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What Are You Doing April 20th, 2016?


origins of 420 how did 420 startIt’s getting to be that time of year again. 4/20 is right around the corner, and people are starting to make their celebration plans. I’m in that boat myself. I have a group of friends that are looking to celebrate like everyone else, and it seems like the consensus is we are going to be doing something in Portland. What exactly, is yet to be determined.

I posed the question on social media, and will continue to do so leading up to April 20th. If you are going to a particular event, or if there is a ‘must attend’ event in your area, feel free to send me some info. I’ll try to get it added to the list that will in an article on April 20th.

4/20 is on a Wednesday this year, which always puts a damper on things for people that have to work. But there are a lot of great evening events and other things going on the weekend prior to 4/20. I’ll try to include some of those.

Maybe you aren’t going anywhere, because there’s no place like home. That’s a perfectly acceptable answer too! Feel free to post what you are up to in the comments. Who knows, someone else might be in your area with nothing to do and you might make a new friend!


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  1. Beware of any Portland Mercury sponsored event. They regularly botch every event they host due to lack of planning and the most ridiculous policies (such as making everyone wait in separate lines to check admission, IDs, & event tickets) instead of just walking up the initial line & checking IDs/applying wrist bands/etc. They ALWAYS oversell so you’re fighting through crowds & extensive lines to participate. It’s a buzz kill, seriously. Look up “Weed the People” comments for their last attempt at a 420-friendly event.

    I believe the Mount Tabor gathering could be shut down this year as last year they announced it would be the last due to banning smoke in public parks. I think my group will do a ride-by to check it out.

    Good luck & I’ll be watching your comments for some great alternatives!

  2. I’ve been trying to let people know that even if your currently in an illegal state it’s still important to support ending prohibition anywhere they can. even something as simple as donating money to one of the state legalization efforts can have an impact. While it obviously won’t directly change anything for them right now the more places that are legal the closer we all get to the end of prohibition. I’m glad to see other folks feel the same way . I’m glad I live in Oregon but I won’t forget about the rest of the country that still faces incarceration over cannabis.

    I’ll be doing what I can as much as possible until we see the end of prohibition

  3. I just found TheWeedBlog via Ziggy Marley.Greetings! I am a writer/Reggae Artiste Highah Seekah and also Editor of Artistic Say, a feature of @MJStraightTalk, that showcase activist artists with something to say about Cannabis in their art, music, poem etc. If you know any artists that you think want their video featured on the show, please let me know! (mjstraighttalk@gmail.com)
    Marijuana Straight Talk – A Weekly TV Show Rallies America’s Cannabis Community! So if you’ll be one of those Celebrating at home,
    Watch Our 4/20 Special! Celebrate with us on Free Speech TV: Cannabis: Underground to Center Stage. April 20th 4:20 p.m. & 9 p.m. EST. Dish Channel 9415. DirecTV Channel 348 Or watch it live online at freespeech.org

    Highah Seekah

  4. FINALLY able to make the “pilgrimage” to Denver this year and HIGH TIMES not holding a Cannabis Cup. Shame on Adams County for being sticks in the mud and shame on HIGH TIMES for not having a back up since the REEFER MADNESS contingent apparently still relevant even in CO! So, checking out COLORADO HIGH LIFE’s 4/20 fest on 4/17 and taking a 4/20 tour with them on 4/20. Any other suggestions for festivities during that week are welcome! B@Peace

  5. Peter Greene on

    I’m starting early by going to GanjaCon on the 17th. Then on 4/20 I’m hitting a dispensary of two to take advantage of all the amazing deals for the day. Then home with my buddies gathered around to wait for 4:20pm to really hit the good stuff while listening to some classic Cheech & Chong.

    Also, and more importantly, at 4:20pm I will hit the send button to shoot off emails to ask my congressmen, the White House and DEA to support desheduling. There is going to be a huge thank you letter to Congressman Earl Blumenauer for his determinrd efforts to push for marijuana and hemp law reform. I would urge others to do the same. It’s a very small effort to actively support desheduling by simply writing some emails. It’s not much to ask if you enjoy the end of marijuana prohibition and want to do *something* to support further reform. We have it pretty good here in Oregon. Let’s not forget all the people in less progressive States who still have to depend on the black market and risk legal consequences!

  6. SilentPatriot on

    #NationalBeerDay is trending. I called out @StarTrek for promoting it trying to sell drinking glasses. Set phasers to vaporize! =P

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