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Welcome To The Future: Thanks I-502 And Amendment 64


washington state legalizes marijuanaThe future is here, or at least in Washington. Even though I’ve been against I-502 for personal reasons (making marijuana commercial), I will undoubtedly embrace the new situation here in Washington. Being that I’ve stood against it, I’ll be the first to thank those that got it through. Even though I don’t like the law, I do like the conversation that it has started. Even big money can’t corrupt the one love bud as long as its good. No matter how I feel about things the War on drugs and the legalization of marijuana is bigger than me.

What I find most reassuring about the passing of I-502 is that over half of the registered voters voted yes. With that, I propose that the quantity of smokers in this state is very large (It seems you can’t judge a book by its cover). The reason I point this out is because a large number of patients voted against it. Whenever one of my non-smoker friends asked me where my vote was going, I would explain to them why I didn’t believe in it as a purist but they believe this is the right direction. Statewide legalization is a great step, but I only wonder how long it will last. Perhaps the only thing going for this legislation is that it will be controlled by the state thus making any federal threats weak when they threaten dangling carrots.

The face of marijuana is ever changing with the recent dropping of it from D.A.R.E. program to Robert Platshorn’s “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?” campaign but the fight isn’t over. We still have to worry about things like employee rights, parental rights,renters rights – as well as 48 other states and the Fed.

It’s a great thing that has happened for the movement or cause pending on what you want to call it but there’s still much to do. Just remember weed was legal at one time in Alaska and it took 3x for medical to stick in Arizona.

I want to thank all the I-502 supporters for pressing on and creating a bigger picture conversation. Even though I don’t agree with the law, I do agree with the message. As time goes on the rest of the nation will see that Washington and Colorado did not collapse due to some form of legalization, in fact it will prosper.

When 502 passed a lot of belly aching occurred among the patients, I say suck it up. We all voiced our opinion and despite best efforts the pro-502 campaign had a shit ton of money that went into marketing and squashed all the naysayers. Marijuana is now somewhat legal or at least it is not frowned upon especially in my state where more than half of the voters approved it and that doesn’t even include all those that use it.

Ironically my prescription expired on Nov.5th, the same day weed was made legal in Washington. I’m going to enjoy smoking the last of my medication and to find out more of how to get legal weed process. Whose going to own the shops? Where will they be? Where do I apply? What are going to be the checks and balances and how much goes to the state? Its a whole new world, just like when medical first got into play but nonetheless there will be new jobs, new taxes but best of all not new problems. Life happens and if anything weed makes it all better and who doesn’t like that?

Much respect to all those involve in this campaign a thank you but don’t take a break. As a smoker I don’t feel any safer from my life being ruined by something I believe in, it already has that potential being I’ve been ignoring a 2 gram ticket in Wyoming that my employer knows nothing about. Other people still have a say in my life if they don’t like my smoking; my employer, my renter, anyone with a hair up their ass against me can use cannabis use against me in a court of law. But I do appreciate the conversation and sentiment with whats been done. As we grow up we have to recognize certain things, you can’t always get what you want but if you try sometime – you just might find, you get what you need.

The battle against future wrong doings from the failed war on drugs has yet to be done. Just like how the corporation you work for can fuck you in the drive-thru so can the government in a world where weed is federally wrong. Thank you weed warriors, to the Eddy Lepps, Chris Williams, and Randy Lleibenguths of the world. The conversation is getting better hopefully the rest of the world will wake up to the failed war on drugs. I look forward to telling you about the new Washington and how long it last.


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  1. Sentence correction: Why do you want adults to buy weed from sleazoid dealers and growers who don’t care if their clients go to jail?

  2. Steve, you are no friend of cannabis. Why do you want to jail adult users for weed? Why do you want adults to buy weed from sleazoid dealers and growers who don’t care of their clients go to jail? You don’t deserve to be around cannabis. Cannabis is for free thinking people.

    For Miggy: While I disagree with your opposition to I-502, I appreciate that you have come around and want to move forward. Steve should take a lesson!

  3. I don’t live in WA but you know what, after 502 passed I didn’t feel so much like a criminal and I hope the patients up there realize that too. Keep it up on the DUID thing, you’ll be proved wrong in the end. I have 7 years of experience with a law worse than “yours” and I’ve never had an issue due to something called “responsible use”.

  4. I never disagreed with you, thats why when the law first came about it was a series of mixed emotions but in the end I voted against but never held any resentment for those pro-. I mean how can you be mad at anyone that wants pot legal, thanks for stopping by.

  5. Look everyone, it’s Steve Sarich! And he’s still spewing paranoid babble! Isn’t it great that we can now just point and laugh at him instead of taking the time to address his ridiculous arguments and bullshit assertions?

  6. “The Liquor Control Board will be consulting with the Federal DOJ and come back with the decision that it’s Federally illegal and so they will not come up with the rules and regulations.”

    Why would anyone expect anything else?? In a state that showed support for Obama’s re-election at 60% it’s NOT lost 3 time zones away what we’re trying to do here. Former federal prosecutors and a LOT of state & county police officers on the front lines that have stated support for “trying something new” are going to count for something positive when it comes to the other Washington either going along with this or suggesting the state get back in line and keep prosecuting use the weed IF this state doesn’t want to lose millions in highway funding, say for instance. Anyway, the longer we don’t hear from Washington DC the more sure we can be that they’re most likely still….”discussing the matter” trying to come to some sort of arrangement or agreement FIRST right around that meeting room table there at the Whitehouse amongst themselves, though with a room full of liberals that shouldn’t be difficult. Were Romnesia elected, he’d be calling for an invasion force (“federal help”) to be assembled & used to “take the other Washington back from the pot terrorists who obviously have at least subverted the entire state.” So yes (as for the election results)…..it COULD be worse!!
    IRREGARDLESS on December 6th as far as the state of Washington is concerned, marijuana possession & use of an ounce or less is legal if you’re 21 years old and will NOT be prosecuted any longer UNLESS you’re behind the wheel (but that along with “growing your own” is a whole nother post or two). That the feds couldn’t get a conviction on pot charges around here due to sympathetic, moody & nullifying juries not going along, about all they can do is to make pot an accompanying charge should you fuck up and do something the feds will prosecute you for. Otherwise it IS a new day, around here anyway as far as pot goes. And it’s about time….

  7. “Even though I don’t like the law, I do like the conversation that it has started.”

    So after the election you are getting my point. Better late than never.

  8. And the Washington State Patrol is already pulling over patients to take their blood. Welcome to the “brave new world” of “legalization”….and it’s not even December 6th yet.

    When the numbers start coming in for all of those “legal” smokers and patients charged with per se DUID’s instead of “possession”, we’ll see how much everyone likes the new law.

    The Liquor Control Board will be consulting with the Federal DOJ and come back with the decision that it’s Federally illegal and so they will not come up with the rules and regulations. There go all those millions in state taxes.

    And please don’t use Eddy Lepp’s name….Eddy was definitely not in favor of I-502. Ed Rosenthal was absolutely opposed to it. And Jack Herer would have been its biggest opponent had he lived to see the government taking over control of cannabis production & sales…. and calling a bill “legalization” when you can still go to prison for growing a single plant in your own home.

    We’ll see how happy everyone is in January.

    Steve Sarich

  9. As for the Dare story, you can’t get too mad. It seems like a realistic possibility and in fact will have to be a necessary one here in Wa and in Co. We try to pass on as many positive marijuana stories as possible with limited resources. As for me being against 502, I’ve shared my reasons and am now pressing on in the new era.

  10. http://www.kndu.com/story/20006739/d

    It’s getting phased out in some places, which is a victory.

    Also, to avoid misinformation, we invite people “inside” the story to write about it. Miggy is a medical patient in Washington and I think he has been very gracious in laying out his argument to oppose I-502. Tho I disagree personally with his argument, I respect his opinion and his right to express it. He was never rude or attacked anyone, and I appreciate this.

    I’m sorry for any problems you may have and please email me any inaccuracies so they can be fixed ASAP.



  11. DavidTheExpert on

    Sorry, I’m just getting fed up with some of the articles on this blog. They’ve seemed to be riddled with misinformation and misdirection ever since election night. I’m not too happy with the fact that you were against I-502 either. We don’t need prohibitionist squabbling within the movement.

  12. DavidTheExpert on

    Another terrible blog post that failed to do any fact checking. The DARE story was INCORRECT! MARIJUANA IS STILL IN DARE’S CURRICULUM.

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