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Washington State Liquor Control Board Adopts Official Timeline To Implement Marijuana Legalization


washington state liquor control board i502 implementation marijuanaThe entire world is watching how marijuana legalization is implemented in Washington State. It’s actually become a rallying cry for marijuana prohibitionists in Oregon that ‘we need to wait to see how things unfold in Washington before we pursue marijuana legalization in Oregon.’ I don’t think there’s anything to wait for, considering innocent people are having their lives ruined in states where marijuana is not legal, despite the fact that consuming marijuana is virtually harmless. Below is a message from Washington NORML, along with a link to the timeline:

Dear I-502 Stakeholders,

The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) today adopted its official timeline for implementing I-502. This replaces the tentative timeline that has been posted on our website since December.

This official timeline is based on input from the public forums, our research, and all that we’ve learned in the months since the November election. The WSLCB is on track to meet the December 1 deadline required by I-502.



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  1. They delayed issuing Grower’s licenses from July to December, so now the Retailers license taking effect on December 1st are useless unless you want to open a store with nothing on the shelves to sell for at least 3-4 months. The LCB tried to paint lipstick on this pig by saying it will help grower’s know the demand… as if there is no demand for weed now, and that it’s not currently being supplied by an illegal black market. Just proof that LCB has no clue what the hell they are doing, I don’t know why I had hope in the first place that they wouldn’t fuck this up. They don’t give two fucks that they are causing us to be criminals for this much longer… if they could they’d probably delay it longer, but they can’t I don’t believe without a vote with 2/3 in favor

  2. BuddhaMechanic on

    This is great news. And thank you The Weed Blog for your advocacy and reporting. Very much appreciate your organization. As a marijuana consumer it is great to see the reverse of the associated stigmas of marijuana use and the ending of prohibition. Industrial hemp and consumption grade marijuana will have a positive impact economically and psychologically across our nation. As a person with bi-polar disorder marijuana has helped me have a better quality of life than I could have ever imagined. It kept me away from hard drugs and alcohol abuse.

    What we will need from you in the future is more legal information on state licensing requirements and fee schedules for the thousands of local marijuana growers we have to navigate legitimizing their businesses. Marijuana will be the micro brew industry of the 21st Century.

  3. Elmer Fittery on

    If you believe in legalization, de-crimelization or medical marijuana
    vote NOT GUILTY on any defendant charged with a non-violent marijuana

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