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Weedventures With Gil At Seattle Hempfest 2013


Seattle Hempfest performersIf you weren’t able to make it to Seattle Hempfest 2013, you really missed out on a lot of good times. I wasn’t there, and I’m still hearing stories about how much fun it was. There will never be another ‘first legal Seattle Hempfest’ which is kind of sad, but luckily Gill from WeedMaps was there and shot a bunch of amazing footage.

Catch a ride with Gil as he ventures to Seattle for the first and biggest legalized marijuana festival in the world. If you couldn’t make it, it’s worth the watch and if you have gone it’s worth remembering the great times at such a historical event for everyone who loves weed as much as we do.


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Johnny Green


  1. Johnny Green

    The fact that I haven’t been to a Seattle Hempfest before is probably my biggest failing as a cannabis activist and consumer. But I will definitely remedy that next year. Keep doing what you guys do, and let me know if you guys ever need me to help!

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