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WebMD Poll: Medical Community Backs Legalizing Marijuana


medical marijuana doctorBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

An estimated 70 percent of physicians acknowledge the therapeutic qualities of cannabis and over half believe that the plant should also be legal for non-medical purposes, according to survey data released this week by WebMD/Medscape.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents say that cannabis can help in the treatment of specific diseases and 67 percent say that the plant should be available as a legal therapeutic option for patients.

Oncologists and hematologists were most likely to express support for the use of cannabis for medical purposes, with 82 percent of those surveyed endorsing the plant’s therapeutic use. Rheumatologists (54 percent) were least likely to say the cannabis provides therapeutic benefits.

Regarding the non-medical use of cannabis, 56 percent of physicians surveyed say that they support making the plant legal nationwide for adults. Recent national polling data indicates similar levels of support for marijuana legalization among the general public.

Over 1,500 physicians representing more than 12 specialty areas participated in the survey which possesses a margin of error of +/- 2.5 percent.

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  1. This guy is a narc from Orange NJ, Using the name Sammy, beware this is a landline, DO NOT CALL!!!!!!!!

  2. Enuff of the bullshit,Obummer;get off yer ass and end this inhuman cannabis prohibition!

  3. It’s not at all surprising that an overwhelming majority of doctors express support for the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. What’s shocking is that the federal government continues to refuse to recognize any “currently accepted medical use” in the face of piles of incontrovertible evidence.

    As to the second prong of Schedule 1 classification, that cannabis is “one of the most dangerous drugs of all… with a high potential for abuse”, it seems quite pertinent that a majority of physicians support RECREATIONAL use too- would they do so if cannabis were truly as dangerous as heroin, ecstasy and LSD?

  4. Just curious as to after following all that has been said and done in recent months that i have not seen anything mentioned of the HUGE benefits to the planet that are to come from legalization, think about the air, trees being saved, products generated by free growing hemp. It is a very exciting time for the world with its very own Maryjane not being brutally hunted down and destroyed by the law, having said that i wonder how many environmenatlists and groups will get behind it, maybe we need to mention these benefits that are just as epic and important as the medical bennys duriing these legislation make overs

  5. I wonder where pain management doctors landed on the opinion poll. Prescribing opiates without effective laxitives. Miralax has had a fda warning on it since 2011 yet peg polyetyhlglycholene is still the only effective laxitive for oic opiate induced constipation. This drug is in a lot of other food stuffs as well, causing a slow poisoning of those who have to take pain meds. Canabis is the only remedy for these people and yet they have to tolerate regular drug screens by these doctors to get their meds

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