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Weedmaps Makeover: Welcome to THE GOOD STUFF!


weedmaps logoMy friends at WeedMaps have been up to a lot lately. Namely, a new look for their website. WeedMaps has been the leader of the ancillary marijuana industry for a long time now, and with well over 1.5 million visitors a month, I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. Below is more information about their revamp courtesy of the WeedMaps newsletter:

As you may have noticed, Weedmaps has a new look. We’re still the same Weedmaps and we’ll still find your bud–but there’s so much more in store for us as legalization nears. And we can’t wait to grow and share this green future with all the patients and team members that make our community so strong. While we know change is hard, you’ll all be very happy with our vast improvements.

Weed lifts your mood. And good weed puts a smile on your face. We were the first to help you find your bud and now we’re on a new, similar mission: to be your ultimate guide to “The Good Stuff”. When you walk into a dispensary, you might not be feeling good. But once you leave that dispensary with your medicine and the goods, you will be happy. This remains our steadfast goal: to make your life easier and to lift your spirits. Weedmaps is more than just “the Yelp of marijuana”: we’re a community. From the highest rated dispensaries and strains to the coolest cannabis products to original video and written content to the most active social network of Marijuana patients in the world–we’ve got all your medical marijuana needs in one spot and it’s about to get even bolder, bigger, and better.

Simply put: we know what’s good with more than just weed and we want to share much more of it with you. Here’s a glimpse of what we currently offer and a peak at what you can expect from Weedmaps in the very near future:


-Daily deals and discounts in your area.

-Search over 3,500 Dispensaries

-Browse over 30,000 lab tested strain results

-Check out Over 60,000 high resolution pictures of cannabis

-Peruse 60,000 cannabis products–coming soon!

-Hang-outs and events with high-minded people

-Listen to exclusive, curated Smoke Session mixtapes

-An improved “Smoking On” section that unites stoners from all over the world

-Watch hours and hours of original content, as Weedmaps TV releases become more frequent and even more compelling

…And so much more! As cannabis continues to gain popularity and enter the spotlight, our mission remains steadfast: to continue to progress and grow as we strive for the common goal of all-out legalization. We want to bring our very strong–but often disconnected–community together to fight the good fight, and above all else: have a good time doing what we love to do.

We hope you enjoy the new look as much as we do. Now please take a moment to check out the new digs and go Find The Good Stuff!


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  1. sincerely dissapointe on

    the new weedmaps website sucks. The whole reason anyone uses weedmaps is to point out dispensaries on a google maps setting, click and have reviews and a menu. Now they have giant markers for the ones who pay them the most and their map is half its normal size because of weedmaps TV (who cares?) and chat questions eg. “what are you smoking?” (again, who cares)

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  3. Todays movement to legalize Marijuana is going to collapse like it did in the 1970s. History is repeating itself. The new drug warriors have come up with so much new propaganda about how we dont need to legalize marijuana because of this hysteria of “big marijuana” targeting kids. Its a redd herring to keep Marijuana illegal where there is no legal market, there is no right to possess marijuana and no right to homegrow. They say that having marijuana treated like meth is a public health and “smart approach”. They sound so convincing and speak so clear that the people who dont care about marijuana will immediately be against it. The poll numbers for legalizing marijuana will drop like a rock. Use among kids could go up in Colorado and Washington and theyre going to blame that on legalization so our rights get taken away! Theyre recruiting young people and liberals to join their side. So much clever propaganda to get the public to support marijuana prohibition.

    Im not going into any more details, but im sure YOU KNOW what im talking about! Nows NOT the time to relax and assume Marijuana legalization is inevitable. A major major threat is coming. All your allies like the Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, NORML, MPP, LEAP is gonna be marginalized and pushed into the fringes. There is a very dangerous man out there with the power to change the course of history so marijuana legalization never reaches the finish line. If we dont get more and more states to legalize marijuana as quickly as possible, then Marijuana prohibition is doomed to last for an eternity. We cannot have states with legalized marijuana with the federal government placing it in schedule 1 at the same time for much longer. Either the 2 marijuana legalization states and the 20 medical marijuana states get phased out under federal pressure, or more states legalize until the feds legalize it. The biggest threat to medical marijuana is NOT the feds or the DEA, its SATIVEX! These new drug warriors want to paint real natural marijuana is phony folk medicine while forcing you to buy big pharma drugs like Sativex. This is all an attempt to ELIMINATE the real medical marijuana and the homegrows the patients need.

    Think im crazy? Think Im WRONG that the Marijuana legalization movement is already pretty much over? Watch what happens in 2014 in Alaska when the bill being pushed to legalize marijuana FAILS! MPP is confident it will pass but I have a sick feeling it wont thanks to you know who. If Alaska in 2014 fails, then theres gonna be a whole lot of infighting about why they didnt pick Oregon or California in 2014. Then watch what happens in 2016 when states like California, Massachusettes, Maine, Nevada, and Oregon also push for marijuana legalization through ballot measure and they ALL GO DOWN IN FLAMES!

    Just watch what happens in 2014 and 2016. If you think Marijuana legalization is gonna move in the same path as civil rights, womens rights, gay rights and the abolition of slavery, then your in for a rude awakening. Every single marijuana user has to join DPA, NORML and MPP right NOW just like the NRA members. I know your under siege. I dont use marijuana, but i KNOW YOUR RIGHTS ARE UNDER ATTACK!

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  5. This transition reflects the end of an era, the closing of a chapter. WM was fired up after California Prop 215 first past back in 1996. Now, as the medical marijuana conversation grows into a much bigger and better discussion – legalization. WM has given itself a facelift – looking to appeal to those not already saturated in the THC rich world. http://bit.ly/Monterey-Bud-FB

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