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What Is Your Favorite Summer Activity After Smoking Marijuana


summer cannabisSummer And Marijuana Go Together Like Joints And Munchies

It’s summer time, which is easily my favorite time of the year. The other day, Jay Smoker and I rolled up a couple blunts and talked about what we should do since it was so sunny outside (rare in Oregon!). That conversation inevitably narrowed to a conversation of what we should do while, or immediately after, smoking the blunts. We ended up just nerding out on our computers, but not before coming up with a handful of things that normal people should consider doing on a sunny day of smoking. Please add your favorite things to do in the comments section below so that other marijuana consumers can get ideas!

Frisbee Golf

Whether you call it frolf, disc golf, or something else, throwing a frisbee at an object with one hand while holding a blunt or joint in the other hand is always awesome. It’s good exercise while at the same time not requiring the physique of a triathlete.


Camping is a longer activity with a lot of sub-activities, but it’s easily one of the best things to do while consuming marijuana. In Oregon, where we have camping spots every two feet, one of my favorite things to do is drive to a random spot, post up a tent and fire, and smoke down like there was no tomorrow.


One of the funnest things I’ve ever done was a 420 picnic. Start the picnic around 4:20 p.m. Lots of smoking, lots of medibles. Nap optional.


Most of my friends sit around the BBQ with a beer in their hand. I prefer a pipe. I am known for lurking around the grill with a serious case of the muchies at all of my family/friend BBQ’s.

Swimming At The River

I think it’s universal nationwide that on a sunny day you need to pack your smoking gear, find a body of water, and hangout until sunset whenever possible.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a summer day before or while consuming marijuana?

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  2. i have a special place out in the country where i go to smoke, and after i finish smoking i listen to my favorite song and look at nature’s beauty and think about different things going on in my life

  3. Hiking! The beautiful scenery, fresh air, and relaxed state of mind, creates a walk at your own pace and enjoy your surroundings feeling, that just adds to your euphoria. Wondering through the wilderness experiencing all of natures fragranances, wildlife, and brilliant colors. It just doest get any more appealing than that.

  4. Jfrenchman77 on

    My favorite thing to do afta puffin. Is tend to my very sweet medical garden ..ah such peace :-)

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