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Washington State Legalizes Marijuana


washington state legalizes marijuanaWashington State Joins Colorado By Passing A Marijuana Legalization Initiative

The good news just keeps rolling in! Washington State media outlets are calling a victory for I-502, as are activists. That makes 2! The feds are going to have their hands full if they try to interfere with democracy. Below is the reaction from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:

Not one but two states have voted to legalize marijuana tonight! Washington just joined Colorado in making history!

You know LEAP has something to say about it.  Here’s a reaction from LEAP speaker and former Seattle police Chief Norm Stamper:

“With these two victories tonight in Colorado and Washington, the movement for drug policy reform has never been stronger. These votes will embolden leaders of countries in Latin America and elsewhere who have wanted to change their drug policies but haven’t because of pressure from the U.S. government. As more and more states follow the example set here tonight, the federal government will have little choice but to accept the will of the people both here and abroad. Expect to see previously silent legalization supporters around the globe seizing the momentum created by tonight’s historic victories.”


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  1. This is great news but it’s only one battle won, in a long war that’s not over. One thing is, now we begin the DWI fight. They slipped that part in the bill while we weren’t looking. Thousands will go to jail and pay large fines, treatment fees, and higher insurance. We will be able to pass any field sobriety test they throw at us which should end the question of impairment . But the blood test will be their ace. And we all know it takes forever for thc to get out of our blood. I don’t know the legal limit yet but I’d bet daily user might as well hang up his keys.This really has me worried because of 3 dwi’s in the 80’s. This makes me a habitual danger to society that should be locked-up as long as possible in the eyes of the law if I drive stoned. Or if the weed I smoked hours, days or weeks ago put me over the limit. The other issue is growing your own stash. I’m not talking about multiple thousand watt lights growing pounds for sale. I’m talking about a handful of small plants for personal use. That’s still a felony in Washington state. This law means we will be able to buy up to an ounce of heavily taxed weed at a state run store. No growing or being seen in public with it. We can’t stop now. In fact we need to step up the fight . We are guaranteed the right to the pursuit of happiness. To us that dig weed that means being able to live our lives w/o being treated like criminals. Thanks for letting me rant I just had to get that out !

  2. Romnesia….are you kidding?? I don’t like either the D’s or the R’s. If I forgot how to spell Ron Paul as a write in I’d just quit voting altogether.
    And those with MMJ cards are already paying inflated prices…. if they buy their weed at one of the many local dispensaries here in western Washington. The common price is $10 a gram around here and no breaks for an ounce purchase. But….I know several home growers that will fix one up for half that price with quality that’s as good as any dispensary weed. As I’ve mentioned numerous times right here, the MJ genie is out of the bottle in Washington state. And now that the public has officially chimed in with explicit approval, I don’t see that changing any time soon. Congrats to us & STAY SAFE!!! Just don’t get caught behind the wheel enjoying what the powers that be still really….dislike and will screw you over should that opportunity present itself to them.

  3. I can’t believe it, America did it before anyone else! Boom baby BOOM! Absolutely, unadulterated legalized weed! Who is else is putting serious consideration into moving to Denver? Haha motherfuckers WE ARE FREE!

  4. You seriously supported Romney? WOW! So glad he lost. Did you see what the guy did to MA while he was gov there? He increased fees on everyone – even disabled and blind – he was 47th in job creation! Thank GOD he wasn’t able to screw up the entire country because of people like ME who believe in Obama who, if you haven’t been ONLY listening to Fox News and Rush (drug-addict) Limbaugh, has done a pretty good job of helping our country recover.

    Well, anyhoo…glad that Washington and Colorado legalized pot, but I wonder what will happen to those who have medical marijuana cards – will they have to pay inflated prices for their stuff?

  5. Unreal i feel a strong urge to move to one of these states, in sweden we
    probably have the worst propaganda on earth when it comes to cannabis.
    Everyone thinks Cannabis is the same thing as heroin here… Americans
    would laugh their asses off if they saw the articles in our newspapers *sigh*. Well i hope the rest of the US and its states legalizes too and then we will take after, Swedens government allways looks up to the US and will follow if the US does.

  6. When the feds come knocking, look at Title 18 Section 7. It is the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. Unless the land of where the “crime” takes place has been ceded (and specically the jurisdiction) to the United States, they have no territorial jurisdiction within any paticular state. Remember this, you will need it!

  7. What did I tell you guys in my last post?? This was as close to a slam dunk as you can get in the world of politics. And you could tell by a distinct lack of the opposing viewpoint ads on the radio or TV that are more commonplace in our political world these days than not. While I don’t approve of the majority’s choice for President of our country, it’s not lost on us here how Obummer will react knowing of his overwhelming support in this state from the voters but yet they go ahead and vote to legalize pot across the board on the same night in the same election. You guys think there’s a…..connection??? Anyway, stick around. The real fun’s just getting started on this one!!!

  8. I don’t use four letter words but,

    FUCK YEAH, this is epic!!!

    I can’t wait for my first legal weed!

  9. what does thismean to all of the pot smokers? will we be able to just go the the liquer store and buy it? will the prices be inflated? will we be able to grow?

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