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Weed Country: Another “Non-Reality” Reality Show On Marijuana


cannabis plantBy Keith Mansur, Oregon Cannabis Connection

“Weed Country”, a new reality series about a famous marijuana region in California, premiered Wednesday February 20th on Discovery Channel. In this newest take on the marijuana trade, Discovery Channel takes viewers on a journey through the old “Emerald Triangle” of North West California and its new regions, which stretch clear into Southern Oregon’s southern counties where I reside.

After only one episode, it is obviously a typical “non-reality” reality show similar to both Moonshiners and Cops (fair notice: I hate reality TV). Not only does it put a bad light on medical marijuana, it sensationalizes the cops, the growers, and the distributors into a prime example of bad “reality” television.

A major focus of the first episode was on law enforcement officers in the “Triangle” area, and certain Sheriffs to be exact. Some have launched a crusade against marijuana, medical or otherwise.

They also focus on a couple of growers in Northern California who grow and supply medical marijuana to locations south of the “Triangle” and the many issues they face.

In the episode, only six minutes is spent on patients, and only one of them spoke about the difficulty of access to medical marijuana. The two patients were sincere, but hardly typical. One is a Mom who was treating her epileptic son, and the other is an ex-cop from New York City, now living in California, who’s condition is helped greatly by cannabis.

Utilizing creative editing, the Discovery Channel went to great lengths insuring an exciting first show. They filmed a “staged” assault by the Jackson County Oregon’s SWAT team on an imaginary grow site, supposedly for training purposes. They filmed numerous aerial shots of Oregon grow sites, many of which were clearly legal grows with just 24 plants in some gardens. All the while, officers, including Sheriff Winters of Jackson County Oregon, comment on the size and scale of the grows.

Their editing went overboard when one of the growers starring in the show, Mike Boutin, was headed to Redondo Beach California to deliver a parcel of medicine, a trip the show called a “drug run” down the coast. The narrator explains during the drive that “bandits”, as well as police, are problems for couriers on that highway, and of course a suspicious car begins to follow Boutin. He pulls over to the side of the road to let the car pass with a look of concern of his face….The next sound you hear is the sound of a gun cocking, like Boutin is “prepared” for anything! Cut to commercial!

Of course, the car drove right on by.

“That’s Bullshit!”, I screamed out loud. I don’t think he would be carrying a gun, and I’m damn sure he wouldn’t cock it unless there was a serious threat, not just a passing car! That was creative editing, for sure.

As it turns out, I was right, as the producers actually exposed themselves later on in the episode.

When Boutin returned home, and his German Shepard did not meet him at the driveway, he displayed extreme concerned. He had left his wife alone with the dog for two days. Boutin explained that if his dog was not there to greet him upon his return, he would get very suspicious. In fact, he was so suspicious, he went to the wood pile…by the house…and grabbed a loaded handgun…from the wood pile…not his car…where he was supposedly “cocking” a hand gun earlier in the trip!

That makes no sense, at all! He would have brandished the gun already in the truck from the moment he stepped out to look around.

Sheriff Mike Winters Loves Prohibition

Sheriff Mike Winters Loves Prohibition

The most ridiculous law enforcement statements came from Sheriff Mike Winters, who hates marijuana and thinks it is the downfall of America. He seems to believe he can end the war on drugs, even if he does it alone.

In reference to those who believe in marijuana legalization and controlling it like alcohol, Winters said, “I don’t believe it. I’ve seen a decline, in my opinion, of America from great to good. I don’t want to see it decline.”

“Drugs are going to be the downfall of this country, and I’m going to stop it,” Winters further exclaimed to the camera.

Discovery Channel even edited a segment together with images of Mexican cartel busts, a body on gurney, and images of weapons. It made it appear the medical marijuana grows were creating the problems. In the scene, Sheriff Winters even implied “people” are using MS13 gang members to protect their gardens and that there had been “officer involved” shootings.

MS13 gangs protecting OMMP grows? That’s just ridiculous. I know a lot of medical growers, none have heard of such a thing.

As for “officer involved” shootings, From what I found in the past five years in Jackson County, only two marijuana grows that were raided and had shots fired. In both cases, only the police fired their weapons.

In one instance from August 2010, a man, who was believed to be from a Mexican cartel and growing illegally on BLM land, was shot dead by police after they spotted him near the grow. According to reports, the man never fired a shot at police.

The other was a raid on a legal Oregon medical marijuana garden last fall in Gold Hill, Oregon. The only shot fired was, again, by the police, and fired accidentally. The OCC reported on the raid last Aug/Sep 2011 (see it at www.oregoncannabisconnection.com). During the raid, an officer accidentally discharged his weapon into the ground, leaving the bullet behind as a souvenir for the raid victim.

Arguably the most disturbing comments from Winters came the very same day the episode aired on Discovery Channel. On the afternoon before his big network TV debut, he handed pink slips to 66 employees of the Sheriff’s department, citing both cutbacks from Federal sources and an unforeseen increase in PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) funding as the problems.

Of course, all of this is due to budget cuts and increased PERS funding he saw coming almost nine months ago. Dave Crosley of PERS said to KTVL TV, “We let employees know in October of 2012, what the rates would be beginning July of this year.”

Winters avoids responsibility for the department, and the budget, he has run for 10 years, including their new headquarters which opened last spring in Central Point, Oregon, or their new construction project on the Sheriff’s old office in Downtown Medford. Not to mention, catering to Discovery Channel’s producers and cameramen, flying helicopters around to locate medical grows, and wasting the departments budget filing lawsuits and appeals to stop legal Oregon marijuana patients from possessing a Concealed Handgun License. (See the OCC Aug/Sep 2011 issue for the story at www.oregoncannabisconnection.com)

Instead, he proposed layoffs during a televised press conference. He warned county residents that there will be fewer rural patrols and an increased response time on calls in some areas. Messing with peoples lives inside the sheriff’s department and out seems to make Winters feel powerful. He may call it leadership, but those who understand call it hubris.

With five more episodes to go, and another show filling the time slot in April called “Pot Cops”, we can be assured that the law enforcement will get their message across. How can they miss when Discovery Channel sensationalizes everything and makes them out to be heroes that are fighting a battle, and a “winning” battle according to Sheriff Mike Winters.

Weed Country is terrible, and does not favors for the marijuana industry, especially in Oregon. All those wanting to end marijuana prohibition should let them know at Discovery Channel. Visit the “Weed Country” Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/weedcountrydc) and Discovery Channels website (http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/weed-country) to see the show and to let them know how you feel.

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  1. Natalie Weeds on

    I know for sure that the show is 100% scripted. My co worker is an actor and just finished a lead role in an independent file. His “wife” is the good looking girl in Weed Country. Lol. She’s a paid actress/model. Hey, TV is TV and reality TV is just for entertainment purposes only.

  2. I get what you are saying! Its OBVIOUSLY staged and allot of it for entertainment purposes! HOWEVER it IS DOING a MASSIVE amount for showing the world that their is a HUGE need to decriminalize/legalize this AMAZING plant!!! If it can educate the world…I don’t care if its staged!! :) James (New Zealand)

  3. Garrett Martin on

    How is the show Cops a typical NON-reality reality show? Cause I would say it’s probably the realist reality show on tv lol.

  4. Garrett Martin on

    Also, during the episode it was never once said that Mike had all his money in the bank account. I know growers that have bank accounts, just because someone has a bank account doesn’t mean they HAVE to keep ALL their money in it. Mike was trying to get a plane ticket when he noticed his account was gone, if he didn’t have a ba how would he get the tickets? Actual credit card? !ell that’s really no different from a b.a.

  5. Garrett Martin on

    THAT’S the reason you were skeptical? How about that, and oh, I don’t know, EVERYTHING else about the show!!! Hahaha. I mean I’m only on the 3rd episode right now and the event you speak of hasn’t even happened and the ZERO question in my mind that the show is fake/scripted. i just can’t help but picture you watching the show all the way up to that point, all super into it, thinking it’s real. Then the bank thing happens and you go “Heeeyyyy, wait a gosh darn minute!!” haha. OK OK, we all get it though, your very knowledgeable about how to operate a grow business, we’re all very impressed. ;-)

  6. Who was that asshat cop that said marijuana is ‘worse’ than alcohol? Ha ha ha ha haaa…

  7. Seemed scripted to me, also.
    Plus, just boring, they spend 50% of the show on the set up and 25% re-covering the exact same shots and voice overs they just showed before the commercial break. The remaining 25% is fairly predictable (after so much build up) and not really all that interesting.

  8. Interesting points. Reality T.V. is far from reality. What intrigued me about the series is that it did give a handful of growers a voice. I live in the area where the growers were filmed. The growers in the series live in Northern California, in Trinity County. It’s comforting that even though the show was over edited, it included real scenes from real medical marijuana farmers.

    Marijuana is big in Trinity County. The county only has about 15,000 residents. It used to be an area that thrived because of logging. The logging industry went under, and there was a short period where most of the people in the county lived in poverty. Now, because of the marijuana industry, the county is thriving again. The scene’s with B.E. smith and his farm are very accurate and true to the nature of farms in this area. The biggest myth about marijuana is that it is an industry controlled by drug cartels and criminals. Most marijuana growers in this area have small plots. If they sell their pot, they use the money to supplement their income, to raise them, if not on paper, above poverty line levels.

    These people chose to live in an economically challenged area because the land is beautiful and uncrowded. Marijuana cultivation allows the waitresses, and janitors, and secretaries who populate this area to live here comfortably, to keep their lights on, to keep their families fed.

    Though the show is over the top, it did show, to some degree, the dynamic that I just described.

  9. The reason I was skeptical to the show’s reality is because the bank closed Mike Boutin’s account. What self respecting weed grower trust’s the banking system? Everyone knows they’re connected with the government, even if he is growing legally why take the chance? Everyone knows the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Always have some stashed somewhere else and only a little in the bank just for paying utilities and such.

  10. Come on people. Use your googlefu to confirm whether these people are real and some of the things stated in the show are correct. It took me half an hour to find links to documents on other websites that show these are not made up characters. Here are a few:

    Nates webpage talking about the CBD rich medication he developed in the show!

    NORML’s website http://www.norml.org/ has a search option and if you type in B.E. Smith you will get several documents with references to him and his trial in 1999 as was stated in the show. One such document is at http://norml.org/legal/item/boston-college-law-review-footnotes-ii

    On the above document, if you do a Ctrl+F (firefox) to search for the text Smith you will see several references to his name. Under the second occurence you will see a URL to a page I couldnt get to load. However the URL http://weedvote.com/woody_harrelson_%20and_defense_lawy.htm leads to an obviously easy thing to look up and confirm, ie, Woody Harrelson is in someway involved with B.E. Smiths case.

    This CNN report talks about the whole thing and even lists Thomas Ballanco as B.E. Smith’s attorney who Smith has with him when first talking to Matt Shotwell. Its about 5 mins into the second episode. You wont see him again but the point is that all these people are easily confirmed if you just use a litt common sense when googling.

    And a third person who is without a doubt real and is very easily identifiable is the guy who the author of this article painted red eyes on up above. Sheriff Mike Winters of Jackson County, Oregon. This guys identity was REALLY easy to confirm. Just go to Youtube or Google and type in Sheriff Mike Winters. He is a very vocal critic of marijuana and anything he deems to be unchristian (only guessing),

    Now this documentary didn’t include his words because they think that what he says is “the truth”. They included it to show what the nutcase critics of medical for marijuana use will say and as “Keith Mansur” clearly said, these things are idiotic. Of course they are Keith. I don’t know if you have noticed the shit that goes on in your country, (I’m from OZ) but all your politicians talk like that, especially right wing republicans and their supporters like the so very humble Sheriff Mike Winters.

    The show is real. Its subjects are real people and despite the dramatic tempo of the show making it look more like an entertainment piece than an actual Documentary, it gets many of the different opinions in the community out there. Discovery Channel has obviously not tried to take a side but they have shown very well by the fact that Nate Morris has performed a miracle by reducing a young boys “Ten siezure a day” epilepsy down to one a week. Well done Nate and well done to discovery channel by showing this.

    And to Keith Mansur and your comment “fair notice: I hate reality TV”. some people can handle weed, some people can’t. You are obviously highly strung and I have a feeling that for you, weed is probably not the answer. Nor is commenting on a show that you had decided to hate before even beginning to watch it.

  11. That show made me laugh, prohibition or no prohibition marijuana will always be here. I am 45 years old and starting smoking weed in my twenty’s. I have a normal life and have worked and payed taxes all my life as well. I can buy weed any time from numerous dealers and have never had a problem getting it. That said it hasn’t ruined my life i have never committed a crime to get weed I have never committed a crime while high on weed and it never was a gate way into hard core drugs for me like they say it will do. I would like to see it legalized just so the drug cartels and terrorist who grow for quantity and not quality would have to find another way to get money. Oh ya I laughed when that cop on the show says ” we just saved another kids life” after that raid they did on a grow, c’mon dude why aren’t they going after the meth labs or crack dealers.

  12. Staged…poorly! Putting aside for a second that Shotwell is an actor, I just caught the episode (no, I have no idea why I actually watched it, but that’s my problem) where he rolls up on Boutin’s farm looking to make a buy. I think it was the final episode of the season. Shotwell appears to have wanted to visit Boutin, cash in hand, ready to make a buy…except there’s one problem…BOUTIN AIN’T HARVESTED YET?!?!!? So we see Shotwell getting aggravated that Boutin won’t just sell him some pounds so he can be on his way, but ANY PERSON THAT OWNED A DISPENSARY (and many, many people that do not) would know that those plants were at least 7+ days away from being ready for sale. So, from just a pure “storytelling” point of view this whole interaction does not make sense. What’s really sad is that if they were going to stage the whole thing anyways they could have hired all actors and said that the characters were created by blending several people’s stories and that by staging stuff they could actually give a more accurate representation since the real players would never allow themselves to be filmed.

  13. nonsmokermyself on

    Now that you have seen the entire season (one would assume), do you still feel the same? Or did you notice the way that the law enforcement’s statements and claims about growers and users were subtly contradicted by showing their actions and behaviors in real life? The show actually ended the season with a montage of summarizations & statements that dispelled the myths about growers and users, and by way of editing, showed the flawed nature of the cops’ claims.

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  15. You ain’t seen nothing yet & most of what you said went right over the heads of the Koolaid drinking Nobs
    The UN’s Agenda 21 dictates our domestic policy from the local , state & federal governments. The Illegals are as I write this -Flocking at our Southern Borders like Locusts waiting to Swarm and why not – Free Housing, Free Medicare , Free Food Stamp Cards , Schooling for the Nina’s and College for the older Kids. Do the tax paying Americans want to pay for all this ? Hell No but no one in Washington cares – a Coup Happened and our Government is no longer run by true Patriotic Americans – Why in the hell have has Homeland Security been buying billions of rounds of Ammo , thousands of assault military weapons , armored vehicles , etc. Why have Patriotic “we ain’t gonna roll over Americans been likewise buying up guns and ammo like it was free ? Why – we shall all see – prepare for a Civil War II Cometh Your Way Soon

  16. There actors; not a real show. One main guy on this show is an actor. (Does not look good for credibility). The dispensery own er is on 2 shows?.. Matthew Shotwell … Role of Kevin Cross …. I (Almost) Got Away with It: Season 4, Episode 3. Got to Silence a Witness (20 Oct. 2011). TV Episode – Crime … Episode credited cast: … Matthew Shotwell

  17. (They are actors). The dispensary owner; Matthew Shotwell … Role of Kevin Cross …. I (Almost) Got Away with It: Season 4, Episode 3. Got to Silence a Witness (20 Oct. 2011). TV Episode – Crime … Episode credited cast: … Matthew Shotwell

  18. Matthew Shotwell … Role of Kevin Cross …. I (Almost) Got Away with It: Season 4, Episode 3. Got to Silence a Witness (20 Oct. 2011). TV Episode – Crime … Episode credited cast: … Matthew Shotwell

  19. Are these actors; or is this show real? One main guy on this show is an actor. (Does not look good for credibility). The dispensery own er is on 2 shows?.. Matthew Shotwell … Role of Kevin Cross …. I (Almost) Got Away with It: Season 4, Episode 3. Got to Silence a Witness (20 Oct. 2011). TV Episode – Crime … Episode credited cast: … Matthew Shotwell

  20. Good information. I saw on tv one of the cast of this show acting in another show. On “I almost got away with it.” The man that had his dispensary in Valejo, Ca. raided; did an acting job on the other show.? He played a bald thug. This made no sense at all?

  21. Gene Bellamy on

    I would agree when it comes to keeping armed growers off of public lands but crusaders like Winters and Sgt. Gilley come across as Rambo wannabees intent on ridding the world of the evil reefer. They go way beyond “just doing my job”. They are a good example of what is wrong some cops today.

  22. Gene Bellamy on

    Now that this show is over I agree with JtR that it made law enforcement (particularly Winters & Sgt. Gilley) look like mindless clowns. It was difficult to watch and hard to believe that these crusading world improvers actually believe this crap! I thought the new show Pot Cops (1st episode) was better. It portrayed the cops as being more about doing their job as opposed to being crusaders. Maybe it’s all in the editing.

  23. Sadly, I don’t think this show would exist without a certain amount of sensationalism. I tend to look at it in the light that: at least people are being educated about the process and details of MMJ. I agree the cops look like ridiculous cowboys chasing plants.

  24. I thought Pot Cops was a unrealiztic show also. I noticed how often the producers made it seem like every grower was armed and ready to shoot at the police. I dont smoke marajuana but I thought our country was, a democratic society where the people vote on how they want it run. I have learned otherwise in the last year. It seems to me, we have become a dictatorship run by the DEA and DOJ. This has become so sad. We are being run by a bunch of cops ever trying to increase their budget.

  25. LOL – Cops today don’t give 2 sh*ts about any laws – they do want they want, when they want- Police brutality is completely off the charts and only going to get worse, hopefully the recent Supreme Court Decision will keep these thugs more in line. In my area they chased 2 unarmed men – riddled their car with over 140 bullet hits , shot both innocent men dead, yeah they enforce the laws anyway they see fit

  26. hookedonhelping on

    Mike Bouton, request me please as a friend on FB; Carlo D’Angelo III. I would love to learn a few things from you and perhaps share some knowledge with you as well. You and your wife seem like good people and made a very good call regarding that piece of shit greedy hipster. If you live in the sunshine state, invest in LED’s and power them with the sun.

  27. Juggallo J. Gallo on

    I forgot what we were talking about ,I should stop smoking weed. bad for you memory.something about the first Marine Expeditionary force in Fallujuh if the sheriff mountain raiders in this made for TV sit com wanted to be run & gun Cowboys go up against a force that will fight rather than over kill for some peaceful Pot growers. I have a tip for Sheriff pot stoppers loose those beer-guts before you confront a real enemy like marines ran into in Fallujuh Iraq not Peaceful Oregon / California pot growers.

  28. Matthew Cargill on

    Shotwell is such an 1d1ot, his great “idea” was just like any other normal business plan- and he acts like it is the most unique idea ever proposed. Then he goes on his big “run” and his plan is to follow a geo in a porsche? Why does he need to bring a big fat guy with him and another car? He could of just made the trip himself instead of being so dramatic about everything………Shotwell is definitely a putz

  29. Juggallo J. Gallo on

    The Police do no service to themselves look like some grand pa wannabees wouldn’t last 5 minutes with 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Marine combat team in Battle for Fallujah in Iraq It does not glorify law enforcement and their pointless money burning activities.like Jock the Ripper said. They will look back when the Big Phamacuetical companys are marketing this pot like the oil company’s send us to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight their oil wars .keep that oil flowing .

  30. J Gallo Juggallo on

    The Police do no service to themselves look like some grand pa wannabees wouldn’t last 5 minutes with 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Marine combat team in Battle for Fallujah in Iraq It does not glorify law enforcement and their pointless money burning activities.like Jock the Ripper said. They will look back when the Big Phamacuetical companys are marketing this pot like the oil company’s send us to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight their oil wars .keep that oil flowing .

  31. That Matt guy is an Ahole, cocky and nothin but trouble. Ppl like him sends the wrong impression about why these growers are risking everything to help those who need it.

  32. You are so right. Where are the medically ill people who are being helped? Oh, now they are focusing on moonshine! Really, this could be a much better show, but it seems to pander to the LAW.

  33. This show gives me headaches. I am tempted not to watch it, the Law Enforcement people are so ignorant of what marijuana actually does. Have you ever heard of a person hacking another person because he smoked weed? I haven’t. But alcohol and the over-the-counter drugs produce horrific results in some people. It must be legalized.

  34. you understand, of course….that the cops have ZERO to do with the actual laws…and which laws they are required to enforce right? I know this is a very complicated thought….but the citizens/politicians of those states, as well as our federal government passed the laws, and it’s placed on the police to enforce the law, not make the laws. If you want to change the actual problem, stop blaming the people who are doing there job serving our country, and go after the powers that actually set the laws, like your congressman

  35. The show is fake, funny, entertaining, has some educating factors and hopefully it will get people thinking. I wish it didn’t focus so much on it being medicine, which isn’t so realistic, but show it as being no more harmful than alcohol. When have you seen someone whose stoned getting in a bar fight? Aren’t most DWIs alcohol related? and don’t say it’s because more people drink.. a lot more people smoke pot than you think. and people who smoke pot prefer it over alcohol. Most people who are anti-pot have never smoked it.

  36. Why don’t people understand? The show is obviously pro-pot. It’s showing how stupid these pot cops look. Most of the air-time is dedicated to the growers making their “medicine”- not saying I don’t agree but it’s kinda overdone, most people use it in recreation. Can’t anyone understand what is implied? Or does the show have to spell it out for you?

  37. I’v watched the new show twice and for the most part it’s not all that great except for the fact it shows just how totally ignorant the law enforcement community is over marijuana both recreational and medicinal,I have to wonder if they have the remotest idea as to just how stupid they make themselves out to be

  38. Correction, cops is as real as reality tv gets. Especially with all this bullshit on nowadays. You can’t script episodes of cops.

  39. Tragically, our TV habits can and have shaped our Mass Media and denied “Actual Reality-based Issues” shows/documentaries and instead
    led to “SWEEPS” inspired Fraudulent-based efforts to capture/secure
    eyeballs in the 3 months local TV news sets their next `Ratings Period’
    revenues… for the car, drug co. and ins.ads that fill our eyeballs for the
    next 3 to 5 months… They are February, May and November… and why
    you and I CAN’T get(beg,buy, borrow and/or steal) your local news to do
    ANY REAL REPORTING of ongoing crimes, be they white collar corrupt
    or the less `Interesting’ forms of criminality like your local governmental
    agency’s lack or interest or effort in those areas… to investigate, arrest
    and prosecute themselves… The result: very low(accurate) information
    voters, leading directly to an illegal alien’s enabled protected primrose path to the presidency and the disgrace now of his second term.

  40. I smoked for 35 years daily and stopped cold turkey with no withdrawals or side effects. Addictive, I think not…
    BTW, the show is “just another made for TV” show. Maximum overly dramatized. Ridiculous…

  41. The Discovery Show Blog is totally censored , probably by Homeland Security Gestapo . So Why aren’t these police in California going after the real criminals ? Why waste Tax Payer Monies going after citizens growing medicine? And it is in the Constitution that A States Rights Supersede any Federal Laws Applying to that state – so where are the legislators to stop the shutting down of the dispensaries? Well it’s all about the money and these individuals are collectable with their large bank accounts , dope (and yes they steal the dope to sell themselves a cop is the biggest hypocrite known to man) jewelry , cars , property , etc.. These cops need to be going after all the MS13 gangsters and the rest of the Mexican Drug Cartel and stop the flooding of Meth and Heroin into this country?

    The real scam is this fact – The Lawyers , Cops , Judges , Local Government Officials , Court Employees , Prisons , etc need to have weed to be illegal as they just make way to much money on it. These Tax Parasites need the revenue especially in these harsh times. They truly don’t care about anything else but getting that revenue and that is why they don’t go after the real thugs – that’s just to hard of a job.

  42. These cops are a joke and totally clueless. This plant has been proven beyond any doubt to be a healing herb in many different applications. They are just trying to save their jobs as they are true tax parasites. Cops love busts as they get to steal and steal they do – drugs , cash O they love that cash – cars , guns , jewelery , boats , art airplanes – really unbelievable what they get away with . Go after the real thugs – the MS13 gangsters and their Meth and Smack that is flooding all across America

  43. These cops are so f’n clueless acting like they are saving the world – this plant is proven beyond any doubt to be medicine – these tax parasites are just trying to save their jobs with revenue – cops love to bust as they get to steal and steal they do

  44. what is this nonsense i don’t even..

    snap on a bluetooth headset and you may notice a change in your personal life

  45. If you hate reality tv, then why do you blog about it? Unless you think we like to hear you whine?

  46. Show is awful. Everything staged. Pure garbage.

    And poster “Jason Wilson” clearly has some connection to the show.

  47. Oregon indoor is where it’s at. All you clowns just need to go to Mexico with all those fucking grease balls and grow that garbage. You fucking thousand dollar a pound fucking idiots.

  48. bouton should go be a cop with with his brother who’s coat tail he rides, what a fag. and shotwell is a pile of shit with a hot girlfriend that he just can’t afford anymore because he aint ever earned shit and he’s a scared little bitch.

  49. I long ago realized that all reality tv is nothing of the sort. I live in the area where they film MTV’s Buckwild and have seen firsthand how fake it really is. They tried to pay a bar owner to use his bar to stage a fight, they were shocked when he turned down their offer of $2000. They are now trying to harass area farm owners into letting them use their property for filming next season.

    As for Weed Country, much like moonshiners I have a hard time believing that those people willingly go on camera using their real names and really do what they supposedly do. It wouldn’t be hard at all for the feds to find out B.E’s grow site and shut him down. The feds like high profile busts and they would be all over this one if he was really growing.

  50. The biggest problem I see with the way the pro MJ folks are depicted, all the talk of making money over shadows the medical aspect of the plant. The guy that had his shop closed is only worried about the cash and keeping his lifestyle up. He talks about getting the medicine to his patients but only as a after thought, his main focus is to keep dealing and making money. I live in the East and like seeing the gardens and healthy big plants, I don’t like the main focus on dealing dope.

  51. I could tell in the first five minutes of the show it was all acted out. Reality TV my ass! Yet another stupid peice of TV prime time trash.

  52. Lorilee Stuck here in Ohio on

    I too use when I’m not able to function (I have a blood clot and tumor in my head),with migraines from Hell and don’t get me started when it comes to nausea! Cannibus is the most natural “Drug” in the World that works better than most prescriptions!!! You do not get addicted….to marijuana…I don’t care who you talk too! Physicians here in this Federally run state (Ohio), rather have u addicted to opioids than help you get disibility….they call it (Therapeutic)!!! I’ve been denied after struggling for six years. Cannibus is the only thing that helps me get through the day. When the Federal government tries to knock out the Cannibus growers and pat their fat asses on the back…..all they are doing is making more money and clientele for the Drug Lords down in Mexico….which sucks because Mexican dirt weed is Nasty!!! It WILL give you a headache! So while they take away a way of life for some and a way to make a living….all the Feds are doing is setting this country up for Anarchy and a Huge Uprising from the People who really made this Country what it is!!!!

  53. Okay. I just watched the second episode. I still do not see this an anti-cannabis propaganda. The cops are doing what cops do. The growers are doing what growers do. Forming opinions is left up to the viewer.

  54. They never really got to the cops hiding out in the woods. They just gave a taste of that so far. I believe they are trying to give a balanced perspective. I think they went way more into what the weed growers were trying to accomplish. I will give this show another airing.

    BTW…I’m in Washington.

  55. You do make some very good points. Many of us in the know forget the ignorance that the mass public has on the subject with all of the ins and outs and injustices. But little nuances like the mentioned gun cocking sound, etc. and other visuals are ingrained in the viewers mind as they learn about and consider whether they want change the status quo or not in their own hometown. This media sensationalism to get ratings has a much greater influence on the public perception than maybe you are know.

  56. I don’t have TV so I missed it, I did see the shorts on it though and your article confirmed my suspicion. Who would actually think there’d be a non-biased show on Marijuana on prime time TV on the Discovery Channel? Now there’s a pipe dream.

  57. hit us up on twitter night of the show, some cast members are twitting live..on weedcountryfan on twitter..im nicholasblk420 on twitter, ill be answering question about cannabis and how i have heal myself with the use of cannabis and organic foods…weed country is everywhere

  58. thanks for watching weed country and remember it as long as we free the cannabis we have done our job, see you next week….weed country is everywhere..

  59. Farthest thing from the truth I have ever seen. No one growing pot around here walks around carrying a gun being all paranoid like that. They made it out as if the growers will stop at nothing to protect their crops, when in TRUE reality it’s in back yard, and no we don’t have guard dogs and traps protecting it. I live in the Emerald Triangle and it’s total BS how they portrayed this area. The only thing to be afraid of around here is men in dressed head to toe in camouflage carrying full auto assault rifles and wearing masks.

  60. A thinking American on

    Are you serious? It was so biased and non factual to the extreme. You obviously don’t live in the area they showed. It couldn’t be farther from the truth! It was not a documentary at all, but a scripted (poorly at that) anti marijuana propaganda film. How would you like it if they came into your town and just made up whatever lies about it they wanted? I don’t even want to go hiking or camping in the woods anymore, not because of the alleged pot growers (which I have never seen) but because of these cops, armed to the teeth, hiding in full camouflage. What a waste of taxpayer money. They should have showed our roads and streets, which for a fraction of what they spend on their gear, helicopters, and personnel, could have been repaired. So sad what passes for reality these days…

  61. A new low for Discovery. The show was the most bias piece of propaganda I have ever seen, filled with lies and deception. They permanently damaged how the rest of the world views this area. I am way more terrified of these trigger happy, MILITARY STYLE cops than any of these alleged pot growers. What a total waste of Tax payer money… must cost millions of dollars to buy those helicopters and the latest, top of the line, Military gear they are using. So ridiculous it makes me sick to my stomach. Thanks Discovery!! Never watching any of your Non-Reality shows ever again!

  62. One can only hope the citizens of Jackson County will see what an idiot they have elected as Sheriff and will dump him next election

  63. Worst part of the show: the phony suspense at the end of the show when mr. Grower comes home from his “drug run”, “where’s my dog? He can hear me a mile down the road!” Only to find the wife and dog 25 feet away sitting on their stoned asses in the house on the couch. Worst suspense for a reality show yet. This show is taking reality tv to a new low. Complete waste of time.

  64. I live in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. I grow as do all of my neighbors, in our backyards. I know people like those depicted on this show, but they really are far and few between. The majority of us are just farmers. I certainly don’t have a gun on my property. Pot growing has kept this sleepy little town alive. We are friendly, peace loving people. Not paranoid idiots (well most of us). I love my life and my lifestyle. Just wish our way of life was not so sensationalized. It frightens my family and friends back east!!!!!

  65. Jock the Ripper on

    I think just the opposite. It does not glorify law enforcement and their pointless money burning activities. It makes them look like a bunch of cowboy-wannabe-soldiers-of-fortune. Hopefully people see first hand the amount of waste & ridiculousness put into “hunting” weed grows.

  66. I fiind it funny that you describe this show as a “disgrace”. Sure it’s sensationalized, but it’s getting the conversation out to the masses in an entertaining and informative way. It’s the type of show that will bring the show to the mainstream. A little sugar helps the medicine go down. At the end of the day I saw a show that introduced 2 points of view that will get people talking and debating.

    Sounds to me like the haters are just jealous they don’t have a platform of their own.

  67. hey buddy, its ok to be mad and sick..i was too until i left nyc and came to california to heal with cannabis…i hope you feel better by venting..but realize this, from your soap box, everyone on that show is putting their freedom in jeopardy.. for all the people including you

  68. I thought this was VERY well done. This documentary needs to be seen. I don’t think the sound in the cab was a gun. Sounded like it could have been a seat belt. I wonder if it was dubbed.

    I watched it on the Internet, and loved the irony of the Abilify commercials, with all their warnings about diabetes, death, stroke, growing three heads….

  69. They tried to cover way too much. People are grounded in what the police believe and how they act. Giving them three minutes is plenty to get their message across. Then they try to deal with something as complex as low THC and high CBD strains for use with a child that has uncontrolled epilepsy in a minute or two. No way that can be presented in any real way in the time they devoted to it.

    It does show the reality that it has been legal since 96, but the police have not stopped trying to stop it in all that time. The grower they highlight making a run is either paranoid, or they scripted things the way they thought it should be, or times have become very hard in the Emerald Triangle. The claim that gang members are guarding grows is an old one that has never been substantiated at all, but the cops like good propaganda.

    Give it another week before declaring it useless, but if it is the same old BS next week, it can pretty much be written off as nothing but more BS.

  70. i just posted this on the shows FB page..
    someone who is sick and does use this for medicine I am happy when the
    positive side is shown in the mainstream media… Yes at times you do
    just that.. HOWEVER, in general, YOUR show is a disgrace to the efforts
    that those of us actually fighting against the propaganda that our
    country has been fed since good ol’ uncle Henry started this war on the
    American People by it’s own Federal Gov’t.. You say your showing it is
    helpful to society but that can only occur when you actually
    communicate to your audience that it IS helpful to society… That’s
    what we are complaining about.. Don’t get some lone ranger sheriff as
    your focus… Focus on the ways the patients are helped by this
    medicine.. DO something to aid the people whose HEALTH depends on this
    plant… I didn’t ask for severe nerve injuries resulting in partial
    paralysis in the form of something rare called Cauda Equina.. My 27th
    surgery is soon… Without using it I would be on over 1,000
    pills a month but with it I’m only on a few a day.. Show the public
    the real side instead of sensationalized TV land drama.. The reality is
    far different than you show. I myself am very disappointed with the
    Discovery Channel that your the voice that’s being heard across

    ps. Message me if you ever want a
    story to share of the reality of use and benefits and struggles of being
    sick in NY trying to make a living independently due to your
    disabilities and watch your Gov’t criminalize you and society demonize
    you just because they can’t make a buck on your medicine… 27th
    slice-ification is in a few weeks… i know better than most what the
    “Reality” is… just use your show to help the cause by taking a stand
    WITH us… Show the resources @ tax payers expense wasted by law
    enforcement in this fight and that we “users” are more than Red Eyes,
    Guns and Twinkies.

  71. I loved the show. It is more along the lines of a docudrama / scripted reality. In other words it weaves a story, while containing factual information. I bet the production company paid the sheriff’s department, so whining about the cost of filming the police, most likely brought money to the department. As far as the drama from the growers, that gets people to tune in. Showing a child using cannabis is risky business in the current legal environment. MAJOR props to the mom! And also to the former NYPD officer who is now a patient! Another EXCELLENT character to show! Yea!!! Discovery!!!! Thank you!! Cops and Kids using cannabis and NOBODY DIED!! The fact that it shows him EATING cannabis and not smoking it. And OH What was it he said about “cannabis MOVES BLOOD?” Who knew? Most of America doesn’t!! That is for sure. You went into this expecting to trash it. Your riding on the coat tails of what appears will be a very successful show. It is entertainment TV for crying out loud. What do you expect? Turn you dial to a news channel if you want to hear about your local police budget, and layoffs.

  72. I tend to agre with this,I am no lover of the so called reallity/non-reallity shows that have taken over the airway’s.The thing with marijuana though is the fact that this shows more bad than it does good.Marijuana should be legalised for all adut’s to use and for medicinal purposes as well nation wide.There is not one vible reason by the gov
    not to do so.It’s virtually totaly harmless to use if used with a vaporiser which eliminates the only bad hing aboyut it which would be the tars from smoking it is say a joint and or bong.It’s more mentally addictive than it is physically so as well.other country’s have already made it legal for adult use with great positive results and now latin america is getting ready to legalise it as well because lie all of the others they see the potentials in legalising it and we would have the exact same positive results if we legalise it as well as we are no diferen than the people of the country’s that have legalised it and are going to do so,plus there’s the treamendous amount of revenues to be made off of it which would out do both all tobaco and all alcaho producst sold each year and that would benefit every singlre person in the country in on way or another so to legalise it is the only intelligent and logical thing to do

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