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What I Feel Marijuana Entrapment Looks Like


no badcopsAn Oregon Court Of Appeals Case Shows How Far Cops Go To Try To Arrest Marijuana Consumers

The case below was recently decided in Oregon. It is a prime example of what marijuana entrapment looks like, how cops prey on marijuana consumers, and how the Oregon court felt that, “the evidence was sufficient for a rational trier of fact to find that the state disproved defendant’s entrapment defense beyond a reasonable doubt.” Or in other words, the court felt that what the cop did below is not entrapment, which is total BS.

I will be the first to admit that the defendant could have avoided this at multiple points along the way, but if cops can post whatever they want on the internet and use whatever tactics they want to entrap people, that’s a scary scenario. This time it was ‘trying to hook up’ but what’s next? Ever see how many OMMP ads there are on Craigslist in Oregon? How many of those are cops…Read the excerpt below to see for yourself, or click here to read the full decision:

In the early morning on April 18, 2009, defendant was perusing on his computer the “casual encounters” section of the website Craigslist. Defendant clicked on an advertisement entitled “Looking for the right hookup–w4m.” That advertisement read:

“I have tried this before but could not find the right man to come thru. Im looking for some green or X for my kitty. Im a horny thing looking for a hookup. Are you that guy that can step up? Lets make this
happen 2nite. Kisses.”

What defendant did not know was that the advertisement had been posted by Officer Hahn as part of his regular police duties. Defendant responded by e-mail at 6:34 a.m., writing:

“My names Jesse, I’m 26 5′ 10 and free. * * * Let me know if you are interested.”

Hahn, using the fictitious name “Cindy Newsom,” responded to defendant at 6:36 a.m., writing:

“Well you sound good so far but I didnt see that have some bud or X for me? Do you have either an enuf to get with me 2nite?”

Approximately three hours later, defendant replied:

“I have the bud couldn’t find the X. Let me know if you are still interested. Please send a pic.”

Later that day Hahn answered, “I am still interested if you can come up with enuf bud to fuck me, can you make it happen[?]”

The next day, April 19, defendant replied to Hahn:

“Got the bud if you are still interested.”

Because Hahn was off duty for three days, he did not resume his e-mail exchange with defendant until April 22, at 10:34 p.m., writing, “Im still lookin sweety. You wanna hook upstill? Im up alnight.”

At 11:20 p.m., defendant replied, “[H]ell yeah you got a pic?” Two minutes later, Hahn wrote back,”So wut r u lookin 4? Name ur game. The pic, im the one in the middle with the hat.”

Over the next four hours, the following exchange occurred:

Defendant: “damn your hot i’m down for whatever smoke a little bud and see what happens. I also have xanax, valium

Defendant: “hey sexy i am up and would love to kick it. you still down?

Hahn: “Hey, u still there or wut

Defendant: “that sounds cool all i have is a dime. Im going to call my twin to pick up a 20 sack is that enough? I would love to smoke and have some bomb sex. Text me[.]”

Defendant: “Hello sex for bud sonds good to me how much do you need? waiting ti hear back from you[.]

Defendant: “Well damn did I just get all this weed for nothing?

Defendant: “Well let me know if you want to do this another time. Waited but never heard back. I bought a shit load of weed.”

On April 23, Hahn wrote: “Im up early and off to work but Im still down for when i get off 2nite. If you want to make it an alnighter or multiple sex then it will be an ounce. U got a shit load so make it worth it? Deal?”

That evening, the following exchange occurred over a six-hour period.

Defendant: “sounds like a deal. What time and where? I may be able to get some e as well. You are not a cop?

Hahn: “Oh yeah, we can chill at my place since Ive had a couple shots already and my sis is out of town. Hit me back[.]

Defendant: “Yeah i wanna come over. 1 is a little late but sounds ok. Anyway to meet earlier? What is your addy? You are not a cop? Do you have another pic?

Hahn: “You wanna come over say 11p then, I will head home now then, let me know wut ur driving so i can watch 4 ya, house is easy to miss. Not a cop by the way, u bring the condoms then. Here is a couple goodones I havent shared with others. U will like”

Defendant: “Lets say 11:45 send me your addy. I am driving a white Honda Accord.

Hahn: “u get the E to?

Defendant: “about to try and get it. might be a little late.

Defendant: “just got the e u still want to do this?”

Later, on the evening of April 24, defendant drove to the address that Hahn had given him. When defendant arrived, Hahn, who had been waiting in his police cruiser, pulled defendant over, had him step out of the car, and gave him the Miranda warnings. Hahn asked defendant what he was doing, and defendant told him he was there to “meet a girl named Cindy that he had met on Craigslist.” Hahn then asked defendant if he had any controlled substances with him, and defendant handed over a prescription pill bottle that contained less than an ounce of marijuana. Hahn asked defendant “where the ecstasy was, because he said he was bringing it.” Defendant told him that it was at the bottom of the pill bottle; Hahn found one pill there, wrapped in plastic.

Defendant was arrested and charged with, among other offenses, possession of a Schedule I controlled substance.


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  1. That you must resort to lies to attempt to counter the obvious truth says it all. You don’t know anything about me. You are desperately trying to defend your bloody gold mine. You don’t care how many people are destroyed by marijuana prohibition as long as you can keep making bucks off it.
    Take a hike, greedy parasite.

  2. It’s not the actual impairment that is at question. Most of reform leadership knows marijuana is not a significant cause of auto accidents. It’s what voters will expect in any re-legalization initiative.
    Once we end the fraudulent marijuana prohibition, the public will lose their propaganda-induced hysteria and make rational restrictions on all marijuana-related law.
    Until then, it will never happen. Get out of the way of progress. Your bloody gold mine is played out. Start planning to make an honest living.

  3. I do watch the Russ Belville show. Point to the one where Rosenthal says he will vote against I-502.

    I-502 is supported by Norm Stamper, Washington State Representative Roger Goodman, NORML, The Drug Policy Alliance, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, SAFER, Marijuana Policy Project, the ACLU; and NORML’s chapters in Washington.

    You and your few greedy friends are out in the cold, barking your heads off. Your blood money is drying up. Get a real job.

  4. Watch radical russ interview Ed, that is what he says. And you are very wrong about reform leadership, particularly in Washington. There is a huge difference of opinion as to I502 to such and extent that Seattle Hempfest, the largest pro-weed rally in the world, has taken an official neutral position as so many of the board members are spit in opinion. But you don’t live in Washington or drive a car and certainly don’t get to vote against i502, as I will because it is Bad Law and Will Not Pass.

  5. As aforesaid- ‘To automatically assume someone who drives fine on pot would figure the same applies to booze is downright cloudy thinking.’

  6. That tired ‘greed grower’ rhetoric hi-lights an ignorant and shallow understanding of ‘Legalization’. Shows you as the paid propagandist mouth you are Troll. You do not live in Washington, do not drive a car, or care about people or patients, just self-aggradizing yourself by aligning with anything being called ‘Legalization’. 502 is bad law and would hurt real people in the Washington and start a cottage industry of DUIs. You are the very type that supports the duplicitous laws like the ‘Patriot Act’, and love their servitude to the State. If you cannot grow at home, it is not ‘Legalization’ period.

  7. craigslist is filled with lazy vice cops. setting up phony stings.
    when will LEO leave cannabis alone? when the people rise up
    voter initiatives to end cannabis prohibition are a good start , and LEO hates loosing the # 2 cash generator the #1 being alcohol DUI.
    Weed maps is another site infiltrated by LEO.
    Even with medical marijuana laws in place cops still try to bust people.Now the Feds are trying to “shut it down”
    good luck wit dat!

  8. You continue to ignore the paradigm change of marijuana re-legalization. It’s a whole new world where marijuana consumers aren’t persecuted anymore – which will included home growing. I-502 is the fastest way to get there.
    A few greedy growers try to distract from that truth.

  9. I have not heard Ed Rosenthal say he would vote against I-502, and if he did, then he is at odds with the majority of marijuana reform and reform leadership.

  10. DID I SAY that weed was like booze i mearly stated if you were the type to smoke and drive IN MY OPINION you might make the same decision about drinking and driving that all i said and its a opinion and i on the other hand dont just listen to everything norml spouts off allthough i do subscribe to them i offten do MY OWN RESEARCH please do not put words in my mouth simply for the sake of an argument not to mention norml stated that this was a step a STEP in the right direction not that it was perfect and to think we would get a perfect law the first go around is crazy i support the law for this reason if jst one of the three states voting for legalization passes it will force a reaction from the feds hopfully not a harsh one the fact is wash state did the right thing adding a limit now the limit might be off thats up for debate but to just let everyone drive high ass hell with no way to stop it surly would defeat the bill in its entirity and cause a backlash that would inhibit more states from even thinking about a mj reform law

    o and this is to clear up what i said
    “in my opinion smoking jst before or while your driving impairs you true not to the extent that other substances impair you”

  11. Weed is not Booze! To automatically assume someone who drives fine on pot would figure the same applies to booze is downright cloudy thinking. The blood level of 5nano is ‘unscientific and arbitrary’ as admitted by Normal. Weed is not Booze! They are very different on how they effect people. And thank you for not driving on your Klonopins.

  12. hmm i read several articles saying that the blood level in wash state is pretty high what i mean by that is that most people would have had to be smoking just prior to driving… im a regular rec smoker i smoke every day and in my opinion smoking jst before or while your driving impairs you true not to the extent that other substances impair you but thats not the arguement i mean do you really think that after smoking a L of high grade mj you should drive if you DO think that you probly would drink a few beers and think you were fine to drive as well untill you smash into a car allmostkilling or killing someone dont be a tard there are some things you just should not do while driving i do not drive when i take my klonopins allthough i feel fine after taking them the risk to other people is to high i also never drive when im smoking or right after i give it a bit of time to settle down……… and to the point the article made the gov has constantly been eroding the entrapment deffence they use to not be able to hide their cars behind trees bushes and so on and shoot radar now its an excepted practice the same goes for CL the funny part is that they were trading pot for sex when does that happen in reality and for the X he shoulda knew better

  13. Nonsense yourself, Stamper admits it, Rosenthal says it, it is the truth, Cops will be more apt to check for and ticket cannabis drivers with a law and a mandate, that will turn into a cottage industry of DUI’s. I know you don’t care, you don’t live in Washington or drive a car. Anyone not wanting to go to jail for what even Norml admits is an ‘arbitrary and unscientific’ DUI law’ is a greedy grower, right? Oh, and not being able to grow at home, but you can buy an ounce from the State that is ‘Legalization’? No, it is not.

  14. So Ed Rosenthal is another one of your ‘greedy growers’? Wow, anyone with an opinion other then yours is a greed grower, boy have we hear that.

  15. You err greatly in thinking marijuana re-legalization is an all-at-once event. It is a matter of steps. This will not cause an increase in pulling marijuana consumers. It will be less, because when the lie of prohibition is ended, so ends all the ancillary lies, like causing significant impairment.

    I-502, like all re-legalization initiatives is the FASTEST way to get to home growing for everyone. Anyone with a modicum of logic can see that.

    Except for the greedy growers, of course. They don’t matter. Their day is over.

  16. Nonsense. I-502 will put the police on notice that mariuana prohibition is over – including the harrassment of marijuana consumers who are driving while NOT impaired.

  17. I disagree with this. The guy should have known it was sketch. What kind of moron goes looking for pussy on CL ? The guy deserved to be arrested because of the X and the prescription pills.

  18. This is the same thing that the feds did to John DeLorean back in the 80’s. The feds knew that DeLorean’s car company was short of cash, so they got a drug dealer to convince him to buy some coke for resale. DeLorean had never been involved in drugs before, but was desperate, so he went along with the scheme. DeLorean was eventually acquitted on an entrapment technicality, but not after the legal hassles ruined him. Why the fishing expeditions by the govt? Don’t they have real crimes committed by criminals to solve, instead of creating crimes to solve?

  19. Midnight run on

    Next time NEVER ALLOW A COP TO SEARCH YOUR CAR. ALWAYS REFUSE. There was not enough pc for that cop to search him. The kid just gave it to him. Sad.

  20. Midnight run on

    God damn thats FUCKED UP!! Take THAT SHIT TO TRIAL!!! That cop used pussy to get dick to aquire x which he obviously NEVER would have.


    Mr green i really like work. Keep it up.

    1000% entrapment

  21. “Clients”- that is what ‘Ed Rosenthal’ said police will consider pulled-over cannabis users. Ed ‘didn’t know’ if he would vote for i502, the DUI, the no Home cultivation, his main problems with proposed law. Russ smugly tried to talk smarmy politics, Ed spoke truth. ‘radical’ called Ed’s opinion ‘interesting’ with a dismissive shrug. Ed is right, radicals a punk.

  22. I502 would give cops the law and make standard procedure the handing out DUI’s like candy. An entire cottage industry will ensue. Cops smelling weed and making their quotas.

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