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What Is ‘Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (R.A.M.P.)’?


republicans against prohibitionI saw an organization come across Twitter the other day that I thought was interesting. Below is information about Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (R.A.M.P):

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to educate Conservative Americans about Marijuana Prohibition in the U.S., and to dispel longstanding, exaggerated myths about cannabis
  • To provide proven facts on the benefits of medical marijuana.
  • To impart our fiscally conservative view, that the legalization of marijuana would be beneficial to society in several ways.

-By providing significant additional tax revenues
-Halt the wasteful spending of taxpayer’s money and law enforcement resources on non-violent
-Deliver much needed relief for our severely overcrowded prison systems.

  • We wish to dispel the notion that in order to be a good conservative, you must be in favor of The War on Drugs.
  • To perpetuate our view that the current laws associated with the War on Drugs is bad law and promotes disorder, and that bad law should always be changed.
  • It is our hope that the knowledge and resources provided will challenge Conservatives to reanalyze their longstanding, misinformed judgments, and persuade them to acknowledge the need for immediate legislation to reform current law regarding cannabis in the U.S.

-The immediate re-classification of marijuana from a Class 1 Felony to a Misdemeanor.
-The legalization and taxation of Medical Marijuana in all 50 states.

Click here to find out more about Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition


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Johnny Green


  1. I agree with your point. But you have to recall that they are dealing with the Prohibition Party. I know them. I was one of them once (never a Prohibitionist though).

    At this point any move in our direction is helpful. By the end of 2014 if they haven’t gone further I will be criticizing them as well.

  2. They are the ones calling themselves Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition. I’m just saying that they contradict themselves when they take on that title and still advocate a form of prohibition when they want to subject non-medical adult users to face misdemeanor charges. Of course I would support and encourage any Republican that supports adult use legalization, but RAMP doesn’t do that.

  3. Conservatives4Legalization on

    Damn straight. I’ve been waiting a long time for those of my party to finally speak out on the failed drug war. Their are a lot more conservatice republicans like myself that want to end the prohibition than people relize.

  4. “-The immediate re-classification of marijuana from a Class 1 Felony to a Misdemeanor.” (from the article)
    I was ready to roll out the welcome wagon until I read that line. When RAMP supports all adult use legalization, then we’ll talk. Subjecting adult non-medical cannabis users to the black market, along with the threat of sanctions is criminal in my book.

  5. If your for prohibition you then simply support; crime, jails (cages), money laundering, fear/paranoia, ignorance, suppression, the list goes on. I invite you to open up this discussion with people outside of your klan, face to face, so you can free yourself from the herd.

  6. We’re organizing another group in Arizona called “Conservatives for Cannabis”. We will recruit, like minded Conservative individuals, who have a desire to run for office and repeal Marijuana Prohibition. We will focus on bringing our Drug laws back in line with the crime. Conservatives for Cannabis, will be a FORCE inside the more moderate wing of the GOP. We feel that we can realistically REACH them philosophically! The FAR right wing of the party will NEVER be convinced We will promote an END to the FAILED US Drug War and to repair the many lives that have been RUINED because of possession of Marijuana. We are just starting out so hang in there with us and I’ll let TWB know more about it as we get closer to “Launch date”

  7. DavidTheExpert on

    Oh I’ve heard about this. I remember it from a video I watched a long time ago with a panel discussing A-64 in Colorado before the election. RAMP is run by this old woman from the south who is so vehemently against the drug war, but is also a die-hard republican. If I recall, she is the mother of Richard Lee, the founder of Oaksterdam University.

    Aha, here’s the video. You should check it out. She is entertaining to watch, to say the least: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wua4CG7t7U&t=19m50s

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