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What Is At Stake In The War On Marijuana?


The Brookings Institution has put out some literature lately dealing with marijuana, the most recent of which calls for removing barriers to marijuana research. This is something that activists have been wanting for decades, but the federal government has done everything it can to stifle progress. With organizations like the Brookings Institution calling for the removal of barriers to research, I think it’s symbolic of just how far reform has come.

The Brookings Institution released a video this week that deals with the war on marijuana, and highlights some of the issues it causes. In this video, Fellow of the Brookings Institution Dr. John Hudak PhD. explains the fall0ut that is occurring due to the war on marijuana, covering such areas as taxation and research. One part that I like about the video is that Dr. Hudak explains the two processes it would take to reschedule marijuana, either via the White House, or via Congress. As you will see in the video, an act of Congress would be much simpler in some way than Executive action, but that also would require getting a majority of hundreds of federal politicians to get off their butts, which is obviously harder in a lot of ways.

This video is timely because Bernie Sanders just announced that he plans to introduce a bill into Congress that would de-schedule marijuana entirely, effectively ending marijuana prohibition at the federal level. Below is the video, happy Friday to all, and enjoy!


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  1. I hear ya!

    What will the haters tell their grandchildren?

    “I hated pot so I did everything in my power to keep it illegal, yea I know now that thousands of people died and hundreds of children suffered needlessly due to my hatred but I held out as long as possible, mostly cause I was being paid by companies that stood to lose everything when it went legal”.

    “But Grandpa, why did you let children suffer?”

    “Well when I grew up we were told pot was bad for you and instead of finding out for myself I just blindly agreed with law enforcement about a health issue and continued to hate pot for no real reason. So, yea lots of children suffered at my hands….so what, shut up kid.” Said Michigan AG Schuette

  2. I was sooo ready to hear that fat bastard say how he was going to make pot illegal again during the debate in Colorado but the pussies would not ask the question. Being booed off the stage was going to be a highlight!

  3. To me, the war on marijuana means that I don’t have the right to exist. It means that I am a non-person. It means that interacting with an natural herb that promotes my physical and mental well being makes me a criminal and an outlaw; and could subject me to physical and psychic harm by various goon squads parading as “law enforcement”. But most of all, the war on cannabis is a war on love. Love is not a crime.

  4. Absolutely. They are so afraid of the subject. Prisons are big business and employ thousands of people, and the you have police, DEA. Thousands more employed by prohibition. Than there is the kick backs that private prisons give to politics, from drug testing manufacturers. All in all they don’t care about the millions of people in prison over just Marijuana use.

  5. saynotohypocrisy on

    Personal liberty, a vital medicine, and ending racist enforcement.
    Not empowering the bad guys at all levels of the illegal distribution chain.
    Giving people a safer alternative to alcohol, tobacco and prescription opiates.
    Not having to lie to children in drug miseducation, or imprison their parents unjustly, or deny them opportunity for employment
    Not poisoning police-community relations and government-community relations
    Not wasting the time of cops, courts, rehab etc
    Good jobs
    Government making needed money from a reasonable tax, and from a stronger economy.
    It’s not a war on marijuana, it’s a war on the people who use cannabis, their families, and their communities.

  6. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Indeed. It gets even worse, Billy, when considering how female cannabis flowers–long before everyone started calling them “marijuana”–were actually used to treat sick and suffering Americans for nearly 90 years before “the federal government” stepped in to impose a fascist anti-“marihuana” tyranny. (I understand fascism as being the merger of state and business leadership, which in this case has aggressively suppressed ALL production of cannabis fibers, pulp, seeds, leaves and flowers.) A full 78 years later, we have barely begun to crawl out from under the anti-cannabis boot. Every day that passes without a major change at the federal level is just more solid proof that we live under absolute tyranny.

  7. Billy E Thornton on

    I think of the million’s of people that have been incarcerated for this non-violent felony and had their right to bear arms stripped from them , forever. I think of the million’s that may have been saved from cancer if research had started earlier . Does that sound like something a government of the people , for the people should do . Marijuana is illegal because our government is corrupt , period .

  8. This is not a matter of this that or another drug, it is however a matter or personal freedom. Freedom! I am tired of the waste of my tax dollars by ineffective and morally corrupt police forces from federal to local ,wasting resources and abusing the public over R.M.Nixon’s paranoia. Next to Reagan the worst president in history.Nixon had cannabis studied and when the results didn’t fit his world view he thew out the expert report and just proceeded to inflict decades of horror on American people. Freedom people! Freedom

  9. Politicians need to be aware that this isn’t just about legalization but righting all the lies that have ruined millions of people’s lives. Our politicians need to wake up and face reality that the people of America is tired of the war on drugs. In fact a majority of the people do not believe in prohibition and are down right tired of the lies. It is time that Congress gets their act together or get replaced by someone who will listen to the majority who want legalization.
    Why is it that Mr. Bernie Sanders is the only member of our government who has the balls to draw up legislation to reschedule and legalize Marijuana?

  10. FINALLY!!… FINALLY!! we are starting to see the tide shift..to a place where being against medical cannabis is becoming politically harmful…and I can see the horizon where the same can be said for opposition to adult use legalization…

    This issue touches so many lives and affect so many more aspects of our society other than who’s gonna be able to take a bong rip at home and not got to jail for it…

    I just wish that in the years to come…when it gets legalized nationwide..all these prohibitionists who fought and are still fighting to deny sick people relief and responsible adults the right to choose a less dangerous alternative to alcohol and tobacco are HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR THIS AND MADE TO ANSWER FOR THERE BLATANT LACK OF COMPASSION AND WILLFUL IGNORANCE OF FACTS AND LOGIC!!

    but I also won’t hold my breath..well unless it’s after said bong rip…cheers! the future is bright

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