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What Information Do Oregon Dispensaries Need From Customers To Sell Them Recreational Marijuana?


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Article update – A very knowledgeable reader (Nick, in the comments below) pointed out that while the information below is correct, it is incomplete. Dispensaries are not required to capture name and ID number for recreational sales, but they are required to ensure that they do not sell the same customer more than 7 grams of flower (or four immature plants) in a day. This is what the current temporary rules say on page 10:

(5) A dispensary is not required to maintain a record of the name of the individual to whom a limited marijuana retail product was sold but the dispensary must have a system in place that is outlined in their policies and procedures for ensuring that an individual is not sold more than one-quarter ounce of dried leaves and flowers in a day or more than four immature plants.

This of course creates a logistical issue. I’m told that some dispensaries take pictures of people to get around this, but a lot of dispensaries ask for ID to get enough info from it to fulfill the temporary rule listed above. I want to apologize to Nick, I know he received some flack for what he was pointing out, but he is 100% right.


I have been receiving e-mails from readers in Oregon who are alarmed by dispensaries asking for their IDs when they purchase recreational marijuana. ‘I do not want my ID number and info on some list for the government to maintain’ is a common statement that people say. And understandably so. It’s great to be able to buy recreational marijuana, but if that comes with being put into some database where all of your purchases are tracked, then is it worth it?

And that of course doesn’t even touch on the fact that we live in an age where identity theft is all too common. If dispensaries capture personal information and don’t take the proper steps to safeguard it, that one purchase at a dispensary could potentially lead to some serious issues down the road. I do know that there are dispensaries out there that are going as far as taking a photocopy of IDs from customers, with others just typing in all of the info, and others just writing down some stuff but not capturing everything from the ID.

So what is required from dispensaries in Oregon that sell recreational marijuana to customers? Below is info from the FAQ section on the Oregon Health Authority’s website:

Q. Are dispensaries required to record the names of those purchasing recreational marijuana?

A. No. A dispensary is not required to document the names of retail customers who purchase recreational marijuana products. However, the transaction must be captured in the Point of Sale system and include the following:

  • ​The type of marijuana product sold
  • The amount of marijuana product sold
  • The birth date of the individual who bought the product
  • The sale price
  • The date of the sale

As you can see, the name of the customer is not required to be captured, nor is their ID number required. Dispensaries obviously have to check your ID to ensure that you are over 21, but they are not required to write down your ID number, and certainly aren’t required to photocopy your license, per the state agency that is in charge of overseeing recreational sales. At least, until the OLCC takes over.


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  1. To my knowledge such things like grafting other species into another is possible but limited in its results. An apple tree branch could be grafted onto a Orange tree and it would live and still produce Apples. However the grafting is like a Human Organ transplant and will not fully incorporate into the host plant and grow more Apple branches nor change the Oranges produced as if it had mingled genetically. They are different species and such a thing is a hybrid man made freak of nature. Don’t get me wrong its cool and I’m all for some Mad Botany!
    I doubt it could be viably reproduced genetically as a new species. No Tomarijuana sauce for you BioMan :)

  2. The activists are the ONLY things driving all of this and without action it would go nowhere. those Bureaucrats are the same scum who want to keep prohibition and they are our enemies and cannot be worked with as THEY refuse to do any such thing or compromise in any way. They are lying murderers and thieves.

    Marc Emery, myself, and others are FAR from irrelevant! Just because the bureaucrats are doing their best to ignore, attack, and destroy folks like Marc Emery just like they ALWAYS have doesn’t mean they are irrelevant but truly shows just how incredibly relevant they are as a threat to the Prohibitionist status quo of lies and hypocrisy. I’d like to see you tell Marc Emery to his face how he is irrelevant and how we need to stop pushing forward and work with “bureaucrats”! HA! You’d be looking even more foolish than you are right now when Marc was done sorting you out!

    You are poo pooing such activists efforts but it is YOU who is the one who is irrelevant having resigned yourself to ‘working’ with lying scum politicians who never have and never will help us truly. We must take every inch. We take a foot and lose 3 inches but it is WE who made that progress not politicians and guys like you telling us all to sit around and vote! bullshit! I vote with real world action and that is the only thing that changes jack shit in this world. Politics come out the barrel of a gun, ie politics=force.

    You say “I’ve decided to ground myself in what is actually possible when dealing with governments.” but what the hell does that really mean? I’m dying to hear how you conceive our movement should make progress then? Write our congressmen!?! LOL! bullshit.

    You sound like a defeatist grovelling and begging the very scum who are holding us back like they will help. That is foolish not pushing for progress. We all should be pushing as hard as possible forward all the time and you are advocating to flounder around ‘working’ with the prohibitionist scum!? that is bullshit.
    Ya sure super fast progress is unlikely but look how much gain we have made! If we all had your defeatist lackadaisical attitude then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. I am PRO-Cannabis and so will push in a forward direction. You are finding excuses to be far less pro active if not drive us backwards doing circles engaging lying politicians.

    You act like you agree with me in general but then act like we should just sit back and wait for lying scum bureaucrats to become saints and the mindless sheep public to grow a brain that won’t rattle around in their skull so much. YA RIGHT!
    Go ahead and retire from our movement if you wish; we don’t need folks dragging their feet out the back of our ride slowing us down.

    You can’t point to a single noteworthy instance where it hasn’t taken much activism and sacrifice to make progress or a single instance where the politicians haven’t forced us to ram Marijuana legalization down their throats with voter initiated laws or Constitutional Amendments and yet you want us to ‘work’ with them. Bullshit.

    You say “attacking each other doesn’t help the cause.” true. But I’m not attacking anyone. YOU are not being PRO-Cannabis and PRO-Active for our movement. Therefore it is YOU who is dividing our community and movement by advocating for us to sit around with our thumbs up our asses waiting for “bureaucrats” that have been fucking us all over for generations to do the right thing. You’re the “dreamer” if you believe bullshit like that.

    The enemies of Liberty have always been the Organized Church, the State, and the droves of ignorant fools that fill and mindlessly support the former two. The 3 enemies of Liberty in the same order are also reveiled as Superstition, Fear, and Ignorance.

    John Lennon was a socialist twit and I’m no “dreamer”! The word Radical comes from the Latin Radicalis meaning Root. Therefore to be “radical” is prudent and not extreme as it is simply is getting to the point and not fiddle fucking around dancing around the bush and NOT doing the right thing like YOU are advocating for us to do.

    Rather YOU are the “dreamer” if you think the “bureaucrats” will help us at all. It is YOU who are “radical” in the extremist sense and not prudent Rooted sense by promoting such a nonsensical course for our movement when that has no basis in history as being successful or getting anyone anywhere politically.

  3. Like going to Radio Shack! Holy Christ, they damned near perform body cavity searches before you can buy something in their store.

  4. Seems we are agreed Jetdoc. I was responding to Nick as he seems to be anti-privacy and doesn’t respect his customers desires and need for security and privacy as they obviously do.
    Do not however ignore my points about surveillance and such. It all applies and if you want real privacy you must take such things into account such as cell phones, RFID chips in ID cards/credit cards begin scanned tracked, and facial recognition cameras. The ID itself technically breaks the privacy by revealing name and address to the business whether they claim to record it or not.

    understand, truly, there is only ONE list and YOU and I and already on it. but that is irrelevant to the continuing need for privacy regardless if “they” know a thing or two about us. We can totally cut off most if not all electronic surveillance. There will be no real privacy at dispensaries until they do not have to ensure ID to ensure customer limits on buying are followed; that is the real hinge point which must be changed make this truly private.
    Just because they only look at the ID doesn’t mean they didn’t scan secretly the RFID chip inside it or scan your face when you walked in the store thus fully identifying and tracking you. Cell phone and license plates track you too. They all must be disconnected from in the purchasing process totally to ensure privacy. The buying limits are the real problem behind this particular privacy issue.

    No State in the USA currently has true legalization of Marijuana only half-assed legalizations.

  5. Your bragging is disgusting and completely unimpressive. I don’t give a damn what your grow is like as It means nothing in relation to our conversation here. Your presence here has been negative and divisive and basically worthless. You strike me as the sort of person who is supportive of Cannabis purely to benefit themselves and that is why you are whining and causing strife for nothing while bragging about your alleged grow operation.

    Truly, I’m glad that you and anyone else is successfully growing weed! sounds like a good crop you have. I’m sorry you have a felony record for Weed and hopefully Oregon will have a sort of “fresh Start Act” as in Ohio being sponsored by ResponsibleOhio now. But its great that you can still be involved in Home Grow and Weed business and I see no reason why you shouldn’t since your crimes do not relate to violence or fraud. I’m glad the police were “respectful” when you got busted but some aren’t so lucky and get robbed or murdered over bullshit Weed stuff. Sad and shameful to police to act that way. If I were police I would only raid as a last resort and would serve knocking day time warrants or entrap possibly violent persons outside of their homes via surveillance and then take the home when it is empty. Thankfully the War on Weed is ending and we can all live in more peace including the police I’d hope and then they can focus on REAL crimes.

    Hopefully I will have a reply to your “Wheres your…Chronic?” question after Ohio legalizes Weed in this coming 2016 election! I think Ohio is about to become the Cannabis King of the Midwest and become the new Colorado of the East Coast in 2016. If the new FreeMarketOhio plan passes we will have ‘open markets’, Home Grow with no license and likely no vegetative state plant limit with a 6 flowering plant limit per person, and it will legalize the hemp industry in total.
    I hope things get better for you guys in Oregon and elsewhere and you improve your half-assed legalizations as we all must.

    I would love it If you or anyone here would email me grow info related to the strains they keep as we all need to start networking such information. There needs to be Pro-Cannabis sites for growers networking and sharing solid information about Weed and growing it ect ect.

  6. That’s exactly part of my point. You are absolutely right: “Catch-22”. Maybe there will be some sensibility once full retail stores open next year.

  7. Both Jack and Mark are extremely relevant to the activist community, but my point is that they are (were) irrelevant to the regulation programs being established by governments. Jack unfortunately died before WA, CO, OR, AK could start to draw up their plans, and Mark has already been tuned out by the Canadian bureaucrats in Ottawa who are working on the framework of Canada’s upcoming regulatory system. If you’ve met Mark (and I’ve met both he and Jack) you know Mark’s strident and very opinionated — not the kind of person bureaucrats can work with. Uncompromising. He’s a radical in their eyes.

    So yes, Mark is irrelevant in the real world of Cannabis legalization/regulation as practiced by actual governments, despite his best efforts. Canada, like the states who have legalized possession and sale, is largely approaching this as a “mitigation of harm and control of distribution” perspective. Which is how governments and their bureaucrats think when dealing with something that has been illegal. In the end, most of the activist community takes themselves out of the picture because they don’t think and work like bureaucrats.

    While I commend you and other dreamers for your vision, and I wish the world was more amenable to your energy and sense of freedom, that’s not the real world of what’s happening on the ground. And it won’t be for the foreseeable future. So as much as I love the spirit of your movement, I’ve decided to ground myself in what is actually possible when dealing with governments. That’s not nearly as much fun or satisfying, but it does result in people not getting arrested and shops and growers operating in a legal and controlled environment. And yeah, over-controlled. As Oregon is again proving, what we get in the end is very imperfect but still a big step forward.

    But that’s where legalization is now. Like booze, when it was re-legalized so long ago, it will take many decades before it matures. (There are counties in some states that are still debating legalizing booze, for Christ’s sake). So I focus on enjoying what we have and working to make small but continuous improvements.

    We have related goals, but different methods. We both want cannabis to be available and clean and for people to not be arrested for growing, possessing and consuming. Attacking each other doesn’t help the cause. The world needs dreamers. But unfortunately, it runs on bureaucrats.

  8. That’s sorta “catch-22”, isn’t it? It’s very contradictory in its writing. No, you DON’T have to give them your name, address OR SS#. Yet you have to give them ONE of them in order to make sure that YOU comply with your license?

    Honestly bruh… I understand FULLY, your position. You’re between a rock and a hard spot. I KNOW you see the contradiction in that language. It’s a false sense of security for citizen’s

  9. I think we actually agree? Sure you have to show them an ID in order for them to check your birthdate. I have NO problem with that, unless the dudes got gray hair and on a walker. Then I’d say that was stupid! But, what they DON’T need to “record in ANY manner”, is your name OR address.

    Just b/c we’re ALREADY on a list, or several lists as you say… Doesn’t mean I want to be on another one.

    True legalization, doesn’t keep record of how much cannabis you purchase at any one time or over a period of time. Make sense?

  10. Ha ya Marc Emery is not relevant just like Jack Herer no doubt? whatever keep dreaming!
    Your “don’t sweat the laws” apathetic attitude is holding us back. We must be involved and your just saying people should forget about the laws being straight, break the bogus laws (which they should and do), and support orgainzed crime forever? nah.

  11. Bongstar420 posted a reply to me that Disqus censored and I will now repost it so others may see that I believe he is threatening me. I quote this person:


    I also have a felony for distribution of Cannabis.

    For the record to Bongstar420 and to anyone else who has a problem with me: Your threats are meaningless. If you were serious or not a retard you would be silent but you have warned me like a fool. Thank you! You are a coward and I doubt you will do anything but know that I will without hesitation defend myself and family if you even come near me, them, or come on my property whatsoever. Bongstar420 whoever you are, you are hereby legally trespassed from any property I reside at or own from henceforth and if you come on my property you will be lucky if you only find yourself dealing with the police hauling you away should you choose to break the law. I wish peace always but I’m more than ready for criminals and stupid thugs threatening me on the net. I stand up to the whole jack boot gestapo thugs from the Feds on down and have looked death straight in the eye without flintching and you think I’m afraid of a stupid stoner like you bongstar? HA!

    Please stay away from my and mine. You’ve been warned. Bongstar420 I suggest you google: “Ohio Castle Doctrine” and stop threatening people. nobody is impressed with your puffed up bogus bravado and pathetic attempt at intimidation by telling me that you are a ‘felon’ and implying you are Hard and gonna get me. Considering that a person may become a so called felon in Ohio and other states quite easily for totally non-violent and very petty Marijuana offenses I doubt your conviction signifies much about how tough or violently stupid you are but rather likely suggests your general stupidity just like all your posts do and just like your stupid screen name and avatar suggest. Perhaps you should go suck your bong pacifier and piss off! I don’t care how many numbers you have loser! I don’t care who you are or how tough you are or what gang your in or whatever crap you can go to hell!

  12. In the 1970s grafting Tomatoes onto Cannabis stalks was an underground alternative theory. Did anyone do it?

  13. According to ProLegalTreesGuy, he thinks the gestapo is going to bang your doors down for buying some pot….maybe back in the day when people were way more ignorant on the issue.

    He needs some Seroquel if you ask me…also to smoke less sativa. GAH

  14. You should simply grow your business. Get a $30k personal loan. If your good, the dispensaries put up little resistance.

    I’ve sold to 75% of dispensaries after my first time walking through the door even with full shelves.

    No, I won’t waste my time with people telling me things I already know. And I love regulations. It keeps dumbasses and slackers out of the field and allows me to gain more market share than I would otherwise.

  15. I also have a felony for distribution of Cannabis.


    I’m not sure you think of the issue that deeply…I’m sure you think you do however.

    You confuse a problem with the kind of human doing work vs an institution.

    Am I mistaken, or do you believe the institution of government is what causes corruption?

    Finally, the several times the cops did bust me for drugs, they were respectful, and I never got much punishment outside of some stress, ka$h, and forced rehab, all of which were policies supported the majority of people in my state until recently. I certainly don’t vote for prohibition or drug discrimination laws. The penalties for my activities at the time were up to 10years in prison and $300k though I got a day in the tank and about $10k in ka$h loss.

    Now, with a felony record, I can still get my Cannabis grow license and operate a legit facility with real standards to adhere to. I rock OMMP fire now and harvested 29%THC Gorilla Glue #4 just 10days ago. Wheres your 29% THC chronic?

  16. I agree with your point on privacy, but I disagree that Oregon shops will permanently record personal information.

    My advice is simple… don’t buy from anyone who records personal information. I certainly wouldn’t.

    I also don’t believe that Oregon shops will continue to do this given its so different than the other regulated states.

    If I’m wrong, then Oregon has its head MUCH further up its ass than any of the other regulated states.

    And as far as your “The Pro-Cannabis community has many good reasons to be very concerned over privacy whereas petty stoners satisfied by the measly scraps the prohibitionist dogs toss them in half-assed forms of Weed legalization may not care so much.”, that’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while. Not the privacy part, but the rest of it. Also referencing Mark Emery who is now completely irrelevant.

    Once CA gets on board with a highly regulated system, and Canada is clearly going there too, those of you who want to “free the weed” can continue operating as folks have since the 60’s. Which is basically to do what you want and don’t sweat the laws. I’ve been doing that for 40+ years.

    I find it’s a real treat to go to a shop and select from dozens and dozens of strains. Regulation works just fine once things settle down a bit. They will in Oregon too.

  17. I did read the article. I also read the law. There is no good reason for Oregon retailers to be recording information, given that the other legal states have the same basic laws and requirements for maximum daily sales and they don’t do it. WA and CO have limits per day, which vary by in-state or out-of-state visitors in CO, but nobody imagines that its enforceable. The most they will do is to determine the state you are from and your age. That’s done with a quick glance at an ID. No recording of anything.

    Anyone can go to five shops and buy the maximum at each shop and nobody knows.

    This is a screwy Oregon pot shop start up problem and should be dealt with as such. If people refuse to patronize shops that record information, it will end soon enough. WA had some weird behavior too, like checking the ID of my 82 year old friend to ensure he was 21. That ended about two weeks after the shops opened and sanity returned.

    The shops now run like liquor stores. Old farts like me don’t get carded. People under 40 generally do.

    Give things a chance to settle down in Oregon and don’t freak out. Until then, keep buying across the border in WA where nobody records anything. We appreciate the business.

  18. Publishing public info that YOU posted yourself is not slinging “caca”! It is evidence showing your identity since you refuse to identify yourself so others may hopefully recognize you and thereby be able to make an informed decision as a customer of the dispensary you own or work at since you refuse to tell us who you are or where you work but are anti-privacy telling people to get over it.
    That is not PRO-Cannabis because it is not protecting the needs and desires of the Pro-Cannabis Community. They NEED privacy so they don’t get robbed or killed by stupid police and criminals!
    WAKE UP!

  19. I’m not afraid of being identified. My enemies already know everything and are watching and waiting to destroy me and have already tried I believe. I live a life of liberty and truth I do not prefer nor desire the division and hiddeness of the darkness. The power of the light is totally mine and most do not understand this. I know what living life is all about and have no fear that is not my ally. I drink my cup of life to the dregs and look forward with courage and a whole heart. Death is inevitable; life is for living not hiding and groveling to scum of any sort. Most are sleepwalking through life and no nothing about the real state of our world.

    Wanna know more about how I am then look me up and follow me as there is MUCH more to come from me and my Will is already complete! Nothing shall stop my plans which are totally peaceful and of love and sacrifice not lies or violence. Look for me on the net. My name is Terry Free and I am a lifetime Native of Dayton, Ohio. My father is Frank Earl Free of USAF DOD Office of Special Investigations. My background is in intelligence in private sector since I refused to join the evil government because I know their deeds for a fact and who they really are. The Illuminati are in total control of our government from the top down.
    Anyone who wishes to learn a little or might go read my comments in Disqus or watch my YouTube channels.
    I believe the State/local police and Feds already have me under electronic AND physical surveillance and have for years because of my deeds in political activism and things I know and have exposed not related to Marijuana legalization.

    YOU “nick” are still hiding in the dark. You’d do well to step in to the light and tell us who you really are. You know another great power of light is love and forgiveness. If you really are PRO-Cannabis then admit your identity and place of work and admit your words to you customers with honor and stop being a coward. If you would support on record your customers desire for privacy and work toward that they’d likely forgive your desperate anti-privacy rants because they will understand you need to stay in business and they want you to have peace and money to live. so far you’ve not supported the customers but you’ve only said for them to suck it up and shut up and go Home Grow. That is crap. I get the impression you may also be lying about working at a dispensary but who knows. You already have no credibility unless you cite facts explicitly since you are anonymous. Only fools believe and parrot unproven info from unidentified sources.

  20. Your correct historically speaking that such progress is highly unlikely and not what histories show as typical of such progress. As with Alcohol prohibition in America it was ‘legalized’ incrementally and they limited heavily the percents content of alcohol in drinks.

    However, on the other hand, there is no use in being negative though I doubt that is you intention SayNo since you are very pro-cannabis but understand that it is better and even more PRO-Cannabis to be positive and while recognizing our low chances at such immediadent fast progress to none the less push as hard as we can and hopefully get more than we expect thereby. Nothing wrong with making a little History either with a wonderful surprise! Anything is possible; let us not close off our possibilities. :)
    Aim high in goals, shoot straight, speak truth, keep your word, and stay in the light, envy not thy oppressor nor use any of their wicked ways.

    WE the PRO-Cannabis people are WINNING! Rejoice! Behold the demons of fear, violence, and lying hypocrisy being crushed by the power of truth about Marijuana pouring over our Nation and All the world.

  21. braggart BongStar420 is running his mouth just like he does in many other threads. He typically is negative and causing division while posing as being Pro-Cannabis. Just like in this thread he is poo pooing government oppression and invasion of privacy. Yet the fool wants to be a grower! Clearly he knows little about such situations and apparently missed the MANY times when the State pigs or Feds hassle, raid, steal, and destroy both dispensaries AND Home Grows under any bullshit excuse they can conceive.

    He calls himself Bong-star because smoking Weed is the only thing he excels at unless you count being a stupid selfish bible mocking arrogant stoner braggart.

    Love your comments so far ExbioMan! I hope to see you in MY channels comments section soon! All comments, even dissenting anti-marijuana comments are welcome but unfounded bullshit, rumormongering, off topic stuff, or lies will not be tolerated. My channel is all about being totally PRO-Cannabis, promoting Cannabis unity, and presenting intelligent opinions and cited facts from open source intelligence drudges made into confirmed finished intel. If your from Ohio especially I highly suggest you subscribe! :D

  22. saynotohypocrisy on

    Would an initiative calling for weed to be treated like tomatoes pass today, anywhere? Very hard for me to imagine that. Thinking that we can go from prohibition to a situation where cannabis is less regulated than alcohol in one fell swoop doesn’t seem realistic to me. Seems like more of a medium or long term goal.

  23. Will Canada be doing the same? And then turning U.S. ids over to the U.S. government if/when they legalize? Sure hope they legalize and do it before the U.S.A. That would put some egg on the Commander in Chief’s face.

  24. You are showing your intelligence or naivety. My sister in law worked at a nuclear power plant in the 1980s. Also a friend worked building plants. When you arrived security had all your info posted on a wall size monitor. Now there are are many ways they’re gathering intelligence.

  25. I’ve noticed lots more tv stars/personalities on air with red eyes lately. It makes me smile.

  26. So you wouldn’t mind if someone leaked that Producer’s list? With all our info. It seems your need for boasting overpowers your intelligence or you’re making sensationalist bogus claims.

  27. You are correct, sir. Gain a foot toward legalization then lose 3 inches, keep up the fight. Don’t forget, an election year is on it’s way.

  28. This is the only thing I was trying to explain. What I don’t understand is the bunch of “caca” that was thrown at me for trying to do so. I am not for or against anything. In fact, I wished anyone could purchase as much as she/he wished! Why would I be against that?!

  29. And with this… What are you trying to prove?

    All that information is online. If I did not want that to be public, I would have not signed up for Facebook, don’t you think?

    It was really funny reading some of those old comments back again. :-)

  30. So how shall the businesses ID people and catalog them so they can effectively limit how much they buy? any REAL identification will also reveal their private details. The only way to show a provable birth date is a State form of ID which also reveals the name and likely address though the address could also easily be found after that and for sure by the government and snooping intelligence agencies. everyone posting in here is in a government surveillance program of some sort and is being cataloged if nothing else i guarantee it.

    So the fact that you are not required is aside the point if by default you must give them such information in the process. Either this legal requirement is unenforceable and therefore bogus or it WILL allow the government and businesses to track such fully identifying information. The dispensaries, head shops, and grow shops are already under surveillance by police and Feds to track customers via license plate and cell phone locations.

    This all is just another awful example of how half-assed legalization is not really legalization and leads to new problems similar to full on prohibition. Privacy is a vital Human Right in a free and open society and we must balance this with keeping drugs away from minors.

    Bottom line is we need liberty and REAL total legalization of Marijuana just as Tomatoes are!

  31. From your posts I can see that you are a very educated, sensible, open minded, civilized person. (sarcasm)

    I can see you love free speech, but your insults do not help you.

  32. This is a copy/paste from the current temporary OMMP rules, page 10:

    (5) A dispensary is not required to maintain a record of the name of the individual to whom a
    limited marijuana retail product was sold but the dispensary must have a system in place that is
    outlined in their policies and procedures for ensuring that an individual is not sold more than
    one-quarter ounce of dried leaves and flowers in a day or more than four immature plants.

    That is the reason why some of us record identity. So far, of the hundreds and hundreds of customers, 3 walked away because of our policies. We are just protecting our expensive license. That’s all.

  33. Public information possibly identifying “nick” is taken from his Disqus profile comments section:

    Nick SEEMS to be male, a native English speaker, a homosexual, a political leftist, anti-Gun liberty, irreligious against the Bible, prejudiced against Muslims, seems to imply working at a Marijuana dispensary in Oregon, and seems to live in Washington State having formerly allegedly worked in fast food, management, catering, and in a flight crew for commercial airliners in the US. He may have formerly lived and worked in New York State.

    Here are the publicly available quotes for everyone’s information and consideration:

    Nick seems to imply he owns or works at a
    Oregon marijuana dispensary:

    ProLegalTreesGuy @
    YouTube a
    day ago

    Please, help me. I would like you to tell me how am I supposed to
    identify if a customer has come to the store and purchased already
    the allowed amount? It is true, the state does not require a name,
    but it DOES require us to show them what method we use to ensure that
    no one gets more than the allowed amount. Please, help me find out
    how to do this without the persons name?

    Jetdoc a
    day ago

    You guys need to read the rules before opining. This strikes a
    nerve. Get over the privacy issue, people. If you want to make a
    purchase, then follow the rules and everything will be fine.

    musicfan a
    day ago

    The OLCC, in its draft rules, also has a purchase limit per
    person. So, yes. All transactions will have to be rang up under the
    individual’s name or other information that would identify the

    Nick alleges to be a “union brother”:

    year ago

    This is exactly what you get when a city, and a country
    overprotects its police forces. Since 9/11 there has been nothing
    that the police could do wrong in the eyes of many. They were the
    “heroes”, and that went to many officer’s heads. They have
    become “untouchables”, and now we are waking up to reality.
    Police officers are just people doing a job. That’s is all. They get
    paid to do do it. And when they do it wrong or abuse their power,
    they should paid the consequences. If a police officer shoots an
    unarmed citizen, the least that should happen is employment
    termination. Let’s stop putting people on pedestals. That’s just my

    Oh. I am a union brother, too.

    Nick is irreligious toward the Bible
    and doesn’t understand it much:

    Cozmo the
    Magician a
    year ago

    Actually, if we are talking about creation, they think each day is
    1,000 years. Three days would then be 3,000 year detained. Lol!

    Nick defends ‘liberals’ againsts an
    anti-‘liberal’ article:

    years ago

    Nick alleges to be a “former flight

    years ago
    As a former flight crew, I ALWAYS have my seatbelt fastened when I
    am sitting. I have seen what can happen. And… It is going to happen
    more and more often as the climate changes in the future. Buckle up!

    Nick seems to be anti-gun liberty:

    bill66 2
    years ago

    And, what does your point have anything to do with my statement?This is the problem with hateful people: A defensive attitude
    takes over that makes it impossible to read, and mostly UNDERSTAND
    someone else’s statements.

    Bill, what I said on my posted above is that cars are essential to
    an American citizen in most places. Without cars, people could not be
    mobile. Without mobility people would be much less productive. Our
    economy would crash if we took cars away from people. I can’t say
    that of fire weapons.

    Nick seems to be a politcal leftist or communist:

    Bruwer 2
    years ago

    Sorry. But… You have no idea what communism is. So… STFU ;-)

    Nick alleges to have lived in Seattle, Washington as of 2 years
    ago from this posting in 2015:

    years ago

    I have had FiOS service in New York City, and I never realized how
    good it was until I came to Seattle. Comcast’s image quality is
    horrible. Some HD channels are good, but never like with FiOS.

    just find it incredibly unbelievable that the city’s infrastructure
    is so archaic. Isn’t it time to force Comcast to upgrade its
    infrastructure in the city of Seattle? I thought there was fiber to
    the curb of the building where I live. But I was wrong since,
    apparently, there is no such thing. This is Seattle! No fiber

    Nick alleges to have worked formerly in fast food, management, and

    years ago

    To clarify, first, I started my working life in fast food (best
    brands), went into management and changed to hotels, where I ended up
    with a director of catering position. I think I know what I am

    Working in fast food can be very depressing. The part time workers
    are usually young, and full of life. However, those who work full
    time (the pillars of a restaurant) are generally depressed, and it is
    very sad to hear some of their stories. All of them include their

    Our economy has changed, and will continue to do so. Government is
    always trying to reclassify building a hamburger sandwich to a
    manufacturing job. And, sooner or later, it will happen. Even some
    politicians have bluntly and coldly have said that there is nothing
    wrong with getting a job at McDonalds, referring to those who have
    lost their job.

    The reality is, people cannot make a modest wage that they can
    live on with dignity. For some, this is the ONLY (legal) option to
    make a living. The current economy has left them no other jobs
    available to them.

    Let’s make a change in that industry. With fast food workers
    making more money, they will live happier lives, increase the service
    quality, and force people to make better food choices.

    Nick alleges he is not “a fan of muslims”:

    Kathleen R 3
    years ago
    Look. I am not a fan of muslims, but… What you are saying is so
    off track

    Nick seems to be a homosexual:

    HappyCamper 3
    years ago

    Why don’t YOU prove that no one is born gay. Who died and made you

  34. No. You don’t have to. You are absolutely right. But in order to ensure people do not buy more than the amount we are allowed to sell under our license, some dispensaries do. Some others take pictures of customers to keep track. I don’t know how this would work.

    The article above is incomplete on facts. That’s all.

  35. The rules state you DON’T have to give that to them! Did you even read the article, or did you OPINE before knowing what you’re talking about? This strikes a nerve with me too… That people are so willing to give up not only theirs, but OTHERS rights as well in the name of going along to get along! If YOU would read the rules, you’d know you DON’T have to give them that info, PERIOD!

  36. moron! I specifically said this is an open public discourse on the web! It behooves HONORABLE folk to identify themselves to establish credibility, accountability, and transparency you foul cockroach hiding in the dark behind a computer! be anonymous all you want coward! that is aside the point. HERE you have nothing to lose. In the WORLD when people are out buying Weed and can’t privately because of oppressive laws THAT is where privacy is an issue.

    You are a coward too afraid to own you words up til now! THAT is why you prefer the darkness of anonymity! to protect you cowardly ass from business losses by people who read this thread boycotting your lousy snitch business. You are totally unrepentant about violating others privacy and don’t care clearly.

    Too bad for you that there is nothing done in darkness that shall not be brought to the light! The truth of this is already manifest in the universe and you will reap what you’ve sown here online and eat your words both now in these forums and from here onward in the world!

    I always have fully identified or been wiling to identify myself in these forums, online, and on my YouTube channel for the sake of honorable discourse. You little nicky are a cowardly pathetic parasitical bug and you’ve done been squashed in this thread by me! I KNEW you would refuse to identify yourself and I KNEW you would attack me more and try to portray me as a hypocrite! You are pathetic. fucking coward scum with no honor! FACE you customers and say everything you did in this thread you pathetic coward! c’mon! there is no shame in truth but you are full of shame and hide yourself from everyone here and all of your customers.

    I’ll be looking into you “nick” and if I can drudge up the slighted thing online to lead to your identity I’m going to publish it for everyone on this thread to see and possibly other places too!

    All you’ve had to say is fluff, anti-privacy fascism, and condescending drivel!

  37. Who am I? I thought anonymity was important to you. Why would you ask such question?

    It is my “human right” to privacy to not identify myself to you.

    Peace, and have a great life. unleash your ire on someone else.

  38. See here is another comment where little nicky’s prohibitionist sympathies come out clearly! OOOO the marijuana must be regulated! bullshit! who cares if it get you high? its good and prohibition is a hoax and utter failure regardless.

  39. LOL suuure nicky! dont let my wetorwick scare you off! clearly you have time to post bogus fluff responses devoid of facts or anything Pro-Cannabis. You have sided with the anti-privacy establishment.

    I will say though that I am grateful you took the time to clarify the law to those spouting ignorant nonsense about it but you are not on the right side of this issue.

    So WHO ARE YOU???????

  40. Privacy concerns are not “silly” shadar!
    AND Oregon like we are discussing here is NOT Washington and your point is mute!

    People shouldn’t have to run all across the State just to legally purchase a few ounces. Why are so many of you satisfied with the Pro-Cannabis community being crippled in purchase power? That is not a ‘free market’ like so many of you constantly whine about. If you really are Pro-Cannabis you should be advocating for things to get better and you are settling for scraps off the prohibitionist thugs table. Not everyone is that short sighted Shadar. Some of us actually want and work for Cannabis to be fully legal as Tomatoes everywhere. You are advocating for us to submit to and accept as good a lousy oppressive privacy invading status quo and a half-assed form of Marijuana legalization.

    Clearly you don’t worry about much now that you have your petty access to half-assed ‘legal’ Weed and that is why you are portraying yourself as relaxed, unphased, and not worried about implied unimportant issues or as you say ‘silly things’ when really they are VERY important. Privacy is important and a Human Right!

    The Pro-Cannabis community has many good reasons to be very concerned over privacy whereas petty stoners satisfied by the measly scraps the prohibitionist dogs toss them in half-assed forms of Weed legalization may not care so much.

  41. “ooooo..big bad gubmit”. are you serious dude?! and you claim to be Pro-Cannabis and claim you are going to be a ‘producer’? SO you don’t think that the same prohibitionist government who has oppressed us for generations, thrown us in prison, stole our possessions, and murdered many innocents isn’t a problem when it comes to them tracking your Marijuana purchases!?! ya right! That is like Jews who lived through Auschwitz trusting Nazis. I’m dying to hear your explanation for your anti-privacy statements.

    The same lying murdering gubmit you are idiotically poopooing is STILL actively attacking and oppressing Cannabis users very much and they will give you trouble as a producer and thieves as well. The media still lies about Cannabis since they lie for the gubmit constantly being a secret branch of said gubmit.

    You under value privacy and apparently are out of touch with how America is supposed to be about liberty. The Human Right to Privacy is the foundation of the 4th amendment!

    Why are Myself and other Pro-Cannabis folk such as the Prince of Pot Marc Emery and other major Cannabis activists who have sacrificed and suffered much so called ‘mooks’ for not trusting the criminal oppressive government with their unyielding diabolic track record?

    Half-assed legalization does not fully fix our problems and the struggles of the Pro-Cannabis community will continue after so called ‘legalization’ and we must fight and be vigilant against the infringement of our liberties including for Cannabis.

    The gubmit isn’t the only problem anyways! as a producer you are a huge target for thieves and home invasions so why would any one who holds Weed want strangers to know it or easily be able to track them? Smart criminals will look for such people to profile and rob. Police will still attempt to infringe our Cannabis liberty like the obnoxious parasites they usually are finding new bullshit excuses to interfere. The government will try to push us back into prohibition just like they are in Oregon now!

  42. What-ever. I made a respectful clarification comment. I don’t know what you are writing about. You have time (obviously) to get into rhetoric. I don’t. And yes, you clearly have issues that have nothing to do with me. Figure it out with whomever is concerned. This is not my battle

  43. Try reading next time Shadar. It is not mere checking of age. They are cataloging customers involuntarily at dispensaries to insure they only purchase so much a day. There should be no such limits nor any non-voluntary tracking of customers. Privacy is a Human Right and wise business in America where we value liberty should not ignore that unless they want to be boycotted and overgrown. It’s just more prohibition bullshit in another State where Marijuana is only Half-Assed legal and not fully legal as tomatoes like it should rightfully be.

  44. Ya I have major issues with your bullshit! “issues” he says! LOL i suppose anyone who disagrees with YOU has ‘issues’ LOL!
    You are a the one who is about to have “issues” when you go out of business for lousy policies….

  45. Ha! Seems You not having ‘any more time’ to answer my comments coorelates directly to you totally defaulting in this conversation.

    Ya captain obvious, its my opinion, so what? that doesn’t make your position worth a damn though. Clearly you are not on the side of privacy and therefore not on the side of your customers or the Pro-Cannabis Communities needs and wishes in this regard. I suggest you start working with your customers instead of against them. Stop letting fear and State oppression make your decisions for you.

    It is a FACT and not mere opinion that I’m not mixing issues here but you are running your mouth and have nothing
    worthy to say in reply. You sir due to poor character choose to rationalize your lousy oppressive business practices and hypocritically blame your customers without whom you’d be broke. You may as well say they are ‘stupid’ enough to patronize your business because that is what it amounts to. What an endorsement for your dispensary!

    Tell us all “Nick”, what is your legal name and what dispensary do you operate? I bet you don’t have the honor to answer but are a coward like most on these forums who refuse to identify themselves in open public non-private discourse on the web. If you don’t tell us all exactly who you are then it goes to show what a pussy you are and how you refuse to with honor tell all of your customers what you just told everyone here. Meoooow! pussy!

    Perhaps you are really a lying Troll government agent and that would explain why you are asking me for advice on how to illegally subvert the State of Oregon’s ID laws related to Cannabis. HA! low life snitches and pigs won’t fix me that easy!

    Either way you are anti-privacy, blaming your customers for YOUR lousy policies, and dodging every point I’ve made so far addressing nothing nor expressing a wish to fix the issue in any way. You are a part of the problem apparently and demanding that everyone submit to more State sponsored oppression regarding Cannabis. What Bullshit.

    Privacy and this issue are fundamentally the same and you
    are attempting to sidestep the fact that YOU are a part of and benefiting from an evil
    system and not even trying to fix the problem in solidarity with your customers aka the whole PRO-Cannabis community. You are a defeatist at best if not an outright lying snitch piece of trash.

    Right…. and it’s ‘optional’ just like it is to have a drivers license or go to the grocery store….NOT.
    Look, literally do people have to go to a dispensary for Weed, not always, but some are Medical patients and NEED it. No person should have to be cataloged and controlled by businesses or the government merely for Cannabis.

    The answer is for everyone to fix the system with constitutional amendments to totally legalize Weed just like tomatoes. That solves all of this problem and many others while giving us all Free Marijuana as it should be.

  46. If you do not like the way rules are written, write your legislators, do not unleash your frustrations on my comment. It is obvious you have issues.

  47. That is your opinion. You are mixing issues here. I don’t have any more time to answer your comments. It seems you have an issue with the entire legalization thing, and I don’t feel like getting into it with you. You are missing the entire point, and you are forgetting this is “optional”. You don’t have to go into a dispensary, at all. No one is putting a gun to your head.

  48. You guys in Oregon have got to relax. CO and WA has similar rules and nobody checks ID beyond validating your date of birth. Exactly like going to the liquor store.

  49. Why would any Oregon shop record a person’s name just to ensure they don’t buy too much? I’ve been in a lot of WA shops, and nobody does. In fact, given I’m very obviously over 21 (45 years over) no shop has checked my ID since the first week of legal sales (when everyone was on pins and needles). Nobody every wrote down my name or made a copy of my ID.

    WA also has a maximum purchase per day rule. It gets enforced on a per-visit basis.

    This is either a BS argument or its a gross over-reaction by some simple-minded shop owners.

    If someone wants to buy a few ounces a day, all they have to do is visit a few different shops. The 7 grams per day limit is not enforceable beyond the per-transacetion level and everyone knows it.

    Quit worrying about silly things and enjoy life.

  50. No thanks snitch. Figure you own business out! You knew what you were getting into. I’d rather just boycott your lousy business, Legally Home Grow tons of top notch organic dope myself and help pass laws to make Marijuana as legal as possible everywhere so we don’t even have to consider dealing with whining establishment fawning government snitch loser businesses like yours. Til then I guess folks will just have to go get whatever amount they please without presenting ID to any reputable black market dealer.
    Marijuana is only Half Assed legal in Oregon and other States anyways and that is exactly why this whole issue is coming up in the first place. More lies and oppression when Weed simply needs to be legal like tomatoes are.
    Go Pound sand snitch! Checking age is one thing; cataloging all customers and all of their purchases is an invasion of privacy if it is not fully optional.

  51. “Get over the privacy issue, people.” NO THANKS! Its called the 4th amendment and it’s foundation is the Human Right to Privacy. We value liberty here in America not corporate or government fascism.

    “follow the rules and everything will be fine.” You sound like you have the tone of a pig to me. That is the same line the prohibitionist always are singing except they put a gun to your head at the same time.

  52. Please, help me. I would like you to tell me how am I supposed to identify if a customer has come to the store and purchased already the allowed amount? It is true, the state does not require a name, but it DOES require us to show them what method we use to ensure that no one gets more than the allowed amount. Please, help me find out how to do this without the persons name?

  53. Again, UNTRUE. As the law and rules stand right now under the OLCC draft, there is a limit a person can purchase under the recreational retail program. THEREFORE… the customer’s name will most likely be recorded. As long as there are limits per person, there will be recording of information from the individual.

    I have not heard, or read anywhere that says the individual’s information will be placed on a general database maintained by the state. This is just something that is kept at the store level, and used only when needed to identify a customer.

    Anyone with privacy issues ALWAYS has the choice of growing the allowed 4 plants at their residence.

  54. Were you in Medford at the OLCC meeting yesterday ….. Marijuana.oregon.gov …. My investor bailed yesterday when they heard the rhetoric from the OLCC team hosting the seminar…. I am now looking for another investor …

  55. Maybe your going to learn why prohibition is so difficult to over come…too much disagreement and too little pragmatism.

  56. Right…because they are going to hunt you down and rat you out to your backwards employers

  57. You guys need to read the rules before opining. This strikes a nerve. Get over the privacy issue, people. If you want to make a purchase, then follow the rules and everything will be fine.

  58. Yep…I get to do that while consumers wine about a state ID number

    The Feds will know for sure I’ve got lbs in the back room

  59. The OLCC, in its draft rules, also has a purchase limit per person. So, yes. All transactions will have to be rang up under the individual’s name or other information that would identify the customer.

  60. ‘I do not want my ID number and info on some list for the government to maintain’ is a common statement that people say.

    What a mook

    I could care less. I will be registered as a producer…ooooo..big bad gubmint

  61. This is a partial list of requirements. The author forgot to mention hat the OHA also requires that the retailer “somehow” make sure the the same person DOES NOT purchase more than the allowed 7 grams per person, per day.

    I would welcome any other method to comply with this requirement besides the one that records the customer name. It is the ONLY way to ensure the same person does not exceed the allowed amounts.

    Misinforming the public is really not helping the issue.

  62. Soon all marijuana produced and sold in the Oregon recreational market will be controlled by the OLCC . The producers and retailers will bear the burden of providing ALL of their personal information to obtain a license from the OLCC . The end user will only have to prove their age ….

  63. Using the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) link provided in the blog post above, it says: “Only one quarter ounce of dried leaves and flowers may be purchased by a retail customer in one day.” Then, the OHA requires the dispensary create a “sting-proof” solution. That solution can be scanning the bar code from the Oregon driver’s license to both prove age and to have the dispensary software alert them if the recreational customer enters the store again within 24 hours (my observations in Portland). Fortunately, this law sunsets on December 31, 2016 when OHA no longer rules rec. sales. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will allegedly have rec. stores before Jan 1, 2017. Not sure if the quarter ounce per day will re-surface. Best way to protect identity is grow your own, which is legal for adults now, and avoid medical registration or dispensaries.

  64. Checking IDs is one thing that the businesses MUST do to protect themselves from the corrupt government and sue happy jerks trying to get them in trouble in court.

    That being said this is a free and open society and a surveillance state is NOT what America is about and is NOT liberty.
    If any shops fully catalog the ID of customers when they are not legally required and do not allow customers to opt out of such identification then the customers must boycott those fascist business and not go back. It is likely that if they insist upon full identification on record that they are secretly working for the police, acting as informants, and are not to be trusted. Grow more at Weed at home and stop giving money to low life illuminati organized crime types like front man Snoop Dogg just because its convenient.

    There is already MUCH that identifies people to the government spooks and police spying on everyone. Just being on this website has you in a database i guarantee it. Then you have all the cameras, facial scanning, license plate scanning and cell phone gps tracking/map making that record much of what people do. Google: “police use Stingray”!

    It is important to minimize or preferably eliminate entirely the use of electronic devices while traveling and avoid cameras. you must entirely remove the cell phone battery or it will still transmit and track you. If you cannot remove it then wrap it heavily in aluminum foil or some other material that will block transmission/reception.

    Its is possible to to ride with someone else and/or park your/their vehicle well away from the dispensaries and walk to the shop making sure you are not followed to or from the store. In extreme circumstance one designated person who is willing to be Identified may purchase for others and thereby get them Weed off record and only create a relatively useless record that doesn’t match the individual but I don’t recommend this. It is vital to walk to and from when going to grow shops or head shop especially if Weed is still illegal where you live. Police run surveillance on Head shops and Grow shops to catalog customers and license plates!

    get creative with your hair and other things to cause the facial recognition software to not recognize you and make sure to cover the vital areas that ID a face which you will have to research online :)

  65. Oregonians have to give their birthdate in order to prove they are old enough to buy alcohol so, the same is not unreasonable for marijuana. Anything more than that and we can just go spend our money elsewhere.

  66. They want your name and address for marketing purposes. You can refuse to give them that info. But they should use common sense when selling it to people. No different than buying alcohol!

  67. freewheelinfranklin543 on

    Well that is what they are doing. Why do they have to check the ID’s of old bald white haired dudes.

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