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What Happens AFTER You Refuse A Police Search?


no badcopsWhat To expect after you refuse a police search

By Scott Morgan

Flex Your Rights has been working for many years now to educate everyone we can about the importance of refusing police searches and otherwise knowing and asserting your constitutional rights when confronted by police. Unfortunately, even if you handle a police encounter perfectly, things can still get pretty ugly. This video discusses how to handle some of the challenges you can run into after asserting your rights:

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  1. what if u put a little cam in ur car and turn it on and have it pointing at the cop tell him its there then talk with him tell him its there for your protiction

  2. dont try this at the airport , the TSA is under FED and this patriot act will keep you there for hours
    just sayin

  3. So, in a nutshell – I do not consent to a search.
    Am I free to go now?
    Are you detaining me?
    I do not consent to be detained.

  4. You should always refuse to let them search your car without a warrant.  Even if you’ve never done anything illegal in your life.  Most states require them to keep you in the view of the cop cars camera so there isn’t much they can do except try to intimidate you.  If they do somehow get a warrant or search your car without one SUE THEM!!

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