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What Is The Best Marijuana Garden Supply Store In Portland, Oregon?


evergreen garden supply portland oregonOne of my good friends in Portland, Oregon has the largest indoor medical marijuana garden I’ve ever seen. He goes through more garden supplies than anyone I know. He swears by a place called Evergreen Garden Supply, and says it’s the only place he shops for his garden supplies. That speaks volumes to me, because he is a master grower and goes through more gear than most.

One of my favorite things to do on this blog is highlight businesses that give back to the movement. The owner of Evergreen Garden Supply has made a sizeable donation to New Approach Oregon, which is seeking to legalize marijuana this November in Oregon. I haven’t heard of any other garden supply store making even a small donation to the campaign, in Portland or anywhere else in Oregon. If you are a gardener in Oregon, support Evergreen Garden Supply because they support you.

Evergreen Garden Supply was founded in 2007, and is considered by many to be pioneers in the industry because of their vertical integration vast knowledge of indoor horticulture, organics, and hydroponic gardening supplies. They manufacture, distribute, and retail hydrponic equipment for the indoor garden industry. Compare that to other stores which simply order from a catalogue and put stuff on shelves and provide next to nothing in the area of solid advice.

Evergreen Garden Supply has a massive selection, which is also something that not every garden store provides. They have the best discounts in town and provide excellent customer service. They are moving locations on Setpember 1st to 10415 NE Sandy Blvd in Portland. If you are looking to get into cultivation, or if you are a long time green thumb, make sure to support Evergreen Garden Supply, because as I said, it’s good to support businesses that support the movement.


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  1. VM Indoor Garden has a great selection and best prices in town. They are in both Portland and Vancouver

  2. Evergreen Garden supply is one of the best grow stores in Portland, It’s just too bad they can NEVER keep anything in stock that I’m looking for! If I have a few buck’s in my pocket to go buy a digital ballast or 8 inch Patriot hood, sure enough it’s back ordered for a month and I need it NOW not six weeks from now. So I end up shopping somewhere else for the big ticket items. And it’s too bad they can’t keep anything in stock because I have the biggest commercial account there and I usually spend a couple of grand a month on equipment. This is no way to run a business Guys!!!

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