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What If President Obama Had Called A Real Marijuana User?


A Response To President Obama’s Recent Harold And Kumar Ad

If you want the President to earn your vote, tweet this:

@barackobama @kalpenn @johnthecho It takes more than lame jokes to earn votes. It takes action. Change the marijuana laws. #EarnMyVote

On September 3, in what President Obama’s press secretary described as an attempt to appeal to “the youth vote”, the Obama campaign released an ad featuring fictional potheads Harold and Kumar. The President asks them for their support and they agree, mindlessly gobbling junk food and chuckling at cartoons. But the Obama administration has waged a war on marijuana users at a faster pace than President Bush, even attacking state-legal medical marijuana at nearly every turn.

This video shows how a call to a real-life marijuana user might have gone.

Featuring Andrew Livingston.

Not suitable for children. Includes graphic footage of Arizona and Missouri police raids for marijuana.

Original commercial can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7O_ADbgQ8k

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  1. I’ve never puffed the magic dragon myself, but I wish they’d go ahead and make it legal anyway. I used to work for the Ga. Parole Board, and there was file after file on inmates busted for possession of pot. We need the prison space for violent criminals. We shouldn’t waste taxpayer’s money on this, and the police need to be able to crack down on the more serious crimes without getting bogged down with crap. I’m not saying I’m going to vote against Obama – it’s like choosing between the lesser of two evils, but I certainly oppose his stance on this issue.

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