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What Are The Strongest Marijuana Strains On Earth: 2014


There are some people out there that prefer medium strength marijuana strains because they can still get things done around the house. I am not one of those people. I want to ride the highest high possible. When someone has multiple marijuana strains to choose from, I always ask the same question – which one is the strongest? If you are like me, you will enjoy a video that High Times recently put out displaying the strongest marijuana strains on the planet right now. Enjoy:


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  1. Thank you for this cool article, way cool. I like weed tooooo.

  2. yes I’m in tennessee and I think all the smokers here would be much healthier and safer smoking medical certified marijuana. I know people shot over it. there’s no reason for that when it could just be legalized. The medical quality is far better than the average dro a lot of people on the streets sell. I believe it’s also healthier and better on the lungs. once some old folks find out about the strong strong well taken care of cannabis these days they will come out of the closet with it and understand why it’s becoming so popular.. Everyone should smoke, or consume marijuana.

  3. Well I have many medical conditions and I need medical marijuana but because it’s illegal in my state I can’t move can’t afford to move and I won’t smoke it cause I don’t want to go to jail but if people really want to help help make marijuana legal in tennessee

  4. what a stupid joke…. those are only mixes!!! a sensi star, mixed with an ak-47, or a super skunk to a northern lights… f3, f4, s1, s2….
    they only sell it!!! brand flashy wonderful new names… just as any other enterprise does.
    there is nothing like growin yer own, most of you should try it.

  5. I had some Maui wowi the other day my friend has been growin it forever and it’s some strong stuff but my favorite is berry X

  6. ROFL It’s not 27% of the bud’s MASS, it’s 27% of the total terpene profile of the plant.

  7. You must have the conversation weed wrongs.the point is what makes weed good or bad or even ok is a relationship between the amounts of cbd, cgb, thc and telephones, as well as moisture content and so forth. There’s no need for that kind of language. If anyone is full of something, you better check your own pants, chilli

  8. you’re so full of it… omfg so full of it. Try and sober up a bit buddy. Then take a moment to collect your thoughts and then repost whats on your mind but be clear in your intentions cuz this last post of yours was a doozy kiddo’

  9. How right you are. I personally have adverse reactions to some medicines. Everyone is different. One thing we can agree on is, that there is a lot more going on than just thc, I think we are getting carried away with this. Why else would your grandfather’s so called weaker pot kick your ass, or energize you. Personally the best smoke I ever had was in 1983 a beautiful bud called Maui wowi, sweat taste, nice clear head, good to the last gram, peace and love

  10. The Grim Reefer on

    If this male is from a good strain you like I would collect the pollen and save it in the freezer in case you want to breed you own strains and hybrids. Keep in mind the pollen from this plant which is a indica would a good one to use with sativa to make it more compact, which would help if plant height is an issue. Refer to Jorge Cervantes cannabis bible for in depth information regarding saving pollen and breeding. Good luck!

  11. I’m not sure I agree that all weed will make you sleep if you smoke enough of it. I have experienced sleeplessness from certain strong sativas. My mind just won’t shut off.

    In the book “Heart of Dankness” author Mark Haskell Smith talks about dankness, what exactly is it? Will he know it when he finds it? Is it an overused term? Is it dank just because it’s stronger? The answer perhaps is that it’s all subjective, and dank for you isn’t dank for me. Whether or not you even believe the THC counts as reported, it doesn’t matter. There is so much more going on in this plant than THC or even the cannabinoids in general. No one talks enough about terpenes. I do…http://cannagramma.com/2013/12/14/medicinal-value-of-cannabis-terpenes/

  12. ive been sayn that ever since ppl started claiming 15-20%+ in Mel Franks book, its said that “very carefully prepared” samples maxd at around 12%.

  13. Sorry but this is truly ridiculous. As if they’ve tested samples from around the world, yeah, right. As if the testing methods were producing consistently repeatable and verifiable results, please. So am I expected to believe the plant flower bud pictured consists of over 1/4 THC alone? That’s just absurd.

  14. Who cares what the strongest. You want people to see this thing as something different than drugs and drug abuse. Who wants to smoke three tokes and be a veg. I can shoot h for that or drink half a bottle of 151 Rum for that. I want to smoke and be cognitive to the world or what I’m doin’ I want to taste good stuff not dirt. or how about finding a strain that helps my medical condition. All canabis will make you sleepy if it’s strong enough or you smoke enough of it. I think most people want an
    experience, a good one at that especially if it’s supposed to be top shelf.
    Maybe I’m just an old sick crazy hippie and I want more than to be blown away, cause I’ve done that. Strong to me does not mean good.

  15. Okay, what gives? The title suggests you will tell us the strongest strains and you then refer to the High Times link to do the same, but without without providing a link. I’m still in the dark about the strongest strains.

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