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Weedventures – Extract Artists Unite Secret Cup Part 2


Gil visits Denver, Colorado to attend the first ever gathering of the nation’s greatest extract makers known as the Extract Artists Unite Secret Cup–an extract competition that pits 30 extract makers’ most prized creations against each other for the title of World Champion. In the second part of this two part episode, Gil discovers the origins of the Secret Cup from the event organizers themselves, plays with some of the toys of one of the industries more respected glass makers, and witnesses the crowning of the top 3 extract artists in the world.

***Johnny Green side note – Until I see Seattle Medical Cannabis Cup winner Ganja Jon given a chance to compete, I’m not convinced!***


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  1. Thanks for the post. I was wondering where and when is this happening in Denver, and is it open to the public? And if you want to check out some healthy and mind changing ganja treats feel free to check out my website and blog at ganjalicious.com.
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