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Wear A LIVESTONED Wristband To Show Your Support For Marijuana Reform


livestoned cannabis wristbandWe have all seen wrist bands for various causes, and I have always wanted one to symbolize the marijuana movement. Fortunately, my search is over, as our friends at LiveStoned.Org have created a green wristband that symbolizes what we fight for everyday. I got mine right in time for the Cannabis Cup in Denver. I can’t wait to walk around at the event with my LIVESTONED wristband, as well as when I get back to Oregon. Everyone I come across will see the band, and many will ask what it stands for, which gives me a perfect opportunity to provide some education.

About LiveStoned.Org:

“LIVESTONED.ORG is a medical marijuana awareness resource supporting advocacy, education and safety. We believe in your decision to be green and taking a stand with the only arms we need. By wearing the LIVESTONED wristband, or anything with our message, your statement supports change and promotes awareness. We are committed to educating our community about the benefits of medical marijuana. Conversation is education and knowledge is power, be that spark.”

“We don’t live in the same city or belong to the same collectives, but we are one green community. We are motivated by progressive state laws and propositions [Ex. California Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420] and we are dedicated to spreading awareness.”

“We educate. Advocate. We medicate. We are the seeds of change taking root across the world. The medical marijuana community is a progressive and dynamic force banding together as a family, we strengthen our cause.”

“By joining Team LIVESTONED, your support aides medical marijuana awareness and the drive towards legalization. Whatever your personal benefit, whatever your mission, your green counts. Buy something at the “Donation Shop” and a portion of the sale goes towards supporting a greener tomorrow.”

Go to LiveStoned.Org today and pick up your wristband today and help support marijuana reform!

live stoned marijuana wristband


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