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What Is UK Cannabis Activist Group ‘CLEAR’?


CLEARCLEAR Cannabis Law Reform Organization

Since The Weed Blog is based out of the United States, we focus mainly on marijuana reform in the United States. However, as our traffic overseas grows, we will try to meet the demand to bring news and information from your area. One group that is fighting very hard to bring cannabis reform to the UK is CLEAR. Here is some information from CLEAR’s website:

Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA). We are registered on the Great Britain register for England, Scotland and Wales and on the Northern Ireland register. We have declared that we intend to contest UK general elections and also the combined region of the South West and Gibraltar at European Parliamentary elections.

For the purposes of the PPERA, Peter Reynolds is the party leader and nominating officer, Janice Wells is the party treasurer.

CLEAR has adopted the Electoral Commission’s model financial scheme which demonstrates how we will comply with the legal requirements of party and election finances under PPERA. The CLEAR financial scheme is reproduced in full here.

Equal Opportunities

We believe it is essential to CLEAR’s principles, productivity, and efficacy to enable activists of all backgrounds to reach their full potential by encouraging an environment that is inclusive to all. To this end, and within the framework and spirit of the law, we are committed to achieving and maintaining a support and activist base which broadly reflects the community at large.

CLEAR whole-heartedly supports the principle of equal opportunities and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, disability, age, religious belief, sexual orientation or marital status. We welcome people who support cannabis law reform from whatever cultural, ethnic or political backgrounds, be they cannabis users or not.

We believe that it is in CLEAR’s best interests and of all those who work as part of it, to attract, retain and develop a diverse pool of activists and supporters. Every possible step will be taken to ensure that individuals are treated equally and fairly, and members are invited to raise concerns with us if they feel an infringement to this policy has been made. Members found to be in violation of the CLEAR equal opportunities policy will face suspension and ultimately expulsion form the party.


CLEAR’s constitution is reproduced in full here.


These are the members of the Executive Committee.

Peter Reynolds was elected leader of CLEAR in February 2011. Aged 54 and a professional writer all his life, Peter lives on the Dorset coast with his two dogs, an overworked computer and an overflowing in tray. More information is available at his personal website: www.peter-reynolds.co.uk

Mark Palmer has been a long time supporter of cannabis law reform, involved from the very beginning of the LCA. He is now Acting Deputy Leader and involved in events organising and promotion.

Derek Williams — Long time law reform activist with UKCIA, now CLEAR website editor

Jan Wells is the treasurer and secretary of CLEAR and is responsible for all membership administration and finance. She is a lecturer in I.T. and now lives near Redhill in Surrey with her partner, two children and a dog.

Greg de Hoedt, aka Cure Ukay, is well known through his podcasts and CannabisCureTV. He is now in charge of all CLEAR’s multimedia activities

CLEAR committee meeting minutes:

27th November 2011

11th September 2011

18th May 2011

11th March 2011 (LCA)


Fellowship of the party is the highest honour. See here for a current list of fellows.


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Johnny Green


  1. obnoxious nutter on

    How so?, it would be satirical if I were a hippy perhaps but I’m not, you however are as your use of that term indicates an ignorant troll.

  2. Ben please behave yourself and don’t be so rude to our American cousins and their well informed site by calling it a “gutter” as this place is far from a gutter in my opinion.I find it hard to believe that you have found no evidence of Mr Reynolds misgivings when Lem has linkeed all of his brainfarts for everyone to see.
    Factual and recorded events that are in the cyberverse  so you’re assumption and false accusation of this being a hate campaign construed by a few is poppycock and it does you no favours Ben and makes you look a bit inane.
    My comment about cyber brownshirts is apt because you have a dictator who is a racist and a megalomaniac who surrounds himself with a group of similarly minded individuals who bully and threaten people into keeping quiet as was tried even yesterday when GruppenFuhrer Reynolds under his Jack Herer monocle threatened Lem.
    Next we go on the heavy censorship and misinformation that Mr Reynolds like to practice which would put the Stazzi to shame and woe betide anyone who say’s different as Mr Reynolds usually threatens to give you’re details to the police as he has done to several medi grower’s I know.

    Jim Alekson from the medicine wheel and his buddy Victor Hamilton where all involved in the establishing of the BMCR which was Peter Reynolds attempts to swindle people into giving them their details under false pretenses, and when Peter was found out he responded by calling people derogatory names and threatening to inform the police of their medi grows unless they kept quiet.

    Not very becoming of someone who claims to represent medical/recreational cannabis users is it?


  3. I just tell the truth Bengt.

    That is all that is required.

    Those with open eyes will see it: those whose eyes are closed will dream whatever vivid dreams they wish to dream, until reality comes crashing down upon them; as it surely will.

    Wherever CLEAR lies are spread, somebody will be there to place the truth in the open. That is, until Peter Reynolds steps down, or agrees to an independently verified leadership vote.

    Have a good day dude.

  4. Billy Gartside on

    Bengt get your head out of your ass.Peter Reynolds impersonated a Doctor-“Dr.Carla Margam”-on Facebook.No one legitimate would do that.He’s a crook,a fraudster, a bully and a conman.If you believe another word that he says I’ve got a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge I’d like to sell you.

  5. http://clear-uk.org/100000-well-paid-uk-jobs-through-compassionate-medicinal-cannabis-legislation

    You must have missed this. Thanks for giving me an excuse to post it again though.

    Quite why a non-UK national, who doesn’t live in the UK, is taking such a deep and personal interest in UK politics is beyond me.

    Can you please explain which bits, in your opinion, are lies?

    You have a nice day too dude.

  6. I just want to say one last thing before i leave this gutter. I have looked into what Jayelle Farmer, Lem and 00 has been raving about. And i can’t find anything that support what they say. For me this is just a personal vendetta started by one or two people and the rest is following, which is quite amusing actually regarding to 00 comments about brownshirts. It is 99% lies and accusations about something that never happened, then there is some story about Peter being in some business with the US. But no where is the proof. The only real thing i see here is the petition, so that is CLEAR at least, you want Peter off, but why no one can see, because you are not telling the truth. So keep at it, drag your own life in the gutter but i will not join you. Have a nice day and seriously take care, for what it is worth. 

  7.  So i never talked to Peter, i didn’t need to. I was on some other sites among them UKCIA, and there you were, with 00 and some other, it is very CLEAR to me now that all you do is spreading lies and trying to ruin a very successful campaign that CLEAR is. Why i have no idea, i think and from what i read the answer lays in that some one got offended by Peter, he can be harsh at times and this is what can follow.  Btw i entered that link into google with cache: in front of it and read the page and comments, i could not see anything wrong with what Peter commented, he had been stalked and slandered for weeks, by this women and others, he should have reacted even harsher  after all that time. I am glad he didn’t. I don’t agree with the name calling and i will never do that, but i understand the situation. Now why you would try to disrupt this campaign i do not know either, but i have some suggestions in my head. You might be lobbying alcohol/tobacco/pharmacy, you might be thugs, maybe some MC gang that want all your business been left alone, or as said Peter might have stepped on your toe and now you are out for revenge. Either way i will not fall for it. You are no activist, you are measly filled with hatred and should really try to find some peace of mind for your own good. Oh and by the way, just to ease up your work load, this isn’t debatable, if you reply to it that’s your problem, i’m done with you and will not waste any more energy or time with you.

  8. Peter you’re assumption of the facts is typical of you’re skewed sense of right and wrong as is the use of “lambasted” but it is all there for people to read and make their own minds up.

    Unlike the Stazzi inspired site that you run which is very unCLEAR about eveything.

    Cmon Petey have the minerals to debate with me on an open forum without hiding behind Elmo accounts?

    Sorry whats that? You wont? Why is that? Is it because I have found you out or is it because like most bullies you are a coward sir.

  9. Stonedtilldeath on

    He said he was not english? after you lambasted him he then revealed he was using a translator?

  10. Yep, I blogged the story last Monday 20th.

    Peter Reynolds’s Connection with Big Pharmahttp://www.campaign.mondialvillage.com/Peter-Reynolds-connection-with-Big-Pharma

    Updated on Feb 22.

  11. Bertiegriffin1 on

    It would seem you have been found out to be yet another “dodgy politician” with wealth and power daydreams.Couldn’t you have come up with your own party rather than blackening the cannabis cause with your deranged racist meanderings and diatribe, Your delete/ban/block/insult/threaten tactics used on people(often ill medi-users) who happen to rightly disagree with you are without doubt most un democratic for a so-called political party and smells of dictatorship and maybe even fascism, but then again should that really surprise anyone who have read your blogs and know your vile opinions? I think not…..  

  12. Bertiegriffin1 on

     Support from an EDL supporter,surely that should be enough to condemn any political party (except perhaps the BNP/BFP as these are already there) to political toxic waste ground category .Oh sorry I almost forgot Clear have the racist,bigoted “leader” Peter Reynolds to thank for this support and lets not forget the support he gets from U.S “big pharma” The Medicine Wheel, It would seem his motives have been found out methinks

  13. This is the true picture of CLEAR – Peter Reynolds has allowed this blatant commercial exploitation of the UK cannabis campaign:

    Steve Elliott: “Corporation Aims To Co-Opt Medical Marijuana, Make Billions” – Toke of the Town


    “Remember the name Jim Alekson, from above? He’s the principal in the patch company, and heads up many intriguingly related business ventures.

    Here he is playing politics with a friendly article. Touting the jobs to be created by the medical marijuana industry, Medicine Wheel has been blogging up the UK cannabis movement, engaging in friendly chats on a UK forum, and Alekson got his blog reposted on the official website of single-issue, pro-cannabis UK political party CLEAR (formerly Cannabis Law Reform).

    CLEAR leader Peter Reynolds appeared on the scene only recently, taking over the party with a massive vote of nearly 40 members, and changing its name and direction, while censoring and even ousting anyone who questioned his policies.”

    Please sign the Petition: “Peter Reynolds: Resign as leader of the UK political party CLEAR” 


  14. No Peter he said “he wasnt from an English speaking country and he used a translator” so that isnt the case unless he tells as many porkies as you that is?


  15. >I have still some trouble to fit it al together  though. Why would he be out fishing for smokers votes?

    OK, it goes like this. Let’s call this “Part 1.”

    November 2010: First of all, Peter Reynolds did not start the BMCR initiative – Victor Hamilton did. Peter Reynolds was the front man.

    Victor Hamilton approached a lady about making the BMCR website. You can read all about what she says here:

    http://hypermobile.co.uk/ and there is more information on this here:  http://www.jayelle.mondialvillage.com/what-happened-to-BMCR-data/index.html

    Peter Reynolds started verbally abusing people very early on, shortly after his appearance on the UK cannabis campaign scene. http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=238575&view=findpost&p=2470305

    He began to alienate the very people whose support he should have been enlisting – that of UK cannabis growers. The point of contention was that Peter Reynolds was expecting medical cannabis users to add their details to the BMCR database, without ensuring that sufficient security measures were in place. Reynolds said (on last link) that he would hand the database over to the authorities if they “were to arrive with a court order or warrant.” This upset a lot of people and this, along with the lack of security measures and his verbal abuse, ensured the failure of the BMCR.

    Reynolds has always blamed the folks at uk420 for the failure of the BMCR initiative, but he does that in order to take away the blame from himself. In essence, the BMCR initiative failed because of three crucial points:

    1) The lack of adequate data security measures for the BMCR database

    2) Reynolds’s admission that he would hand the database over to the authorities with a court order or warrant

    3) Reynolds’s verbal abuse of the people on the uk420 website.

    End of Part 1.

  16. England IS NOT Britain Mr nutter.

    The English are not British Mr nutter, English is a Germanic language, and the English are the invaders.Id prefer Mr British Bulldog to be honest with his name here, he admits to being EDL… so why call himself British?

  17. Hush Peter stop fighting the will of the people,

    We do not like tyranny
    Do the honourable thing and step down.

    Do not make us take further action.

    We are legion.  

  18.  “he smokes himself”

    The only proof we have of that fact is a picture of some soapbar (low quality contaminated hash) and an unused brass pipe he once posted.

    “I have still some trouble to fit it al together  though”

    Join the club dude.

    “Why would he be out fishing for smokers votes?”

    The more people who pay to join his party the more money and influence he will have. Seems simple enough to me.

  19. So you say you aren’t English but you have followed Petey babies good work for a year???

    Something tells me you are full of pony mate and no doubt one of Herr Reynolds cyber brownshirt’s(or a yellow shirt if you are BananaDan)LOL!!
    We have gave you all the links for Peters tomfoolery and still you put you’re fingers in you’re ears and go “lalala”which tells me you are either an Elmo account or one of CLEARS cyber brownshirts which is more apt as I have found the Comment Wawwiows powder a bit wet in the debating front.

    Oh,the ad hominum attack on me earlier in this thread about my Nationality sort of gave the game away my brownshirted friend!


  20.  1. Thank you for explaining this to me. I know Peter doesn’t want Cannabis to be grown out of control, that i have seen him say. I myself connected that with a concern that it could be sold to minor, which i wouldn’t like to see, therefore i thought why not a licence, as long as any one can get it.
    2. This LLC thing is indeed very worrying. What i don’t understand is, why this stupid comments about his harsh ways sometimes and what sexual acts he most enjoy and jail time etc. If i had seen this at once i had probably not even made one comment at all. Just wrote Peter a mail and asked for answers.

    I have still some trouble to fit it al together  though. Why would he be out fishing for smokers votes? Why is he trying to get this patch and Sativex the only viable to get, he smokes himself. Will he get his herbs from the company? Like out the back door?

    Well i have my own fight here in Sweden and this have been a long afternoon for me with much to type, so i bid you all farewell for now and will look into this more tomorrow. Take care.

  21.  “BUT i would never put my self on a pedestal and spew out hate about any
    human being”

    cache:http://peterreynolds.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/sarah-mcculloch/ – enter that into google search.

    “I will
    how ever confront him about it.”

    Best of luck with that, given his past history of dealing with people who ask him difficult questions. I’d imagine he’ll call me a troll and a liar. Make your own mind up eh?

    “Depending on how he respond i will
    decide if he still has my support.”

    Let us know how that goes.

  22. Stonedtilldeath on

    Seriously dave your a dying breed. when all the mass unwashed are removed from the clear site it’ll be better for everybody who wants a regulated market and from what I’ve seen that’s everybody that isn’t profiting from it criminally. Peter Reynolds “Clear” the Decks as far as I’m concerned.

  23.  “why couldn’t this Sanj race against him?”

    Because Peter expelled him from the party for canvassing the membership for their opinion. How very democratic of Peter.

    “Why would i care what a political leader does as long as it is not illegal?”

    Because if you use cannabis Peter claims to speak for you as a representative. His actions and words reflect upon you.

    “What you say about representing your interests i get as well, but why hang Peter?”

    Because he is lying and he is a bully and he needs to go before he does any more damage to the cannabis legalisation movement.

    Medical cannabis is already legal in the form of sativex. Peter has no desire to see prohibition lifted, just for canniderm/tetracan to be allowed to go to market. He is offering you a false hope and that is probably the thing that I find the most disgusting.

  24.  Some times yes, who isn’t? You tell me some one that never been paranoid and i’ll show you a psychopath. And i am no ones puppet either, i talk on my own behalf. I liked what Peter has done so far for the people i can relate to in this world, that’s good enough for me. I am really no follower, more like a Messiah. What a “sock” puppet is i don’t know, as said i am not from UK. And that is why the text got bold as well, i had to translate a word and it decided to be bold. For last, why i responded, i had quite a few comments all ready on this page, in fact all i saw was mine, except one guys, but then again i never looked at the other pages. That is why i thought it was adressed to me. Nothing more nothing less and it had nothing to do with paranoia, which by the way in my book is a health sign. Of course not excessively so.

  25. Peter Reynolds has removed all mention of this page from his wall, and he has also removed it from the CLEAR wall. This page was on both walls last night, and he was desperately calling for ‘comment warriors’ to stick up for CLEAR. I guess the comment warriors never materialised, and Peter was scared that people might read the truth about him. 

    Dopefiend’s latest podcast has more about Peter Reynolds, with an interview from Sanj – an ex-executive member of CLEAR who was sacked by Peter Reynolds for the crime of daring to poll CLEAR’s members for their opinions. http://dopecast.libsyn.com/webpage/dopecast305-out-now-

  26.  Ok i’m starting to get the picture. Now this BMCR is no more if i read correctly, it had a goal, one which i found compassionate and noble. Now i understand this database thing with people that smokes isn’t the funniest in the world, do believe me, I’ve been in jail and been chased by the cop about half my life, when i was a youngster. So i for one wouldn’t like my name in some database. But their aim was good as far as i can see. Same with Environ, i can see nothing but good, Hempa used to what other things are used today that destroys our planet.

    Now this LLC is worrying indeed. I would never vote for anything like this. I don’t want big pharma or companies take over the plant. It is for all. The thing is i never seen Peter saying anything about this either. And why he has this on CLEAR i have no idea, but do you what? I am going to ask him and discuss it with him as it is new to me. BUT i would never put my self on a pedestal and spew out hate about any human being, slander and lies because of it, that is the lowest. I will how ever confront him about it. Depending on how he respond i will decide if he still has my support. As for now he has it.

  27. So let’s get this straight. Reynolds admits that he’s working with a group of US companies. Vic Hamilton, blows the whistle on PR and VH is the UK rep for Alekson’s US company, The Medicine Wheel Project LLC.

    Let’s have a look at this. If PR could pull this off, by getting Paul Flynn to raise questions in parliament, like he said he will try and do, and the Home Office allowed Jim Alekson to sell his cannabis pharm patches in the UK, then the UK monopoly of GW Pharm would be broken and the UK would have 2 business companies selling cannabis pharm meds instead of one – and us lot would still be going to prison, because we don’t have a Home Office license to grow cannabis.

    OK – now show me HOW and WHERE PR is ACTUALLY campaigning for people to have the legal right to grow their own HERBAL cannabis?

    You can’t. Right. And that’s because there is no course of actual ACTION – like getting banners and picketing a street in the West End of London or whatever. There is no CLEAR course of mobilisation for the right to grow herbal cannabis in the UK. Search the CLEAR web site and see for yourself – you can’t find what is not there.

    All you can do is show a statement of intent from the CLEAR Aims and Objectives – which are just words on a piece of paper, until they are put into a structured campaign course of action.

    Since December 17th 2011, Peter Reynolds has written SIX articles concerning GW Pharm and Sativex – he’s working with a group of US companies, like he says he is – SO WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM BELIEVING HIM WHEN HE SAYS THIS???

    Check it out. Educate yourself on the truth of what Peter Reynolds is actually DOING – not what you THINK he is doing. People can only know the facts by reading and understanding properly referenced FACTS.

    “Peter Reynolds’s Connection With Big Pharma”


    “Peter Reynolds: Is He Being Paid to Open the Door
    to US Big Pharma?”


  28.  The name is Bengt, as it says. I understand it could be hard for some one in UK to pronounce, read or even get. But that’s my name. And it is my REAL name, i have no need to hide behind some fake name. I have seen Peter’s work in about a year now or something, and the last thing that could be said about Peter is that he is working for Peter. I have seen him out working for CLEAR and sick people all over the country and then some (Ireland, Wales and such). Now about those documents you had me for like 10 seconds, i was thinking, is there something to this against all odds, and you went on about the schoolgirl thing and racism again and you totally lost me. And when you ended it all with the “police informer” enlightenment i almost fell of my chair with laughter. Now about “Peter Reynolds was collecting this data for an American Pharma company
    who would like to corner the UK market with some canna plaster thingy” which had me wondering if there was some truth in it, where are the  documents about this? Where is the proof? You are drumming but no one has any notes.

    “As explained before all of sneakey Pete’s antics are documented and
    factual and you dont have to be Sherlock Holmes to find it Ben(gt).”
    No i haven’t seen one document, i haven’t seen any facts, i haven’t even seen any proof.

  29.  “just not really behaviour becoming of a political leader”

    Why would i care what a political leader does as long as it is not illegal? TV and Newspapers are not worthy of my time, they work for the people in power. How about we care a bit more of our own behaviour instead of bashing on others? About the run against Sanj in an election, why couldn’t that happen? i know to little really about that. But don’t they vote in periods? When Peter have been running for a specific time and it is time for election again, why couldn’t this Sanj race against him? Am i missing something? I couldn’t vote for any one of them since i am not from UK. But if i could i would have voted Peter because i know what he does, and i never heard of this Sanj more then that he got angry when Peter won. I was very positively surprised by your comment about some peoples behaviour though. I totally agree, as well about the both sides remark.
    What you say about representing your interests i get as well, but why hang Peter? Couldn’t you just find a organisation more fitting to your needs?

  30. obnoxious nutter on

     Paranoid Bengt?, perhaps you are Hail Reynolds too, with the number of sock puppets PR uses it gets confusing.

  31. Peter is only interested in Peter Ben as previous documented evidence proves without doubt.

    Peter Reynolds lied about the BMCR until a few of us asked him about data protection then he ranted calling people nutters and wasters because HE was found to be telling lies.Next it comes to light that Peter Reynolds was collecting this data for an American Pharma company who would like to corner the UK market with some canna plaster thingy??WTF!!
    As explained before all of sneakey Pete’s antics are documented and factual and you dont have to be Sherlock Holmes to find it Ben.
    From his Schoolgirl loving cock out pictures to his Racist drivel its all there for all to see,and that’s before we go down the road of his fictitious and dubious past where he embellishes everything in a style that Water Mitty would be proud.
    The man has not and never will be involved with the anti prohibition community because he is an untrustworthy deceitful police informer who abuses his self appointed position as Gruppenfuhrer of CLEAR.

    Petey baby the Devils fiddle has finally stopped me old son:)


  32.  1. Okay dude, whatever.

     2. Nobody has suggested it is illegal just not really behaviour becoming of a political leader. What on earth do you think will happen when he gets on TV or interviewed by a newspaper and it is brought up?

    If Peter didn’t claim to be representing my interests as a cannabis user then I wouldn’t care less what he chooses to say or how he chooses to behave. As he is the self styled UK cannabis law reform representative (he was voted in by 19 people I believe) it is my business and I will continue to demonstrate the truth about Peter Reynolds until he chooses to step down or is voted out by the members of the party who he hasn’t banned.

    I agree with you about some people on this threads behavious though, from both sides of the debate. It isn’t needed, the truth is damaging enough, and reason enough for Mr Reynolds to step down if he cared anything about the movement.


    Or maybe he would run against Sanj in an election, and we could put this to bed for good, whatever the outcome of such a vote.

  33.  If you are talking about me, i would just like to inform you that i am not even English. Just saying.

  34.  1. Of course i think it is shopped by one of you out to slander Peter with whatever means.
    2. Even if it was Peter i can’t see anything against the law in this. What ever way he wants to spend his free time is ok with me. Who doesn’t enjoy sex? And how he does it isn’t my business as long as nothing illegal is going on, which i said i can’t see in this.

    Now about this assault charge and fraud i hear so much about, IF he (still haven’t seen any evidence on that either) actually has done this, you all say he went to prison for it, then by all means he has done his time and is just as all of us a clean sheet and should have the opportunity to live his life in peace, without being reminded of a turmoil period of his life. So just drop it please, i for one is not impressed.

  35.  Never heard anything like this from Peter, what i did hear was that it should be licensed, and that i really have no clue about. I mean it has to be regulated in some way, just like alcohol and amphetamines to sick people. Imo though if a grown up grows his own he should be able to, it is just the selling to kids i would like to see harsh handling of. But the most important thing is that we have some one standing up for us about the legality of Cannabis, and Peter does that. We have to have a common goal, and CLEAR has that. When we legalized Cannabis together we can start working on all these other things TOGETHER.

  36. Davedangleberry on

     Come on Pete try harder. I don’t hear any denials on the conflict of interest, which is very out of character for you.

  37. obnoxious nutter on

     Childish, pathetic tabloid stereotypes suit you Stonedtilldeath, shows the upper limit of your intelligence when you like Reynolds prefer
    insult and abuse to actually addressing the issues which by such abuse and puerile bullshit you prove the accusations made
    and the complete lack of honesty and integrity of PR and those that support him.

  38.  That’s a bit of a generalisation, and a seriously pathetic comment. Bordering on ethnic abuse.. Where is your proof that only smelly hippies dislike Reynolds? Where is your proof that hippies are smelly?? You don’t have a clue who is involved, do you? So grow up and shut up.

  39. Billy Gartside on

    It appears that Peter Reynolds has some support on this page-from an educationally subnormal shitrag in the English Defence League.That does accurately reflect the damage he’s been doing to the cause which means his resignation is long overdue.Maybe he’d like to collaborate with his EDL buddy in Stoke and set up a branch of the EDL in Weymouth.

  40.  Source? And seriously “The Mail on Sunday” wasn’t all of them sent to jail? Besides every tabloid is full of it. No truths to be find there.

  41. obnoxious nutter on

     Better change your your name to British Bullshit dude, or even perhaps ENGLISH Bullshit since you are obviously the type that imagines
    England is Britain and anyone that stands up  against racism and bigotry is automatically a “leftie” or a hippy, well Hippies were/are into
    peace and love and tolerance while all you right wing pricks preach war hate and intolerance, I know which one I would rather be,
    as for freedom of speech Reynolds demands it for himself but denies it for everyone else by deleting and blocking relevant questions
    on every site he has the power to, a total fraud coward and a liar completely unable to answer any question honestly without resorting to abuse and wildly paranoid accusation, thank god you fuckwits are as stupid as you appear and will never amount to anything more than
    the fearful little xenophobes that you are.

  42.  And where are the proof of all this? Where can i see that Peter is WORKING with Alekson/ Grazing Bull cannabis pharm med group? CLEAR’s goal is CLEAR on their web site under Aims & Objectives:
    1. To end the prohibition of cannabis.
    2. To promote as a matter of urgency and compassion the prescription of medicinal cannabis by doctors.

    Says nothing about patches or that Sativex would be a bad thing. The only thing i read that Peter has written about Sativex is that he doesn’t like the monopoly and who does?

  43.  If you like to raise your own plants etc then supporting CLEAR and Peter Reynolds is going to achieve exactly the opposite of that. They CLEARLY do not support the campaign for the individuals right to grow and choose. They CLEARLY support pharma.

  44. If anyone’s interested we will be holding our monthly Hail Reynolds chant tonight at 8pm.
    All thats required is the ability to bend and extend the right arm whilst shouting Hail Reynolds some of our members find it helpful to impersonate Penelope Pitstop’s high pitched voice and many report that this is in fact very therapeutic!

    We take no responsibility for any medicinal users with a bad right arm suffering from injury or abuse from others.  Jews, Muslims, Jet Blacks, Alun Bufrys or Hippies ARE NOT FUCKIN WELCOME! 

  45. http://dopecast.libsyn.com/webpage/dopecast305-out-now-


    I’d say that was ‘filmic’ enough, not that that is particularly relevant though.

    Unless you think somebody photoshopped it. Which you probably do.

    Google cache and the wayback machine have most of Peter’s blog rants cached. They are his words.

    Peter has been to prison for fraud. He has served time on remand on an assault charge, he is pushing the interests of a US pharmaceutical company which has stated that it believes recreational use of cannabis should be illegal.

    These are facts: not opinions.

    If you don’t want to see the self-evident truth then I can’t make you see it, and won’t try to convince you of how misguided you are any further.

  46.  I thought that comment were suiting this place since i wrote it about this article. Can’t see any wrong with using it again?

  47.  I don’t vote (I wouldn’t trust a politician for my life). I don’t trust pilots, now i have been using air planes 3 times in my life and i hated every minute of it, i had to pour nerve poison (alcohol) into my body to stand it. I hate go shopping in stores, and i am very careful with what i buy. I prepare 85-90 % of the food my self with as much raw material as i can. It is not my fault i have no funds to move away and harvest my own fruits of labour, besides those in power and rich people already stole all the land. Again i have never seen him being racist, never saw him luring young girls i do how ever seen him lash out on people a bit harsh some times, and i don’t like it and i often reply with it is better to work forward to a mutually goal then trying to win some internet bashing contest to see who has the biggest e-peen.

  48. obnoxious nutter on

     How would you be able to pick up teeth with broken fingers?, almost as difficult as defending a loud mouth racist bigot with any degree
    of success I  would imagine.

  49.  What Hitler did is even on film, i have no clue really why you would bring that up. Besides i wouldn’t agree with Hitler, and i don’t think he choosed the right way to unite the planet, i will not defend him or come up with excuses, but there is an explanation to why he did what he did, and it was not evil thoughts. In any way, if some one out on a hate campaign tells me Peter tried to lure under aged girl into having sex with him, i would not believe that person no. If it were true then he would have been to trial for it. Or at least some one would have called the cops on him.

  50.  Nothing i read there shows Peter being racist, nothing shows Peter luring young girls, i did saw him write that ADULTS choose whatever they like, as it should be. Either way that women seems to have it out for Peter by what she writes, and i wouldn’t trust the screenshots she put up. Now it doesn’t not matter because i saw nothing wrong in his replies.

  51. Stonedtilldeath on

    Why is it the anti Peter Reynolds brigade are liberal with everything apart from applying soap?  dirty unwashed Hippies the likes of these are the reason it was banned in the UK in the first place.  Who takes crusties seriously? (nobody just ask the previous leader of the LCA) 

  52. The issue people have isn’t with CLEAR as the organisation
    itself, it is with Peter Reynolds. If CLEAR members are happy to be heavily
    edited and stifled from expressing their views freely then that is their
    choice, they obvious weigh that up against the perceived gains. The problem
    from an outsiders perspective though, with the best interests of the law reform
    debate in mind, is Peter Reynolds himself. I couldn’t care less about his
    sexuality along as it is consenting, I dislike his right wing views, his attitude
    to homosexuals and his anti-semitic views but it isn’t illegal to be a bigot at
    his level.


    What I do dislike though is his agenda for me as
    a cannabis smoker and grower in the UK. Why is he pushing for laboratory
    tested, taxed and state controlled cannabis? Why should growers be subject to
    inspections? Why lobby for the creation of a Cannabis Inspectorate? These have
    been puzzling questions since he appeared from nowhere to take over the LCA.
    Many people have been digging at this since he appeared and their findings
    aren’t the delusional ramblings of conspiraloons, it is all tenable fact that
    can be independently verified by any reader.


    I won’t repeat all the comments about Peter
    Reynolds and Victor Hamilton’s business interests as the offsite links have been
    posted if you want to check for yourself. But I will ask you to consider the
    content posted on the CLEAR site, as this is relevant to you as a CLEAR member.
    Why do you think Reynolds is so scathing of Sativex and GW Pharma on the CLEAR
    site yet supports a potential rival product fronted in the UK by his colleague
    Victor Hamilton? Why does he say it is wrong that some medical cannabis users
    in the UK can legally be prescribed a cannabis oral spray but he then repeatedly
    supports a cannabis dermal patch owned by his business associates both here and
    in the US? These are the important questions to ask as they show why BMCR was
    created by them, why they manoeuvred themselves so that they controlled LCA,
    why they so heavily edit free speech no they have control and why they created
    this perverse political agenda.


    Sadly Victor Hamilton is actually against home
    growers as he says that they won’t be able to resist the temptation to sell
    some produce, I suppose he wants total market control, so the home growing
    agenda is likely to fall out of CLEAR policy soon enough anyway. It was always
    puzzling why the two documents they released contradicted each other on plant
    numbers and licence costs, it was obviously just fill not worthy of them even
    properly proof-reading before general release. Shoddy stuff really. Anyway Bob
    I hope you take the challenge of verifying this for yourself, you are being
    played by a man who is quick to dismiss cannabis users as hippies, nutters, benefit
    scroungers, etc for having the audacity to question his motives. Wake up and
    smell the stench of self-interest, media manipulation and
    camouflaged commercial lobbying  

  53. British Bulldog on

    I fully support Peter Reynolds and the legalisation of cannabis for ENGLISHMEN

    So what that he doesn’t like orientals, have you seen how many are growing weed in the UK?, and yes he does say “evil Jews” but they are! and yes Islam is evil and London is full of Blacks, so what has Peter said that is untrue?

    And the Gays have infested fashion, Peter was right to point that out

    So much for freedom of speech when he has to take his blog down and as to for MP’s who have dropped support for him well they can get stuffed as well, Peter has a big following in Stoke and the EDL will be at his next public appearance to show you lefties how your bullying will not go unchallenged

  54.  https://www.change.org/petitions/peter-reynolds-resign-as-leader-of-the-uk-political-party-clear

  55. Davedangleberry on

    “To be honest, I think we’d probably all be better off without any form
    of cannabis campaign, they’ve been nothing but a shambles for as long as
    I can remember, the current CLEAR debacle being by far the worst.”

    Probably true, but if there we have no cannabis campaign it leaves the door open to the likes of Reynolds to take advantage of people like Bob.

  56.  Bob said “I couldn’t care less what his past is as long as things move forward so I
    can start to grow my own without worrying about breaking stupid laws.”

    Read CLEAR’s proposals more carefully Bob; age doesn’t make one more intelligent but exposing one’s self to the truth every once in a while will.

    It will proably be more difficult for you to grow your own if their plans come to fruition than it is now.

    The whole thing is a front for US pharmaceutical companies. Peter Reynolds’ views and the fact he has posted pictures of his penis
    on the internet aside, that is enough for me to want rid of him.

    How many elections have CLEAR contested again? 0


    It also isn’t the fact he has done things people don’t like in the past, he continues to do so every single day. If he ever gets any main-stream media coverage he will be ripped to shreds and any credibility the cannabis legalisation campaign has will be destroyed with him.

    The reason people are so vocal is that some of us have been following this story for well over a year and are increasingly worried by the damage Peter Reynolds could do to a cause close to our hearts. Nothing is going to stop me from growing for myself, but I’d very much like to help other people obtain their medicine without A. Breaking the law, and B. Having to pay an intermediary company for a license.

    To be honest, I think we’d probably all be better off without any form of cannabis campaign, they’ve been nothing but a shambles for as long as I can remember, the current CLEAR debacle being by far the worst.

  57. Davedangleberry on

    “I couldn’t care less what his past is as long as things move forward so
    I can start to grow my own without worrying about breaking stupid laws.”

    You clearly havent been paying attention. Reynolds doesnt want you to grow your own without worrying about breaking stupid laws. In fact he wants to make more stupid laws to prevent you growing your own.

  58. Have you actually read any of the links?

    People are quoting his own words.

    see – http://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/localnews/9421536.Biomass_boilers_officially_opened_at_Olympic_sailing_village/


    9:51pm Thu 15 Dec 11

    Yeah, nutters! … I bet you wear sandals and smoke dope too!

    That sounds like exactly the kind of man I want to lead a cannabis law reform campaign.

    see – http://www.sarahmcculloch.com/blog/2012/02/15/peter-reynolds-vs-everyon/

    If after reading these articles you still haven’t “experienced” what he has done, I suggest you open your eyes.

  59. “Herb” lol @ herd … I put that down to the fact it was about 2am and I was had had some herb… I am not Peter, I couldn’t care less what his past is as long as things move forward so I can start to grow my own without worrying about breaking stupid laws.
    OK if he he has done things you do not agree with then fine, try and deal with it quietly rather than bringing it all out into general public view all the time which makes a worse impression on the cannabis community as a whole. It’s one of the main things that appears over and over when Googling about the legalisation issue.
    I keep searching hoping to find good news that we are moving forward but alas I generally only see bickering.Well done on hitting 40 this year, my dad is 54 and thick as sh*t believing in the creation theory, age does not make someone intelligent or grown up :) besides I only meant cant we just get the sh*t legal and worry about the arguments and corrupt people after.
    If it is all such a big deal to you who is running it, why don’t you take over? or start your own party so we have 2 to choose from, there are just far better uses of your time than hating all the time.

  60.  Interesting. So you don’t believe in judging people with whom you’ve not had direct personal experience? How do you vote, or decide that you trust the pilot when you board a plane, or ever feel certain that the musicians you listen to but whom you’ve never met aren’t feeding you subliminal messages that put that big drum in your head? (Have that looked into.) It seems to me that voting or traveling by air or listening to music or eating food you didn’t raise yourself from seed, all involve far too much judgment of people before personal experience.

    The rest of us commonly observe peoples’ actions and statements, and their reputations, to make necessary decisions about our relationship with those whom we have not met. We have not met Reynolds, and yet, based on his reputation, actions and words, we judge that we do not wish our campaign to be led by him.

    This is probably unkind of us, not having met the gentleman and yet judging him this way, but it seems somehow more sensible than your way: being willing to be led by those whom evidence has proven incompetent as long as you’ve not had personal experience of them.

  61.  Agreed that the point is cannabis and how to free it, however CLEAR are not proposing to FREE cannabis, they are planning to get contracts for The Medicine Wheel Project, a US company who manufacture cannabis patches. There are well referenced documents linked on this thread which demonstrate the links and the intentions. If you want to work with real campaigners then i suggest you move your allegiance to the newly formed cannabis alliance, with real people, not a load of fake profiles..

  62.  There are many aspects of PRick, (as he is known to we trolls), that are currently under investigation. We are not a bunch of liars, we are over 200 campaigners who know the damage CLEAR is causing to the cannabis campaign in the UK, and do not want to see the legalisation of cannabis become another pharma take over. Which it will if the status quo remains. As information is gathered and cross referenced for evidence, then it will be made generally available to the wider public.

  63. It was really funny to read all of your stories. Even the Holy Bible fades away in terms of imagination. Any way,  I am that kind of people
    that judge people after personal experience, NOT what others say. I have
    never experienced what you say with Peter Reynolds
    ergo he has not done what you say as far as I know. I also despise
    people who hits the big drum to make other people look bad, it is the
    lowest of mankind. Crawl back to whatever gutter you came from.

  64. Peter Reynolds has often expressed the injustice of GW Pharma holding a monopoly on the production and sale of cannabis pharm meds, (in the form of Sativex), in the United Kingdom. The UK cannabis campaign was led to believe that this element of his campaigning was intended to open the door to allow UK medicinal cannabis users to be able to grow their own cannabis – a premise which has now been proved to be incorrect.

    This was not Peter Reynolds’s intention at all. This is proved by the fact that Reynolds has admitted that he is working with a group of US companies and that he has allowed their business articles and accompanying pdf files onto the CLEAR website, which are expressly against the smoking delivery system of cannabis (and also against the legalisation of the recreational use of cannabis) – just as GW Pharm is – except the delivery system that Reynolds is now promoting, through his working with the Alekson group of companies, is not an oral spray – it is a cannabis patch called Canniderm – owned by his buddy Victor Hamilton, who is the UK representative for the US company – The Medicine Wheel Project LLC.

    Now we know why Reynolds has been so vocal against GW Pharma – Peter Reynolds is working with the US based Alekson/ Grazing Bull cannabis pharm med group to try and get an opening for them into the UK cannabis market by attempting to raise questions in Parliament via Paul Flynn MP in an attempt to break the UK business monopoly of GW Pharm.

    Now we know why Peter Reynolds put forward a Freedom of Information (FOI) request concerning GW Pharm’s Cannabis License. Peter Reynolds has always put this issue forward making out that it is an issue that is of primary concern to UK medicinal herbal cannabis users – when in actual fact his motive is to open the door to American commercial competitors into the UK cannabis pharmaceutical market – companies with whom he is currently working.

    This campaign asserts that it is totally unacceptable and unethical for Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR to attempt to use Paul Flynn MP or any other UK politician to further the cause of a group of US cannabis pharm med business companies instead of campaigning for the legalised use of herbal cannabis for medicinal and recreational cannabis users in the UK – LIKE HE WAS ELECTED TO DO – and this campaign demands that he resigns as leader of the UK political party CLEAR.

    Please watch the GW Pharm video. This commercial company has received a Home Office license to legally grow THIRTY THOUSAND cannabis plants a year to make Sativex – while the rest of us are being sent to prison in the UK.


  65. I cannot support clear while it has anything to do with mr reynolds. While I respect some of the work CLEAR have done over the past 6months. It’s good work and the integrity of some involved has been ruined by mr reynolds homophobic racist rants. CLEAR can only move forward once Mr Reynolds has given up the reins

  66. We took down the Department of Justice and Universal for SOPA, these jokers will be burned before morning coffee.

  67. Anonymous109393728q7 on

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!! I was just hearing today that Anon were going to completely destroy CLEAR in light of the medicine wheel revelations. Holy shit. Thats serious, they’ll fuckin rape CLEAR.

  68. If CLEAR is meant to be a political party, why hasn’t a single CLEAR member stood in a local election or by election? Peter has no intention of standing or fielding candidates. He is using CLEAR purely as a lobbying tool for his own personal agenda. Are you happy that he is working with Victor Hamilton’s Medicine Wheel Project, and that they are proposing to keep recreational use illegal, while at the same time monopolising and controlling any medicinal market with their thc patches? In the Medicine Wheel Project business plan that was recently presented to Downing St, they even ask to have the full control of providing the estimated 100,000 staff needed to operate the UK medicinal cannabis network. 

    Peter is in it for the money, and for his own ego.

  69. “i also know you will catch more bees with honey than vinegar”

    We aren’t catching bees, we are trying to clean up a mouldy stain, sometimes vinegar is more effective.

    You have pointedly ignored anybody who has tried to engage you in proper debate, ignored facts, accused people of being undercover police officers (really?) and threatened physical violence against somebody posting under their own name for having the audacity to suggest you were  “unknown”.

    Your online method is very similar to Mr Reynolds’, I can understand your loyalty to him.


  70. I thought herds were legal, though I suspect you meant herb. I also lobby government, I meet with my MP and write to him regarding medicinal cannabis and I am a vocal medicinal cannabis campaigner (when I have the health to campaign). I care so much about the UK legalisation movement that I am compelled to do everything that I can to get Peter Reynolds ousted from his dictatorial position of power, and replace him with someone who allows for open and free debate, and someone who is tolerant of homosexuals, women and non-British people. You can campaign for cannabis legalisation while also campaigning for the removal or Peter Reynolds. The two are not mutually exclusive. As for being grown up, I’m going to be 40 this year. Judging from your spelling, I guess that I’m a little more ‘growed up’ than you?

  71.  I would have to agree.

    I don’t think referring to an anonymous commentor on the internet as an “unknown” is in any way offensive.

    Certainly not to the point it would enrage somebody to the point where they would want to injure somebody to the point where they “would be picking up (there) teeth with broken fingers.”

    I can understand why you side with a man like Peter Reynolds, you are obviously cast in the same mould as him a quiet man.


  72. Actually, I’ve been quite polite and reasonable with you. You are the one who is angry and insulting anyone who disagrees with you. Just an observation. ;)

  73. While I’m not a ‘big name’ in cannabis activism, are you seriously calling me undercover police? lol 

    Google my name. Back in the day I set up an organisation that mailed out free SOS cannabis medicine to sick people, and I have a conviction to my name for doing so. I’d recommend that you at least read the links posted in this thread and learn more about your dear leader. Also, I don’t drink either. Alcohol is incompatible with my illness.

  74. oh and i always voted S,D,L,P not that it ever made a difference they had a few M,Ps and you know what they have done since John Hume stepped down , fuck all is the answer

  75. Concernedpatient101 on

    ah that was my bad – just a glitch. Still paranoid bcos of the heavy censorship on clears wall.

  76. i know no more about you than you do about me but i do know i wont be bothering with this thread anymore you guys can form your own little hate group and rant till the cows come home and it wont change a dammed  thing i also know you will catch more bees with honey than vinegar  if you ever had a chance of convincing me of anything its gone now so i wish you all the best of luck. and i hold no hard feelings towards you i just dont agree  thats all

  77. Concernedpatient101 on

    Have the comments been disabled I can only view them on a page I already had open. if I reload or go to this post in a new page I cant see anythin??

  78. Honestly Sexpestguru AKA Sneaky Pete the self appointed leader of the Pharma lobby group that is CLEAR are you mental?
    You have been exposed as a charlatan after it came to light that you were setting up the BMCR to gain peoples addresses  to use for you’re illicit gain by selling their info on to American Pharma companies.You have also been found to be  convicted in a court of law for dishonesty which you did spend time at her Majesties pleasure.You have also been exposed of unsound character in the Canna community after you threatened to inform the police of people who were growing medication.
    I wont go down the road of you’re Heavy drinking and posting piccies of little Petey on you’re sex ads as that would make me as unsavoury as you, which im not.But hey ho it doesn’t take Columbo to find the real Pete and all his sordid little actions and past misgivings as you leave a trail like a slug laddie(I apologise to all slugs for that statement)

    Lastly CLEAR does not represent the Cannabis community in the UK and neither does it have the largest membership either but with Petey its all smoke and mirrors and pretty grubby. ones at that.


  79. ~ Why We Troll ~
    Being For Your Convenience
    a Compendium of the Most Relevant Links Presented Amongst the Previous Comments
    Concentrating Solely on Cannabis and CLEAR
    and Making No Mention of Racism, Sexism or Homophobia
    Regardless of the Fact That These are Liabilities in a Would-Be Leader
    in an Effort to Explain Why
    Peter Reynolds is Not a Leader of the Movement Against Cannabis Prohibition in Britain
    but Incites at his Every Appearance our Reviling.


    If You Have Read and Understood These Links
    You Will Want to Sign Here:
    Thank You for your Kind Attention.

  80. Bob to paraphrase your dear leader: What he does or says in the privacy of his own home, is of no concern of mine.

    However, when he plasters his vile opinions and pictures of his cock over the internet, whilst pretending to speak for all cannabis users as an elected representative, it is.

    His plans for “cannabis law reform” amount to no more or less than we have now with GW Pharma. He just wants the businesses he has interests in to have a slice of the pie.

    Changing legislation is not the same as liberation.


  81. Is there something wrong with that? Are you serious? The self elected leader of a REGISTERED POLITICAL PARTY posing with an erection and requesting sexual contact with schoolgirls, that they choke on his semen? Are you fucking kidding me?  He destroyed his future self the day the brainless idiot posted that. 

    And all the papers have a copy. And all the mainstream TV news, and the smaller independent channels. And all the sattelite channels. And the US news media as a whole through Associated Press and Reuters and several other smaller CA Wires. Several have assured me personally it they wil go public the first time he contests an election of any kind.

    Whoops. I guess what goes around er….comes….around.

  82. All Childish keyboard warriors, go put effort into helping legalise the herd….. can’t we all just get along like growed ups? :)

  83.  whilst a small handful of unknowns like yourself ,
     when you have been educated and informed concerning the facts, then you will be able to have an informed opinion.  By this stage in my local they would be calling a ambulance and you would be picking up your teeth with broken fingers. it is so much more civilized here thank god i dont drink anymore and i wont bother with these comments anymore tonight i must remember to wish nice things for all you guys and hope you dont get into bother with your controller when he finds out your covers blown

  84. All your trolling is doing, is putting all the relevant inks and information regarding Peter Reynolds further down the page.

    Give over please. :)

  85. stuart you are the one who needs to educate himself as to how to win an argument insulting me only makes you a troll and i would question the motivation of anyone who insults a stranger you are either a fool or an angry man you need to calm down and think about how you debate with people

  86. Seriously? Do you not have anything better to do with your time? Is there something wrong with someone having their own individual sexual interests? Be a grown up and use your time to help with the main cause!

  87. You claim to represent medicinal users yet you block one of your own members and say that he smokes way too much cannabis when he USES IT AS A MEDICINE.Total fraud peter.

  88. Wheres the one with his cock out with him asking for two schoolgirls to gag on his spunk????

  89. Peter Reynolds on

    You cowardly bunch of trolls how dare you interfere in my private life!

     I will be speaking to my lawyer tomorrow. 

     I know who you are!

  90.  Its true lots of things that were online are gone that Peter Reynolds wrote so does sumbody have his contact info for me n trixy?

  91. i use an Alias because where i live groups like the REAL I,R,A are killing people and forcing people to leave the country who speak out or raise their heads about the drugs debate so forgive me using a little alias 

  92. In your fucking dreams Reynolds. You’ll be stone cold and even more politically dead that you are now, and thats saying something, by the time that little fantasy becomes real.

    Thats ‘never’ in case you missed the point in your booze fuelled troll rage.

  93. @1be6553fcad66861a5e2c1ba741f756e:disqus - I’m not explaining it to anyone in particular just generally f*cked off with people bitching and not just helping its like being back in f*cking school. I’m not even touching the rest of your comment.@2eb046f7b946fedd7f265c5edc327b03:disqus – Tbh as far as I am concerned all politicians have questionable characters and integrity, and I’m sure if you dig deep enough you will find the sh*t to moan about them as well.As long as things to legalise the herb are moving in the right direction, I don’t care who is the leader of the party atm, it’s not really at a stage yet where it really matters.
    When it does and it has the numbers to back it up to be a valid party then we can use the voting system to get someone in the majority like. But atm all the bitching is not going to help anyone, it just going to cause more problems.

  94. ”i can smell a room full of cops when i am in one”

    and how often is that Peter? On a regular basis I’d bet. Watch what you type you prick, you can’t delete it or hide it after the fact here.

  95. please understand i do not care what peters views are on any thing other than cannabis i dont know the guy he might not like the same music as me or have a different hairstyle i dont give a shit, but i do recognize he is the person to win this war on prohibition after the battle we all go our own way nobodys selling their soul i only have one cause and it is the same as clear a proper regulation of cannabis. i dont have any interest in any other subject and i wont debate the mechanics of a political party cause i am not that interested after the law on cannabis changes i wont be a member of any political party    

  96.  when the Debate is Started all those things will need to be decided the clear plan is just that a plan one view how many other views will there be ? thats when we settle those things

  97. obnoxious nutter on

      A quiet man 6 minutes ago in reply to Lem
    i dont use lawyers i dont trust them,

  98. I agree Bob 100 %  but it’s not me you need to explain it too, it’s these Peter haters,  they should get their acts together!   There worse than the fuckin moanin Jews if it wasn’t for cunts like them I would be paying some young negro boy to polish my shoes!

  99. obnoxious nutter on

    My my what remarkable olfactory powers you have quiet man, either that or your nose is too close yo your own porcine arse.

  100. billy i dont give a shit what british M.Ps think about anything they will all jump on the CLEAR bandwagon when the yanks drop prohibition of cannabis in the words of my dear old grandmother” English M,Ps are a shower of bastards fuck them”

  101. I agree about keeping up the pressure and continuing to fight the battle – but
    You have to understand ‘the most important thing’ won’t get done – while the leader of the ‘UK’s largest cannabis group’ is of such questionable integrity! The government will find it to easy to drag the Cannabis movement through the dirt if we even get close. Not to mention the fact that every successful campaign world wide (Canada, US MM states) has had financial backers. No one with serious money will invest in a group fronted by PR. 

  102. I’m with you mate it stinks of coppers in ere I think I can smell a wigga or two also!

    Oi Jews leave the man alone!

  103. there is only one point Cannabis and how to free it but i see you guys got no interest in that you are all very obvious  i just wish you would grow up and learn that in the real world sometimes you will need make deals with the devil when cannabis is legal i will be posting no more as i find sometimes talking to haters a pain in the arse and i will not be in politics at all cause its got too many types i dont like. you might find me in a cannabis tea bar playing the blues but you will all have moved on to hate someone else by then 

  104. Bollocks to all the petty arguments and bitching, just join together contact your MP’s, educate people not in the know, etc and help get the f*cking plant legal, deal with the rest after the most important thing is done. 

  105. You seem to have missed a lot of comments that people have raised too. I’d suggest to read the thread, click on some of the links provided, and then when you have been educated and informed concerning the facts, then you will be able to have an informed opinion.

  106. I never called you a nobody. It’s just that some people are on here commenting using their real names, and many people have spoken out about Peter Reynolds using their real names. You are using an alias. I didn’t call you a nobody, so please stop putting words into my mouth. Also, where have I bullied anyone? I haven’t bullied you, I’ve given you a lot of facts and points that you are ignoring and refusing to comment upon. 

    Playing the victim card won’t hide the fact that your leader is unfit for purpose.

  107. Billy Gartside on

    If the Quiet Man isn’t Peter Reynolds he needs to realise that 18 MPs deleted Peter Reynolds from their Facebook friendlists after they were sent copies of his blog. They deleted him because they can’t afford to be associated with a far right nutcase with extremist views.In one of his blogs he called for Britain to invade Israel-I read that and thought ‘oh no-he’s a wingnut’.

  108. oh so now i am a nobody and my viewpoint does not matter looks like this is only a knocking shop for the good old boys well i have stood up to bigger bully’s . you dont like my opinion  thats a shame because there are no medals in this war or even long service watches  if you had half an idea i would have listened to you but all you do is attack and rant at anyone who does not agree with you I have lived with that kind of shit my whole life it does not scare me.  so get off the cross someone else needs the wood 

  109. What about scumbag wannabe politicians who are proposing legislation that will severely limit how many plants that I grow, what lights I can use, and legislation that gives the police even more power to enter my home than they do at the moment?…. and he is proposing that I pay £100 for this privilege? 

    As for your scumbag dealers who you are paying 20 quid a gram for gritweed, stop giving them 20 quid and stop giving them your custom. If everybody did that, then gritweed would disappear overnight.

  110. What are you people like.  Half of you say your disabled because you want to sit on facebook all day and smoke weed the other half can’t make there minds up as to wether there male or female!  Mr Reynolds is a brilliant leader who like Israel takes no prisoners.  He will always get my support he is pro England, Pro cannabis and anti Jew.

    We need more like him and Dan!

  111. the scumbag dealers that charge 20 quid a gram for sprayed dust oh how i love that gritty taste . dont be a fool we all gain when the criminals are removed from the chain me i only want to sit on the beach but some people wont let me thats not something i am prepared to accept anymore why do you attack me can a person not hold a different view?

  112. the cannabis campaign to me is very like the Irish peace process i watched as politicians were one day murderers next day statesmen i have seen people who were so dangerous you could not hear their voice on the news or radio become deputy first minister and hold the government here i have also learned that at the Heart of All the terrorist groups were agents of the state. so forgive me if i dont look surprised that U,K politicians behave like thieving little toe rags they run and they run they are all rats and when the debate begins they will all run back to the winning idea that is the idea that Clear promote I dont care what ever you think about me i have developed a hard skin in this place but i do recognize how interested parties try to shape events sometimes by being on your side sometimes on the other but always with a private agenda. Peter has done something i find quite refreshing he has brought Irish nationalist and Ulster loyalist together in the CLEAR family in support of cannabis regulation. that to me should be a nobel prize at least but i will be happy with a Tax and regulate system for cannabis 

  113. @twitter-75696755:disqus – You are trying to defend the indefensible, and coming on here giving a load of waffle without addressing the many points that have been raised about Mr Reynolds’ handling of CLEAR. So let me get this straight, you can ignore the fact that Peter Reynolds abuses his position of authority, that he regularly censures debate, bans members and attacks and threatens anyone who dares speak up? You can ignore the fact that your dear leader is (by his own words) a person who holds some very extremist homophobic and racist views? You can ignore the fact that Mr Reynolds isn’t fighting for recreational use, and that the proposals he is handing into Downing Street calls for recreational use to remain illegal? You are happy that he is promoting legislation that will keep the cannabis medicine market in the hands of monopolies? 

    You can support someone like this ‘because cannabis’? Seriously?… damn…. I really don’t know what else to say to you, except that I hope that you wake up soon.

  114. He did it to me. It was covered in the uk420 thread as it happened last year. He told several forum members he had handed their ip and email addresses to the police for chalenging his bigotry. Are we not to take him at his word?
    He frequently threatens legal action on a whim against anyone who challenges him.

  115.  Hmmm toke pure. Oh dear, you are either as deluded as Dan, or you know what’s going on and stand to gain something.

  116. Mr Reynolds there behaving typically, he threatens legal action at the drop of a fucking hat. If you were not so pathetic Sir you’d be funny.

  117. Sign The Petition on


  118. Edit: Peter Reynold is, or claims to be (by his own admission) a police informant. I just want that to be crystal clear.  Do not give this man your personal details under any circumstances.

    You have been warned.

  119. no i am my own person whats is your problem? you not like that people are listening to clear and joining up i have posted as a quiet man and saintsinner i am Irish and I support clear other than that you need to show your warrant card and let me call my lawyer

  120. Billy Gartside on

    As I’ve already stated CLEAR have links to Medicine Wheel who are opposed to marijuana legalisation for recreational use so they’re the “Prohos”.In addition the xenophobia, homophobia and racism in Peter Reynolds’ blog are politically fatal in the UK.They’re the main reason Peter Reynolds is bad for the cause.His natural political constituency is not marijuana users.His natural political constituency is somewhere between the EDL and the BNP.

  121. @twitter-75696755:disqus – Why are so many well known and respected activists speaking out against Mr Reynolds, whilst a small handful of unknowns like yourself defend him? The list of people who have spoken out against Peter Reynolds is growing by the day. 

    Or do you genuinely believe that the likes of Mark and Lezley Gibson, Jeff Ditchfield, Mel Thomas, Sarah Martin the SSDP, Release, the 17 MP’s who have cut off contact to name but a few are simply trolls and liars? Also, do you support the BNP or EDL? If yes, then it would explain why you so resolutely stand behind the racist Mr Reynolds.

  122. ‘A quiet man’ is Peter Reynolds posting under an assumed name as is his modus operandi. He does it frequently and its pathetic. The leader of a supposed political party trolling the internet.

    You are disgusting sir. You have no support other than your half dozen or co lackeys. The sooner you dissappear into oblivion the better for all cannabis users.

  123. way to go! you dont know me, or any thing about me, yet you attack me for having my own opinion what kind of troll are you? why dont you look in the mirror and repeat your comment it will be better directed

  124. Concerned herbal patient on

    Peter has lost association with 17 MP’s – they broke of contact because of his indiscretions – This leaves CLEAR at a dead end I am afraid, no one with any Credibility will want to be involved. SSDP;UK and RELEASE have also cut ties with CLEAR. 
    It isn’t the fight against prohibition that is pissing us off. we are not ‘Pro-hos’ or Trolls as PR would have you believe… Far from it in fact. A lot of Medical users – who in my book have the most pressing and compelling reasons for wanting an end to the Prohibition are against Peters Leadership. For the precise reason that sooner or later he will crash and burn and bring medical cannabis into disrepute. 

  125.  Total bollocks Dan. You need to wake up and smell the coffee… either you are totally naive, or you are as much in this scandal as the rest of the remaining CLEAR exec committee… Now all the serious campaigners are gone you are left with a few people who know relatively nothing in comparison to the people who have seen through all the bullshit and left CLEAR.

  126. There is no need to woorry about that. A very very fat file has been handed directly to Question Time researchers and every major  TV news organisation in the UK. You can rest assured every sordid detail of this beasts activities in the last year was in that file including the handing of email and ip addresses of cannabis users who questioned Reynolds very public racism and bigotry. I know this because I compiled the file myself and went to great lengths to notify anyone who might be taken in by CLEARs fake agenda.

    I’m adding to that file everyday, in the last two days alone details of Reynolds criminal impersonation of a doctor and the possible occurence of a ‘cash for questions’ scandal unfolding have been sent out to my media contacts.

    The very worst thing that could happen to Peter Reynolds right now would be to try to forward his or CLEARS agenda on television news or current affairs of any kind.

    I’m hoping he does, it would be incredibly messy and unbelievably embarrasing for him personally although I doubt he has any shame having witnessed his disgracefull antics over the last year.

  127. clear is the first and only campaign group concerned with cannabis that  i have supported.
    The issue of cannabis for too long has been ignored thanks to the misinformation from the press and government lies and last year Clear got my attention, They even got me posting on the news stories from around the country i found it the best way to educate myself by educating others I also brought a few friends with me
      .We like the direction Peter has taken the party he is doing a job that will piss a lot of people off as is evident from some of the other comments on this thread,
     in my book that is a good thing, Get them out in the open recognize them and ignore them,because the biggest problem with the cannabis campaign in the past was always the python like antics of some campaigners that played right into every stereotype ,   i also recognize the hands of sinister people in the way they have chosen to launch such a personal  attack on Peter and his leadership, these people are showing their own true nature and i would not want to spend any more time on them other than to say when the policy that clear pushes gets implemented and it will sooner rather than later, a lot of people will be angry so get in line right behind the Daily Mail.
     The political and social range of cannabis users is too wide to ever be united beyond cannabis. Tax, Regulations, Availability, all those things will need to be hammered out and it will in the right place and time but getting the debate started requires a skill and style and there is only one show in town that stands a chance right now and it is CLEAR.
     All cannabis users  need to support CLEAR and with Peters leadership this is something we can win.  
    We should not allow the people who want to distract us with their own vendettas any more credibility than that of trolls at best, secret prohos at worst, or is that the other way around ? Think its time to toke pure for me      

  128. I think you should take the hint Mr Reynolds your as popular as herpes at a snoging  competition! 

  129. Concerned herbal patient on

    Yes I would hate to think what would happen if he actually some how ended up on Question time/on any major public broadcast.- not to mention if the Cannabis issue became mainstream he would be torn to shreds by the tabloids! 

  130.  Dear Peter,

    Please comment some more in this thread.

    We love hearing from you.

    We can’t get enough of your writings, please bless us with some more.

  131. I’m laughing at CLEAR’s supposed equal opportunities statement.

    Peter Reynolds has been guilty of writing a lot of extremist, bigoted homophobic and racist rants. He is on record as saying that he is disgusted how London is full of immigrants…. that there were too many Chinese students at his son’s graduation… and that homosexuality is a perversion to the norm (to name just a few instances). Check out googles cache of http://peterreynolds.wordpress.com . He claims that he stands by his words, which is why he removed all of his old blog posts when word started getting around that he was a homophobic racist.Peter Reynolds called one disabled activist who he fell out with ‘A half woman, half werwolf’ and publicly called her ‘heterophobic’. He removed those blog postings too, but archives exist.And prior to Sanjay Chowdhary’s expulsion from the executive committee for daring to poll CLEAR’s members about Peter’s actions, Mr Reynolds used to call Sanj ‘my little paki friend’.Equal opportunities? Don’t make me laugh.Check out the UK420 thread about CLEAR. Its a long thread by now (90+ pages), but it documents a lot about Peter Reynolds and his running of CLEAR:http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=284529

  132. …and he promoted the British Medical Cannabis Register to collect names and addressess of vulnerable medical cannabis users so his friends and associates in the pharmaceutical industry could market their new cannabis patches.

  133. I believe the only thing Billy is bitter about is what Peter Reynolds is doing to the campaign which he hijacked, rewrote the rules for, encouraged people to join, and the moment the members started to query certain processes etc, they are blocked and banned from posting. Some have been reported to facebook, for merely questioning statements made by PR.

  134. In your deluded world Mr Reynolds, you genuinely believe that CLEAR has achieved something (it hasn’t by the way). In your fantasy world Mr Reynolds, you genuinely believe that you hold respect and credibility (you don’t by the way). In your current psychosis, you believe that you have the backing of the cannabis users of the UK (you don’t by the way).

    17 MP’s have cut contact with you. RELEASE have cut ties with you. SSDP have cut ties with you. You are toxic.
    You have succeeded in doing one thing that you promised though… you have united the vast majority of the UK cannabis users through their absolute disgust over your actions, methods and agenda.You are finished Mr Reynolds. I hope your ego gets the message soon.

  135. It is with increasing sadness that I can confirm what Billy is saying is in fact true,  the cannabis movement in Britain has been hijacked by Mr Reynolds and his accomplices who he appointed to the clear executive committee.  The whole constitution of the actual party he was elected to represent was rewritten by Mr Reynolds and his appointed accomplices in the new clear executive committee, it is now virtually impossible for Mr Reynolds leadership to be democratically challenged or for him to be removed from his post as leader.  Mr Reynolds has been caught time and time again with his pants down and in some cases I mean quite literally ‘with his pants down’!   He has shown himself to be a mendacious troll with racist bigoted views which would lead to the sacking of any other leader of any political party but as I said earlier he appointed his own minions who seem to think he is some sort of messiah (in a very cultist way) .  

    Anyone who speaks out or indeed asks any relevant questions about clear or Mr Reynolds receives torrents of abuse and in some cases bullying from both Mr Reynolds and his cult like followers.

    I would recommend people take a trip over to the cannabis news section of uk420.com to find out what the uk cannabis community really thinks of Mr Reynolds there is a large topic on the mendacious troll that is Peter Reynolds.  As I said earlier he was caught with his pants down trying to encourage young girls to “gag on his *****” I’m sure you get the message, the pictures that many users are now sporting as their avatars showing male genitalia are in fact from a picture Mr Reynolds posted of himself and his manhood online whilst looking for young ladies, people have got a bit carried away though photoshoping etc you really couldn’t make this up it’s hilarious, so hilarious in fact I giggle with laughter every time I see him post anything.  

    The man just can’t be taken seriously anymore!

  136. obnoxious nutter on

    “Nutcases” is this any way for an adult to talk?, especially one that purports to represent medical cannabis users including the mentally ill?,
    your use of pejorative tabloid labels is noted, a small number of people opposing your obvious unsuitability for your current position suddenly
    encompasses the worldwide cannabis activism movement, such exaggeration is indicative of both your inflated opinion of yourself and your penchant for tabloid rhetoric and tactics, and all that gleaned from the first line, could you provide us with some proof of your success in cannabis activism that exists outside of your delusional fantasy of competence?, the BMCR was a complete failure and  now regarded
    as a list of prospective clients for your business partners, the legalisation and taxation proposal was ignored by all and your ego and
    petulant abuse has alienated other campaigning groups and hundreds if not thousands of cannabis users in the UK, if that is success I would hate to see your failures.

  137. Billy Gartside on

    Something else people need to know about Peter Reynolds and Clear.Reynolds has links to a US Corporation called Medicine Wheel who want to introduce “Canniderm” medical marijuana patches in the UK.Medicine Wheel clearly stated in the prospectus they sent to the UK government that they’re opposed to marijuana legalisation for recreational use.It therefore follows that no one who’s in favour of marijuana legalisation for recreational use should have anything to do with Clear.

  138. ”All you need to do is pay me constant attention. One of you, at least, must always be holding or sucking my cock. Fuss over me. Always look me straight in the eyes and encourage me. Ask, plead, beg for my spunk in  your mouth, over your face and body.”

    P.Reynolds publicly posted request for schoolgirl sex partners.

  139. Peter Reynolds hijacked the UK legalisation movement for his own agenda, and runs CLEAR like a Stalinist dictatorship. He attacks, bullies, threatens, censors and bans anyone who dares question his motives, his provenance or his methods.

    Check out the following dopecasts to hear what the UK cannabis movement really thinks of Peter Reynolds:

    Or check Jayelles blog: http://www.campaign.mondialvillage.com/pulling-the-strings/index.html

    Or Sarah McCulloch’s blog: http://www.sarahmcculloch.com/blog/2012/02/15/peter-reynolds-vs-everyon/

    And all of this is separate from that fact that Peter Reynolds used to have a very racist and homophobic blog (which he has now taken down).

  140.  Billy Gartside is most certainly not a liar. He has nothing to gain by publicising the lies behind CLEAR, but the UK cannabis movement has a lot to lose if CLEAR are allowed to continue with their scandalous b movie plot scam

  141. away and boil your head Reynolds, you have fuck all to offer anyone except more regulation and your own self styled ‘cannabis police’ go fuck yourself hard with a broken bottle you perverted scum fuck

  142. Billy Gartside on

    No one who’s seen Peter Reynolds’ profile on that swinger’s website can possibly take him seriously.Did he get those two lesbians he was advertising for or did no one want to go for a dirty old man giving himself a Jodrell while wearing a brown dressing gown?Some terrible things have happened to those images in Photoshop.I’ve even seen one where Dan Ford’s head has been superimposed onto the top of Peter Reynolds’ penis which is small and shrivelled-just like his brain.

  143. CLEAR censors posts if they are challenging of Peters leadership – the whole thing is a one man ego Farce. 

  144. I’m convinced by what you say and the detail you provide but proof of some sort is still needed.

    Can you recommend any websites I can visit to back up your words.

    Thank you

  145. Mary_Ellen_Carter on

     From the sidelines it seems that Billy has nothing to gain by lying,
    so he might be telling the truth. Evidence on the internets suggests that he is.

    Meanwhile, Peter frequently resorts to ad hominem attacks instead of
    directly addressing the issues.  He also exaggerates and poses as the
    victim of unfounded attacks. Then he resorts to some Clear sloganeering,
    maybe squeezes in a pitch for corporate interests, and all’s well with
    his world.

    Also, “hippy” means overweight, ample in the hips. The word you want for
    a peace-loving member of the counter-culture would be “hippie.” But any love peace guru would know that.

  146. Billy Gartside on

    Reynolds says I’m “cognitively challenged” and a “liar”.Anyone who’s had any dealings with Reynolds is used to that kind of abuse.Reynolds invented Carla Margam while he was having a blazing row with Ewan Hoyle of the Liberal Democrats.Ewan made copies of the entire exchange.Reynolds only deleted the Carla Margam Facebook page after he was informed that he’d been reported to the Police for impersonating a Doctor.Reynolds also deleted the Carla Margam WordPress article.Carla is the name of Peter’s dog, Margam is the name of a town in South Wales.Reynolds has a previous conviction for fraud so he’s in no position to call anyone a liar.The Mail on Sunday have hired a freelance investigative journalist (David Rose) to investigate Peter Reynolds.While discussing Peter Reynolds’ blog with David Rose we came to the conclusion that Peter Reynolds is mentally ill.However impersonating a Doctor is a serious criminal offence.If Reynolds wants to keep his jail time to a minimum the best way to do that is for him to hand himself into the Dorset Police.Given the nature of the documents which are being forwarded onto the General Medical Council and the Dorset Police I really wouldn’t want to be his lawyer.

  147. Billy you seem bitter about something or are you batting for the other side.

    Please point me in the right direction to confirm your statements.


  148. Billy Gartside is, I am afraid, a liar and, shall we say, obsessively, cognitively challenged.  He epitomises the sort of destructive, embittered nutcases that plague the cannabis movement worldwide.

    As leader of CLEAR I am immensely proud of my membership and the massive surge in support for the cause that we have achieved.  CLEAR is now the largest membership based, democratically run drug reform group that Britain has ever seen. We eclipse every other such group in Britain because, at last, evidence, information and opinion is uniting against prohibition.  Billy will now regale you with stories of how I eat new born babies for breakfast and engage in perverse sexual acts with frogs on top of teenage neo-Nazi, sadistic hamsters.

    In reality, the campaign in Britain has at last got its act together. We have moved beyond the hopeless hippy delusion to reality, professionalism and real hope.  The opposition that we are experiencing is a measure of the impact we are creating.  Look at our record, our work and our website.  The truth about cannabis is CLEAR.

  149. There has been a hold up with the merchandise because of a consignment hold up at customs and communication failures surrounding that incident. Nothing do with a fraud. My own wristband was delayed, but has now arrived, thanks to the endeavours of the volunteers who deal with the orders and work very hard for no money. That is one of many allegations that I have knowledge of that are completely false. The other allegations- I am speaking of allegations and they not proven facts- I do not have direct knowledge of but I strongly suspect that they are equally groundless. Peter Reynold and the whole team are working very hard to promote the cause of Cannabis Law Reform in the U.K. just have a look at this video on You Tube, of the public education work undertaken.
    And this one of a presentation that was given in the Houses Of Parliament…….

  150. Steer clear of Clear-they’re a con top to bottom.The leader Peter Reynolds was elected on a total of 23 votes and set up a fake Facebook profile impersonating a Doctor (Carla Margam) to bolster his support.In addition Janice Wells was responsible for the membership list of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance falling into the hands of the Police.Dozens of people have paid money to join Clear only to be expelled on the whim of Peter Reynolds and people have also paid money for Clear merchandise-T shirts and wristbands-only for that merchandise to fail to turn up.The leader is a conman with a prior conviction for fraud,the Membership secretary is a known Police informant.

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