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Watch Pennsylvania Rep. Sims’ Floor Speech Supporting Medical Marijuana


It’s looking like Pennsylvania is set to become the next state to legalize medical marijuana. It’s a very limited bill compared to ones out West were I live, but it’s a great step in the right direction. Pennsylvania Representative Brian Sims outlines his support for allowing medical marijuana to be prescribed in Pennsylvania to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life for the sick.


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  1. If it’s Bernie who wins Hillary will get on board with him and unite the party. If it’s Hillary who wins Bernie is guaranteed to do the same. It’s about the values of the party not anyone person. Whereas, the GOP will get Trump and they have no idea what that means to the GOP and that’s why they’re all freaking out. I am a Democrat but have no need to be apologetic. The division is clear. If you don’t vote, you think it all doesn’t matter. But if you think it matters you vote for the candidate the party has decided. That is called UNITY. The GOP have nothing even close.

  2. Nah, I disagree about Hillary. Shes a fake progressive who loves for profit prisons. Sounds like you are just a democrat apologist no matter what. If not Sanders, im not voting democrat. Screw Hillary and her old lady fanbase. I’ve been smoking weed since 1987 and never got arrested for marijuana ever so I’d rather just keep smoking illegally than have that thing prezident.

  3. If Legal Marijuana is your #1 issue, there is NO GOP candidate that will stand for that. You have the best chance with Sanders and then Hillary. Trump will have the redneck alcoholics beat up the hippy potheads! Seems like if you “know a lot” you’d know this. Cruz scares me, he’s a cartoon of himself guy. He is against everything because he is a blazing Evangelical and they are against everything liberals are for. Hillary is doing great as Bernie pulls her more and more to the left. She is a candidate that is ready on day 1 and she knows the rules, unlike Trump who will start building the wall on day. That is 100% illegal! Sounds like your scale and use some more up-to-date education.

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    We don’t all know what happened in Canada, I’m waiting to see. One thing I’m waiting to see is what role Canada plays in the UN conference on Drugs coming up next month. And another is how he handles the provinces. He needs as much cooperation as possible from the provinces to set up the distribution model for weed, I wish he would quickly legalize possession at least, but that would leave distribution temporarily still in the hands of the black market and he might not like the idea of that, or of dealing with the flak that he would get from the RCMP and the law and order gang over it.

  5. Agreed. I truly dislike them all and make my own rules. Hell, im driving a quarter pound home across the Maryland border as I write this hahaha!!!

  6. Sorry but Cruz is against cannabis, Trump at least is for medical 100%, Hillary is still saying “we don’t know anything about it” and has been saying that for 10 years. Bernie is the only legalize guy but we all know what happened in Canada, “they won’t let me” after he was elected.

    Can’t trust a single one of them on this issue, 95% of politicians used to be in law enforcement(Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers, Sheriffs) and that is where their allegiance lies.

  7. I know alot about politics, actually. . I have a scale I made up and the highest number candidate gets my vote, D or R. I have sanders #1 cruz#2 trump3 hillary4 rubio before he dropped out5 and kasich,dead last.. so Sanders vs. cruz im going sanders, and trump vs. Hillary im going trump. I listed them in favour of marijuana. Hillary scares me there, sanders is great. Rubio was horrendous and cruz is better than trump cuz hes a constitutionalist who isn’t a big government fan

  8. The Republican is not the party it once was. When you continue to vote that way you are setting up yourself for disappointment over and over and over again. It is incredibly short-sided for you to name democrats as idiots. A different way of thinking is still thinking. democrats do not follow blindly, unlike what is a current trend in the GOP. Example is obviously Trump, but Cruz is the latest. The Senate despises him, yet they are saddled with the need to endorse him just to fight Trump. It would be horrible to vote for someone whose philosophy of life contradicts your own. The GOP will have to be dragged to the congress floor to vote for the things that a majority of ALL Americans want – legal marijuana being one. I would imagine that the GOP is being bought by big corporate conglomerates who would lose some of their profit if marijuana was legal. The prison system, now privatized, gets paid by how many inmates they have. I would imagine the tobacco industry falls in line there too. I’m sure Big Pharma wants to do what they can to stop this from legalizing too. Not saying that they are only on the GOP side but the GOP does seem to “fall in line” with what their corporate PACs require at all expense. Maybe it’s time for you to learn more about politics and not just push that R button without thought and investigation in 2016. Remember, when it comes to WAR,
    it’s always the GOP that declares it. War on Drugs is what is in the way of legalization.

  9. As a lifelong republican, I always voted a straight “r” ticket, called myself a conservative, and on the issue of marijuana, which I see as a personal right, a freedom, a states issue, a choice not for government but for the individual, I must admit I’m saddened by the closed mindedness of many on the right who I always thought, since I first voted for bush in 2000, were as anti-government, pro-individual as I was. I believe democrats are for the most part, idiots, but on this issue I agree with them way more than the party of rush Limbaugh and myself, or so I thought. Maybe I was never invited to be a conservative, after all, since I don’t believe in government, police, but do believe in laws, and feel marijuana is actually tame and not even as seductive in comparison to alcohol, tobacco..Anyway, nice to see this get passed. .. now, onto recreational.

  10. Democrat, of course, but also a very brave man.

    > During the 2000 season, the longest season in the Division II school’s history, Sims came out as gay to his teammates.[6] In doing so, the regional All-American and team captain became the only openly gay college football captain in NCAA history.


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