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What Are The Marijuana Laws In Your State?


The always hardworking Russ Belville has created a new graphic showing marijuana laws in America. States are color coded into five categories; legal, medical and decriminalized, medical only, decriminalized only, and full blown criminal. Not happy about what category your state is in? Get active and do something about it!
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  1. Look we all know why the( GOVERNMENT) wont legalize pot. They would not get there kick backs get there kick backs from big (BIG BUSNESS) TOBACO/ALCOHOL/ COTTON/.Why not smoke pot and save your life noooooooooo,
    we all no tobacco kills so smoke pot. Alcohol kills runes family life and makes you puck not pot. Cotton why not hemp lasts longer wears better hemp is used for all kinds of things don’t shrink automobile parts housing all kinds of things. With no real side effect. Now with out the big three there would be no government that’s the real reason. they want to beat the American people down until we have no right at all. WHEN THIS HAPPENS THAN THAY WILL GIVE YOU NOUGHTING NTHINK ABOUT IT LOOK AROUND WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER TO GET WHAT WE WANT COTTON ALCHOL TABACO RUNS THE UNITED STATES SORRY BUT ITS TRUE.

  2. Because all parties involved, including the govt., make a lot of money from prescription drugs and they do NOT want a natural substance available that eliminates the need for their gold mine of profitable drugs, and costs little to produce and cannot be patented. Although, our own DHHS has actually patented the use of cannabidiol, a natural substance, when used as an antioxidant or neuroprotectant. It’s amazing how the govt. can break its own rules

  3. totally dude people with pot are humble and usually think for the better as for alcohol ruined lifes and families, death, and much more. people with pot are only ruined by court systems

  4. If every one that is in favour of decrimnalizing, medical use and complete removal of the prohibition would pick a date and time go to public places across the country and in every State and light up. The laws would be changed by public opinion.. What are they going to do arrest all of us. If pepole would stand up for what they say they believe in it would be leagle by next year. COME OUT OF THE CLOSET and be counted! TURN THE MAP GREEN….

  5. I don’t understand how in my state (Florida) residents are allowed to get oxycontin (“blues”, some people would call it synthetic heroin) with a prescription but, not allowing medical marijuana.

  6. I would be happy if it was legalized in Alabama for medical use . people just don’t understand how much marijuana helps you without having to take all the other medicines that have different side effects .

  7. Sorry, but no, that’s wrong too. Most “Pot peddlers” Don’t sell to kids, its the “Drug Dealers” Who sell not only weed, but crack, coke, meth, heroin, etc. Most of the Pot peddlers as you call them, who specialize in pot, Only sell to adults, or mature teens. I’m a marijuana activist, and I love weed, don’t associate people who just sell weed with total dealers. Thank you :)

  8. People living in Washington State or Colorado-if you release Helium Balloons this Spring with Happy Seeds Scotch Taped to them. DON’T pull a Tommy Chong by putting your Name or Logo on them.

  9. Your fucken stupid y would u want it red all over its the safest thing out there there has never been any deaths in the history of man but yet alcohol and tobacco are perfectly legal killing millions a year and are one of the worst substance is known to man its in the bible god blessed and created it on the third day of creation

  10. Hoping To change Pennsylvania to GREEN in 2013. At the very least, It should be medically available to the entire US (and the world). Open your eyes!

  11. Notice Michigan is legal to smoke for medicinal purposes BUT will not decriminalize it if found to break any of the dozens of strict laws it is STILL enacting. Break any tiny rule, go to jail. Even with a prescription card and Dr. approval. Michigan’s Governor is trying to find the weakest link and it is usually between Dr. and patient relationship.If ever “busted” for infraction, you better bring your Dr. to Court. He/She must be the one to prove a strong relationship(thick medical file) Our Governor makes changes to this law without votes or even discussion nearly every month. For. those of us who need this medication for severe complications to disease, ( I have M.S, three ruptured back and neck discs and anxiety and depression) it is vital to keep up with the ever changing laws in Michigan. I feel like I wear a Scarlett Letter !

  12. i live in one of the red states. while i agree with the fact we should be able to smoke, the people distributing some of that green are piles of shit, pushing it on kids, near schools. LEGALIZE SO WE CAN BRING SOME RESPECT TO THE PUBLIC EYE. all these dirty ass pot peddlers are the problem, its not the plant.

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