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Washington State Needs A Marijuana Expert To Help Implement Legalization


washington state liquor control board marijuanaWashington State Liquor Control Board Needs To Learn More About Marijuana In Their State

If you have been following Washington State’s marijuana legalization effort, then you probably know that before marijuana stores can open, there needs to be rules worked out by the legislature and Liquor Control Board (LCB). As one might expect, there’s not a lot of experience in the marijuana industry between the legislature’s members and the staff of the LCB (or at least what they will admit!). As a result, implementation could get tricky.

According to the Seattle Times, “At a hearing on Friday before a state Senate committee, Pat Kohler, the LCB director, said the agency would need to hire a consultant — a pot expert — to gather input from key groups of police, farmers, users and others to help her staff better ‘understand the product and the industry itself.'”

I can’t wait to see who they pick. If it’s a true industry expert, it will be amazing to see one of our own showing Washington State agencies and lawmakers what the industry is really like. If it’s just an ‘expert’ that has little to no insider knowledge of the industry, implementation could take forever, or at the very least, be done incorrectly.

There’s a lot at stake, as the LCB’s perception of the size and scope of the marijuana industry is going to directly determine how many stores are opened. There was a lot of debate over the accuracy of the state’s fiscal analysis, which estimated ‘363,000 users consuming 187,000 pounds of marijuana each year, with steep sin taxes generating more than $560 million a year,’ according to the Seattle TimesAre there more consumers than that? Less? What about the amount of marijuana consumed? Those are tough questions to answer by a person with no experience in marijuana sales!

What do TWB readers think? Do you think an agency in charge of alcohol regulation can do the same with marijuana? How long do you think implementation will actually take? If the LCB does indeed hire an expert, who would you like to see as that expert? I’m assuming a lot of you think you should be the expert. If so, what are your qualifications? If not, what skills would you like to see from a candidate?


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  2. DavidTheExpert on

    It’s an economics term. It means people are willing to pay more for something that is pleasurable, i.e. cannabis, alcohol, gambling, smoking, etc.

  3. The marijuana industry is much bigger then alcohol because there is no major difference in how alcohol affects a person. Weed on the other hand is different for every individual and each plant is different with different variations of chemicals. So basically they need chemists

  4. By the way, living 3 hours from the border in texas most of my life i ask the question, yes there is a lot of tax money to be made but has anyone raised the question of other revenue such as being paid to grow or prossess, the figures are higher than what we really can see. I personally think that hemp and cannibis will help save the debt problem in many states more than anyone really sees at the moment.

  5. I would recommend Radical Russ Belville he has done a lot to legalize and with him a large Medical Dispensaries together they would have a better understanding of how to run this. There should be the same selection for Med uses as for the rest.

  6. Where do i apply. I have a degree in accounting, have spent most of my 40 years around the plant and know the true value of the herb. Also am a master grower but had to quit for a breif period cause of the state i moved to. I have been in the cannibis scene all of my lifestemming from the hippie parents i have. I would bee a great choice for the position cause i know there are alot of smokers that are quiet cause of employment or other reasons but i would also be fair. We need someone who will make this chance for the WORLD to see that the war on hemp and cannibis is and always has been a failure. How can a government declare war on its own people and neiboring countries and for 50 years get away with it. It’s ridiculous, I have plans for hemp and cannibis in so many aspects in life that 90 percent of the public have no idea of. If someone knows who i need tio get in contact with please let me know. Thank you Washington voters for you have no idea how far your sensible voting has reached in the world not just America.

  7. Ive been smoking for more than 35 yrs. I think they are over thinking the whole process. Should do it like alcohol.People need a license to sell it. Only to adults. People shoud be able to grow it for thier own consumption. The state revenu will come from sales taxes and license fees. The need for these consultants is just a delay tatic.

  8. One expert isn’t enough for cannabis. Strain selection is going to be interesting, for instance, with a broad range of famous names being considered.

    A sativa that is all about THC but possesses little CBD can be a freaky experience. And pure couch lock indicas are not for everyone. We are only beginning to make the connection between terpenes and THC.

    Will cannabis sales turn into something like my neighborhood tavern, with the standard menu and a few specials periodically added and removed?

    And then there is growing, testing, packaging, marketing, storing, selling, all huge challenges that will certainly need refinement. They need a dozen experts.

  9. It’s all weed Jim, no worries! Maybe just good labeling well tell patients what to buy and stoners what not to buy. Pretty simple.

  10. I ponder how one could feasably apply to such a job without incriminating oneself to previous activities that could be construed as “illegal”. Does one need to have a working knowledge of just Washington state or would it help if say someone had a working knowledge of the industry abroad? If one was to be willing to lend thier position and advice on how certain aspects are done, does that then mean that they could be watched more intensely in the future by other governing bodies?

    If they are looking for someone to offer advice on large scale production, distribution, management and various other key control aspects of a substance, it would seem that they would need to offer more of a “protective barrier” or “immunity” for such an individual as one in this position is a rare commodity. Such an individual would or could see this as an opportunity to expand upon or see it as a way to ruin the reputation with other buisness associates that they currently or have previously helped fine tune thier establishment.

    Exposing oneself without prior immunity and anonymity just seems like bad buisness. If they were willing to work with one with certain conditions, then i could see this being a profitable joint effort. (no pun intended).

  11. mj industry will never catch on cuz unlike moonshining it will b legal to grow ur own and pot smokers tend to b social thus the smoking circle so if and when there is a store there will some guy selling it cheeper taking the money without taxes

  12. Should be someone who is not biased toward Cannabis, someone who doesn’t hold onto the old false beliefs about it. Combine the liquor industry with the MMJ industry and as long as the rules aren’t too strict or too controlling then things should work out just fine. The main thing is to drop that controversial attitude and just package the product like you would anything else. It’s not a demon weed, it’s just a plant. eMail me if you are still confused about it.

  13. I’d be looking for an expert from the tobacco industry or maybe even the liquor industry. If you’re looking for experts who grow, process, manufacture and distribute an agricultural commodity all the way through various taxing issues, to buying and paying customers in large geographical areas, it would seem that people from either sector should be the real experts who would have knowledge on not only how to get that program up & running. But to keep it going that way once established. Anyway, once given the official go-ahead nod from the Feds (or will it be the continued silent treatment?) all this could take up to a year to implement, according to official sources.

    Irregardless, on December 6th just a few short days from now, possession of 1 ounce of pot will now be legal in Washington state (which is where I live) and NO MATTER WHAT, if you’re a pothead here, these next few months should, at the very least, be HIGHLY….interesting – that’s for sure!!!

  14. Wm. A. Ragsdale J.r. on

    I can do this job I have the answers and experience email me, I will prepare a resume but I will not get no credit for your answered questions and I to will be looking more into this myself sincerally Billy from Dover,DE.

  15. My guess is the “expert” will be someone in law enforcement. Why not? Other states put law enforcement people in charge of their medical programs. Now that I think about it, maybe doctors should be in charge of law enforcement. Seems only fair.

  16. well this is where things get sticky! How will they determine the thc ,cbd levels that constitute medicinal or recreational use? Will they sell both at the same location.
    Then what will happen to the medical patients ?

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