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Washington Study: Marijuana Legalization Does Not Make It Easier For Teens To Get Marijuana


Teen Age Dope SlavesMarijuana opponents go to the ‘what about the youth’ argument early and often. They always have, and they probably always will. Opponents will try hard to create a hypothetical future in which society has gone in the dumps because a generation of teenagers consumed cannabis. It’s the same argument that opponents have been making for decades, yet the teenager stoner zombie apocalypse is somehow avoided year after year.

Marijuana regulations work to keep marijuana out of the hands of youth. As activists always point out, a licensed and regulated outlet will ask for ID whereas the black market won’t. Licensed and regulated outlets operate in the open, whereas black market deals are done in the shadows. Disputes in a legalized and regulated market get handled in court and mediation, whereas disputes in the black market often get handled in a much less civil fashion.

Marijuana legalization is a good thing, as proven by a recent study that made a lot of headlines today. Per Science Daily:

An abstract of the study, “Adolescents’ Ease of Access to Marijuana Before and After Legalization of Marijuana in Washington State,” will be presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2016 Meeting in Baltimore on Sunday, May 1. Researchers compared 2010 and 2014 data from the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey. Each year’s survey included questions about ease of access to marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes and other illicit drugs.

There was virtually no change in the proportion of teens who reported it was “easy” to access marijuana in 2010 (55 percent), compared to 2014 (54 percent) after the new law was enacted, according to the study.

These numbers will of course be tracked forever in all legal states. There may be years where it goes up a percent, but I think for the most part the number will continue to go down as regulation continues to work. There’s still a big black market in Washington because of the current rules, but I’m hopeful that activists there will keep putting pressure on elected officials to improve the state’s marijuana laws.


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  1. Calliou's step DAD on

    This entire topic blows my mind they know damn well it’s harmless to responsible consumers .. I have smoked everyday for ten years … Obviously illegally it has never been hard to find but always sketch to buy … Friends after friends busted for doing stuff other states allow .. It’s ridiculous I’m not hurting anyone my wife in the medical field has no problem with it.. I have a great job making really good money… And I’m not stressed I’ll probably live longer so let me bust ass at work and come home and relax please and thank you MISSISSIPPI

  2. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    And dosed w/ an endocannabinoid blocker,
    such as Rimonabant, so he can truly be “drug-free”,
    even of his own, internally-produced weed compounds.

  3. saynotohypocrisy on

    You’re making less sense than usual today, which isn’t that easy to do.

  4. Josh McAllister on

    Laxatives are perfectly legal and yet people aren’t crapping themselves constantly. Legality is not the differentiator, sanity is. Most people aren’t trying to destroy their lives. There is a big difference between Marijuana and meth/heroine.

  5. “If legalization had no impact on use, then illegal drugs would be used just as much as alcohol.”

    every time I’m talking to someone who says something stupid like this I always reply with a question?

    “If Heroin and Meth were made legal right now..would you run out and try heroin and meth?”

    The answer is always an resounding “NO!!”…then I reply…well you are not alone….and even if it is illegal…you can try it today anyway…

    If you are really concerned for those that would try it…they will regardless of illegality…and for those that do…wouldn’t it be more wise to regulate and control the production of these drugs to ensure purity and the use of environmentally sound practices for it’s production…

    anyone who is reckless enough to consume heroin or meth…is not deterred by a law…

    Sorry illegality is not the #1 deterrent to use…common sense is…

  6. teens have their own pvt world, same as we did when we were teens, & their culture is different from ours as yours was different from mine.

  7. Bailey Ranks on

    If legalization had no impact on use, then illegal drugs would be used just as much as alcohol. Far from it. Most people have a few drinks every now and then.. A quarter of the population uses some form of tobacco product. But only like 1% use cocaine, meth and heroin and pot is just 8%. If legalization didnt make it easier to get, then illegal drugs would be used just as much as legal drugs.

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