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West Virginia Veterans For Medical Cannabis Rally Is Wednesday


ptsd second amendment military veteran cannabis marijuanaThere is a rally occurring in West Virginia on Wednesday. American veterans deserve to use medical cannabis and shouldn’t be forced to use harmful pharmaceuticals if they don’t want to. Below is more information about the rally via the event’s Facebook page:

Sign the petition!

We are uniting at the West Virginia State Capitol Building on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 to call on our state legislators to act now to allow VA medical centers in our state to recommend medical cannabis to WV veterans.

Let us know if you need help getting down to Charleston on the 26th. We will try to work out as much carpooling as possible. Comment or send an e-mail to WVvetforcannabis@gmail.com

The United States Senate passed a funding bill in November, ending the prohibition of medical cannabis at VA clinics. The 2016 Appropriations Bill permits Veterans Administration doctors to recommend marijuana to their patients in states where medical cannabis is legal. The problem is, West Virginia is not one of those states. We will gather at the capitol and demand the WV Legislature grant equal access to veterans in our state.

West Virginia veterans face a wide range of ailments as a result of their service to our country. As many as 20% of veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress or Post-Traumatic Brain Injury. Another 54% experience varying degrees of insomnia. Many veterans experience chronic pain. Worst of all, an average of 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Veterans are typically prescribed a wide range of prescription drugs to treat these illnesses, each of which carries risks and a long list of potential symptoms. Studies have shown cannabis to be an effective and less dangerous substitute to provide needed relief for all of these health problems without adverse side effects.

Veterans make up over 167,000 of the state population, or over 9%! It is time for West Virginians to stand up for our veterans.

We are taking a three-pronged approach to attack this issue. We are going to petition the WV Legislature; we are going to write letters to our state representatives and the leadership; and we are going to hand deliver both of these during a protest at the WV State Capitol Building on Tuesday, January 26th 2016 at 1000 hours while the legislature is in session. Sign up to attend the protest on this event page.

We also ask that you take a minute to send a short letter to your state representative using this easy tool:


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  1. Where do I sign up? Vet of War on Terrorism Iraq and Afghanistan. Been out since 2013 and I had to self medicate with various combinations, over and under the counter, to offer most relief but also provide it the fastest. As you can imagine there are countless cocktails one can try and test but in the end, my agnostic prayers were met from the most unlikely source or in my mind or vice versa. I received a D- in my common sense 8th grade class while putting most my efforts towards becoming a super awesome grunge musician or pro skater sponsored by Alien Workshop along with my imaginative best buddies Ed Templeton and Rob Dyrdic before he sold out to Mtv but will confess imo had best show song than all the others including The Sopranos which says a lot. “Let me tell ya bout my best friend lalala” Your welcome ?. I’m 100% convinced (in my specific case) medical marijuana is by far best treatment for anxiety and depression. I experimented with weed when I was a spring chicken and can swear on my life I vowed 22 years ago I’d never give it up lol. A vow many have made but seldom kept. Now low and behold I’m now lifting that naive adolescent vow made so long ago. I’m currently still in the claims and pension portion of my octagon cage VA mixed martial farts match. I honestly intended to never file a claim or schedule a free checkup after I got out for reasons I’ll bring up later down this horrible essay. Its almost a sure thing with being awarded a purple heart for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) with loss of consciousness under 5 minutes. This injury took place in Bagahdad 07 and was the 2nd IED/EFP my truck sustained. Was only an E5 during this and other than S.Korea my first taste of combat operations, as an 11 Bravo Victor (Infantryman with Airborne Ranger designator). Finally got a taste of the good sh!t I had trained for so long and intensely to fight in. In other words, grunt heaven, if there ever was one. Realize I’m coming off as a rhetoric Ahole that wants to force my accolades or war stories on this community but I assure you that’s not my gig. I very rarely speak about the military and most friends these days don’t even know I was in the Army let alone participated in 3 diff but same wars. I’ll say this one more thing and I’ll shut up. I know in my case I keep war to myself even around other vets for one simple reason. If I open that door and discuss my experiences with you it’s pretty much impossible to keep your interest or have my desired empathy during the ENTIRE discussion. Its impossible. I’ve seen it so many times, once I dive in and see that less than a minute into my obsessive compulsive PTSD rollercoaster ride, your eyes glaze over and you focus on your next moronic question or how to safely back out of my rant. If I’m answering questions about combat its critical that you share my passion or pretend to experience my passion and not just waiting for your turn to speak. FYI folks, never ever ask if and how many people a vet has killed because you’ll most likely get one of two possible responses. First, the dude that was combat oriented has absolutely no incentive to brag or boast to anyone asking. He already knows what he did or did not do cause he lived it along side his brothers and may only give up a smirk. Second, the fobbits(combination of The Hobbit and a soldier that never leaves a forward operating base in theatre) that prob didn’t wipe the sand off their M16 even once have elaborate fantastic war stories like they were so high speed and hooah it’s a breech of security clearance to feed you the turd sandwich their force feeding ya while they binge feast the impressed expression tatooed on your face. Let me be crystal clear. In no way am I intending to belittle non combative MOS’ or military jobs that were crucial in supporting those who were kicking doors in or humping the punishing mountains of the Pech and Korengal valleys of Trashcanistan. Yep, you read it right. In conclusion, the vet that is humble, discreet or reserved are probably the true heroes we should all appreciate day to day. Your other vet that seems to wanna shout from the rooftops they were in combat ops and was a SF 18B(weapons sgt) badass, is most likely an idiot that shouldn’t be allowed to breed or in this case be blessed with medical marijuana for treatment their fabricating or to sponge off DoD and remain lazy or complacent with being a cancer in our capitalist driven society. The practicing shrinks have opened Pandoras box for mental health with little or no screening. I have so much respect all of our father’s, brothers, moms and sisters that served during Vietnam, Korean war or WW2. We can all agree the Vietnam Vets treatment upon returning home was appalling and a betrayal of the highest calibre. They were drafted unwillingly at times or pressured into fighting a political war no one gave 2 craps about until the media shoved brutal images of the enemy NVA or Vietcong consistently being destroyed on the television screens of tv addicted Americans. Leading to civil unrest intentionally created by propaganda from the Soviet Union and China with almost impunity. Our drafted Vets with horrible tour rotations came home to be spit on or called baby killers. Ashamed to show pride for the supposed one sided war that was horrible in ways service members should be grateful they’ll never be subjected to surviving what most accepted and moved on. Its important to point out the labels inherited from WW2 and Korean war Veterans with “shell shock” or “battle fatigue” were actually looked as a weakness to be camouflaged or secret so as to not be profiled or be ostracized, locked up in a looney bin for what then was evolving into a new term known as1000yrd stare usually aimed at Vietnm Vets.. The American society should value and cherish these Veterans for laying the foundations of our mental health we accept today as the standard model for diagnosis. This Ahole is of the opinion that we should make a point to reinforce those who fought by keeping it real and not allowing any Mary, Dick or Tom claim this illness without some real studies conducted to verify they do in fact suffer. The worst we could allow is to let it desensitized by an inundation of bogus claims. I only ask they keep in mind there will always be blue falcons (buddy fu*kers) within our ranks but as time will surely expose the weak and faint hearted but the real deal will never fall for it. Making a claim for PTSD cause that one time when deployed you stubbed you precious toe running out of the hot FOB showers (there were times I would’ve allotted a whole month nontaxed deployment pay for a hot shower) sprinting to the closest bunker cause your “me time” was rudely interrupted by that annoying incoming siren and since it’s now 5 or ten years later that toenail isn’t perfect it’s a classic case for a PTSD claim. Why not, almost anyone can appreciate a lifetime of beer money beginning each month till death do us part. Finally. Make it legit WV! Do the right thing for a change. Praise ya 8 lb 3 oz baby Jesus. Bless these hills with the finest herb east of the Mississippi
    The Lonely Ranger JBA
    Jackson Co
    West by God Virginia
    P.S. Am I the only one that feels like a tool spelling or saying marijuana instead of what feels more natural and less suspicious with “weed” or “pot” ?

  2. Closet Warrior on

    That’s a fact! Go forth and defend your country but by the way, NOT much medical/mental support when you return home! Such Bullshit!!! My cousin was in the Vietnam war and was exposed to agent orange and it deteriorated him from the inside out. The government wanted to silence these types of atrocities so they gave them hush-money and mailed them an allotted monthly amount of cannabis through the mail in airtight envelopes. If they did that 25-30 yrs ago then why couldn’t they truly take care of of the country’s Defenders of Democracy? I will be there in support of my diseased cousin and living Heroes of this great state.

  3. saynotohypocrisy on

    Patriotism is an important part of the culture in West Virginia. But the way they treat their veterans is the opposite of patriotic, it’s despicable.

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