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Washington State Drug Defelonization Press Conference

washington drug defelonizationThe nonprofit political organization Sensible Washington hereby invites you to a press conference being held to formally introduce their proposal to de-felonize personal drug possession in the State of Washington, which will be pre-filed in the legislature next month.
This event will begin on Thursday, November 21st at 9am in the Olympia Capital, in Hearing Room B of the John L O’Brien building.
Speakers include:
– State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
– State Representative Jessyn Farrelll
– State Representative Sherry Appleton
– Matt McCally (representative of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)
– State Representative Luis Moscoso
– State Representative Jim Moeller
– Attorney Douglas Hiatt
Speeches will be followed by a brief Q&A period.

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  1. This is the most fundamental of actions that begin to undo the worst harms of the drug war. Coming to our senses in this country and lifting the undeserved burden of a felony record from people who were caught up in the criminal justice system’s misguided attempt to seem tough on crime.
    Whether you used cannabis medicinally, or made the safer choice of preferring it for recreational use,
    you didn’t deserve the lifelong disadvantage of a felony.
    This most serious label must be reserved for crimes that caused intentional harm. An important legal precedent may well be set here that the rest of our states can learn from. Thank you Washington state.

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