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Weedmaps Sends Hundreds Of ‘THANK YOU’ Letters To Dr. Gupta From Hempfest Attendees


weedmaps sanjay gupta seattle hempfest thank youBy Barry Poppins

The entire Weedmaps crew hit the Pacific Northwest three weeks ago for Seattle’s first LEGAL Hempfest when we weren’t handing out free swag (or shotguns!) at our booth, we gave marijuana enthusiasts in Seattle the opportunity to thank Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN for their recent, revolutionary documentary, “WEED.”

It was amazing to see how many members of the marijuana community both knew what we were talking about and wanted to send a personal thank you note to Gupta for helping change America’s perception of cannabis as we progress towards legalization. Here’s the official Press Release from Weedmaps:

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon, CNN medical advisor, and President Obama’s first choice to be his Surgeon General, may be the most famous physician in the world, so when he recently reversed his position on cannabis, with an unprecedented “mea culpa”, it was world news heard everywhere… except perhaps the White House.

Justin Hartfield, Weedmaps founder and NORML board member said, “We decided that our booth at the Seattle Hempfest should give attendees a chance to say “Thank You” and we collected over 285 letters expressing our community’s gratitude for his intellectual honesty and moral courage.”

Hopefully Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s stance will influence other state officials and the federal government for more progressive law-making similar to what happened in Washington and Colorado. “With a majority of the American people now supporting legalization, we hope that President Obama will follow the recommendation of the man he wanted to be his Surgeon General,” Hartfield added.

If you’d like to send Dr. Gupta your own message, just drop him a line to CNN’s Headquarters in Atlanta, GA (190 Marietta St NW) and tell him Weedmaps sent you!

weedmaps sanjay gupta seattle hempfest thank you letters

Source: Marijuana.Com


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