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Washington State Medical Marijuana Law Is Safe This Session


washington state medical marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Washington’s Legislature has failed to pass a proposal altering the state’s medical cannabis law before the end of the session (March 13th).

Medical cannabis advocates have been ferociously fighting two proposals - House Bill 2149 and Senate Bill 5887 - which would significantly alter the state’s medical cannabis law by shutting down collective gardens, reducing the amount of cannabis patients’ can possess and cultivate, and by bringing forth a mandatory patient registry.

Despite House Bill 2149 passing the House of Representatives with a 67 to 29 vote, and despite Senate Bill 5887 passing the Senate with a 34 to 15 vote, both bills failed to advance further, and are now officially dead.

The nonprofit organization Sensible Washington called the death of these measures a “major victory” for patients in the state, and has vowed to continue working towards the passage of legislation aimed at strengthening the state’s medical cannabis law by adding defined arrest protection for patients, and for safe access points that obtain a business license from the state. They introduced House Bill 2233 this session (written in conjunction with Americans for Safe Access), which stalled in committee; a similar proposal will be filed in 2015, according to the group.

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  1. Closet Smoker on

    Remember, I502 was written so that it did not include medical in any way, There are parts that say rec stores cannot discuss the medical benefits to customers, at all. As usual, state law makers are getting greedy and wanting to maximize taxes for the state any way they can, and it shows they really do not believe the medical benefits of cannabis use. In CO, the first weed sold recreationally was grown as medical. In WA, the first weed sold will be grown 502 compliant from the start,

  2. I don’t know who said that “I love gridlock in Washington” and they were probably talking about the other Washington. But THANK GOD this thing died DUE TO GRIDLOCK IN OLYMPIA WASHINGTON today! Medical cannabis in Washington as approved by a majority of Washington state voters TWICE along with the will of the people is alive and well. And there will be NO CHANGES this year. “Unregulated Dispensaries”….you watch. That will become the new buzz-word for the face of evil in the Prohibitionist backlash that’s sure to come after this…”loss”. Anyway, we preserved medical cannabis in Washington state for another year. Now we watch the state recreational program implode and never get off the ground and that will be the second WIN for cannabis freedom that will continue in this state. Just watch…

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