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Weedventures – LA Secret Cup 2013 Part 1


I will always feel the need to point out that the winner of the Seattle Med Cup, Ganja Jon, was not present at this event, and so at least one of the best concentrate makers on this planet was not present, but the event was still pretty damn cool! The next secret cup has emerged in none other than the City of Angels, where another batch of the nation’s top extract artists pitted their creations against their fellow makers to see whose concentrate tops them all. In the first part of this two part episode, Gil takes us to the judging house, where over the course of two days, 34 judges/entrants will sit down together to test and score one another’s concentrates.


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  1. Stan Sinkler on

    Maybe you should start shaving your head. The THC isn’t on your hair it’s in your hair. Too bad you didn’t do a little heroin or maybe smoke some crack. Your not missing a job opportunity, the company is losing a dedicated employee.


    month and three days ago I took a few hits from a small pipe of pot. It
    was mostly like 4 to 5 smalls puffs…. Anyways, I just recently took a
    Hair drug test. I was wondering if the weed will show up positive on my
    test because I just got this amazing offer with a company and cant
    imagine of losing it right now. I dont even smoke and it was a one time
    thing with friends. I workout almost every week two or three times for
    an hour or so. My body fat right now is like 8 to 10 percent and my
    weight is 165. Im 22 years old and my metabolism high for me being in
    good shape. Before taking the Hair Test my friends told me to buy a new
    towel, comb, and this detox shampoo thats suppose to work. Well The next
    morning I woke up around 6:45 am and followed the procedures my friends
    gave me and was in the shower for one hour. Then I didnt touch my hair
    after getting out. Three hours go by and I take the test…. Im really
    scared of not passing the test and wanted to get everyone’s opinion on
    it. Please comment!!!

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