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What Are You Doing This 4/20?


420What Are You Doing On April 20th?

That time of year where you toke til you are asleep is rapidly approaching. I am referring to 4/20 of course. There are numerous events on 4/21, but I haven’t heard much about April 20th itself. The Denver Medical Cannabis Cup is set for the 21st, as is the event we are going to – Deep Green Fest 2. The Moscow Hemp Festival in Idaho is on the 21st as well. I suppose we can blame the lack of 4/20 events on the day of the week…Wait 4/20 is on a Friday, WTF?

I remember in the late 90’s, there was a peaceful protest at the Oregon State Capital that I would always attend. Essentially, from 4:15 pm to 4:45 pm, a couple of hundred people would gather on the capital steps and smoke down in protest of marijuana prohibition. The state police that are stationed at the state capital would stand outside to make sure we weren’t unruly, and to keep us from entering the capital with our joints. But if we were peaceful, which we always were, they would leave us alone. Sadly, they don’t do that anymore. Time for a revival??

I’m not sure why they don’t do that anymore at the Oregon capital, but I’ve always thought it would be awesome to do in several states. Could you imagine if all 50 state capitals had people consuming marijuana in open defiance at the designated time of 4:20 pm? Time zones wouldn’t allow it to be simultaneous for everyone, but it would still be awesome. I’d imagine most state capitals are not as liberal as Oregon’s, so the end result may or may not be as desirable. Oregon has the most expressive free speech laws in the country. I can’t say the same for a state like Utah :)

So what’s the scoop TWB readers? What are you doing for 4/20? Not 4/21, or 4/19, but 4/20! Is there an event in your area? Are you a dedicated signature gatherer that is looking for a place to gather signatures? Are you paranoid like some of my friends and just stay home because you know law enforcement is looking for ‘420’ type people? Are you going to stand on your head and take upside down pipe hits? Let me know!


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  1. a half ounce+2 friends+a sick bong+ muchies to the max+entertainment system+great weather=best day ever <3

  2. I plan on going to Central park in New York and lunch my pro 420 t-shirt line come join me ill be there I hope to see you there. #4204life 

  3. Riverguide101 on

    I’m taking my wife kayaking and camping where I proposed to her last year on 4/20 on the kings river next to the buffalo river in Arkansas. The first nationaly protected river in America. Can’t wait. With the high grades to go with it. Good times. Hope u all have a fantastic 4/20.

  4. Elvy Musikka was visiting us last night and has an idea.  She wants us not buy anything that isn’t made from hemp or cannabis.  Worldwide that would have a huge financial effect.

  5. Jury duty on 4/20!? Egads, that’s the worst :( I will be praying for a plea bargain so you don’t have to go and can stay home and smoke in peace!

  6. eating_sunshine on

    Here in Utardia (Utah) I got summons for jury duty.  I have to report to the court on Friday the 13 for instruction, then report for court from the 16 to 4/20.  I thought this was a joke at first, called the secretary to verify.

    If I was paranoid I might think this is revenge for my inflammatory comments in local on line news, over the guy who shot 6 cops sneaking into his house over some personal medical marijuana. (illegal in Utah) Its a long story, but I did poke around in public records and my comments were factual.  If it is revenge, I hope I pissed them off.

    Anyway , maybe i can practice some jury nullification the NJWeedman taught me, here on TWB, that should further piss them off.

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