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Welcome Portland NORML’s Newest Board Member, Leia Flynn


leia flynn portland normlWe are excited to announce that Leia Flynn has joined the Board of Directors of Portland NORML. She will be our new Volunteer Coordinator.

Leia is a former Correctional Officer who turned Cannabis Activist in 2005. She served on the Board of Directors of Oregon Green Free as Treasurer from 2011-2013.  She has worked as Legal Assistant to Leland R. Berger since 2012.

Leia brings great energy to our Board and we are excited to have her assistance in coordinating the many wonderful volunteers who have offered their services.  If you have previously signed up to be a volunteer,   please give Leia a moment to get settled into her new position and you should be hearing from her soon!

Please join us in welcoming Leia Flynn!

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  1. Leland R. Berger on

    Not just Legal Assistant, but Office Manager, Industry Insider, and self-described Pot Snob. The whole entire operation would go down the tubes without her. Proud of her agreeing to serve on Portland NORML’s Board of Directors.

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