a state that has a cheaper tax rate from one with a higher tax rate although i do not see that happening right away.Lts face it,there isn’t anything at all thats sold in this country that hasn’t had or haves you’r criminal sydnicants involved in in one manner or another,thats given.I believe though that if it go;s totaly legal we will see a very sharp drop in the ue of meth,cocaine,heroin and prescrition pain pills.Most people would gravitate to using marijuana than these other drugs if it was made legal.Of course there will never be and end to these dangerous drugs but I believe that it would definitely put a major hurt on the sales and the need of these drugs and would certainly put a major crimp in the criminal elements that smuggle and sell these other dangerous drugs.All in all it would be one of the more intelligebnt and logical things are government could do at this point in time

  2. I support ending the federal prohibition on marijuana. The 10th Amendment of the Constitution makes it clear that this is not a power granted to the federal government, this is a power that is reserved for the states and/or the people. Anyone who supports this bill should do some research on the co-sponsor who is running for President. Just Google: “Ron Paul” or “Ron Paul Flix”. Ron Paul is already influencing the positions of others running for president, as Ron Paul has common sense solutions for US government problems that buck the establishment. Learn about Ron Paul and join the peaceful revolution to restore liberty to America.

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