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Washington State Issues 142 Medical Endorsements To Already-Licensed Marijuana Stores


washington state medical marijuana raidsWashington State has one of the oldest medical marijuana laws in the country, and one of the oldest medical marijuana industries in the country as well. However, the medical marijuana industry has operated in a legal grey area for quite sometime, and after the passage of Senate Bill 5052, the industry has started to undergo dramatic changes. A lot of medical marijuana dispensaries will be forced to close, while others will be able to get licenses to continue to operate. Also, recreational marijuana stores will be able to get licenses and begin to sell to patients.

Statistics were released this week which showed that over 1,000 applications have been received for new licenses, and 142 already-licensed stores received ‘medical endorsements’ to begin selling to patients after the rules have been finalized and sales begin to be allowed. Per The News Tribune:

State government has in recent weeks stamped 142 retail marijuana licenses with a medical endorsement that will let them cater to patients come July 1.

The value of an endorsement for the roughly 65 percent of pot shops that have received one won’t be fully known, though, until more rules are set for Washington’s newly consolidated medical and recreational marijuana system.

“If it did come to fruition, we could significantly expand our business,” said Jim Sulton, owner of one of the stores with an endorsement, A Bud and Leaf in Olympia.

The issuance of medical endorsements is bitter sweet. On one hand, it offers a lifeline to many struggling recreational marijuana stores that will help them stay in business. Also, patients will be able to go to outlets and make purchases via non-gray area safe access. But, on the other hand some long standing dispensaries will have to close, and patients will no doubt have to pay more than they are used to paying.


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  1. actually we have to test our marijuana to see if there are any dangerous levels of any kind of substance in or on it I seriously doubt your black market weed goes through microbial testing, toxin testing, and potency testing I would guess you do not test at all. the store prices are going down. the real question you need to ask is would you rather weed be legal or not if you would like for the government to stop chasing pot smokers your going to have to pay a little more to make the taxes worth not prosecuting you. sorry but that is the fact of the matter one way or another the government will make its money off this product I personally prefer pay a bit extra to protect my property and freedom as opposed to risking my home freedom and property. If weed is going to go legal we all need to realize that some things will have to change not all of which will be pleasent

  2. a chance to be on the registry, to buy in “legal” stores…no thanks. Back to the shadows…the last 40 yrs were not so bad.

  3. Adam Assenberg on

    As a legal Medical Cannabis user here in Washington State, once the farmers markets are forced to close July 1st of 2016 I will become a big help to the black market. NEVER will I step one foot inside a 502 recreational store and be forced to pay triple the price for my medicine PLUS the 502 stores for the most part allow pesticides and what testing has been done on smoked pesticides.

  4. As a legal, lawful WA MMJ patient I’ll go back to the black market before I step one foot into a recreational store and be forced to pay those kinds of prices for my medicine. Hopefully this outrage will be…fixed before it goes into effect and probably making criminals again out of people who just want to be left alone to medicate as they see fit with what was supposed to be a “legal” substance. Only this time they’ve killed the market where they won’t be able to charge someone with tax evasion like they used to do in the dark ages because the sub $140 for a premium ounce has a way to do that keeping prices honest…and low. Between that and growing back outdoors starting next spring and I’m thinking we’ll always have plenty of fine, high grade cannabis to smoke or dab or eat in this state. Oh and finally I saw a billboard going along I-5 into Oregon from Washington state advertising $79 ounces in Oregon where they’re trying to wrestle away the rec pot buyers in Vancouver Washington so they can come to Oregon and spend their pot money there. Think of that….$79 ounces. The Northwest Leaf also had a story on this…

  5. If there is any good in all of this, it’s the possibility that some licensed growers will focus on medical strains and quality. Perhaps “medical grade” could become a label for exceptional weed.

    Of course, that’s not going to made it any cheaper, but could be a product and marketing opportunity for some growers.

    And to the poster who called it a monopoly… WA growing is anything but. Hundreds of growers who are all trying to figure out how to become more successful. We are already seeing the emergence of premier brands and “organic” brands. Give it a few more years and you’ll see all kinds of ways that growers distinguish their product to improve sales and profits.

    Because that’s what this is now… an industry with a LOT of regulations, but plenty of space left for competition among license-holders. Good old capitalism at work, doing whatever to maximize profit.

    But it’s a bloody shame that home grows aren’t allowed. That would balance all of the above. Because the fabled $50 ounce that was talked about so much in the early planning for legalization isn’t coming our way in the foreseeable future.

  6. I believe medical should be handled by the state health department not the state sliquor board, we use cannabis as medicine , we dont use it just to party and get high.
    So let medical be controled by medical and let recreational be handled by the greety sliquor control board…
    Sliqour lol

  7. Plus patients needs access to powerful cannabanoid medicine like concentrates. SB 5052 destroyed that and left the whole medical industry with no legal ways to process there material. Lives will be lost

  8. Keeerap Johnny, they act like this is a F’n ‘good’ thing. It’s table scraps from what we had. Never register, F ’em. Our ‘government’ (sic) has embarrassed itself to the world and made themselves irrelevant to the rest of us.”Out grow the Bastards” author, me.

  9. Medical patients are being phased out by greed. Washington needs to allow all persons to grow for themselves. Can anyone say….monopoly?

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