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What Is The ‘Barcelona Association of Cannabis Self-Medication’?


Roll a joint!Cannabis Barcelonesa Association of Subsistence

I came across this group when I was researching another article and figured I would put their info out there. I had to use the Google translate function, so hopefully it accurately reflects their info:

ABCDA is a non-profit organisation of cannabis consumers either for fun or therapeutic reasons.

ABCDA’s general aims are social normalisation of cannabis consumption and its regulation through private Clubs for adult members (over 21).

Our main function in all Catalonia is to work for consumers protection against black market, criminalisation and social stigmatisation. With several projects and activities we are fighting for political recognition of people’s rights as cannabis consumers.

From our point of view, cannabis responsible consumption is not something that goes far beyond other toxic substances that are part of our daily life such as alcohol or cigarettes. Nevertheless, this is not saying, by any means, that cannabis is harmless substance, or that it’s use cannot have consequences on people’s health.

Summing up, ABCDA’s finalities are to inform and advice you on cannabis effects on short, mid and long term, and to promote risk reduction and responsibility on cannabis consumption practices amongst those people that already have decided to use it.

To join ABCDA you must be older than 21, have current ID documentation (Driving licence, D.N.I. N.I.E and/or passport) and be invited by a current member that must come to the club with you to give his/her recommendation personally.

Registration process implies personal identification and accepting the rules of responsible consumption and risk reduction.

The annual registration fee is 10Eu

Medical or therapeutic cannabis users will be have free registration and, no need for a member recommendation only for people with any pathology officially recognised by IAMC-International association for medical cannabis-. In most cases you need to bring a doctor’s report in order to be considered a therapeutic consumer.

We remind you that registration hours are Monday to Saturday form 12 to 15



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  1. hola k tal? pues me llamo Teo, soy d Bali, vivo n madrid y tengo epilepsia…
    k saben de “charlottes web” n bcn…? herba alto n CBD en vez d THC, me ayuda con mi epilepsia…
    si lo hay n bcn haria un pequeno viaje x alli un finde…
    avisame porfa si alguien sabe algo de esto…
    gracias ;)

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