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  1. Vote No on I-502! They’re Per Se DUID policy is unfair, unjust, and is not based on scientific facts. This is not Legalization! Don’t be fooled Sensible Approach will have a much better bill on the ballots next year that doesn’t take MMJ patients rights away. The most basic being the right to legally drive!

  2. I’m just an old (68) retired teacher fart living in Gig Harbor area and not that I would, but if I were interested in buying a baggie of weed, how / where in the heck should I go. NO medical weed for a couple reasons, mainly lack of unanimity.

  3. Today the 15th I finally heard an anti-legalization blurb on the local (Seattle KIRO 97.3) radio today and it caught my ear right away. it was from the Big Bad Feds in Washington DC telling (not in any way asking the voters) and warning Washington state voters all the evil things that will happen if they vote for this. I’m sure they’ll be all mad and pissed off about this, especially if it should pass. Anyway, as soon as I realized it was just from….them, I smiled and thought about the fine time we’re all going to have doing to the Feds, what the Feds deserve. And that’s ignoring them. The proverbial marijuana genie is out of the bottle here in Washington state and has been for some time (another sure way to tell is the $150 a PRIMO, top shelf, ounce price tag is all it fetches almost anywhere in the western part of the state, there’s so much of it around). And no amount of huffing & puffing from the naked emperor that lives (and has destroyed) Washington DC (along with most of the rest of the country) will stuff it back in. Best thing Washington state voters can do to voice their opposition to more meddling from the know-nothings in Washington DC is to turn a blind eye to the threats and vote your conscience. Vote FOR legalization in November.

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