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What Is The Long Beach Collective Association?


long beach medical marijuanaThe Long Beach Collective Association Is Fighting To Protect Medical Marijuana Access For Patients

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to do a better job of highlighting the hardworking marijuana activists and marijuana organizations out there, both recreational and medical. After all the whole point of a blog and activism is to get the word out, right? Here is some information about the Long Beach Collective Association taken from their website. If you are in the Long Beach area, join the fight!:

The Long Beach Collective Association (LBCA) is a group of local medical marijuana collectives which have joined together to help create a better Long Beach for everyone.

The LBCA was formed to help the Long Beach City Council find a solution to the issues that resulted from the court case Pack Vs. The City of Long Beach.

Rather that just banning the collectives or repealing the current medical marijuana ordinance, the LBCA is advocating for a third option — revising the current ordinances in a way that creates a win-win situation for everyone — the city, the patients and the collectives.

Our Members

Everyday our member collectives serve hundreds of patients in the Long Beach area, providing safe and legal access to medicamarijuana.

Before the days of collectives, many of the our patients had to look to the black market to find the medicine they need. Money that often ended up in the hands of gangs and cartels.

Our member collectives have a different idea in mind -The Third Option — instead of the money going towards gangs and cartels, how about we work together in a cooperative way to benefit our local neighborhoods and our city.

Click on any of the member collectives below to find out more about them.


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  1. Dear Counsel member,

    In your opinion is alcohol a harder drug than marijuana?
    Could you please cite the scientific report?

    What is the scientific rational for prohibiting cannabis?
    What part of the constitution prohibits states from legalizing cannabis? Don’t you think the interstate commerce clause is a weak argument in this states rights issue?

    Counsel member, are you a complete moron, or are you just a stinking liar?

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