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Weed Not Greed Cross Country Tour


weed not greed tourWeed Not Greed Cross Country Tour Is Out To Educate YOU

The Weed Not Greed Tour is making their way across the country this summer with an energized and educational campaign to inspire American citizens to take back their right to benefit from the magnificent cannabis plant. Cannabis Information Network, LLC (CIN) will hit the highway and pound the pavement to hear what everyday Americans have to say about Marijuana Prohibition while sharing the facts and good word of the versatile plant.

Founder and organizer of the tour and CIN, David Kowalsky, is optimistic, “The time is now and the people are ready to be heard. We want to be loud enough for Washington to hear that it is the People that want to make the decisions about their own health and happiness – and Cannabis plays a positive role in many of our lives. Environmentally friendly fuel can be produced from the seeds, cloth can be made from the fibers, medicinal value is proven, and new jobs in a legal industry would instantly spawn by the thousands!”

The Weed Not Greed Tour will travel by bus, beginning in California with multiple stops along the way and culminating with a rally in the heart of Washington, DC.

A National Tour Educating Our Nation On The Benefits Of Marijuana & Hemp. Together We Will Grow & With Your Support We Will Make This Happen!?

Project 1

?To educate the younger generation on the proper and appropriate use of marijuana/hemp, to advocate for the repeal of marijuana prohibition and to explain why using synthetic marijuana is not a smart thing to do.

Project 2?

?To educate the general public on the medicinal benefits of marijuana.

Project 3

To create and attend as many marijuana legalization events as we can once on the road.?

Learn how you can get involved and go to WeedNotGreed.Com or email David@WeedNotGreed.com.


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Johnny Green


  1. This is a great idea, America has too many misconceptions about marijuana! All of this fake synthetic weed has demonized the real natural cannabis! If people knew the truth the “drug war” and all of the senseless death & misery would end immediately! A government at war with it’s own people will never know peace! 

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