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What Inspired You To Become A Marijuana Activist?


alcohol and marijuanaWhat Made You Decide To Become A Cannabis Activist?

A couple of weeks ago I saw a question floating around Facebook asking people what inspired them to become a marijuana activist. The most common answer seemed to be that a person inspired them. That makes sense, as I find it hard to not get inspired when I hear people like Vivian McPeak talk. A lot of the comments involved stories of being at a rally, or festival, or some other type of event, and hearing a powerful speaker talk about the issues that marijuana prohibition causes, and felt inspired to do something to make positive change in this world via marijuana activism.

Another common answer was that someone had a run in with the law, and felt that no one should ever have to go through that. Jay Smoker was a marijuana activist before he was arrested in 2009 for a marijuana offense, but he certainly kicked it into overdrive after his arrest. He always says there’s nothing like having your freedom taken away from you for something to get you fired up about changing things. One of my good friends had a SWAT team raid his house because he was growing marijuana. His family was put through a lot of trauma, all because our government feels marijuana is dangerous. There are countless other people that have experienced the same fate, and have been fighting for change ever since so that others don’t have to go through it.

I have met numerous people over the years that became cannabis activists because they, or a loved one, have had their suffering mitigated by the medical properties of marijuana. These are some of the most devote activists I have ever met, because they know first hand that marijuana saves lives. It’s extremely difficult for me to not tear up every time I hear a first hand story from a cancer survivor that got through their suffering thanks to cannabis. I have met people that have never consumed cannabis in their life, yet are fighting daily for reform because of what they have witnessed in their loved ones’ lives.

I became a marijuana activist in high school (90’s) because I saw how brainwashed my classmates and teachers were, and I wanted to expose the lies that they believed in. I consumed marijuana daily, which was a fact I didn’t hide, and was often ridiculed as a result. The staff at my high school would often single me out as ‘the bad kid’ because I smoked marijuana even though I had done nothing wrong, and I didn’t like it. I also saw how it was used as a tool to target other ‘non-desirable students’ at school to push them out, which still makes me sad to this day to think about.

So for me it wasn’t a person, or incarceration, but a desire to make change. I saw how much of a waste of time and energy it was to enforce marijuana prohibition, and I saw first hand how marijuana laws were used against my friends to push them out of school, which inevitably sent them down the wrong path that they didn’t have to go down. Why did you become a marijuana activist? How long have you been an activist? What do you do to inspire others to do the same?


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  1. LegalizeTheGanja on

    I don’t usually reply to blogs, even if I care for them a lot.. but for this particular one, I’d love to share my piece.

    It will sound weird, coming from an 18 year old skater living by the beach; but I do have two very important reasons why I will defend marijuana to my last breath.

    I’m from California where the medical use of marijuana has (finally) become legalized. I’m a full time college student working hard for a master’s degree in Business and Economics. I’m not someone who suffers from any sort of legitimate illness; accept for the fact that I have a passion for skateboarding that comes with a very prominent abundance of injuries. This leads to my first reasons for defending the herb. I have always attested doctors; always being prescribed painkillers that I knew were harming my body, making me feel numb and uncomfortable, almost inhuman. I hated that feeling. So I turned to marijuana to help combat the pain that came from my constant broken bones and cuts and bruises. I loved the peacefulness and calming properties that came with smoking weed. It helped substantially well. I started smoking every day; and with every day, I learned a new way that marijuana was helping me. I have no learning disabilities, but for example, I (because I am an active person) find it minorly hard to pay attention in class because I would rather go outside and skate, or learn something I felt would actually challenge me. Whenever I smoked before class, I would come to school promptly, and I would listen to every lecture peacefully and I was actually intrigued by the information coming from them. I could memorize each word and remember it just fine when I’m sober and I would never be bored! It’s the little things like helping my injuries feel better, to paying better attention in school that made me love weed. Not for hood rat reasons, no negative connotations like I do it because it’s fun, or my friends do it. I have never let it become a burden that stopped me from succeeding. It has just always been a peaceful, helpful tool in my everyday life.
    Now, for my second reason for defending ganja. I come from a family that was recently broken. My mom left me, my brother, and my father earlier this year for the most selfish reasons anyone could conjure up as an excuse to leave their family. I won’t name them; but I can safely source them back to her insatiable craving for alcohol. I’ve watched my own mother, an alcoholic for 30+ years, slowly degrade both physically, mentally, and emotionally. She would constantly endanger me and my brother, picking us up from school hammered. She would consistently fight me, my brother and my father about nothing. She would push all of our friends away and embarrass us by acting out too wildly when we went to dinner, had a gathering or any sort of thing like that. It disgusted me. I do not talk to my mother anymore, but I will always have one clear memory of her for the rest of my life. An image, really. It’s of her sitting in her recliner with a bottle and glass of wine next to her watching Oprah, yelling at me to leave her alone.
    I’ve always hated alcohol because of her. I’ve never enjoyed childish drinking at parties, and just a small whiff of wine makes me sick and I usually throw up just being around it. Weed did not become an escape for me, I will just put that out there right now. That is not how I see marijuana and never will. I will fight for the legalization of marijuana because I’m sick of living in a country that looks at a substance that ruins lives, families, and relationships every day as something that should remain legal, yet looks at an earth grown herb that has no causes of death, and helps millions of people every day that suffer from pain, sleep depravity, cancer, heart problems, etc. as an abused drug that should be banned. We see the government legalizing marijuana dispensaries as a push towards our goal of lifting the prohibition; but the government has only allowed this because it would rather keep it illegal, or keep it controlled. Keeping it legal through dispensaries is the government’s way of creating an illusion of freedom that generates income towards it’s own selfish desires. This is not freedom. I want marijuana to be just as legal as the air we breathe.
    Those two reasons are what made me become a marijuana activist.

  2. I have been smoking marijuana recreationally for years. It adds so much to my life. Whether I’m using it to relax and laugh, or to make an activity more exciting and intense, or even for boosting my creativity and awareness, it always seems to deliver what I want (though knowledge of strains plays intro this. I’m a bit of a connoisseur). I highly encourage EVERYONE to try it once there at a responsible age 18+. While I think the medical side of it is great, the recreational side to it cannot be ignored either. I believe both are equally important and education on both should be made more available.

  3. Eric N Tiffanny Nicks on

    I am an activist for marijuana legalization because one MUST stand up for what is right and the end of prohibition is RIGHT!…no other reason….

  4. I suffer from Crohn’s disease. I am forced to take the narcotics my doctor prescribes for me, as I live in a non-medical marijuana state. But I have been a LOUD voice for the legalization movement for more than 20 years. I am the Vocal Citizen on CNN’s iReport, @vocalcitizen on Twitter, and a journalist for Examiner.

    I just want people to see the truth for what it is. I speak to everyone I meet on this issue: politicians, cops, lawyers, people on line at the bank… I love encountering people who are still brainwashed because I love to teach. You would be surprised how many people hate being proven wrong, so half way through the conversation they begin to nod and agree how outdated our marijuana laws are.

    Those opposed to marijuana RE-legalization are not to blame. They are victims of propaganda and it is up to those of us you ARE educated to show them the light.


  5. A doctor recommended that I smoke pot after years of suffering with ulcerative colitis. Two other doctors recommended a colostomy (OH HELL NO!). A medical resident produced the first joint, within a year I was in remission. After a bad car accident (nobody was smoking or drinking) I used it for pain relief & to get off the pain meds. Today I don’t smoke because I don’t have a safe source & don’t really miss it. As a former bartender I can attest to that fact that alcohol is far more dangerous & damaging.

  6. I
    have first hand experience that cannabis heals my chronic hemorrhoids.
    Have tried every stupid man made drug out there & nothing works as
    good as this herb from god. Even had to shove drugs up my ass & it
    didn’t work… stupid fuckin doctors.

    Stupid fuckin govts as well, everything wanna follow bible or quran but when it comes to ganja, they dun
    follow. U know all these muslims & christians r fake & only
    using their religion as a tool to do evil if they dun advocate a god
    grown herb that has not killed anyone in 8000years while legalizing
    every other dangerous substance out there just to make quick money. may
    allah, Christ & most importantly Jah have mercy on their souls

  7. In 2010 I found myself in economic difficulties which lead to a severe reaction to stress which meant I could not work.

    Rather than slumping into depression, like a good English schoolboy I sat down at my desk with pen and paper and worked it out: Who is eating all my pies?

    I still have the workings. The price of my cannabis medicine had doubled between 2002 and 2012 and the world’s super-rich elite had taken too large a share of the pies for themselves.

    I calculated that it would be most beneficial for me personally to fight the prohibition of my medicine, then that would put me and the rest of the world in a more favourable state for fighting the general inequality which is rife in the world without having to ban some people’s medicines.

    I fight against cannabis prohibition because It makes me poor. I have autism. Cannabis is my medicine. It costs £2 per week for an NHS repeat prescription. My weekly medicine bill is at least 30 times higher than it would be if it were legally prescribed here in the UK.

    http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/1419 (UK Cannabis for Autism e-petition)

    Find me on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress too :)

  8. Fuck these people how can they try and take away our weed and our rights to have it as long as we have our card I for one personally need weed and the clinics it helps me so much better than all those pills and other stuff the Dr truer to give me plus its natural unlike all the other stuff its all made in laboratorys but not weed you can grow it plus alcohol is worse than weed you don’t see people going all crazy on but you do on alcohol

  9. Wow, Johnny, I am just as thrilled as I am humbled by your kind words of acknowledgement. I will keep striving to live up to your kind words as we will struggle through this fight for liberty and equality together, Thank you so much for the call out, it makes me think of all the great warriors for truth that have inspired me through this journey for justice. Take care and I hope to see you in a few weeks at Hempfest.

  10. I have smoked cannabis off and on since high school. I think it is fine in moderation and it really helps me with my insomnia. I am tired of people being arrested for using this plant. I really became inspired to become an activist after I read about Rick Simpson and learned about hemp oil. My sister died at the age of 41 from cancer. I wish I knew then what I know now. Maybe she would still be here. So now, I am determined that this medicine be made available to any that need it.
    Thank you for everything you are doing.

  11. Smoking cannabis does not make you an activist !!!
    I get a kick out of some I really do

    Maybe please explain just what you think you do that MAKES YOU A CANNABIS ACTIVIST ….??? EH???

    “It won’t take a “someone” to bring an end to prohibition. This cult of personalty thing we see wall to wall these days in the mj movement is a dead end. Feels like everyone is searching for some sacred cow to get behind instead of doing the hard, sleaves up work that it takes to effect political change in America. What it will take is a concerted effort by those who want to legalize. It will take them truly getting involved with the political process by finding VIABLE candidates who do not have a history of racism, homophobia, or being up for bid. It will take the boring stuff. Not the marching, screaming, and posting the same old info on facebook over and over again. It will take canvassing for candidates and never mentioning marijuana. It will take licking envelopes. Making dinners for campaign workers. working phone banks for viable candidates. It isn’t glamorous, it’s tough, and it doesn’t allow folks to make grand claims to being “activist” or “heroes”. The only way, in America, to get a political voice without paying for it is to do this work. build those relationships, and work from the bottom up- NOT the top down. Local elections, then state elections THEN national. How the Evangelical Christian right in America gained their power is an excellent model. I’m not down with their end goals, but they have done it right. Took them a little over ten years to become a major player in American politics and now 40 odd years after they began they are one of the top THREE major players in American politics. Ironically the mj legalization movement has been around for about the same amount of time… compare the results and tell me who’s method works the best?”

  12. Been using cannabis for almost 30 years & have been an mmj caregiver & activist since 2005 in order to do the right thing by doing what I can to ensure safe access & change things. Currently I’ve been working on a campaign to give Fort Collins’ Voters a choice to bring dispensaries back to our city. I educate citizens & patients daily, never letting an opportunity slip by to get my message across that cannabis is an amazing medicinal plant.

  13. when my parents divorced and remarried I was split between 2 fighting parents.
    my stepdad used cannabis. I was introduced to cannabis at an early age.
    I learned I could sell joints at school. Easy Money.
    I always had a fear of legalization, I would lose my income.
    Had I stuck to cannabis I would have been fine , by the time I was 19 I was shooting heroin.
    I got sober and stayed away from all drugs for the next 20 years.
    I loved cannabis and I eventually got into selling cannabis in ny,
    1/2 million dollars in 4 years ,never got caught (knock on wood) probably because I am white ?
    After my spot got robbed at gunpoint I moved to Ca. ,to work in film industry and a carpenter for housing authority. I was sober so I passed the piss test.
    when i turned 35 I stated having prostate problems ,back pains and serious health problems. Drs cant find whats wrong so they give me pills , more Drs more pills
    Opiates are addicting cannabis is pale compared to vicodens/oxycontin

    What causes me to be an activist is I get really angry at people who continue to demonize cannabis ,especially gov workers and congress
    cannabis is not a “dangerous narcotic” most people know this and know the govmnt has lied,and used this lie to incarcerate other wise ordinary people.

    Even when scientific data is available ,congress ignores science and continues the prohibition on cannabis spending millions trying to eradicate cannabis

    knowing that cannabis has great medical potential and keeping science from testing its efficacy, congress is part of this conspiracy.
    cancer research is the best example, every person that dies from cancer has been murdered by congress ,
    This makes my blood boil

  14. I would have and will die slowly and painfully without Mary Jane. look me in the eye and tell me to die. DO IT! prohibition kills, has killed, and will continue to kill. I will be a victim if things do not change. I need my lawmakers to save my life. I fear they will not change soon enough.

    good luck and well wishes to the other posters

  15. Great blog entry and questions Johnny Green. I became active after several life events allowed me to see clearly through the smoke, sort of speak. I became very active at the age of 35 after reviewing some of my life goals, which one of them was run for public office and get elected to something, that was in 2009 and I have been a full time+ activist since. I try to inspire others by helping run an advocacy organization in an effective and efficient manner with a personal goal to help others increase their activism in the same manners.

  16. Most people grow old with aches and pains and will be faced with expensive bunk medicine pushed by the lobbyists or inexpensive medicine that grows wild in the back yard. Anyone with half a brain knows the answer.

  17. Republicans4Legalization on

    Sorry for all the spelling errors. Its not easy writing all that on your phone.

  18. Republicans4Legalization on

    I only recently stated to come out on the issue publicly. Being a consevative republican and supporting the legalization of marijuana came to quite a shock to friends and coworkers. I’ve had people challenge my morals or claim I’m actually a liberal in disguise. I tell them that my party does not dictate my moral and priciples but the party I chose reflects most of them. I support legalizing marijuana and I want to change the image of the activist from hippies and misguided colled kids to what it really is . Law abiding, tax paying american who grows weary of seeing billions on our tax money going to waste of something that is not only harmless when used responsibly by adults but also medically benificial. This is about how big the government has gotten and how they think its up to them to regulate our lives. It is not their place to control us. We have rights. The states should have a right to choose and its the citizens of that state who through voting should have the right to choose. Not the federal government.

  19. I originally got my degree in Justice Studies and was preparing to work in law enforcement when I got out of college. Unfortunately an injury the month after I graduated made it so I couldn’t work as an officer. I worked in other capacities in police work including dispatching and outreach for years, and just became more and more disillusioned with what I saw as ruining people’s lives completely out of proportion to the “crimes” they were committing.
    Here in Montana we only have one “Possession of Dangerous Drugs” statute that all drug offenses fall under, so it is heavily up to the judge’s discretion and the area you are arrested in your sentencing. I also interned during my college with offenders, who were at heavy risk for things like HIV and Hepatitis C, mostly because of their incarceration. I also saw our state move in 2002 from an incarceration to a rehabilitation based model for repeat drunk driving offenders.
    All of this caused me to get involved. I couldn’t see how people who were otherwise law abiding citizens were being put in the system, often infected with life-threatening diseases, getting out and then needing to be on public assistance like welfare, Medicaid etc all because of being caught smoking a plant. How did all the people out there advocating personal freedom and taking care of oneself have absolutely no problem with drug policies that took away freedom from so many and forced them into positions where they couldn’t provide for themselves because of a drug conviction.

  20. i for one became one because of my motherwho i love very much.she is no longer with us but i se her everday in the faces of the people with pain. she had rumatorid arthites she never took any thing other thane the pain pills the docs gaiv her and if sure that is what made her heat week.she was a strong woman she worked with her hands in afactory. i wached her as a son every day go into work with her hands swelled that it no longer looked like the hands of the woman that gave birth to me.i could fill and see the pain and the tears in her eyes but she went on.i dont know for sure if she would have smoked but i know i would if legit.and have but no longer do for my family and i dont want to go to jail and really think if it were legit back then my mother would be here with us today.all thoes pills the doctors manmade .god gave us whatwe needed to help us live longer or to ease the pain he is or creator he is not heartless. man is the heartless one here he is greedy.thoes with money get what they want and they use gods gift to looking down there noes at us like we are not worth it .its greed . AND NOW I HAVE ALL THE PAIN THE FINGERS THAT SWELL MY FINGERS ARE STARTING TO TWIST I CANT FILL THE THINGS IN MY FINGER TIPS THAT I USED. TO THE FUR ON THE CATS BACKTHE TOUCH OF MY BABY GIRL WHEN SHE REACHES FOR IT WHEN WE WAKL INTO A STORE IT FILLS STRANGE LIKE A STRANGER GRABES MY HAND AND I WILL NOT TAKE YOUR MANMADE PILLS TO KILL MYSELF SLOWY. I WANT TO HAVE THE CHANCE TO LIVE MY LIFE AS LONG AS I CAN JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD DO THAT HVE NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM I WANT TO LIVE DO U NOT UNDERSTAND.STOP THE GREED STOP THE PAIN WE ARE ALL HUMAN MAKE THIS LEGIAL WILL YOU NOT HELP TO GET REID OF MY PAIN ?YOU COULD HELP KEEP YOUR MOM AND DAD AROUND LONGER IF YOU HELP SUPORT THIS. YOU HELP KEEP ME AGOUND FOR MY KIDS???????????????

  21. I’m 33 years old and this will be the first time I actually get off my ass and vote. The only reason I am going is to make sure the people who are against this wrongful prohibition of marijuana and hemp are voted into positions where they can make a difference while at the same time getting the old men who are getting paid to keep it illegal have they’re power taken away. I am a marijuana user becaue I like how it feels. It is nice to come home after a long day of work, smoke a joint, and relax in front of the tv or a book. It is fine for people to go to the corner store and buy alcohol and tobbacco then get drunk but the DEA wants me in jail because I choose to smoke pot instead of drink. It is just not right and that is why I have been trying my best to get the word out to everyone that this law needs to be changed. And more than half of the country agrees with me but we are all ignored by the people in charge. The more they ignore the issue the more frustrated I get.

  22. I find it ridiculous that people are so restricted. You can’t do this or you can’t do that……SAYS WHO! I was told that I was (at the age of 18) an adult… responsibility for self….pay your way in life. Right? I have consumed for 44yrs…think I should be able to make my own decisions…..I have earned it! I don’t mind laws like stop, caution etc, handicap parking, I am sure you get the drift…..If I want to do something I want the decision to do it or not….not forced down my throat laws….If I want to ride with out a helmet….that should be MY decision!! And for all you out there are teed off for my standpoint screaming helmets save lives….Good and wonderful. I want my freedom back…………………………….now please

  23. People talk about having Vices. If that is the case I have given up almost all of the “vices” that I have. I quit smoking cigarettes about 4 years ago, never really been an alcohol drinker and I smoke pot. I have had to stop for a bit because I wanted a job change. Someone told. “Well drink a beer.”I. Don’t want a beer I don’t want alcohol to “replace” pot. I don’t like it! Pot is something I like to do because I can get up the next morning and function, unlike a hangover from alcohol. It is my form of relaxation after a hectic day. I DO NOT SMOKE AND WORK AND I DO NOT SMOKE AND DRIVE and I feel it is 100% a better form of unwinding than anything out there! When will people realize this. If you go to counseling for using pot I promise you they will probably suggest an anti depresent drug to replace it.that sounds like just trading one drug for another and the other has a lot of side effects. I feel very strong about legalizing pot.

  24. I am 39 years old. I didn’t even find out marijuana was illegal until I was 12. Everyone I knew, almost all of the adults in my life used marijuana. They were inventors, motivational speakers, writers, police officers, teachers…. People who were smart and motivated, around me every day while growing up and almost all of them used marijuana. I have seen it cure cancer in my mothers best friend, who was pregnant at the time. The doctors told her that they could save her life but it would cost her her baby’s life in the process. She turned to cannabis and proved them wrong and saved both herself and her unborn child. My grandparents were both teachers, they helped inspire my love of books and learning. They did not use cannabis them selves, but they made sure I knew the difference between propaganda and truth. They gave me books that taught me the benefits of cannabis use, like, how to make cloth from the fibers; about how the first model T was designed to run off of hemp oil and not fossil fuels; about how 1 cannabis plant produces more oxygen than a full grown tree. I was raised with this knowledge.
    When the D.A.R.E. program first started in the 80’s, I was in high school. When they sat me and my class down and told me that cannabis was evil and that anyone who used it was going to get addicted to harder drugs as a result, I did object. I stood up and was able to meet them with fact after fact. Including the fact that between the years of 1773-1776, in the state of Virginia, it was legal to pay your taxes with hemp.
    I was expelled from school 2 weeks later, due to behaviour problems.
    So, in answer to your question. I guess all I can say is that I was born to be a cannabis activist. If aspirin is legal and they can prescribe speed to children, i.e. adderol and riddilin, They why is something that has such a widespread number of positive uses be illegal?

  25. I love the plant! I like it smoked, cooked, juiced, distilled. I haven’t found a way that I haven’t loved it.
    I became an “activist” back in the early ’90s while attending an evangelical church. Through prayer and meditation, I felt called to use marijuana as a sacrament. As far as I was concerned, I had received more than permission, more like a charge, to smoke marijuana to get me “closer to God.” My experiences in worship services, my experiences with prayer and especially meditation were greatly enhanced. God had blessed me with His Creation of a simple plant that opened my eyes and softened my heart!
    It wasn’t until much later that I realized the medicinal benefits of marijuana, and that I had been treating my own mental illnesses with it. I was diagnosed with PTSD, acute anxiety disorder, and depression in 2010, and told by my psychiatrist that I would be better served to stop taking the meds they provided and move somewhere where I could get medical marijuana legally.
    While that sounded good to me, it didn’t make much sense. I did not, morally, feel like I would be doing the right thing if I could enjoy the benefits of marijuana while others suffered. So, I’ve set myself to making right the wrongs of our federal legislation.

  26. I became a hardcore activist wen my mother was diagnosed with Renal cell carcinoma in 2006. From the first they told her there was n hope she was stage 4and had 6 months. At first she found the radiation unbearable, then she smoked a joint. Mom was able to rest very comfortably until she slipped quietly from us on May 7 2007.

  27. I’ve been an activist for a few days more than a year now. I consider someone to be an activist if they simply consume, purchase, sell, or manufacture Marijuana because they are sticking their neck out to keep the culture flowing. I am a purchaser/consumer. I began to smoke around July 4 2011 when I was about to become 18. I realized the lies and bullshit associated with Marijuana and made my own opinions of it. This is when I started to become more political about topics concerning freedom in general. And Marijuana will be key in restoring freedom in America, and taking it back from the corporations and government that run our lives. The cops don’t make the laws; they enforce them. And who makes those laws? Lobbyists and Congress.

  28. Point blank that prohibition never works… we can make miracles with cannabis there are lots of sick and even dying people that could benefit from this plant…. in my opinion it is safer than alcohol i have never seen one person die from marijuana overdose or driving high or go into a rage from it and hurt themselves or someone else… the worst thing that might happen from an avid smoker or user is that they will have an increased grocery bill

  29. This is about my Personal Freedom. If I am not infringing on the freedoms of another then they should not be infringing on mine. My neighbor (which to me means anyone in this country, or even this planet) should not have to be afraid in their own home due to me. If I am using any drug and I break into their property or threaten them by my actions (even driving down the street), then I am infringing on their freedom. Look at how many Americans infringe on each other by getting drunk on alcohol. You can turn on the t.v. to any reality program that shows people being arrested and coming into jails and see that almost all of them are intoxicated – but alcohol is legal. I can get pissed drunk in my home but I can’t legally smoke a little weed. How many driving accidents and crimes are committed in this country by persons high on marijuana ? It happens like with any drug, but seriously, how many ? Then compare that to alcohol and the effect it has had on our society. I’m not for the Prohibition of alcohol again – it didn’t work last time and will never work because even though some people have problems with it, most do not. How much more can be said for marijuana ? I can use marijuana however I like without infringing on another person. I am a hard-working honest American Citizen (I even stopped using marijuana, until it becomes legal again), so why should someone be able to trample on MY FREEDOMS just because they don’t like marijuana. I don’t like some things, but I’m not going to prevent another person from enjoying it just because I don’t like it. I’m not going to legislate MY “MORALITY” on you. You can talk all you want about how you think God doesn’t like us to get high – well that’s your opinion there buddy. My faith in Jesus Christ is solid and I know he has no problem with me using. So leave me be and I will let you be. But since they won’t let me be and I am tired of having my freedom trampled upon by ignorant idiots, I am doing my part to make marijuana legal agagi. I used to be a “stoner”, “party guy”, someone who wasn’t responsible. But I am now, and I want my freedom. I am voting for the first time in my life this year and I am sending out letters to my state representatives to tell them how I feel. I’m doing something because I should not have to be afraid in my own home if I want to smoke a joint.

  30. I wish I had the means to move to Oregon or Washington…the south of? the USA is not the best place to be for those like us :/ With that being said although I am currently only 18 I consider myself an activist because I am tired of being treated as if I am a hardcore criminal by the government. They look at you and think they know what is better for you. Well guess what? YOU DON’T. We will eventually become fed up with the discrimination and start a full blown revolution…#LegalizeIt

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