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What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Joint-Rolling Papers?

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What Rolling Papers Do You Use To Roll Marijuana Joints?

Choosing a type of rolling paper is much more complicated than it used to be. Back in the day when smoke shops weren’t as prevalent, I pretty much only bought my rolling papers at the local 7-11. It had the standard selection of Top brand papers and Zig-zags. My how things have changed. Now, whether you go to a head shop or look on the internet, there are dozens if not hundreds of different options.

As any of my friend’s will attest, I cling to the past like there is no tomorrow. Combine that with a mild case of OCD, and it’s safe to say that I have only purchased one brand of rolling papers in my lifetime. It’s always fun to smoke other people’s joints that are more ‘adventurous’ than me, but I stick with the orange Zig Zags. I don’t know why I only use those, but I figure it’s what’s always worked for me in the past, so why change?

My friend Smokey is the local undisputed champion of rolling paper knowledge. It helps that he owns a head shop and lounge, but even before those days, he always had the cool new rolling paper. He was the first to show me the wire papers, flavored papers, jumbo papers, you name it. What do TWB readers use to roll their marijuana joints? Are you old school like me, or do you have a newer brand that you enjoy? I look forward to the comments, I can almost guarantee there are ones that I’ve never heard of! Below is a cool instructional video on how to make a windmill joint for those feeling ultra ambitious:


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  1. és portugues não és? if not, have you ever used the warning paper to roll a joint? The one from smoking seems to thick, but the one from elements looks kinda fine, except for some colors.

  2. I’m from europe, here we smoke mainly hash.

    for the papers i use european brands because they are easier to get.

    the main two brands I use are: OCB (a french brand) and SMOKING (a spanish brand). both make paper that is specially tailored to smoke hash/weed (slow combustion paper).

    from the two, SMOKING is my prefered brand, but i gess it’s very personal/subjective since i can’t find any specific reason why other than the fact that SMOKING papers have a warning paper when you have only 5 paper’s remaining.

    for the size i personally prefer 1 1/4, and i glue two of them when i need to make a bigger joint, but a lot of people here prefer the king size ones.

    that said, i’m more selective when i smoke with others, to smoke alone i have no problem using standart tobacco rolling paper (even with rolling tobacco instead of a regular cigarette [since a mainly smoke hash, it is always blended with tobacco])

  3. Stick to the volcano for the most part but if im smoking a joint raw papersbrown pack the organic burn funny:) lol

  4. anything 1 1/4 size, hemp or flax, thin papers…raws are great, orange zig-zags are always good in a pinch and sometimes i even like those flavored juicy j’s

  5. I have been using Abadie papers from France most of my 20 + years of smoking. Lately I have tried a few different types of the transparent papers. 1 Back seem to be the best of these. It is fun to pull out a joint rolled with these papers when you have a person who has never seen them before. No taste.

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