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Washington State Law Enforcement: Legalize And Regulate Marijuana


Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes And Others Explain Why They Support I-502

Members of the Washington State Law Enforcement Community discuss why marijuana should be legalized, instead of clogging up the legal system with investigations and prosecutions for marijuana.


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Johnny Green


  1. Exactly! It has to be written to address “concerns” of the voters. Once it’s legal and WA doesn’t slide into the ocean people will realize what a scam the gov’t has been pulling on it’s citizens. The fight with the feds? Grab your popcorn, it’s going to be good.

  2. I dont agree with the people worried about citizens “driving under the influence” like being high really effects your driving skills….cause it really doesn’t…They don’t worry about people on prescription pills and tylenol PM driving but they wanna worry about people smoking weed and driving. So many people are gonna catch DUIs and that still allows police to profile. NEWS FLASH: people been driving while high FOR DECADES NOW…

  3. That’s right, the city attorney whose refused to prosecute a single marijuana case is secretly out to get you. Definitely sounds reasonable.

    The legal oz (regardless of origin) provision cannot be preempted.

    This is an excellent piece of legislation.

  4. He & others support NAW 502 because they know the entire cannabis section will be pre-empted leaving WA with an unreasonable & ridiculously low DUID standard that they could never get passed through the Legislature.

  5. The latest poll I’ve seen says this thing is going to pass and with flying colors, 50 something percent to 30 something percent who will vote against it. Something so….desired by the state and it’s apparatchik would have me otherwise voting the other way, naturally. But while this measure does have it’s faults, anyone who’s otherwise for the “legalization” of pot (medical or what have you) is a BIG fat HYPOCRITE should they not vote and support this groundbreaking voter approved legislation on election day. And besides, the coming howls of doom & idiocy from Washington DC about the voters in Washington state not being….”fully informed” or some other lame example of wordsmithing from know-nothings 3000 miles away who have constantly proved they don’t give a hooey about what state voters do IF it’s against the wishes of the Feds, no matter who’s currently running the show in DC, will be well worth the price of admission. Stay tuned…..if this does pass it should be quite an entertaining battle of the two Washingtons!!!!

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